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  1. We're wasting our time worrying about Shenny. TPTB want us to think a Shenny plot is ahead, but they're just throwing us off course from their real bombshell of a plan: Lamy. All the signs are there:
  2. and his companion is Amy! (she just needs to borrow Penny's sexy cop costume! )
  3. I'm waiting for an episode where Sheldon says something dirty but Amy has gotten so used to him not making/understanding innuendos so she takes it literally, and then Sheldon says, "Amy, I'm talking about coitus, silly!" something like: S: Thank you for driving me home... maybe you'd like to come upstairs so I can return the favor and give you a ride... A: No thanks. I wiped out the last time I tried your Batman scooter. S: .....Amy, I'm talking about coitus.
  4. this is something I keep reminding myself when I get my hopes up.... same goes for what they say in interviews!
  5. TPTB also said they were never going to introduce babies into the show, and Molaro literally came up with it the day before the table read of that episode! Canon basically comes out of nowhere with these people These writers are fickle and sneaky and basically we should just never take anything they say about future plots too seriously! I 99% expect a Lenny renewing of vows or a belated reception/honeymoon -- I just can't trust that they wouldn't give them more despite how much they protest
  6. She's certainly become more than a "prop". I know she started out being female Sheldon but tptb really developed her character. She formed a friendship with all of the group - mostly the girls - and she helped Raj meet Emily (a story separate from Sheldon). She's pretty much on equal ground with everyone outside of the big 3 at this point. Plus she is getting closer to marrying one of the big 3. The living arrangements will change (if the writers stop being scaredy-cats) and that will strongly affect Lenny (which will hopefully open up more stories for them INDEPENDENT of Sheldon!) So it's safe to say she's more than a prop these days. My opinion is that her story deserves to be told just as much as Howard's, and I know I'm not the only one who thinks so; it's just a shame that it seems like TPTB don't agree.
  7. I kinda count his mother though because her voice was in a ton of scenes she just wasn't visible... and there's a whole scene dedicated to how the group felt about her when she died. And we did meet Howard's half-brother. But with Amy we've gotten her mother on skype for one scene with like 3 lines, and the passive mention of just the existence of a few aunts and cousins. I want to know ABOUT her family. I just wanna know the deal with the other half of what made Amy, Amy Was he in her life? Are her parents divorced? And I wonder about Howard's dad, Penny's mother, and Leonard's dad as well but I'm surprised these people have been mentioned in interviews but NOTHING about Amy! I'm not a fan of a lot of the tropes tptb use that they think are funny, but I enjoy the good parts of the show that compensate for the abusive and/or over-repetitive "humor" and try to not let it overshadow the happy parts! it's easier to do this with some episodes over others lol
  8. I can't believe they haven't said ANYTHING about the idea of looking into Amy's family life! I know, I know, we know of her mom and aunts/great aunt, and she's a secondary character blah blah blah.... but we've met at least one parent of everyone else IN PERSON at least once. And for someone who came on the show so sheltered and socially inept it would be nice to know just a BRIEF explanation of why and whether or not there was a father figure in her life. Because if she had a father who left or who died, they've been wasting potential to have her relate to Sheldon or Howard with that storyline. I don't think I'm asking for a lot! lol but yeah I'm honestly kind of surprised that it hasn't been brought up when there are articles about "mysteries of the Big Bang Theory"....
  9. yaaassssss! some people forget it's actually okay to have friendships ("relationships" *gasp* that word scares people lol) outside of their SO -- plus penny's a friend of BOTH Sheldon and Amy! annnnnd she's the wife of his roommate/bff! it's not like it's some work friend that Amy is uncomfortable with! ugh, so sick of the romantic Shenny paranoia... it cheapens the Shenny friendship moments sorry, had to vent amidst my appreciation of your post exactly! and Penny asked for the hug! it wasn't like Sheldon fell into her arms and thanked her for the party or even acknowledged their years of friendship! if it were Amy people would say "Sheldon should've initiated the hug!" and "she didn't even give him a toast, she just asked for a hug!" Penny hugged/comforted Raj in the valentines episode penny ran up to Howard and hugged him when she found out about Bernie's pregnancy. Penny's a hugger. She's not in love with all these guys lol
  10. if there's gonna be more Beverly I want it to be Lenny putting her in her place! but yeah, this is another one of those abusive things the writers find funny so they prob won't change it
  11. I think the most important thing to take away from this episode is that Lego batman is better than Christian Bale.
  12. that might have been Jim's traits seeping out
  13. Very good point. I'm definitely in the minority of people who don't mind as much the focus being on Sheldon, but at the same time I really would like the writers to branch away from that - they're wasting a LOT of potential for the other characters! - even though I get why they choose Sheldon to spotlight so often. And the reason I don't mind so much isn't because I'm a shamy shipper (in all honesty I would be really bored if the entire show focused on just their relationship - the first 8 episodes of this season were overkill for me) but because I get why the writers highlight Sheldon so much, even if a lot of us don't agree with or enjoy this.
  14. the Stephen Hawking part had me in stitches! and yes, as much as I loved shenny's sweet moments, the hug and line together didn't match -- either he should've just hugged her the way he did and said something like "thank you, penny" or said the "Now I just find them extremely irritating" line and did his patented uncomfortable Sheldon hug. It was kind of mismatched to me. sorry, I keep reading one post and commenting on it and then going back and seeing someone already said something better! I'm doing this backwards! but yes! you are on a roll today!
  15. it's clear to me that the writers are purposely making this topic ambiguous because they want to stay in a neutral zone where "Sheldon is still Sheldon and isn't a sexual guy" but also "Sheldon and Amy's relationship has evolved into a more intimate one". It's obvious their game is working because half of us say they're not convinced regular sex is a part of their relationship while the other half are reading into clues (the way we shippers do!) that after seeing such an affectionate Sheldon in 9.10 and 9.11, we're filling in the blanks with our mindset that they're more sexual now. And I'm clearly in the latter camp, lol. I don't think we're going to get a definite answer until Sheldon makes it obvious onscreen that he has urges for Amy... and I don't even know if we'll ever see anything like that to be honest; it's very possible the writers have just tabled the coitus discussion entirely. ^ best description!
  16. This episode is definitely in my top 5 (so far) this season! Shamy moments were adorable, Shenny moments were incredibly sweet, and it was just overall such a light-hearted, drama-free episode And as far as speculation about Shamy sex, I think the fact that Amy said "maybe later I'll get to see your birthday suit" so casually indicates that they're coitusing pretty regularly I feel like if it was only their second time she would have said something more formal than basically "I wanna see you naked later!" I think it would have been a more shy "maybe later we can celebrate your birthday the way we celebrated mine." Add that to Amy's "girl talk" from last episode and yeah... And it seems the writers don't like the couples being frequently casually affectionate so I don't see any harm there - just gotta imagine the off-screen shamy affection
  17. I couldn't have said it better myself! I guess I'm in the minority here because I LOVED this episode! I thought it was so incredibly sweet and as someone irked by anything that people can twist into romantic Shenny, I can honestly say I was so happy with the Shenny scenes in this episode! I can understand why people who hate Sheldon would take issue with this episode but i still think you can't deny how sweet all the toasts were. Amy's toast made him so unbelievably happy - he had that big Earworm smile! - and I loved Leslie's speech that was basically TPTB saying the characters have matured but some things never change also: why is the discussion thread closed? lol
  18. I don't get why some of us insist on sinking our own ship oh and btw, THE 200TH EPISODE AIRS IN 9 MINS!!!! I AM SO OVER THE SHENNY NONSENSE AND SO READY FOR SHAMY CUTENESS!!! Amy is going to say Sheldon being born was the best present she ever got IN FRONT OF ALL THEIR FRIENDS (if they don't cut it...)!!!! that's love, bitch!
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