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  1. I was under the impression that it had been two years between their first 'coffee' date and him asking her to be his Girlfriend sorry for the way I worded that! I did not mean to imply that she had been longing for him before he asked, my implication was that he was not emotionally mature enough to admit out loud/in public to being in a relationship when he clearly knew that he was. Previous to this he didn't seem interested in dating at all and now he says he's moving on and asking others out, to hear that in her shoes, would suck pretty hard
  2. To be fair to Amy, she did want just a 'break' to think BUT then Sheldon pushed her to the limit by not leaving her alone, insulting her in front of their friends and got himself dumped. The next time they have any interaction he wants her to do Fun with Flags and when she refuses he makes a mean (but hilarious!) video taunting her with sexual innuendoes, when he knows that a physical relationship is something that she's wanted for a while. After that they both have time to have calmed down before seeing each other on the stairs, maybe a grown up conversation could have happened here BUT Sheldon says that he asked two women out to help him move on. The man who refused to admit she was his girlfriend for years is suddenly playing the field so she tries to do the same. I think most people would do exactly as Amy has done in these circumstances I was not ready for this level of relationship angst from a sitcom!
  3. I'm not saying that it will 100% happen and I don't have my hopes up too high, I'm just saying that it could and I remain ever hopeful!
  4. LOL! Glad I'm not the only one who can't settle on taping nights! I thought (after seeing 901) that all of this would be wrapped up by episode 8 or 9 and I can see it happening very quickly if Amy sees that tape and realises that Sheldon was serious about them all along so this Tuesday night I will be freaking out waiting for news!
  5. I'm happy to believe this! Does he always post a script cover or...? Just trying to figure out why there wasn't one, if the title was too big of a give away? if we managed to crack it like we did last week?
  6. Does anyone else think that we didn't get a script cover this week cus the title is long / hard to hide with a pencil?
  7. Sorry if this has been posted already but has everyone gone and voted for Mayim / The Show at the peoples choice awards? https://vote.peopleschoice.com/#!/home/all/29/2 I saw her post saying it was the first time that she had been listed as a nomination option and went to vote for her
  8. I don't think it could be the Spock date with Dave as Sheldon saw the end of that date and them going their separate ways if I remember correctly. I was thinking a third date with Dave and the guys are trying to stop it (now that they know about the ring) before it goes to 'third date' territory Has Bernie borrowed a baby to see if she and Howard could handle being parents maybe?
  9. Mayim just posted the original of that Instagram to her Facebook, looks like Amy is wearing Date night kind of clothes ... curious!
  10. I felt so sorry for Amy in the stairwell scene! Mayim’s acting was spot on here, It looked like she was about to cry I can totally understand where she is coming from, she has been in a relationship with a man for 5 years, she has tried to discuss intimacy, living together and marriage with him and he shot her down every time. As far as she is concerned the man that she is very much in love with isn’t serious about their relationship at all, they will never live together or get married and as he quite publicly reminded her, her eggs aren’t getting any younger! If she wants to get married and have a family her time is running out, so she made the hard decision to walk away from him. I have been in this situation myself, you don’t suddenly not love that person the way you used to, it takes a long time to get over but when a relationship isn’t going anywhere (which unfortunately Amy doesn’t think it is) and you have ambitions of marriage and kids, then you have to walk away. If season 8 hadn’t ended with the Ring scene I think everyone would be a lot more split into TeamAmy and TeamSheldon, it’s easy for us to want Amy to try and talk to him and “fix” things because we know that he wants to marry her but as far as she is concerned there is nothing to talk about and nothing to fix *ugly crying* I’m hoping that this will all be a distant memory by this time next week or the week after and Shamy will be happy, awkwardly holding hands again and working on the first draft of the Marriage Agreement <3
  11. The first one could be really funny, every time he says "can I ask you something?" she thinks he's about to pop the question but he only wants her to pass the mustard
  12. Hello! I've been lurking for a while but thought that I would sign up so that I could say thank you for all of the taping reports and updates
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