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  1. I think, don't quote me on this ... BUT ... it might have, maybe, just possibly been a joke. As this is a show not known for it's jokes or use of humour in any way shape or form though I could totally be wrong!
  2. Happy Chocolate Egg day peeps! Here is some celebratory Shamy spam as I can't hand out chocolate eggs on the internet! <3 I ate them all anyways
  3. I'm willing to bet the majority of the 20 million-ish people who regularly tune into The Big Bang Theory will either: not care that she shoots weapons on a range OR follow her on instagram!
  4. For exactly the length of time that she thought she needed to know him before sleeping with him.
  5. This is usually the party thread but right now we're all like this: I'm really excited to see the next two episodes after the people who saw the edited versions at tapings and Paley reported back to say that Shamy seemed great in them both I'm not too concerned about this weeks TR (thank you @brilliantfool btw! x) will wait till the edited version is shown to the peeps at the next taping night till I put on my big analysis hat! (it's actually more of a helmet) Till then... Anyone got any fun ideas to pass the hiatus? My mother is coming to visit for Easter and I really (REALLY) need an escape
  6. I hope that this all goes really well for Melissa
  7. Yup! We said that Penny wasn't happy and didn't seem to want to move across the hall and be a real grown up, we said that Leonard and Sheldon would fight about the apartment and we predicted that all of that would lead to Lenny moving across the hall so fingers crossed!
  8. Superman could literally crush carbon into diamonds or use his super vision to find gold and be as rich as he wants so that argument make no sense! AND Batman is a vigilante not a superhero!
  9. Originally I thought that it would be Penny wanting to run off to Canada or New York to do a movie but with the news of Leonard's Dad I am now thinking it will a cliff hanger revolving around him. Daddy has got him tenure somewhere far off and he has to make a choice maybe? I predict Dwama, with a capital W though and I'm not stoked about it
  10. I for one LOVE the relationship agreement! That was always one of my favourite parts of their relationship, I think it was the secret to why it worked so well for so long (till the times that shall not be named at least!) and I predict it's return before the end of the season
  11. Why all the important people?! WHAT IS HAPPENING?!
  12. They did sign a contract, Amy says is the storage facility that she signed a non disclosure agreement about sex.
  13. They'll end the movie as friends but I have a sly bet on Wonder Woman winning in a fight between the 3
  14. Yup we have seen Sheldon unlock the outside door but people also knock on the door of 4a and they don't know who it is which confused me.
  15. She's the most popular character in my house and a lot of people love her
  16. That's a good thing though, you don't want to be stuck working with someone who doesn't want to be there
  17. Even if this doesn't make a lot of cash in the cinema it will make a bunch in blurry sales from Johnny's fans!
  18. If the search function was at all functional here the original poster wouldn't have asked the question and I would have linked to it, but it's really not
  19. A few hours ago They showed all of season 9 in the run up to it but they were edited pre-watershed versions so they edited out lines like "compare my genitals to czechoslovakia!"
  20. Take them off when getting into bed yes, for a spontaneous kiss it might kill the mood a bit huh? When Leonard broke his glasses in the cinema he couldn't see anything so he might miss without them
  21. Cus obviously Men know what women like in bed better than women themselves..... wait no. Scratch that
  22. This guy works on set making sure that everything is legit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Saltzberg Welcome to the forum!
  23. He wasn't raised Catholic just fyi, his mother is a born again christian not Catholic
  24. .... Yes? I'm not sure the point you are trying to make here?
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