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  1. Omg his mouth on the second gif...
  2. So were we just before we got the TR for this! So many was like yeah, probably just a little Shamy as friends or no Shamy at all, TR was a shock! And boy that was hard! I was giggling every time I read this thread.
  3. Okay, I can do this, deep breath and... Best. GAAAAH! - Like I said, Sheldon was so damn adorable while humming the song and slowly slipping into madness. Jim really is a genius! - "Why are you so strong?" "Oh yeah he got a tuba" I had to bite my pillow for not laughing out loud since it's 5am here.. - Shelrnard was so cute! "He's your best friend in the world" "You can trust him with your life" aaaaaaaw I just love their friendship and how it's been written esp. this season. - Did Sheldon say that now he doesn't have to take a pigeon as his bride or did I hear it wrong? In
  4. I've so been waiting for this moment!!! It was sooo hard not to give anything away
  5. Soon. Shamy. GAAAAAH!!! Me too! But I don't know if it's okay to start drinking at 5am-ish when the episode airs
  6. Okay, thanks for the clarification, it makes sense now!
  7. aargh quoting... sorry This is a little off topic, but I'm so confused by these time zones.. I thought you guys in UK are only 2 hours behind our time zone. Isn't the time difference between London and L.A. 8 hours? Shouldn't it mean that it's 4.30am there when the episode is over? I've read many times that you can watch it at 1.30am. Am I stupid or why can't I get this?
  8. No script cover yet as far as I know, but Bill tweeted a picture of putting up the comic books store set (I don't know how to post the tweet here), so I guess they'll be using it in the next episode.
  9. I know we didn't have that much Shamy in that episode, but from what we have, it does seem like the writers have found a great balance between the old-school Shamy and the new, more affectionate Shamy while still keeping them IC, just like we were hoping. I'm so excited for Shamy 2.0. On Thursday/Friday Shamy will be officially back on and the angst is over!
  10. This makes me so happy! He totally deserves this, let's hope he'll win And of course the same goes for the entire cast.
  11. IKR? These Skype scenes made me smile like an idiot. Last time we got coitus, but this sounds so perfect: the AMY asteroid, mentioning of Shamy babies by him..
  12. Sheldon named the asteroid AMY, I might die.
  13. Yes, definitely. I love reading the table reports and discussing about them before the actual episode. Sure we'd probably have less freak-outs if we didn't, because a lot of stuff sounds different, especially the "bad" things, in writing. For example Shamy dating others sounded worse than it was eventually played out. Also sometimes a simple line that wasn't in the report can change a lot. And like Einstein said, it's not the fault of the people writing the reports. It's impossible to catch every line or facial expression. Also after the editing it might look a little different than live
  14. It's very typical for the writers to drop the bomb (in this case coitus) and then not come back to it for episode or two. The coitus plot did happen right after their reconciliation, but that was probably mostly because of SW releasing date. I think at some point they will come back to coitus subject some how. For now I'm just so happy to see them together happy and in love *happy sigh*
  15. Aaaaaaaaw<3 Can't wait to see Sheldon saying he misses Amy. Has he ever said that before? In those exact words?
  16. I'm happy with the spoilers! No major drama for anyone, it's about time. After the next two episodes I think we all need this lite Shamy episode. And we'll still have two cute Shamy skype calls. I love those 2 days to go btw!
  17. Maybe they could start the episode with the whole group eating take out together like the good old times! I just so desperately miss those group scenes. Well we'll find out soon. Just gimme one of these and I'll be happy
  18. Why is it that you don't feel welcome? Is it the language barrier? I'm from Europe like you and English is my second language, but I've always felt more than welcome here. The whole idea of this site is to bring fans from all over the world together and discuss about the show we all love. There's a lot of people from different countries here and everyone is certainly welcome to join in!
  19. I have to disagree on that. I don't think he ever treated their relationship the same way he treats his friendships. Not even in season 4. He didn't want or need new friends. He was perfectly fine with the ones he had. There wasn't really any reason why he would've stayed and offered her that hot beverage in the first place if there wasn't something about her that intrigued him, something more than just a friendship. But this is Sheldon and he had always thought that romantic relationships are unnecessary. To me it was obvious that he was interested in Amy more than just as a friend (the cats,
  20. Oh God how much I love that scene! It's pure Shamy. I do agree with you guys that next we need some classic Shamy cuteness, but with a little something that shows that their relationship has improved due the break up. What I don't want to see is frustrated Amy (occasional eye rolling with a loving smile is totally fine) and indifferent Sheldon. Imo this break up had a greater purpose and it wasn't created just for the drama. They had some issues in their relationship: Amy wanting more traditional kind of romance and trying to change him, Sheldon not putting Amy first and having commitment
  21. That smile. Can't. Words. njkggoih
  22. We won't. The entire Shamy fandom is going to be either in a coma or dead after the episode. CAN'T WAIT!!! Yes yes a thousand times yes!! This is exactly what those kisses represent. I'm tearing up while reading the bolted part, I still can't believe this.
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