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  1. Oh god why.. breaks my heart even though I know everything will be more than fine This is heartbreaking as well https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nstaRFYMYwA I watched a clip with the same song and scene from Spock resonance before we knew they get back together, it nearly broke me
  2. Voted, she's still leading 39,62%
  3. This thread makes my mind go dirtier every day.. I know, I can't help it! I'm a gif-maniac
  4. And we still have about 25 days left before the episode airs..
  5. Aaaw.. The picture is fuzzy and I can barely recognize them yet I'm still going crazy! Oh my god, this episode will be the end of me
  6. Is that Sheldon on the screen below? It could be the moment right before coitus where they are on bed still wearing clothes and talking.
  7. I think the majority in here enjoy talking about it. Especially now when coitus is actually coming. Your posts are never too vulgar, I can't see why someone would be offended by them.
  8. In here the opening is the 16th. Weird.
  9. I was bouncing off the walls this week when the forum was crashing the whole day. I wanted to, no I needed to talk about the new TR but couldn't.
  10. I totally agree! He looks way healthier nowadays
  11. Lmao, that's one disturbing mental image..
  12. Amy's look is perfect, it fits perfectly her character. According to her: The sexiest organ is the brain. She dresses the way it feels comfortable to her.She doesn't need sexy clothes to feel confident. We've seen her putting a little more effort into her date night look in recent episodes. That's fine. I'm glad that the writers didn't make her do a make over and tried to make her look more like Penny. IMHO I don't want the girls look like barbie dolls. I would be extremely disappointed if they'd make Amy dress up like one. Same goes with the boys. Their wardrobes have matured over time, but I
  13. One thing still confuses me. What did Amy mean by her sweet "I guess sometimes I'm silly" line? I can't make up my mind about it. Did she mean she's silly because she broke up with him in the first place? Or that she's silly because she actually loves him after all they've been through, with quirks and all?
  14. This I could totally see happening. Like when Sheldon told Leonard about the train kiss, it was very casual and Leonard's face was priceless. He has always been surprisingly comfortable talking about his body fluids, bowel function etc. I could see him being that open with coitus as well. The fact that he talked about it with Penny and Bernadette itself indicates him being comfortable with the subject. Like many have said already, there's a great amount of comical possibilities with this. After all Sheldon said it the best: We make everyone feel awkward, that's our thing!
  15. Nothing like spending a Sunday morning reading 5 pages of condom talk LMAO you guys are the best!
  16. I don't know how much he did study the subject beforehand, but he had to be doing something right, hence Amy's crazy after-sex hair and panting. Also he asks Penny for some advice, which I think is cute (even though it made him giggle, aaw). I thank the writers for respecting their first time and not making it a fiasco.
  17. After Howardette's rushed wedding and Lenny's disastrous Vegas fiasco, we deserve at least one great wedding in the show! Plus I've said it a million times, Amy as a bride would be SO hilarious!
  18. Yes! That would involve all the main characters and the main couples. It's 200th episode so it'd make sense that something big happens that changes things for good, just like new living arrangements. They would have to change the set at least a little, so is there really a better time for that than 200th episode? I'm also thinking flashbacks or something, it could be a really funny and beautiful episode, an end of era so to speak. I could see this happening. I don't think we'll need to wait that long for proposal. There really isn't any reason to stall it. Sheldon knows he wants to marry
  19. I'm really hoping that the season finale isn't something like 7&8, I can't take another summer like those. I'm hoping that if the finale will involve Shamy drama, it would be with good kind of drama. I agree, no more sad drama and angst for the rest of the season please!
  20. Wow stephen where have you been But yes, they'll do it. I highly recommend reading the new TR.
  21. Well he does have an eidetic memory so here's hoping!
  22. This is exactly what I'm hoping for. I don't want it to become Shamy's sex show, but I don't want them to ignore the subject completely. I also think there's so much possible comedy about this new development of their relationship. I'm actually intrigued to see which way the writers will write Sheldon from now on. Will sex still be insignificant to him or will he learn that he indeed has urges? How will they fit this new-found intimacy in their relationship, will they try to schedule the act? As do you, I also hope that they don't make Amy beg for it.. I want to see balanced, equal relationshi
  23. This is kind of what I've always pictured him saying when proposing. It sounds very Sheldon-y. But I've been constantly surprised by the writers this season, so anything is possible IMO. Maybe Amy will propose, maybe Penny will spill out the beans about the ring, maybe Sheldon plans a big romantic proposal, who knows! I still trust that the writers will find a perfect way for it to happen. I haven't been disappointed yet with the way they handled their reconciliation and first time
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