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  1. I love the long essays, the insane amount of detail that goes into the analysis of the tiniest things and of course the Gif parties! It's a shame so many people have decamped lately
  2. My other half loves the show but couldn't give a damn what happens to either of the ships. You can relate to the relationship stuff on the show without being a shipper. The OH says that the show will stay on the 'to watch list' for as long as it is funny The reason there are a high number of posts in the Shamy thread compared to here is cus shippers are usually the 'dedicated' branch of any fandom lol!
  3. Now you've said that it will be both of them!
  4. This is my favourite pic from last night, she looks like she just remembered she left her oven on Love that she has fun with the photographers
  5. It got me like: I love that CBS and E4 both made Shamy fan vids for the Coitus episode! You must do a reaction video!!
  6. It's when you don't expect it that it happens! *far off maniacal laughter*
  7. Just incase peeps here haven't seen this on Twitter: *insert heart eye emoji here*
  8. Well nobody on the show can have a nice romantic get away without something funny happening so maybe they go and he's allergic to everything there?
  9. It is very, very old! It's been 6 years but there are still people complaining that "thee wimin rueen the show!" and people wishing that the show would go back to the good old days of seasons 1-3 There have been (almost) 6 seasons since what these people call "the good old days" but they are still watching, presumably with the sole purpose of going on the CBS Facebook page to complain bout it?! I used to love the Walking Dead, something about it changed that I did not like and I stopped watching. It was really easy to do I just didn't put it on my television/computer anymore. I'll probably watch the very last episode to see where my favourite characters ended up but I just don't watch it anymore. I guess I just can't understand what drives people onto the internet to sour something that other people enjoy? You don't see me on a Justin Bieber site making fun of him - maybe it's fun and I should try it? Yup, Life happens! If people want a show that re-sets at the end of every episode then they should maybe try the Simpsons I personally can't stick with a show past a few seasons without character development and progression. All shows at some point have to take a risk and evolve or they stagnate, lose viewers and get cancelled. As this one is still the most watched in the states, has high viewing figures in syndications/around the world and is still winning awards I doubt anyone at the show itself cares ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. Does anyone know if this is gonna get a UK release?
  11. I'm not sure where the theory that the show adding two more women to the lineup somehow = reduced male viewership, came from exactly? Is the intimation that watching strong women on screen is somehow off-putting to a male audience? - but that doesn't make any sense cus Penny (the original lone Vagina owner) is now and always has been the 'Alpha' of the pack! Is it that the Male viewership are somehow confused by too many women on screen? - That would imply Men aren't awfully intelligent and considering this theory is being banded around by (a select few) Men ... so that can't be it either! Could someone enlighten me?!
  12. Unless you go incognito or clear your history each time you are only allowed to vote once so it will be showing you the results after you voted I think?
  13. Also, there is one!: So many people on Twitter/Facebook asking this question, not one of them thought to ask google!
  14. You didn't find it upsetting that Sheldon had a nervous breakdown and ran away without saying good bye to Amy?!
  15. I would like all of that! <3 BUT I'm honestly happy for the year regardless of what else we get
  16. Well as you say they have reached their Happy ending, whenever the show ends they will (presumably) end it as a married couple and that is the happy ending for a relationship story, maybe throw a few kids in there too! We saw a bit of character development for her with her new career in Season 8 but since then the only stuff we've seen from her on her own was with the Shrink and that wasn't positive at all "Is Dr Gablehouser going to be my new daddy?"
  17. We'll have to agree to disagree on Sheldon but I totally agree about Penny just being one half of Lenny now which is why I think (hope!) that we will see something of her acting dreams come back around soon! I know a lot of people just want her stood by Leonards side doing nothing (and not wearing plaid!) but she was one of my favourite characters in the early seasons and I'd like her to get her happy ending before the show is done I can't find it now but Kunal recently said that he and Emily weren't done yet too and I'm sure that was before we had a taping report to confirm that, hmmm
  18. Just re-posting what I posted in the S9 discussion thread here as a back up of my "Molaro is full of malarky" statement I made earlier
  19. Given that, would a baby, for someone, be the next logical step? “Not at the moment,” Molaro said. “Babies have a tendency to alter the DNA of a show a little more than we’re looking to at this time. There are other avenues we want to explore before we get to the pitter-patter of little nerd feet.” ~Steve Molaro, Variety - DECEMBER 17, 2015 | 06:15PM PT (http://variety.com/2015/tv/news/big-bang-theory-sheldon-amy-sex-episode-spoilers-1201663562/) This was the day that 9x11 aired. 9x15 (The pregnancy reveal episode) was filmed on the 19th of January, I think I saw somewhere that they write the episodes a month or two in advance so he either changed his mind dramatically in a short space of time or he is full of it!
  20. I've clearly missed the start of this conversation, could someone link me to the statistics about how the show is mainly watched by Women now? Thanks
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