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  1. Sheldon was always childish, but Sheldon wasn't always in a relationship with a woman that is very much characterised as a fairly normal adult. I seriously skipped some episodes this season because Shamy is giving me the creeps (the one where she drugs him being on of them) and I can't watch their dynamic for extended periods of time anymore. One seriously has to wonder about writers who think: "We want to develop this character so that he can enter a working romantic and also sexual relationship. Which of his existent traits should we make more pronounced? Oh, I know, the times when he was tr
  2. I can't speak for others, but I think Amy is just the last of a line of female characters who is there to shake her head at them boys and their nerdy ways and I just... ugh. They don't even vary the joke, like, not even a little bit. It's not like she'll say "oh, yes, you go to comic con and I do something I find fun" if she doesn't go, like an actual normal person would. It'll be served with a lot of those fresh new jokes straight from S01 about how Sheldon sure is a manchild for liking guys in tighs! And yeah, it's a sitcom and a big chunk of TBBT's humour is all about people being nasty to
  3. Indeed. This may be the kind of thinking that leads the writers to do the plot twist that it's surprisingly Leonard and Penny who can't live all on their own (though they've lived together before) and THAT'S why the living arrangements will have to stay the same... :D (Incidentally, I'm not as hard on the living arrangements as others, as I basically see 4A and 4B as one flat anyway and don't think the show would change much if they shuffled it around, though that makes me wonder why they haven't done it already. Also, I do in fact know several couples, two of them married, who live with
  4. Oh good, we're talking about the Shelnard relationship! You know, as much as I do weigh in on pairing conversations, that's actually one of the things I used to like most, and I agree with @wowbagger that nowadays it's a bit difficult to understand why the hell they are friends to begin with and it was always a little tricky. I think a lot of it has to do with show, don't tell, actually. I remember several scenes from the early seasons where Sheldon was being willingly friendly with Leonard; not in maybe a normal human sense, but in a way that I felt Leonard still appreciated. My favourit
  5. Couldn't quote this enough. Additionally, I really dislike how every single one of Sheldon's quirks needs some sort of sob story attached to it now. I find it hard to find him funny when all his running gags are apparently just manifestations of his deeply troubled childhood which I am presented with in heartfelt Emotional Moment scenes. So... am I supposed to feel sorry for him now everytime he knocks on a door? Because presenting it as a Serious Issue tells me that I should; but I know that's not what next week's writers will want when they construct a joke around the knocking ritual. But th
  6. I guess the thing is that you can't be all things to all people. If you allow negativity in every thread, it is going to push away people who rather want a generally carefree fandom experience, which, since this is a hobby, is perfectly understandable. On the other hand, if any hint of negativity is stomped on, you'll lose the people more interested in mixed discussion. This forum does try to be both, which I find laudable, but it is a difficult balance to strike, since these kind of things tend to spill over from thread to thread. (On a side note, my other fandoms are mostly centered aro
  7. Ts, ts, so little tolerance for the non-canon pairings around here. Shelnard is totally the way to go! And concerning the Shenny kiss, I think most people probably don't take it as seriously as we sometimes do (including the writers). It was just a funny thing to film because the squabbling mismatched pair is, after all, a staple of romantic comendy as well, and hell, they could've gone that way in the first two seasons, although it was always more likely that Penny and Leonard would end up together as your typical will-they-won't-they pair. The networks had a catchy scene for the adverts and
  8. I admit I've never been able to get into Friends either, but then, I've never been into romcoms and "men are this" and "women do that" jokes are about as funny to me as white walls, so I think it just wasn't my comedy. I've liked LK in other stuff, but I feel like I'd have trouble taking her serious as Penny's mom unless they dye her hair grey or something.
  9. That's possible, I just picked a few shows to illustrate the general direction I meant. However, a lot of genre shows, especially the smaller ones, seem to be working on a shoestring budget just because they are expected to appeal to niche audiences anyway. I think it also has a lot to do with writing in your means (Supernatural manages to look amazingly cheap sometimes considering that they are a pretty well-produced show, but they do occasionally forget what the limits of their CGI team are). I just meant to prevent that argument that one of the showrunners brought that the acting caree
  10. (not sure how the quote got there, sorry about that) I always thought Penny should have gotten a recurring role on a genre show, something like Smallville, Charmed, Stargate or Supernatural. It would have been a lot of fun to see her handling nerd culture from a different angle, suddenly being an integral part of it, and since these shows often have the budget of three snickers and some change, having a few scenes from the set/the episode-in-episode a season couldn't have driven production costs up very high for TBBT. Plus, we could have had plots about the guys meeting her potentially ne
  11. I think concerning the "you only have a limited amount of time" conversation, it was just clumsy writing. The actor delivered that whole sequence quite beautifully (honestly, that was the most moving part of the episode to me), so I didn't notice until the rewatch, either, but logically it's odd. Yes, Sheldon only has a limited amount of time to spend with Amy on this earth, but he only has a limited amount of time to watch Star Wars, too. It's not like Sheldon is immortal or, as far as we know, that you can watch Star Wars after your death (althought that might be interesting). What's in ques
  12. No, she doesn't, but if she went back to him no questions asked, then she shouldn't be surprised none of her particular questions were addressed. I think I'm so annoyed with this because it's literally been exactly the same problems, and, worse, jokes, for going on four years now. Watching Amy is like listening to that friend who hasn't managed to break up for good with their terrible significant other for years, the SO who they know is not a good fit for them but stay with anyway for reasons that are arcane, confusing and infuriating to an outsider. I wouldn't cite anything in 9x23 or th
  13. I think the reason Sheldon tends to get a bigger defense squad in relation to Shamy, or at least why I personally often find myself losing patience with her first rather than with him, is that Sheldon hasn't really changed. I mean, they write him differently now, he's more smiley, more childish instead of just odd, but it's not news that Sheldon is a supremely weird and often callous guy who doesn't do well with traditional emotional connections. Amy knew that and Amy went for that, so she doesn't really have a leg to stand on when complaining that Sheldon hasn't magically transformed into a n
  14. Totally have to agree about Big Bear. The reason I didn't much like the first half of the season was that so much of it was centred on getting Amy and Sheldon back together and I just didn't understand why. As has been said before here, in my opinion, there were just no compelling reasons given why Amy shouldn't date Dave and Sheldon shouldn't try his luck with Vanessa. I mean, I never doubted they would get back together, but that's more because them being endgame is pretty much a forgone conclusion at this point. So my question all season long was, why am I supposed to root for these people
  15. Yeah, there were a few, but they never stuck around. There were those two girls that Raj (or was it Howard?) and Sheldon picked up once. They ended up playing Guitar Hero or Singstar with them, they seemed fun. Then there was Leonard's first missstep during the relationship with Priya, and Sheldon's ersatz-date for Amy. On the other hand, you have the kind of mean-spirited throwaway jokes; the fat Sailor Moon Raj and Howard slept with and the (also fat) unsexy Wonder Woman cosplayer that Stuart dated come to mind. Haha fat women who think they can be desireable, what a knee-slapper. Anyway, I
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