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  1. I love Shelnard! Their friendship is so pure. I love the development of their friendship in last seasons. Sheldon worrying about his lil' buddy going to surgery or hugging him after PP died. And Leonard has been such a good friend to Sheldon this season. He was genuinely sorry for Sheldon and Amy's break-up, he even made him breakfast after Sheldon's proposal attempt backfired. They were so cute in The Helium Insufficiency "Aren't you just made of sugar" aaw
  2. I don't even want to think about the show ending.. Luckily they have contracts trough next season, but I have a feeling as well that they might go up till 11 seasons. Jim said recently that he has a hunch about 11th season and when has our Captain been wrong. Of course you never know about tv.
  3. They have so many adorable, great moments that it's impossible to choose a favorite.. I love FWF and I really hope they continue making it now that they are back together
  4. Day 4 after taping. Still feeling like this
  5. OMG!! That thought crossed my mind as well. Why are they making this 3 week long wait more torturing as it is? Oh Lord, I don't how I'll survive..
  6. I think she'll make an appearance in their wedding at the latest. I would LOVE to meet Shelly's famous meemaw
  7. Hmm it puzzles me too, but this is what I've been thinking. Maybe she simply wanted to express to him that no matter what had happened or will happen between them, she wants him to be happy. What ever that'll mean for them (and I think Amy was already regretting the break up and pondering about the reconciliation at this point), Amy wants him to be happy, even if it meant for them not to be together. Maybe she was sincerely sorry for causing him pain, and yes we know that she doesn't know even half of it. Maybe she was feeling guilty for that pain and wanted to convince him that she didn't hur
  8. I'm almost convinced that he did indeed know what she meant. The way he quickly glances at her before the "silly" comment. He has said during these last couple of seasons that he isn't that oblivious that everybody thinks. He does get comments like this better than he did before. But if he did understand what she meant, why the silly comment? It's obvious that he'd missed her just as much. Maybe he was surprised/caught off guard about it and quickly gave a response that indicated something else. Maybe he was just getting comfortable of them being friends since it felt like a "safety-zone" righ
  9. I was just doing that! It's my guilty pleasure..
  10. New post from Mayim http://groknation.com/hollywood/feeling-the-big-bang-of-heartbreak/
  11. I bet we'll get a post when that episode airs as well, because that's a huge one! I'm sure Mayim has a lot to say about it. I wish we could've somehow seen their first reactions when they read 9x11 script. I bet Jim was cheering..
  12. I love reading her take on of the scene, it was very interesting indeed! She felt very similar about the reason why Sheldon rejected her, he wasn't ready to open himself up to the possibility of getting hurt again. Just what we've been saying here. "you will not be disappointed; I wasn’t!" Oh I bet Mayim wasn't disappointed about the next episode, she's always said how much she enjoys kissing Jim
  13. 3 weeks to go. No new episodes, no tapings, how on earth we'll be able to wait? I'm already losing my patience. Also I just scrolled this thread back to that time when we got the spoilers for this episode (over 200 pages btw). MAN the amount of angst and depression that was going on here! The number of sad gifs, angry gifs, drinking gifs.. I had forgotten about the crying little penguin (lmao) and how many wine gifs were posted (mostly by me). Wow. "Quite a journey" is an understatement.
  14. This, right to the feelings.. And the way she rolls her eyes a little, but with a tiny smile..
  15. I watched the episode again and just realized something. When Sheldon rejects Amy, he says: I think I need to just be your friend, not I think I want to just be your friend. I know that at this point, knowing what future episodes are holding for us, it's kinda insignificant, but it does prove what we've been saying in here all a long. He's not over her, he wants to be more than friends, but to protect himself (and maybe Amy as well) from getting hurt again he thinks it's best if they just remain friends. Luckily we know that ain't gonna last!
  16. I have a little mixed feelings about this.. I have always loved Sheldon's character from the very beginning and he was the reason I continued watching this show in the first place. To me he has always been this incredibly sweet and innocent guy, I even love all of his quirks. He never thought he'd fall in love nor wanted to. He had this ideal of a perfect human being, emotionless and logical. Then against all the odds he finds himself in love. He tries to fight against it, tries to be all logical all the time, but fails terribly. He has to face the fact that love isn't something one can be log
  17. The way Sheldon says "You mixed them" and the look he gives to Amy, it made me melt..
  18. Great episode! AMAZING Lenny scenes, I just loved them! Also sweet yet heartbreaking Shamy episode.. This is what I like about the show, even though Shamy's current state made me sad (luckily we know that's going to change very soon yey), Lenny's adorable scenes cheered me up and made me smile I'm curious to see how the group dynamic changes once Shamy gets back together. I've always loved Shamy and Lenny's interaction, not just as a couple of couples, but as individuals as well. For example the episode where they had different sorts of games girls vs. boys was hilarious!
  19. This is exactly what this episode was! It just backed up everything we already know about the upcoming episodes. Once again, out of likes..
  20. aaw thanks! That warms my heart since I'm not a native speaker and I often struggle when trying to find the right way to express myself in English..
  21. This is just beautiful! Made me tear up again.
  22. Wow, that was hard even though I knew what's coming next.. - Amy's face and happy, excited tone in her voice when Sheldon sits in the car. That made me smile. She's clearly looking forward to this. - If she'd had coitus with any of her dates was literally the first thing he wanted, or needed to know. Well we knew that already, but still. I loved that they had this conversation now, Amy's dating clearly cost him some sleepless nights, but you can tell he's relieved when learning that she hadn't slept with anyone. -I, for one, liked the fish game scene. They seemed very natural w
  23. Haha thank you, I'll keep that in mind! I don't think I'd be able to stop even if I'd want to..
  24. I don't think you need to be worried about that, it'll go back to status quo eventually And it haven't been just sex jokes/gifs, there's been great posts not focusing on sex also.
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