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  1. 29 minutes ago, MJistheBOMB said:

    I wish there really was Shamy Con....or at least BigBangTheory Con. LOL.

    Oh if there'd ever be a Shamy Con I'd swim across the ocean to get there! 
    (Fine, I'd use the plane, but that doesn't sound as dramatic as swimming across the ocean..)

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  2. I assume people are still in Shamy heaven? Whoever suggested to watch these Shamy scenes in slo-mo on Youtube was evil. That's all I've been doing all day.. Btw does anyone else love the audience's reaction when Amy kisses Sheldon after he asks if she is okay with his gift? All the aaws and cheering :wub:


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  3. This episode was perfect, I'm almost ready to declare it as my new favorite episode of the show! It was funny as hell, very clever and sweet, oh so sweet! They balanced the two storylines beautifully and the SW mirroring was brilliant. Shamy scenes were absolutely beautiful, the writers managed to do them in a touching and respectful way while keeping both Sheldon and Amy IC. Kudos for the writers and of course for Mayim and Jim. Bravo!

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  4. 1 hour ago, mirs1 said:


    An interview from Molaro, it's interesting...


    I like it! It's one of the most positive interviews I've read from Molaro :laugh:


     I don't think you'd want to see an episode like this where you feel like he might be getting forced to do something that he might not really have his heart in.

    He wanted it and had his heart in it, they just wanted to show that in a way that's IC. Having Sheldon initiating it meant that he really wanted it, at least that's how I took his statement. 


    What's next for Sheldon and Amy? They made two big steps in the past two episodes with their make-up make-out session and now this. Is he really going to make her wait a whole year to have sex again?
    ... I think it's time to take a little bit of a step back. The entire season so far has been pretty Sheldon-Amy-centric following their breakup and reuniting. This gives us a chance to take a little breather. Obviously, they're in it and they matter, but it's a chance to let them be happy in the background and refocus on the other amazing characters on this show. I don't think they will change too much from this. It's not something that's going to be harped on to death. They're back together and it's going well.

    This is exactly what we've seen in the next episodes, so no need to worry. Shamy is in a good place!


    Will the engagement ring pop up again?
     At some point, I'm sure it will. I promise you we have not forgotten about it.


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  5. 1 minute ago, FortCozyMcBlanket said:

    Jim: We were passing by in the hallway and I asked her "do we f*#&?!" 

    Mayim: No you didn't! You said "do we do it?"!!

    Jim: No, no... I said the bad word! 


    I can't tell if it's gonna be Shamy or Majim that will be the death of me :wub:

    This was my favorite part! OMG could they be any cuter :wub: 

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  6. After a couple hours of sleep, I'm actually feeling a little better about this episode. I like that Sheldon is willing to change his behavior a bit and that he really listens to Amy.  Like April said, I'm really curious to see how far they'll take this character development! 
    No, I still don't think it's absolutely necessary to have Amy still out of town, but it's fine. No angst or drama between them or anyone else, seems like a light and funny episode. Shamy are still Skyping all the time and they seem happy. That's all that counts!

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  7. I still don't think we'll have to wait for the proposal much longer. I guessed ep 11-12, but I'm gonna change that to 14-15. Sheldon really has no reason to wait, he has the ring, they are now back together and happy, I think he's just waiting for the right time. Also I'm skeptical about the proposal on 200th episode, I still think that'll be about something completely different. Of course i might be proven wrong once again, but it's fun to speculate! 

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