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  1. 11 hours ago, Rule 34 said:

    I was just hoping for an innocent little friendship scene. You guys get a MeWow sticker for not giving anything away!

    So were we just before we got the TR for this! So many was like yeah, probably just a little Shamy as friends or no Shamy at all, TR was a shock! And boy that was hard! I was giggling every time I read this thread. 

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  2. On 10.12.2015 at 8:19 AM, Soopysue said:


    aargh quoting... sorry

    This is a little off topic, but I'm so confused by these time zones.. I thought you guys in UK are only 2 hours behind our time zone. Isn't the time difference between London and L.A. 8 hours? Shouldn't it mean that it's 4.30am there when the episode is over? I've read many times that you can watch it at 1.30am. Am I stupid or why can't I get this? :icon_cheesygrin:


  3. 27 minutes ago, FortCozyMcBlanket said:

    I hate to sound needy-baby/greedy-baby, but do we get a 9.13 script cover today? 

    No script cover yet as far as I know, but Bill tweeted a picture of putting up the comic books store set (I don't know how to post the tweet here), so I guess they'll be using it in the next episode. 


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  4. Just now, mirs1 said:

    Actually, I'm almost crying at work (not very clever to do...) for this taping report; no kidding guys, I'm more emotional for those two little scene together on Skype than for the whole 9.11! He mentions kids, without sarcasm or panic!!!

    IKR? These Skype scenes made me smile like an idiot. Last time we got coitus, but this sounds so perfect: the AMY asteroid, mentioning of Shamy babies by him.. 

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  5. 9 hours ago, Rule 34 said:

    It probably is a lot different to form opinions from a report instead of from viewing the show. The way the actors perform these scenes really can matter a lot - especially in some of the most emotional moments. Do you spoiler folks find that you feel differently about an episode after you watch it?

    Yes, definitely. I love reading the table reports and discussing about them before the actual episode. Sure we'd probably have less freak-outs if we didn't, because a lot of stuff sounds different, especially the "bad" things, in writing. For example Shamy dating others sounded worse than it was eventually played out. Also sometimes a simple line that wasn't in the report can change a lot. 

    And like Einstein said, it's not the fault of the people writing the reports. It's impossible to catch every line or facial expression. Also after the editing it might look a little different than live. For example in Spock Resonance they erased the audience reaction when Sheldon says he's going to propose to Amy. People who went to that taping said that the audience was screaming like crazy. The reports are supposed to give us just the main points of the episode and we really appreciate anyone who's willing to write them or share anything with us :) 

    Regarding the 200th episode, I think it could be a group plot. 100th episode was about Lenny getting back together, wouldn't it too obvious to make the 200th Shamy-centric? It's not that I don't want it to be though. I guess that depends on what'll happen with Shamy in the future episodes. 

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  6. On 9.12.2015 at 10:03 AM, April said:

    It's kinda weird waking up to new spoilers and not having a huge chunk of drama or whatever to analyse. lol Not that I'm complaining about a cute skype call. (awwwwwwwww)

    So apparently the theme of the episode is each of the characters missing something which is really lovely and cute. Looking forward to it! :D

    Edit to add: Snow just said that Sheldon and Amy say they miss each other. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww <3


    Aaaaaaaaw<3 Can't wait to see Sheldon saying he misses Amy. Has he ever said that before? In those exact words?


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  7. 1 hour ago, FortCozyMcBlanket said:

    It sounds like Lenny will be the A plot this episode and so I assume we may only get a split group this week, but I've thought (too much) about what I'd love to see for the 200th and I think we can all agree that we desperately want a full group episode -- and I would LOVE to see 200 be another scavenger hunt, but the prize at the end is Sheldon's proposal to Amy that the rest of the group is all in on :wub: So everyone has a pretty equal amount of screen time while at the same time there's a huge milestone! 

    Maybe they could start the episode with the whole group eating take out together like the good old times! I just so desperately miss those group scenes. Well we'll find out soon.

    Just gimme one of these and I'll be happy :danced:


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  8. 1 hour ago, Denzel said:

    I've never say that people in France don't like american people... or America, that I can say that I really feel not welcome on the site, and I really did nothing for.

    Why is it that you don't feel welcome? Is it the language barrier? I'm from Europe like you and English is my second language, but I've always felt more than welcome here. The whole idea of this site is to bring fans from all over the world together and discuss about the show we all love. There's a lot of people from different countries here and everyone is certainly welcome to join in! 

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  9. On 6.12.2015 at 5:45 PM, ShLe94 said:

    This kiss is just perfect... It's all there: nostalgia, deep love and FIRE, pure and simple! The way she grabs and kisses him and he kisses her back without even thinking... I can't stop staring at them and freaking out!!! Guys, how are we going to survive the actual episode???

    We won't. The entire Shamy fandom is going to be either in a coma or dead after the episode. CAN'T WAIT!!! 

    On 6.12.2015 at 5:58 PM, FortCozyMcBlanket said:

    What I love so much is the difference between these kisses. For starters, these 2 are the hottest kisses they've ever had! And yet when you compare them, the first kiss has Sheldon gently leaning into her at first and then pulling her in a little aggressively, expressing "I've missed you more than you know... I wish I'd kissed you like this a LONG time ago, and I hope it's okay that I'm surprising you with a kiss like this now..." 

    And then the second kiss.... oh my god he just crashes into her like... "oh thank god you pulled me back in because I wasn't done! I never want to lose you again, and I'm not holding back anymore. You're mine, and I'm gonna make damn sure you know and want that." <3


    Yes yes a thousand times yes!! This is exactly what those kisses represent. I'm tearing up while reading the bolted part, I still can't believe this. 



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