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  1. Oh if there'd ever be a Shamy Con I'd swim across the ocean to get there! (Fine, I'd use the plane, but that doesn't sound as dramatic as swimming across the ocean..)
  2. I assume people are still in Shamy heaven? Whoever suggested to watch these Shamy scenes in slo-mo on Youtube was evil. That's all I've been doing all day.. Btw does anyone else love the audience's reaction when Amy kisses Sheldon after he asks if she is okay with his gift? All the aaws and cheering
  3. I wanna cry.. This might be my new favorite Shamy kiss.
  4. This episode was perfect, I'm almost ready to declare it as my new favorite episode of the show! It was funny as hell, very clever and sweet, oh so sweet! They balanced the two storylines beautifully and the SW mirroring was brilliant. Shamy scenes were absolutely beautiful, the writers managed to do them in a touching and respectful way while keeping both Sheldon and Amy IC. Kudos for the writers and of course for Mayim and Jim. Bravo!
  5. I like it! It's one of the most positive interviews I've read from Molaro He wanted it and had his heart in it, they just wanted to show that in a way that's IC. Having Sheldon initiating it meant that he really wanted it, at least that's how I took his statement. This is exactly what we've seen in the next episodes, so no need to worry. Shamy is in a good place! *Squeee*
  6. I'm sorry but I have to disagree. I for one believe that Sheldon has wanted this for quite some time, for himself and not just because Amy wants it. He has issues with intimacy which have hold him back, but for me that doesn't by any means indicate that he doesn't want it. The way I look at it, saying he wants to show her how much she means to him, is actually about overcoming those issues and fears of his simply because he loves her and trusts her so much, not that he does something for her even though he doesn't want to. Of course intimacy is still challenging for him, it won't change over night. But with Amy on his side he can explore this side of him safely. And why on her birthday? Well he wanted it to be special like a lot of people do when it's their first time. I'm confident they would've done it some other time had it not be Amy's birthday. Now what I fail to see is that how any of this indicates that he did it only for Amy and that he really didn't want to. The writers had Sheldon say that he liked it and wanted to do it again. For me that's huge! It wasn't Amy who suggested doing it again and Sheldon reluctantly agreeing to "give it to her" once a year or so. Also Amy got back together with Sheldon without knowing if and when they'll be intimate together. She didn't say to Sheldon that this was something she absolutely needs or indicated that the break-up was a result of their lacking sex life either. They were back together, there was no pressure on Sheldon by Amy to do this. He wanted it to happen. I know he wasn't all over her at least on screen, I get that the writers don't want him to change too much. However he sure did have a satisfied look on his face after the act while still holding her hand. He did not rush to the shower or get up immidiately, instead he saidhe looks forward to the time when they can do it again. And I'm sure it will be before Amy's next birthday.
  7. Oh boy. Oh boy oh boy oh boy. People still alive? Good, me neither. Trying really hard to get over the “omg omg they did it they did IT omg breathe breathe” phase and write something one can actually understand. I should warn you though, the following post will contain some heavy fangirling, barely readable English and overusing of the words loved it, LMAO and OMG. Anyway, here are my two cents about the episode: - Let's start with the obvious: LOVED IT! I knew it was going to be good, but oh my.. and so clever to use the SW theme and tie it up with this episode! Brilliant! - Okay Sheldon and PP. So funny. Also I loved how easily Sheldon gave up SW after all and didn't complain about it afterwards. He really loves Amy and puts her first. And the fact that he just had to call her right away to let her know the he indeed chooses her *swoon* After PP's line: "Do you love that girl", I just melted because of the way Sheldon said yes, like it was the most obvious thing in the world (which it is). Also Sheldon's smile when he realized that Amy is, indeed, the right person. - Penny's reaction to Sheldon's coitus line was priceless! The whole scene with the girls and Sheldon was pure comedy. - Amy's reaction, even more priceless. I've missed that Amy so much. During the break-up she was more mature and serious, I LOVED how she was acting like a teenager, so freaking cute! She had such a happy face when she realized that this was actually going to happen. - He really wanted to make it special, the flowers, the dinner, tips from Penny. And he said to PP: this is an important night for us. Not "for Amy", for us. It really mattered to him, he wanted it. He has come so far. This episode just made it so clear how much he cherishes her and their relationship. And that's so damn beautiful. *holds back tears* - "Before you... give it to me?" LMFAO we saw that line before the episode and I literally had watched it like 50 times, but it still cracked me up so bad. She delivered it just perfectly and Sheldon was being extra cute when he was completely clueless of what she really meant. That has to be one of the best jokes in the history of this show! Bravo writers, bravo! - The bed scene.. Oh dear, where do I start. Simply put, it was perfection. Mayim and Jim just nailed it (pun very much intended). That was such an intimate scene even though we didn't see the actual act. And that kiss.. I died. So many times. It totally makes it up that they cut the cuddling. Oh mah gahd. WHERE'S THAT PAPER BAG WHEN YOU NEED IT? - Yeah they cut the hug, but I'm willing to forgive them, it was still perfect with the hand holding. So they really did spend hours in bed! Go Shamy! And regarding if Sheldon did it just for Amy: He enjoyed it even more than he thought, he liked it, he wants to do it again. After reading a looot of interviews about this episode, one thing is clear, the writers want to keep them IC. Sheldon has changed and matured a lot, but he is and always will be Sheldon. I just didn't get that vibe that he would've done it just for her, not at all. Cheer up people, this episode was perfect! Let's celebrate! Last week I had to bite my pillow for not laughing and screaming out loud, this week I failed. Screw the neighbors! This is once in a life time moment! I don't care if it's 5 am! This was just amazing. Brilliant. The writers did it. They delivered us an episode which was funny as hell, clever and sweet, oh so sweet, while keeping Shamy IC. What more could we want? And now as the rest of the people start getting ready for work, I pop up the champagne (works also as a metaphor for tonight's episode, ifyaknowwhatimean..) and replay it over and over. What a lovely evening!
  8. Got my wine, got my candles.. It's almost like I was the one losing my virginity tonight.
  9. This was my favorite part! OMG could they be any cuter
  10. You folks ready? The final countdown begins! On the menu tonight: (From here: http://tbbt-faves.tumblr.com/page/14)
  11. Yeah exactly! They are just keeping us on our toes and not giving anything away. In the beginning of this season Molaro was being really vague about Shamy getting back together like if he didn't know if and when they'd be together again. BS! They were already writing and planning the SW ep! So I'm not worried at all. I bet they are now planning the engagement episode
  12. Yap, I knew it. This episode will be the end of me. I won't make it. Bye bye bluebirdie. It was nice to meet all of you.
  13. After a couple hours of sleep, I'm actually feeling a little better about this episode. I like that Sheldon is willing to change his behavior a bit and that he really listens to Amy. Like April said, I'm really curious to see how far they'll take this character development! No, I still don't think it's absolutely necessary to have Amy still out of town, but it's fine. No angst or drama between them or anyone else, seems like a light and funny episode. Shamy are still Skyping all the time and they seem happy. That's all that counts!
  14. I wasn't expecting anything huge to happen with Shamy, but having Amy away for two episodes in a row with nothing else than a couple of Skype calls with Sheldon does seem a little... odd. I love Shamy Skype calls don't get me wrong, but I'd really like to see how they're interacting with each other or with the group now that they're reunited. Also it seems like the group knows about the coitus. Sheldon going around apologizing to everyone does seem funny though.
  15. I still don't think we'll have to wait for the proposal much longer. I guessed ep 11-12, but I'm gonna change that to 14-15. Sheldon really has no reason to wait, he has the ring, they are now back together and happy, I think he's just waiting for the right time. Also I'm skeptical about the proposal on 200th episode, I still think that'll be about something completely different. Of course i might be proven wrong once again, but it's fun to speculate!
  16. I really want another FWF episode! I think it could be so cute. They could declare that they are back together and maybe even correct Sheldon's "right hand" joke from the last FWF episode I'm not expecting anything huge to happen, just gimme more Shamy cuteness and I'll be fine.
  17. How can these two cutie pies make something so simple as touching one's cheek look so incredibly sweet and kinda hot at the same time? It's such a teaser to cut it right before the actual kiss. Makes one's imagination go wild..
  18. This kiss. The way he moves his arm in the second gif and bends his knees.. can't.
  19. That was so hilarious! I still don't know how he managed to kinda hover from behind the door, he just slides from there. His physical comedy is amazing! When they are just sitting on the cough with Amy and it's all awkward, he managed to make the audience laugh by simply being him. And can we talk about how he almost moonwalks out of the apartment when Amy kicks the door. His head almost touches the doorframe He was a perfect choice for this role! And yes, my heart melted a little when Mr. germophobic shook his hand without a second thought.
  20. Sh*t... We're not going to make it.
  21. Wait, what time is it? What day is it? It's Saturday?? And I'm still sitting here? Holy cow..
  22. Did you notice that Amy wasn't wearing pantyhose or they were nude-color? She looks so cute. (and Mayim has great legs...)
  23. He licks his lips Can't stop staring at these... They're so in love (From here: http://tbbt-faves.tumblr.com/page/2)
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