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  1. Yeah the Zoom reveal has happened now I was looking for guesses when I posted I'm excited to see all this earth 2 stuff and if Wally West is gonna 'flash out' at some point!
  2. Welcome back *chants* one of us! one of us! one of us!
  3. Exactly you have that!, that is what needs to be shown between these two on screen! I'm sure the majority of people must agree with that? surely nobody is happy with the adventures of Leonard and Penny at the kitchen island?
  4. Cus She and Sheldon would be spending the entire Summer apart??!
  5. I think he is still quite inventive even in his laziness like when he attached his fit bit to that contraption to fool Bernie and now he's come up with this thing to make some extra money for the baby so maybe that will become his new goal? Ahh I get what you mean now and yes there's a line there that they are gonna have to be very careful with
  6. When I ask what they talk about I mean the deep things, not "hey the weather is nice today!" type conversations. You have just reminded me that they both like Game of Thrones though! When two people have very different ideas about life those differences are really highlighted when they have kids, Howard and Bernadette could have difficulties when the little one arrives as they have different religions so it will be interesting how that plays out but the show might just side step it altogether. No not at all, the problem is that it seems to be the only thing he says about her. Penny talks about how sweet and smart he is but Leonard always goes straight to 'Penny hot' every time Yup I agree that those things must be there (or they would have broken up by now) but we never see it on the show. All we ever see is them standing at the Kitchen island or worrying that they are not 'young and fun' anymore. They have looked like a very settled married couple in scenes holding onto each other and I like that but I'd like to see a return to the sweetness of a few seasons ago personally
  7. Well we all know that Amy is gonna say yes and she knows about the ring so the suspense is kinda gone and I expect that they are gonna throw something in there to make it different - which worries me! They seem to have been on a bit of a retrospective kick lately so I'm predicting a return of the 'someone leaves over summer at the end of the season' trope this year and the cliffhanger could come from that instead of from Shamy!
  8. To be fair all of Howard's energy was focused on getting laid, now that he has access to regular sex he has no need to run around and invent his little schemes. Simon is amazing and when he makes comments like "Thats funny lets do that!" in response to hearing about how Missy teased Sheldon saying Batman was coming to his birthday party could come off as really mean but Simon makes it work - it did not work for me back when he was being creepy, that just coloured everything about him for me personally. He was childish back in the early days like when he quit his job cus the child prodigy was smarter than him - he didn't quit when Kripke turned out to be smarter than him but he did lie to make himself seem better because he still is immature just ever so slightly less immature than he was
  9. For me it's the whole package, I can get relationship type shows elsewhere, I can get my geek on with other shows but with this I get it all in a nice neat package with actors and characters I enjoy It's not too late for Raj to meet someone like this I guess? We have Bernadette and Amy as female Scientists and Emily had alternative interests with the Horror stuff but yeah a Girl_Geek would be nice cus TPTB don't seem to think that they exist! Despite having one working on the show I loved Chuck too but I found that aspect of it hard to believe, I mean Zachary Levi looks like an underwear model!
  10. I loved the episode where Penny went to work with Leonard and tried to learn about what he did, the holograph scene was beautiful! More of that please show! I have to disagree about Howard though, I honestly hated him. Never laughed at his creepiness and one of the worst moments in the history of the show for me is when Penny apologises for telling him exactly how creepy and inappropriate he was! He was harassing her and she had every right to tell him how horrible he was. He was a big part of why the show wasn't one of my top shows early on, I about gave up on it. I like sweet Howard a lot better and he still has a lot of laughs without having to be a desperate creep chasing after women, unfortunately it looks like they want that kind of skeevy horrible 'two and a half men' style humour on the show and they are going there with Raj now I liked early Shamy, when they were the two misfits who enjoyed spending time together. I loved how having Penny and Bernadette in her life brought Amy out of her shell and how Sheldon (and Zach I guess ) awakened her sexuality. I loved watching Amy try and develop their relationship into what she considered a normal one, it was funny for a while but it would have got boring if it had always stayed that way. Now I am enjoying this new more even footed Shamy and I'm excited about where it goes - if it does go back to the Amy pulling and Sheldon resisting then it will be boring and a little bit sad but I'm not convinced that it is just yet! I'm all for character development in my sitcoms personally,I know a lot of people want a Simpsons style 'everything is the same by credits roll' vibe to their sitcoms but I prefer at least a bit of movement
  11. I know hot guys with massively overweight, not conventionally attractive women. I have a female acquaintance who did beauty shows/modelling who married what can only be described as an 'interesting' looking man - friends of mine have called him ugly but I won't be that mean! I know couples who look like those attractive families from stock photos and I know couples where both of them are going bald (those two are both guys so I guess that's expected lol) I don't know any couple that have nothing in common at all, that have lasted very long though <- this is what bothers me about the writing of Leonard (last on a long list of things actually) we only ever see him say things about how attractive Penny is when obviously there has to be something more there! I realise they're playing for laughs with lines like "I'll never get another girlfriend that pretty" but the cumulative effect of those lines seems unfair to their fans imo and disrespectful to the first ship on this show.
  12. I doubt they're gonna be running around hopping into bed every given minute, it will just become a subtle part of their relationship like date night and kissing did. Season 1 kissing and hand holding would have seemed really out of character for Sheldon but now it's just a little part of what he does so I don't see sex ever being a prominent part of his storyline tbh. As for Steve "there won't be babies on this show anytime soon" Molaro, Mr "We don't plan anything on this show" ... *two minutes later* ... "We planned the Star Wars/Coitus episode for months" ... has lost any sort of credibility with most fans now so I guess we'll see how his comments about Coitus and 'no Lenny wedding re-do' turn out Personally I'm thinking/hoping that he's full of shit on both counts
  13. If it's a cliff hanger I will be hella pissed! I agree season finale though cus that is their anniversary
  14. The day before that is when new episodes return to E4 in the UK, good week for Big Bang
  15. I had forgotten about that movie!
  16. This is so weird I was just talking about this! I either saw an ad or someone told me that there was a new show coming on by the same guy who did Two and a Half men, I thought that show was pretty funny - I didn't love it, but it was funny so I decided to watch it. We are very much into star wars/trek/gate in my house so a comedy about nerds was right up our alley and David from Roseanne being in it was another plus point (I loved Roseanne as a kid!) A lot of the things that still bother me to this day bothered me about it in the first few years, the inconsistencies in the story, 'the two and a half men' style skanky stories squicked me out but Sheldon was hilarious so I stuck with it The turning point for me was this : <3 My favourite character got a girlfriend that was just as unusual as he was! A few seasons later she had over taken him as my favourite even though she's not in it anywhere near as often. This moment : Was when I had to get online and find spoilers and talk to people and landed here! I re-watched every episode over the summer and that is the story of how my Big Bang Theory problem developed
  17. She doesn't need to rub anything in his face, she is the top paid TV actress in the world and has got herself into amazing shape - if you believe in people 'winning' breakups then her mere existence does that alone Can you imagine seeing your Ex on the cover of magazines whenever you walked into a store? or her being on TV every day? That would suck!
  18. I think it's safe to say that this is the most successful / most popular sitcom since friends though isn't it? I'm guessing that is why the comparison is being made The channel that used to show Friends a zillion times a day here replaced it a few years back and now shows Big Bang instead
  19. Is it just me or is this exactly what he said in the Hollywood report (or glamour?) a few weeks back re-hashed?
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