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  1. I loved Leonard before that episode, he was this sweet cute little geeky guy who wanted the girl but didn't think he was good enough! Then they write this shit: "I love Pryia, I think we could get married one day BUT I totally want to bang this girl I've known for exactly 3 minutes!" (I will swear in court that this was the actual line!) What the actual france was that about?! I never minded Pryia, as far as I was concerned Leonard and Penny were end game (and I was right! 10 points to Slytherin!) I just presumed that the Pryia/Leonard relationship was a filler to stop Lenny from getting together too soon/help Penny realise that she kinda wanted the geek after all and that it would fizzle out at some point. Having said that I actually want Leonard and Penny together, after the Comic book girl nonsense and the follow up boat girl crap I just don't love Leonard like I used to Oh and Raj go and have relations with himself! I don't remember her saying that she was in an exclusive relationship with either of them though? just that she was sleeping with them both, I could be wrong!
  2. I'm loving the picture that the Official Big Bang Twitter chose for the announcement of the Season finale date!
  3. Looking again I think it's the little microphone or light (?!) on the podium in from of her at first I was like "oh shiz!" hahaha!
  4. Does that woman have a Bow (as in bow and arrow) in her hands?! or is it the Mic? And is that Amy's stand in?
  5. You're just a cop, what do you know about the law?! Judd is amazing in whatever he is in so I'm excited about seeing him! BUT I stand by my "nothing good can come from a Leonard's father storyline" stance. He ignored Leonard all his childhood to the point where he was jealous of a fossil of a child, he cheated on his wife and he gave him the middle name 'Leaky' The people who are hoping that Daddy Hofstadter will be more of a comfort than the Mother will either be disappointed OR the show will just ignore all the backstory they have already mentioned for him as they often do... I don't know what would be better here TBH! Side point - Does anyone else think Judd looks more like Howard's Dad? You know these writers and they are gonna go 'cheap jokes' and 'sleepy one liners' more often than not!
  6. Yeah have fun guys, I'm still totally not jealous
  7. Someone remind me when Penny cheated - I'm drawing a blank!
  8. I'm glad that you seem to have gotten a great episode and I hope that you had fun!
  9. Scientists down in Burger have found a new mini T-rex http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-35806781
  10. I wouldn't do that for a Million Dollars! .. Oh, wait
  11. "Better" is such a subjective word. Yes you might have found it better but others who watched from the beginning like it better now that there is a deeper character development and expanded relationships are in place. Some came to the show later and like it how they found it. To each their own. Not one of us is being forced to watch the show. Just for future reference: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0898266/awards?ref_=tt_awd <- more than just Jim I actually agreed with your original point of 'Sheldon and Penny's friendship interests me' and was looking forward to a discussion about it but you said: ...and then went on to call Sheldon/Penny the best part of the show and attack Leonard and Amy directly so... Yeah. That makes it sort of look like it is about attacking the canon ships ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I've always enjoyed Sheldon Vs Penny episodes and thought it was kinda adorable that they were basically fighting over Leonard, later when they were forced to spend time together (like when she fell in the tub or when Leonard took to the Seas) and became sort of friends it was great to watch and now that they are like family I still love them BUT the fact remains that they have nothing in common apart from they are dating/married to each others best friends so I don't expect many Sheldon and Penny episodes per season
  12. Did you see the 200th episode at all? You don't get much of Raj/Sheldon hanging out either that's just the way the show is. Penny and Sheldon only hang out every now and then
  13. This post is just wonderful: http://theshamyway.tumblr.com/post/140821499084/tbbt-couples-kids-im-going-to-tell-you-the <3
  14. First Penny hugs Howard in that bar and now she is defending him over Leonard! ER MUH GAWD YOU GUYZ POWARD IS REALZ!!!eleven!!
  15. Primary school children maybe do that but anyone over the age of 10 does not
  16. I thought you said "England" and I was thinking why haven't I heard of him?! I thought he was an English Soccer player lol!
  17. I thought they all sounded pretty good! Especially considering they were dancing around and singing
  18. I think it's just when they are working then they can go at it after lol
  19. *Grok And Mayim is also doing this new Fablab project That's no big deal
  20. Was that meant to be in a Teletubbies style or have these children finally driven me insane?!
  21. There's plenty of Shamy discussion on other sites where people feel more comfortable unfortunately that place is not here ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I miss the long talks we all used to have I feel for you @No Regrets hopefully you'll get a Cabin story on Tuesday night! and not a Cabin in the woods story
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