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  1. 3 hours ago, cutiepie said:

    I've seen the episode again
    and I know that many here think this moment for Amy is the equivalent to when Sheldon saw Amy with Dave. But I disagree

    This moment can only compare to the skype call of ep.8.24
    the abrupt interruption, the way they react to the news and just say "OK" and the shock/pain in their faces.


    They both assumed that the other had moved on (the moment in the hallway and when he went to propose) and decided to say nothing about their feelings. But those feelings doesn't disappear so easily.

    I think it was necessary that Amy said she missed what she had with Sheldon, somehow shows that still loved him despite all .... like Sheldon when he was ready to leave all this behind in the Spock episode, making the reconciliation in the next episode possible and believable.


    oh my god, their faces... exactly the same... 

    that's heartbreaking! 

  2. 7 hours ago, Einstein Von Brainstorm said:

    After the taping report a lot of us (myself included) were very depressed about this episode and had no clue what was going on with Amy! 

    This one simple, perfect little line made everything clear *heart eyes*


    This scene goes to show you just how incredible of an actor Mayim is -- in one second her expression goes from schoolgirl crush glee when he calls her silly, to a heartbreaking "oh god why did I ever let him go?" Mayim continues to mention in her groknation posts that she's not a trained actor and that so much of her acting is her real emotions, which makes me wanna crawl up in a ball and ugly cry listening to Adele because that makes me realize that it's not just Amy that's hurting from this breakup. 

    From the TR a few weeks ago I wondered how Amy could be so hasty to call Sheldon  on the way home from her mother's that she wanted to be his gf again, but after seeing just how much she yearned to have him back in her life the whole time they were at the aquarium together, I can totally relate to not being able to wait another second to want to reconcile, so she called him the first instant she was alone. 

    And Sheldon's wording "I think I need to just be your friend" was so telling of his devastating fear of getting her back in his life and then losing her again. 

    And on another happier note, can we just talk about unbelievably cute Sheldon was munching on the Cheerios on the drive to the aquarium? <3

  3. 10 minutes ago, Darcyfitz said:

    I just saw a gif on tumblr of the aquarium scene where Amy says I miss this and Sheldon's answers her how can you miss a game you've never played. The distracted sadness in his face as she says "I miss this" is palpable. I know he obvious idea is for him to be clueless here with his answer. But it struck me an entirely new way. Even though he now knows she didn't sleep with anyone else, he is still under the impression he was a bad boyfriend. And she's dated three other men. Perhaps, deep down, he knew what she meant but couldn't believe she MISSED HIM because after all, six months had passed and he was laboring under the impression they were truly over. Gah!

    I actually got this impression too! I may be reading way too into things or wishful thinking but I noticed that after Amy said "I miss this" he kind of pauses and it seems like his brain kinda stumbled before he said "how can you miss a game you've never played?" It seemed like he had this expression that suggested "I know what you're actually saying but I'm too nervous and vulnerable to get into this kind of talk so I'm gonna pull a classic Sheldon and seem oblivious...." 

  4. 3 hours ago, Gbb said:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! For starting this thread.

    I love this show and have from the very beginning, and I really enjoy this forum, but truth be told, the nastiness that breaks out over and over is what's kept me from posting here very often.

    Maybe I can hang out here more now :)


    I'm in the same boat as you! I wanted to post in the other threads but I don't have much of a backbone to fight over which ship is better! I love that we have a place to just adore both Lenny and Shamy! :) 

    (and Howardette is amazing too! I hope they get more developed stories this season!) 

    18 minutes ago, 3ku11 said:

    Loved Lenny and Shamy in this one. Lenny just a bit more :icon_biggrin:. But this is how it should be, hope they keep it up.

    I agree! I ship Shamy more than Lenny (just a personal preference) but I agree that Lenny definitely dominated this episode! I loved seeing them in a good married couple story with sweet moments but also laugh out loud hilarity -- Kaley and Johnny have such amazing comedic chemistry! IMO this is the best episode of the season so far! and Howard was particularly hilarious too! 

  5. 31 minutes ago, nickelette424 said:

    I the line, "I guess sometimes I'm silly" is probably the most important line that Amy has uttered during this break up.  That hit hard.

    And Mayim absolutely nailed the tag scene.

    And just the way that "I guess sometimes I'm silly" scene was filmed.... Amy saying it to herself as we see Sheldon wandering off to the next exhibit... it crushed me!

  6. 50 minutes ago, jenafan said:

    I started to like this post, but then the end of it confused me.  

    You said you wanted a demi-sexual Sheldon, but then the things you were disappointed Sheldon didn't do like having a sudden lustful urge and demand to be scratched, by definition, is not demi-sexual.     I think in this initial stage of their physical relationship, Sheldon acted according to his orientation.

    I have always believed that Sheldon was demi-sexual.  It was his emotional intimacy that caused him to want to give himself to Amy, not a sudden desire to fulfill a sexual need.

    Do you have any desire to have an intimate relationship?

    I haven't ruled it out, but what we have is already extremely intimate.  I'd have to reach a higher level of emotional connection before I could consider physical intimacy.

    Okay.  We can do something else we can enjoy together.

    We can drink tea, play counterfactuals, watch Raiders, play D&D, go to the aquarium.

    Ok, that is fun and we can do those things, but I really want more.   In the meantime, let me make you a bag of Cheerios in case you get hungry in the car. 

    Excitement, bonding time.   Can't live without this woman.
    I really don't know how much I mean to you, so let me be silly and bail, only to find that I'd rather have you without sex than not at all.
    I almost lost you for good and realized how much I love you.   I got you back.  Let me show how sorry and grateful I am by giving you all of me.
    He really does love and care about me.
    That was more enjoyable than I thought.   I love this woman.   I believe I want to do this again.
    To me this is classic demi-sexual.   Sheldon did not start out with sexual feelings at all.   They developed over time as a result of his emotional connection and familiarity with Amy.   His choices on sexual behavior are not guided by sexual attraction, but rather his desire to be close to Amy and to make her happy.   It explains the need to prepare and the lack of desire to pounce on Amy like an animal.   It explains why when she walked into the room in her sexy night gown, it did nothing to change his expression.   The attraction is not physical.   It is emotional.   The act of love making was a purposeful attempt at bonding and connecting with Amy rather than just filling a need for gratification.
    So, while I don't think it's possible to change one's orientation, it does make me wonder if the writer's will go down the road to change Sheldon's attitude toward sex out of ignorance that he just didn't know what he's been missing.   If they do that, then the whole demi-sexual thing can pretty much be thrown out the window.
    Now if my understanding of demi-sexuality is flawed, then I welcome someone to correct me because I don't want to be promoting misinformation.

    I myself identify as demisexual, and for as long as Shamy has been together, I have always thought Sheldon was too. So much that I've actually rejoiced in the fact that there's demisexual represention on tv! He may even be what is considered demisexual/demi-romantic, which means romance sort of repulses him the way sex does except with one very important particular person (Amy). One misconception about demisexuality is that we lack any form of "oh hot damn that guy's so hot! I'm so turned on!" feelings. The deal is that while those feelings exist, should a real sexual scenario with that person with whom we have no special bond present itself, any sex drive kinda goes into hiding! When my friends and I talk about a random hot guy I can relate to their lusty feelings up till the point where they get too explicit (because my friends are pervs :p) and then I kind of internally cringe at the thought of anything sexual. So while I wouldn't say I'm completely repulsed by sex (I have thoroughly enjoyed it with men whom I've had a strong loving relationship!), I agree with Sheldon that "the concept of coitus is ridiculous and off-putting." 


    tl;dr: Sheldon is definitely demisexual IMO ;)

  7. This was my favorite episode of this season so far! Howard gets a gold star - he had some hilarious lines! Talking to Siri in Raj's voice, fanboying over Elon Musk, and "6 hours?! I don't want to complain that long!" 

    Lenny was cuteness perfection! (omfg Johnny!!!)

    And oh, my shamy <3 Seriously, Mayim had me in tears! 

  8. 1 hour ago, anna said:

    Aww crap, I ran out of likes again! xD

    So does anyone still having ill feelings about the ending of tonight's episode? Sheldon rejecting Amy and all? Everyone was so sad just a couple weeks again, possibly more sad than I've ever seen the site! And now look at us. :) Now we're all so unbelievably happy because of the most flawless Shamy love-making (I can't call it coitus or sex because it's MAKING LOVE, guys) the writers could ever give us! I agree with all of you who are pointing out all the great little details. I am personally so happy that they are still keeping Sheldon in character. I don't want sex to change the way I look at him, or make him feel like too different of a person. But from the sounds of it, they are still keeping Sheldon Sheldon! :) Which is the best of both worlds. He is so tender and loving with Amy before, after, and most definitely during their love making! I could just cry! As a matter of fact I have a few times! xD

    As for tonight, I am just going to be so giddy watching Shamy on their friend date and having fun together again. As for the ending I think more than anything I'm just going to be reminded even more how much they love each other. Amy wants Sheldon back because she loves him just the way he is! But what's beautiful is that we know just how much he's changed for her!

    I think the hardest part if knowing we'll have to wait so long for 9x10! December 10th, why are you so far away? I think I will literally be counting down the seconds lol!

    I am ecstatic about what I know is happening in the episodes following tonight's... but I still think the angst will get to me before I can immediately see happy shamy right after.... so my plan is to binge watch from Spock Resonance and up to 9.10 when it airs on Dec. 10th! so yeah, I'm holding off on watching 9.7-9.9 until I get to see them make up! I know how crazy that sounds but I just can't see a devastated Amy and have to wait 3 weeks! I'm such a weirdo lol 


    And thank you Kazzie and everyone who has given us info about these amazing upcoming episodes! 


    Hi fellow shippers! This is my first post on here since I'm usually more content with reading what you all have to say rather than me trying to articulate my shamy feels! :) But I figure now is as good a time as ever to peak in and say hello to celebrate with you all! So happy for our Shamy and so unbelievably excited for December!!! 

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