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  1. I feel you.. Yesterday I was like has it really been only a week since last taping? A WEEK?? Still 2 to go Also we really need something new to discuss and speculate in this thread. lol.
  2. I know, it's just incredibly hot..
  3. YES! Omg that nearly killed me.. Damn you Parsons
  4. Haha I thought of the exact same thing but wasn't gonna say it out loud.. I like the way you think!
  5. A very good point! I think you are absolutely right, she does carry herself a little differently now. Interesting. Also, from these pictures you can really see the changes in Jim. In the prom picture he's way skinnier than the season finale picture. I mean he's really beefy in that! Okay I need a minute to catch my breath after looking that picture
  6. This is very true! I also loved the "Dr. and Mrs Hofstadter" line, so sweet Can't wait to see both Lenny and Shamy happy. Soon this nightmare is over, at least for now..
  7. While I understand your concerns about how they'll continue from now on, I just don't think they'll go back to frustrated Amy and indifferent Sheldon. It's so been there done that. Why even have the characters have sex if nothing changes? The whole point of this break up and everything that happened after that was to develop the characters and their relationship, to make their relationship better. If they'll go back to how it was last season then it was all for nothing. They have so much more potential comedy and storylines if they'll explore this new-found intimacy. I can't of course say for
  8. This totally gave me some fangirl feels!
  9. It's so funny how now everything feels like they just fall into place. I mean some of the hints were kind of obvious! There were times very early this season when I doubted this story arc, I was very frustrated with the break up and all the angst that followed it, so it was difficult trying to see the bigger picture. After a while I started to realize why it was so necessary to put both of them through all this. It wasn't just because the writers are evil and wanted us to suffer, there really were very significant reasons behind it. Shamy 2.0. isn't just about increased physical intimacy betwe
  10. 8x17 Amy: You know, we could also be the first people to procreate on Mars. Sheldon: You just can't keep it in your space pants, can you?
  11. Aaw aren't you just made of sugar!
  12. 100% agree! I think it's amazing if you know any Finnish. Maybe one day I'll write something in English as well. I love to write but naturally my English vocabulary is very poor compared to Finnish which frustrates me deeply.. Getting off topic, sorry! Silver linings people, silver linings.. ETA: 600 pages, wow..
  13. Yes, that's the main reason I feel so deeply with all this. Very beautifully put. Not to get too personal, but I myself know what is like to fight against own fears so my heart really goes out to Sheldon. To some Sheldon's character is hard to relate to, a genius who seems to care mostly about himself, but if you look a little deeper into him, there's a whole new side of him. Treading Water is exploring exactly that side of him and that's why I loved it so much, as you know. I was actually so inspired by it that I wrote a little fanfic/short story based on Sheldon's inner struggle, but it's in
  14. *guffawing* Exactly the kind of humor I'm into!
  15. This thread and everyone who is a part of it are just amazing. It's just beautiful that these characters have brought us here together. We're from different countries all over the world, we're different ages and genders with different occupations and/or studies. Despite all the differences, we share a love for these two characters. This thread is filled with joy, positive attitude and amazing, insightful discussions. So I'm just gonna say it We rock!
  16. Yes exactly. I didn't care for The First Pitch Insufficiency where they were comparing their relationships.. So if we do get more PALS (loving this already), then no more insulting. Of course there will always be a little picking between them
  17. He's so darn cute that I don't even care how he pronounces it..
  18. Loving all your posts! I've stated before how much I love Sheldon's character and how I find this development of his very touching. I'm very emotionally invested to his character. I know he can be selfish, arrogant, mean and immature from time to time but that doesn't change the fact that he has pontificated his way into my heart a long time ago. To have him, first of all, realize how much Amy means to him and that she is the single most important thing in his life was touching itself. But, second of all, having him give himself to Amy in every possible way is just.. beautiful. I mean t
  19. YES! Now that both Lenny and Shamy are in a good place, I would love to see more interaction between them. So more double dates please! I can see so much potential comedy in that.
  20. Haha well hand me two bottles of koskenkorva then! You Swedes know us so well.. Preach.
  21. Oh I would love to have this discussion in real life. If you hand me a glass (or bottle) of wine nothing would stop me from going into details. And by details I mean details..
  22. I know, wish it would. I hope she sees it. She deserves to be nominated!
  23. Could you please send this to the writers? Love it!
  24. I also hope there will be some sort of indication to the subject. It certainly doesn't have to be the main plot of the episode. The girls already know about it and they must wanna know some details! And guys finding out, that could be hilarious. I agree that there's so much comedy in this and I hope they'll exploit it. Considering how much this season has focused on Shamy, I have absolutely no idea what'll happen next. They could move on to totally different stories or carry on exploring Shamy. Mostly I would like to see some group scenes with all of them. A dinner at 4a, anyone?
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