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  1. How cute is Amy when she's saying that she knows what Sheldon's present is! I don't think I've ever seen her smiling like that. Wow that didn't take long!
  2. OH MY FRIGGING GOD!!! I'm dead.
  3. And we haven't even got more than one promo pic let alone sneak peeks! Just the interviews and that photo were enough to make us go crazy! Oh boy..
  4. Oh crap.. It's 1am and I was supposed to go to bed, but I can't go to sleep now!!
  5. I know! That smile, wow.. He really IS looking forward to it I feel dizzy, this episode might just be the end of me. Don't worry, I'll die with a frigging happy smile on my face. Oh Shamy, what have you done to me?
  6. IKR?! One single picture just almost made me faint..
  7. Yeah, watch those words of your Molaro..
  8. "the ring will rise again" I'll just leave it here
  9. Well Jim, you did say you couldn't wait to rehearse this so be careful what you wish for! Also, Jim has kind of a weird sense of humor sometimes, I can see him saying this even a little ironically. Sure since it was apparently a first intimate bed scene for both of them as actors, it must have been a little weird. Gosh, wish we could've seen his face when Mayim said YES after he asked if they'll do it
  10. Aaaand the stupid grin is back.. Thank you so much once again Kazzie, you rule!! I want to print and frame this post. This is really all I need, he wanted it and enjoeyd it. Simple as that (for me). I was going to ask if it's December yet, but then realized IT IS! 10 days people.. Haha Amysexual, I'll take that!
  11. Guys it's Monday, 9x10 airs next week! Next week!!
  12. Oh I've been waiting for the group to hang out in 4a eating take out the whole season. I would love a proper group episode where the relationship stuff is in the background for a change. Me too! I've been thinking this a lot. If we're assuming that Shamy would live in 4a and Lenny in 4b, will Amy want to change the decor in 4a and will Sheldon let her? I know Sheldon hates change, but will he give in to his girlfriend? And will they both sleep in Sheldon's room and if so, what'll they do with Leonard's room? Also how they'll fit all the Leonard's stuff in 4b? Will he bring his w
  13. I must say I agree as well. I perhaps wouldn't go as far as calling it or the idea behind it disgusting, but I'm not a big fan of this tradition either. On a personal note, I would never want anyone to give me away, because I don't see the point of that. In my opinion there's just nothing to give away, we're two equal people making a decision to spend our lives together as equal partners. The purpose of this tradition may be to honor the bride's value, but I'd personally feel like the opposite. Here it's actually very common nowadays that a couple walks down the aisle together. I really l
  14. Oh I want all of these! Would be so much fun! Who else is overly excited that Shamy will be reunited soon and we could finally have some great PALS scenes in the future episodes?
  15. Yeah I'm with you, Sheldon has shown a real development in that area. I think that when he's at the altar (or where ever they'll get married) marrying the love of his life, his little lady, he's not going to care about the people there. Loving all these eye coitus gifs guys! Just look at them.. my heart melts
  16. I'm not really that into a courthouse wedding.. I agree though that they might not have a big wedding because it'd be hard to execute, even though I think Amy would like to have one. Like someone suggested, they might start planning a big wedding, but then something goes wrong and they end up having a smaller wedding with just close friends and maybe Sheldon's mum and meemaw. I don't know, the writers might surprise us all and do something totally different. Anyways, I'm really excited to see how it'll turn out! I just want them to be married and happy. I actually really like this ide
  17. I agree very much! Even though I'm excited about the next huge milestone (coitus) for Shamy, their reconciliation is what I've been waiting for since 8x24. 9x10 sounded so amazing, super sweet, romantic and funny that I'm still having troubles to believe it's actually going to happen! I can't even describe how incredible it felt when after all this angst we finally got good news from TR, reconciliation in the sweetest way I ever could've imagine. *happy sigh*
  18. And 7x3 The Scavenger Vortex, in tag scene she and Howard are singing Neil Diamond in a karaoke bar.
  19. The writers gave us couple of the most romantic episodes ever, so I keep wondering if they'll give us a romantic proposal as well. Hopefully they don't think that oh well, that's enough with the hippie-dippie stuff, back to drama and angst muahaha. Even though I ended up loving this story arc they created, I'm way too exhausted to deal with any more angst right now. So I'm all in for the lighthearted "honeymoon" period! Regarding the proposal, I'm fine with a funny proposal instead of a romantic one, but what I do hope is that they won't let Amy find out about the ring before the big moment.
  20. 1. That's a hard one.. He could want to either name it after some comic book hero or a famous physicist/scientist like he named his cats. Although he was going to name the turtle Seth or Giuseppi which as far as I'm concerned don't fall into either category. On the other hand I don't think Amy would agree to some of the names and would maybe want a more traditional name. I don't know, would be fun to see them debating over the name somewhere in the end of the show (no babies for a while please). 2. Yes, I really think he would. 3. I have absolutely no idea. I don't think he has a pr
  21. I mean I won't complain if we'll get an epic engagement for 200th episode haha! I want and need some Shamy cuteness next! The little things like random hand holding or touching are really the magic of Shamy.
  22. Ah the never-ending mystery of the ring! I'm honestly quite lost, I have no idea when and how it'll happen. I do feel though that the fact that we've seen the ring now twice and Sheldon has intended to propose twice as well means it can't be too far down the road. I personally hope it'll happen before season finale just so they'd have enough time to plan the wedding. I really want to see at least a couple of episodes with wedding planning! Will it be 200th episode? I dunno, like we've stated here before, it does sound so obvious for 200th episode plotline. Also I'm actually hoping it'd be a gr
  23. Jenafan, A Shamy gal now we're talking! ETA: About Kripke, will Sheldon find out he send a naked picture of himself to Amy? Will there be tension between Sheldon and Kripke? A fight? Will Kripke find out that they had coitus?
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