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  1. This the most hardcore/gangster Shamy Gif I have on my mac to restore my street rep: And I'm not touching the Tea discussion just when I've got my street credentials straight! *goes to make tea*
  2. Season 1 Penny would have liked Season 1 Leonard, he was in shape back then, was kind, had a good job and so on ... so it seemed legit that he could get a girl who was out of his league attraction level wise *but* there is only so long a relationship based on sex alone can last, what do they talk about after the coitus?! That's why I would like to see them get a shared hobby instead of just hanging out in 4a all the time
  3. That episode is The Einstein Approximation which was in season 3 pre the red Alien Ware Laptop that @April was talking about
  4. I always wondered why he had an iMac and now I'm thinking that it was his travel laptop and that is what got stolen? ... we are in serious risk of losing our street cred with this discussion you know
  5. 10+ Research points and a further 10 for the Sherlock gif!
  6. As I read 'gadgets' someone on TV said "genitals" Well yeah, details are important! Given that he has a mini funeral for the laptop I think it's safe to say he was attached to it!
  7. You make a good point a top range laptop could well last 5 years, we upgrade every year or so which is why I was thinking he would do the same (as he's a gadget guy) Anyone know what kind Amy got him?
  8. Yeah maybe it was his iMac that was stolen but he's had different Red Alien Ware laptops, don't know how many different ones but I presume that he upgrades regularly.
  9. Yes! So this might be his third Alien ware?
  10. He had a red Alien Ware one before (this was his second one) and an iMac with a red cover - unless they were meant to all be 'playing' the same laptop?
  11. I forgot Basketball diaries, he was great in that! Not sure he was nominated for that one though. I never saw the American version of the Departed but if it's anywhere near as good as the original then I'm sure that is correct
  12. I really love how you've captured the eyes here! Great work
  13. What's eating Gilbert Grape should have got him ALL of the awards! Amazing. The other nominations? not so much. Jim as a bad guy would be good, I'd like to see Kaley play someone super intelligent, Johnny play a really strong guy, Mayim playing someone thick ... roles really different from what they've done on TBBT I've never seen Kaley in anything else, I love her but not enough to sit through a movie with both Josh Gad and Kevin Heart in it! The only things I've seen Johnny in are Roseanne (David was pretty much Leonard junior) and 'In Time', which he didn't have that big of a role in (and it was a pretty crappy movie) so something different and larger roles for both of them would be great to see, they both have new projects coming up that I'll try and see if they are released here. Looking forward to the Bronze movie with Melissa and Simon's new movie with Meryl Streep to see them in different roles Apart from the Trolls movie I'm not sure if Kunal has anything coming up? I hope so cus he didn't work much before TBBT and it would be a shame if he got typecast as the douche bag from that sitcom
  14. Cool I guess I got my former hollywood pretty boys mixed up
  15. Oh really? I thought it was Brad Pitt's company for some reason. Yeah looking through windows and prostitutes wasn't really my cup of tea and the ending felt like it was trying too hard but I guess it paid Jim's bills lol!
  16. Did anyone see the Big Bang gang in Spider Man?
  17. Has anyone seen the original pilot where Sheldon wasn't a virgin? he even says that he's seen 9 women naked! I believe that parts of it is available to view online
  18. It looks like they are doing something with the guys in the lab so I doubt there will be time for the 'Ships tonight! I'm hoping for a funny all girls plot if the guys are busy in the lab
  19. People from this forum go to the tapings, some of them have literally heard themselves on the tapings, including one girl who about screamed her lungs out of her body at the 9x10 and 9x11 tapings - so yes we do know There is a warm up comedian who keeps the audience going during the filming so that they are on top form. Kaley and Johnny also speak to the fans during the show so I'd imagine the atmosphere is somewhat similar to a concert and that people laugh a little more than they would if they were watching at home.
  20. Well the sex scenes were kinda creepy, the main actor (whose name completely eludes me right now) gives me the creeps and just the general tone of it, which I'm pretty sure was purposeful *shrugs* Ribisi (much like Parsons) can be put in any shitty movie and still shine. He was my fave regular on friends
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