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  1. I'm just here to see everyone's reaction's to this pic
  2. Happy First Taping night guys! Hope everyone has a great season!
  3. It uses cookies, not a log in so you can just use a TOR browser and voila! as many votes as you want.
  4. Can I ask what the point of a Tournament Poll where you can vote multiple times is?
  5. well ... cus... Sorry. Not Sorry. In all seriousness though the way the show is written you can believe that they don't sleep together (and never have) -or- that they are humping like teenage lovers who have somehow managed to get an empty house for the weekend, cus I doubt they will ever show on-screen coitus. The choice is yours!
  6. Hey! *waves* Just checking in to say hello and send some love to the Shamy fans who still hang out here enjoy season 10 peeps! x And here is a Shamy pic to keep me on topic
  7. Sheldon isn't some sort of sexual magnet that makes any situation alone with a woman suddenly become and "intimate" one. Seriously WTF?! This ship is sailing like a dream!, cuteness and a deeper connection between the two of them at every turn yet every time I log on here there are posts doubting them and/or suggesting that Sheldon is too close to someone else!? Bolt Hen! Considering it took these two Four years just to kiss we have been well and truly spoiled this season I don't understand why people are creating drama that is not even there!
  8. I have no doubt that Leonard checked, double checked, checked again and then had the final confirmation of the annulment laminated and keeps it in a locked box. Penny and Zack too dumb to know if they are married or not? Yes. Leonard not at all following up on that shit? No.
  9. Sheldon's laptop is showing Windows photo viewer, X windows showing either unix or linux terminals, elements from Windows 7 and Gnome so my guess is that it's something that the Graphics department have mocked up to keep it from advertising one operating system? Looks like a mock gmail window too I love the new Laptop that Amy bought him! I would be super happy if my significant other came in the door with a 3 grand laptop! Happy Taping day peeps hopefully it will be an all round epic episode!
  10. Is the Green perfect number shirt new or have I just never noticed it before?
  11. You are now officially in charge of "Jim watch summer '16"
  12. I've had family to stay so I've only just watched this episode My version of this was more along the lines of "Now _ _ _ _!" (4 letters, 1 vowel )
  13. Leonard’s dating history: Joyce Kim Leslie Winkle Pryia Penny Elizabeth Plimpton Stephanie Barnett It is mentioned that he dated an unnamed French Literature PHD and he says that his first kiss was at 19 with Geraldine Coco but presumably they did not big-bang In 4x13 ‘The love car displacement’ Leonard says: Leonard: I’ve gotten a lot better at that, you know. I’ve dated four different women since we broke up and I didn’t tell any of them that I loved them and wanted to have their babies. I think that would include Pryia, Elizabeth and Stephanie (I’m a bit fuzzy on the timeline here) so that is about 9 women that we know about. Can we have a poll for Leonard?
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