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  1. 52 minutes ago, jlove said:

    Good gracious, do you know what I love about this?  Amy pulls him back, yes, but it is Sheldon who makes this a freaking passionate kiss.  It looks like she could even just be pulling him in to hold her, but that's not what he's about.  It's like he was trying to be nice and leave her to kick her date out or whatever, but she says "Get back here" and he's like "Oh thank God, because all I want to do is grab you, wrap myself up in you and kiss the hell out of you."

    No passion or physical desire?  Ha!  I just don't see that.  

    YES!!!!! That's what kills me the most. He's the one who wraps his arm around her neck and makes things even more passionate. We've never seen Sheldon like this. I feel like crying.. 

    Also I can't get over the fact that the audience screams like crazy when they kiss for the first time! 


    57 minutes ago, mirs1 said:

     Why do all these good stuff happen when I sleep!?! It's not fair...the times zones are a cruel!!! 

    I hear ya sister.. It's not the first time I'm just about to go to bed when something like this happens and I end up being up till 4am. 

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  2. 42 minutes ago, jlove said:

    Do you think Stephen Merchant has ANY idea how much the Shamy fandom loves Dave?  I seriously doubt it.  Immediatly after 9.10 airs someone needs to post this and the #DaveSaves pic on Twitter for him (assuming he has an acct) and tell him how much we love him!  He'd have to get a kick out of that, right?


    And I seriously thought everyone was going to hate him after I read the TR for Spock Resonance. Tbh, I had such mixed feelings back then, I loved the actor but hated that his character was dating Amy. I'm so glad that it turned out the way it did! He's probably one of my favorite guest stars on the show so far :icon_redface: 

    Now he's our hero, angel, savior, the UltimateFanFoy and ShamyShipper! We want to adopt him and have him attend their wedding for crying out loud! :rofl: 

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  3. 40 minutes ago, jenafan said:

    I love the way Amy's arms come up over his back so tenderly, not around his waist or his neck.   This is a kiss affirming how much they've missed and love each other.    It is so perfect.

    I believe this is the first kiss, because in the next scene Sheldon starts to make his exit so she can continue on her date with Dave.

    Yeah that's what I thought as well.

    I believe the second kiss was described as even hotter and way longer than the first kiss.. Oh dear lord! :shok: 

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  4. On 4.12.2015 at 8:57 AM, jlove said:



    He finally has his girl back, his little lady. And he's holding on to her like he never wants to let go. It's just beautiful.


    I'm so grateful they are releasing bits and pieces from both episodes in advance. Otherwise I'm sure I wouldn't make it alive when they air. Okay I'm still not sure I'll make it.

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  5. 2 hours ago, dana1010 said:


    I don't spend a lot of time in here because I am trying to avoid BBT stuff. It is difficult when you have 3 weeks in between new episodes. With so many people spoiled, I find it is easiest to forget about the show during that time. I happened to look at this thread this morning. I really want to see a Christmas episode because I love them. The Cooper Extraction is my all time favorite episode and I really enjoyed the one last year. 

    Rule 34, I love when you talk about Sheldon realizing he wants to be more than friends with Amy. I can't see them ending this breakup in any other way than that. I am so excited to see how him wanting to be more than friends with her will be portrayed. As far as predictions go, I like your prediction for the holiday episodes mostly being based off of classic stories. I would love to see one like A Christmas Carol, where Sheldon would realize that he is the happiest when he and Amy are in romantic relationships. And of course now I have myself all excited about the possibility of Sheldon traveling to Christmas future and what he could see there


    I actually posted this same idea on Spoilers thread some time ago! I think that could make the sweetest Christmas episode ever. I really want to see this!

    I'm all spoiled but I still lurk this thread from time to time. I don't usually write anything, because I'm afraid I'll accidentally give something away. Anyway I enjoy reading your speculations! 

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  6. Omg what did I just read? Nipple makeup? LMAO! That sounds so bizzare!

    The only thing I didn't like was how they described them as "On-again/Off-again couple.. I know it's because of Molaro's poor choice of words but still.. makes me mad :hysteric:

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  7. 20 minutes ago, overdosedcanary said:

    Hey guys, here is a topic besides discussing about the actors: When will they do it again? Next episode or in some special ocassions? 



    I have seriously no idea.. I really depends on which way the writers will take this new intimacy aspect of their relationship. Yet I'm confident that it will happen long before her next birthday! They could explore it more or just have it fade in the background with a couple of comments here and there indicating that they're doing it. Who knows with these writers anymore, anything's possible haha.

    15 minutes ago, MJistheBOMB said:

    That gif cracks me up every time. LOL.

    Maybe New Years? 

    " It's social convention that we bring in the new year with a bang." 


    LOL! They'd be creating their own fireworks :icon_twisted:

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  8. I think Lisa Kudrow would be perfect as Penny's mom! As a huge Friends fan I'd totally flip out if they'd cast her.. And for Sheldon's meemaw, I've said it before, I agree with Mr. Parsons here, Betty White would be awesome!

    2 hours ago, No Regrets said:

    I'd love to see a family dinner at some point. We didn't get to see Penny and Leonard's families interact at their wedding, so I'd love to see that eventually. Can you imagine Penny's mom - played by Lisa Kudrow (PLEASE let this happen) - and Leonard's mom having a conversation? I think by the end of that dinner Leonard and Penny would be rocking back and forth in a corner. LOL!

    Please let this happen! lol!

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  9. 4 hours ago, vonmar said:

    All hail the T-Shirt theory...this show kills me...If he was wearing the green shirt when he goes to get her:

    This is the color of balance and harmony. From a color psychology perspective, it is the great balancer of the heart and the emotions, creating equilibrium between the head and the heart.



    I LOVE the T-shirt theory. I had a serious mind-blown moment when I read about it the first time. I mean it's brilliant! I always enjoy your T-shirt theory posts vonmar

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  10. Do you think Amy will find out that Sheldon was that close to propose before the break up? Or that he was going to propose again after the documentary and saw her kissing Dave?  If she does, I really hope it will be after the actual proposal. 

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  11. 1 hour ago, ShLe94 said:

    I was guessing the living arrangements will be dealt with in the 200th... What do you guys think?

    Yeah that's my guess as well. Nevertheless I'd expect there to be preparation or something that indicates the new living arrangements before the 200th  episode. I think it would be just perfect plot for that episode. :girlsigh: I'm just wondering if the writers will deal with the ring or the living arrangements first..

    49 minutes ago, Einstein Von Brainstorm said:

    I thought that moving day could be a great 200th with lots of flash backs to crazy stuff that happened there over the years (stuff we've never seen before) but the way the writers have been throwing curve balls lately for all I know the 200th will be them all moving to Mars! :rofl:

    lol exactly! I'll be really surprised if we get this one right since we haven't gotten pretty much anything right this season :laugh: In that THR interview Molaro said that they wanted to pull the trigger (Shamy coitus) when no one was expecting it. They might just do the same with the 200th episode. 

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  12. 11 minutes ago, jenafan said:

    Yes, and all of this before seeing any promos or sneek peaks for episode 9.10.   Christmas comes early for the Shamys!

    Oh yes indeed! Those promos will probably be released this week also. Plus that video, it's almost too much! 

    How is it possible that I've already run out of likes?? 

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  13. 3 minutes ago, ShLe94 said:

    These gifs... :heat: They go right into my personal archive! Thank you for creating them so fast, guys!

    You're preaching to the choir, sister xD What about a Shamygirls night? I'm all in!


    I literally feel so excited that I might throw up! Haha Shamygirls night sounds fantastic :laugh:

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  14. 7 minutes ago, FortCozyMcBlanket said:

    when you get back I would not at all be surprised if this thread is over 650 pages! :icon_cheesygrin:

    totally unrelated: your icon's episode is on tbs (where I am) right now! I love this episode (and the majim out-take in it)! :icon_cheesygrin:

    I love that episode too! Sheldon/Jim is so cute in it :icon_cheesygrin: Oh and the majim out-take, one of my favs. 

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  15. On 1.12.2015 at 1:58 AM, ShLe94 said:

    OMG OMG OMG OMG hswbxcwebcwebjxnbwejfduirebfiurbeifvcbrejvujrbevjbrejvcedvcyue WHAAAT???

    I just can't function right now

    Those smiles

    That kiss

    I mean..... THAT KISS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And look at Mayim... How cute is she?? And that joke of Jim's... Are they trying to kill us?

    Am I in Shamy heaven?

    Sorry, I'm not able to form coherent sentences RN...

    I'm mind blown

    fainttt.gif.39157052faa92f9fe5b6c23aa1e8  *faints dramatically*

    P.S. Watched the vid 30 times already! Just can't get enough... It's 1 a.m. here (Italy)... How am I supposed to fall asleep after this????? :help:

    I so get you.. I can't.. I just can't..omg

    It's already 2am but I can't got to sleep!!!

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  16. 1 minute ago, YlvaBorealis89 said:

    F*ck, it's 12.44 am here in Sweden and I was just about to sleep. Better turn on my computer and watch the clip.

    Oh you need to do that asap! I was supposed to be asleep already and then this happens! 

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