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  1. 9 hours ago, bluebird said:

    I loved the episode! I'm gonna throw my two cents here and then watch it again. And again.

    - FWF is one of my favorite quirky Shamy things, I was so excited to see it again. Sheldon saying how Amy's an important part of both his life and the show was sweet. I loved how giddy he was in the beginning, all excited to shoot a live FWF and reveal the new name to Amy. I was glad to not see Amy rolling her eyes or being annoyed, it may have not been exactly what she was expecting, but I think she knew what it meant coming from Sheldon. And Sheldon was so proud of it!

    - I LOVED it when they said the new name together. It felt so old-school Shamy engaging in their quirky hobbies. I just love it when they share hobbies or interests that no one else really gets. They are so perfect for each other *happy sigh*

    - Okay did anyone else catch that little smile on Sheldon's face after he said: Yes, she really is my girlfriend. Almost like just saying it out loud makes him smile..

    - The casual touching, oh the casual touching.. They are so comfortable with each other. I loved it how Amy touched him without even thinking about it, it's just comes naturally from her. Sheldon didn't react it to, like he's also so used to her touching him. And later he casually touched her. Wow they've come a long way during these last couple of seasons.

    - "You two look happy, how do you do it?" They do look so happy don't they Raj? :wub:

    - Sheldon saying "sexy" and "hubbah hubbah" lmfao

    - Sheldon was cute pouting because his show was ruined lol

    - I think someone already pointed it out, but I loved it how they both were so annoyed by Kripke. They both sigh and frown at the same time when he calls again. Yeah this is what I'm talking about writers! Let them be together annoyed at the rest of the world instead of each other every once in a while.

    - Sheldon turning around to wipe the white board... umm I'm just going to leave it at that

    - Sheldon was being so mature when he talked about the break up, wow. He genuinely thinks that it did only good for their relationship and he can even appreciate the break up now.  He really meant it when he said that their relationship is now stronger than ever. And Amy agrees. So I  think we have nothing to worry about with these two, not that I was worried before. This scene totally makes it to my "Top Shamy Scenes". It was the sweetest thing. I would've loved to hear what Sheldon was going to say and I thought I'd be extremely pissed to have that moment interrupted, but Lenny was so freaking funny and adorable that who could be mad at them :laugh: "We're young and fuun" was my favorite part of the episode, Shamy scenes aside of course.

    - The tag scene was awesome. Sweet Shamy celebrating their "successful" live show (Sheldon called it successful after all huh) and valentines day while Lenny was cleaning up their mess, so funny. But it was the confetto thing that made my heart melt completely. The way Sheldon said it was so soft and loving. And that little wink in the end *swoon*.

    I think this episode combined perfectly the best parts of the old-school quirky Shamy and the new, "evolved" post-break-up Shamy. There were so many sweet Shamy moments that I can barely handle it. A light, fun episode with some incredibly sweet relationship stuff? More of this writers! (did I already mentioned I loved the episode?)

    I know I'm running out of likes because all these posts are amazing!! It seems we've reached a consensus that this episode was very Shamy happy and they're really finally on the same page :) 

    I read each of the bullet points in this post and got giddy and fangirled for a few seconds and then calmed myself to move on to read the next bullet point, and then I got just as giddy again! There are so many little shipper things in this episode that show us how strong and in love Shamy 2.0 is! 

    From the TR I was disappointed that this episode brought up the breakup, but it manifested PERFECTLY, and Sheldon was so incredibly sweet and confident in his brief discussion of it. I think it also brings Amy a little relief considering last episode we had Meemaw scolding her for the breakup, but now Sheldon is essentially saying "it was painful, but it was necessary, it made us a stronger couple, and now we can move on in our better/happier relationship." The first thing Amy said to Raj about how to make a relationship work is "good communication", which I think is a small hint of Amy's POV of what she learned from the breakup, and is something they are both improving on -- bringing them clarity and happiness in their amended relationship. She also said to Raj, she knows what it feels like to breakup with someone and soon after feel like it was a mistake... and oh yes Amy, we saw that in you! I think (and hope) this is the last chapter of Shamy's breakup talk, because we saw more of Amy's feelings about it and were also reassured that Sheldon is ready to move past it too. 

    Another big change I've seen in Amy in these last few episodes is her ability to more patiently understand Sheldon. She wasn't a jerk to him when she was trying to explain empathy. When Meemaw visited and Sheldon said "I've been working on this little work in progress for five years", she responded with "what I think Sheldon means..." and in this episode when he revealed both their names on the whiteboard (which by the way: how sweet was that?!? he covered up the board because he wanted it to be a surprise for her!), she didn't act disappointed, but cutely acknowledged his gesture as "catchy". She better understands the power behind his small gestures -- while to a neurotypical person those gestures would come off as selfish, Amy knows that for Sheldon these are actually decent leaps in showing affection because she understands him enough to notice the sweet intentions behind them. 

    And I can't help but wonder if Sheldon's "we're stronger than ever" speech was leading somewhere before they were interrupted...! He was pretty insistent that "this is all you're getting!" and also disappointed that their LIVE show was going off course. But I may just be dreaming on that one! 

    They're so in love and I've never felt more confident about our ship! <3



  2. 6 minutes ago, CuriousMeans said:

    "Once I ordered an Uber by accident. I just got in and went somewhere."


    Too real, Sheldon...too real.



    ETA: I sort of hope Sheldon getting interrupted while trying to say important things is something we revisit until he gets to finish all of those thoughts.

    I like this idea too! But they better not do that for a season finale cliffhanger!!! 

  3. 16 minutes ago, brilliantfool said:

    guys, what was Kripke's last line right now, can somebody tell me? 

    I didn't hear : ( The one the audience laughed so much at 

    I only heard the world 'related'...

    "Is my pole flag related?" lol


    ok I am 90% convinced sheldon was gonna propose.... 

    "When we were apart, I learned how important you are to me, and I realized when two people are in love, they--"




  4. 50 minutes ago, MsRajeshFowlerCooper said:

    I am so looking forward to each of the coming episodes.  

    Tonight's declaration from Sheldon that he thinks things are better than ever. Wonderful.  

    Next week's flirting. Delightful.  

    But Amy fixing Sheldon's past traumas rather than fixing his behavior is my favorite thing.  

    I think Amy suggesting to build the fort because she hates Sheldon feeling left out is the most romantic moment in the show's history.  She's like "someone hurt you, and I'm going to get as close as I can to un-hurting you" and I am so looking forward to her doing that again.   

    Rather than letting Sheldon get away with nonsense because he's "a little broken", like Leonard and everyone else do to show that they care about him (which I also love), Amy is not like, "F$&@ that! I'm going to unbreak him." And not because she wants him to be normal or romantic or mature, but because she wants him to be happy. 

    I feel bad for any Shenny shippers, if they sincerely exist and aren't just trolls, because it will never not be Sheldon and Amy.  

    Sheldon's "the breakup made us better" speech is going to make me cry, I'm calling it now! 

    Whenever I think about the fort episode, I melt... (there's a reason it's my forum name!) I found this more romantic than any kiss, hug, or "I love you" they had up until then because that was the most vulnerable Sheldon had ever let Amy see him, and I think it's pretty obvious that Sheldon had never felt safer with her <3 Earworm and Opening Night combined all of those things -- his vulnerable side, kisses, hugs, "I love you", and his surrender to his heart <3 oh and of course, COITUS! Sheldon's right (yikes); the breakup has made them better than ever!!! 


  5. 56 minutes ago, Gbb said:

    I rewatched "The Sales Call Sublimation" last night and Penny's "I don't wanna" struck me completely differently this time than it had before. I never thought Penny's "I don't wanna" meant anything bad about her love for Leonard, but I had remembered it as Dr. Gallo directly asking Penny why she married Leonard, and she didn't ask that at all. She said "Let's talk about why you married Leonard." This was immediately after hitting Penny with "What were you thinking? [sending your husband in here to talk to me for you]"  when Penny thought she was just in a regular sales call.

    So in Penny's mind it was like:

    Penny: Let's close this deal so I can go eat lunch. "So do you have any questions?"

    Dr. Gallo: "Yeah, what were you thinking sending your husband in here to pretend to be a patient?"

    Penny: Shit, I'm busted.  "Um, I meant questions about the medication."

    Dr. Gallo: "Let's talk about why you married Leonard."

    Penny: Oh crap, now she wants to analyze me. "I don't wanna."

    I'd have said "I don't wanna" too!

    Yeah I never got a bad impression from Penny saying "I don't wanna" because I saw it the way you do -- like when Dr. Gallo called her out on sending in her husband to help her make a sale, she was basically asked "what was your train of thought sending in someone to butter me up? why would you do that? and why you husband? because you knew he loves you and would do it for you? let's analyze why you married your husband..." and Penny's thought was (as mine would have been!) oh great, she wants to break down my life and tell me I'm manipulative and talk about my childhood which will make me feel bad about myself and then tell me she can fix me... I really don't need a stranger telling me she knows me... so she simply said "I don't wanna..." 

    and if I were in Penny's position trying to make a sale and I was asked that question I would also think "umm, that's not why I'm here and that's none of your business!" it's almost as if Dr. Gallo was turning the tables and trying to make a sale herself (for her services)!! 

  6. 35 minutes ago, camelliayao said:

    What you said makes a lot of sense in a perfect world.

    However, I don't really believe that was the writers' intention. IMO they have no plan of using the 200th to represent Sheldon saying goodbye to the past. To me what they did in the episode was really just a tribute to the show's first few seasons. That's why they did the hug. They did those things because it'll attract many viewers. Nothing more. There won't be any follow-ups with this"saying goodbye to the past" storyline. Just like Meemaw episode and coitus episode, we all thought they had a plan. But so far, nothing, zilch.

    I don't think they'll ever change Sheldon that much to a point he becomes a grown up. In fact, I bet Lenny moving out won't happen any time soon. Because it's Sheldon's story, not Shamy's. And nobody wants to see a grown-up, responsible Sheldon.

    I think the intention of the episode is a mix of what I said and what you said as it being a tribute to the show/big 3 as a whole and regarding drawing in an audience to all the guest stars. I'm convinced season 9 is particularly focused on making Sheldon more noticeably grow up and in bigger leaps than in past seasons because they know they're probably getting toward the end of the series... whether it's over after 10 or 12 or 15.... (it won't be 15.) They're running out of stories for a group of maturing 30 somethings (who at the beginning of the series were 20 somethings) because they're all settling down in adult life. And you're right in saying Sheldon will of course never reach that point of "ok he's perfect! we don't need to show anymore character growth; he's perfect!" so each episode seems to be a baby step toward that unachievable end point. I have faith that the writers are going in a specific direction, but of course they like to mix in certain throwaway lines (*cough* inconsistencies) for "humor" that make it seem to over-analyzing shippers that they're going backwards or throwing the growth off course. 

    18 minutes ago, Judith said:

    I think there's a bit of Stockholm Syndrome going there with Leonard .:icon_twisted:

    What I would really like (and I know there's a 0% chance of that happening) is to see Amy's father...or at the very least get a clue as to wtf is going on with him...

    I really want this story to unfold as well! But I think it's going to go the way of Penny's last name and we'll just never know! :( 

  7. 2 minutes ago, brilliantfool said:

    You've actually made me cry

    I feel so happy and so sad for Sheldon at the same time...  

    I have a feeling this episode is gonna make me cry! :crying:

    and good lord I KNOW the Shamy proposal will make me cry! 

  8. 3 minutes ago, camelliayao said:

    If they want to show us how much people love Sheldon, they could've let Penny and Leonard argue about who should comfort Sheldon. Not a weird argument between a guy's girlfriend and his best friend.

    I think they worked this out perfectly actually because it was similar to the Meemaw fight. Leonard and Amy represent Sheldon's history and Sheldon's mature future respectively. Leonard was fighting because he has a past with Sheldon and wants to be the one to comfort his buddy like he always has (and cause Leonard needs to be needed), and Amy is fighting because she has a future with Sheldon and wants to help Sheldon move on from his past anxiety. Penny had to be the one to go in because the problem could only be solved by Missy (or pseudo-Missy: Penny). Problem solved; Sheldon achievement unlocked: no longer completely traumatized by his birthday! 

  9. 1 hour ago, brilliantfool said:

    Amy vs Leonard arguing about who should comfort Sheldon :

    I didn't think it was to show us how Leonard is closer to Sheldon than his girlfriend is...
    I didn't think it was just to occupy them to let the Shenny scene happen (they could have arrange for that same Shenny scene in a million different ways )...

    I thought it was to show how much both Leonard and Amy love Sheldon, and to show Penny's sibling and protective and no f**ks to give attitude.. She wouldn't care for their 'who loves him more' bs, like an older sister she just went there and helped him feel better...

    I also thought it was kind of more of Leonard's moment. I think some feelings of letting go and nostalgia kicked in, i think the moment was a milestone (Sheldon's 35th? birthday and his first 'big' birthday celebration since Shelnard live together..) and he's realized he's gonna let go of Sheldon soon, and that he has someone else in his life now who's the closest to him, that it's not him anymore. And I think he maybe didn't wanna admit that, to himself or to Amy.

    this! this! this!

    Leonard needs Sheldon as much as Sheldon needs him... but Sheldon is slowly growing up with Amy, and Leonard is terrified because he needs to be needed. He was unappreciated as a child, and I think we are going to see a Lenny development here where he needs Penny to need him. )And I think Leonard is going to be the reluctant father to give Sheldon away at his wedding :icon_cheesygrin:) lol

  10. Gonna add my 2 cents to the Shenny discussion!

    From what I gathered from accounts of people who went to the taping, this scene was in fact the main climax of this episode, and here's why: 

    The theme of the second half of season 9 has clearly been "Sheldon is growing up". He is taking his relationship with Amy more seriously, he is trying to better understand empathy and social cues, he is standing up to his Meemaw on behalf of his girlfriend, etc. And in this episode of "Sheldon Grows Up!", Sheldon gets over his hatred of birthdays. As people have been saying, the reason it had to be Penny to go in and comfort Sheldon is because she is surrogate Missy in this situation -- Missy made Sheldon hate his birthday to the point where even when his friends throw him a great party, he is still triggered by the trauma Missy caused him back when they were kids. As someone who deals with minor PTSD, I can tell you that the smallest and most random things (no matter how different they are from the traumatic event) can remind you of that trauma, and Sheldon felt that wave of anxiety when it hit him that they're celebrating his birthday. If Amy went in to comfort him, he would have come out and felt better because his loving girlfriend is there to calm him. If Leonard had gone in, Sheldon would eventually have come out because his buddy has his back in his time of anxiety. When Penny is the one to go in to talk to Sheldon, she fills Missy's role as sister who admits that she's sorry because back then she probably would've been a bully like Missy, but now that they're grown up she thinks he is one of the best people she knows. Sheldon accepts this as closure on the issue -- Leonard and Amy could have comforted him, but couldn't give him sisterly closure -- and now he can grow up and get over his aversion to celebrating his birthday. The writers make it clear that Penny is the good sister he never had, and when he comes out he tells Leonard that he is like a brother to him. And Amy makes her toast about how Sheldon being born is the best present she has ever gotten, and Sheldon (and the audience) is once again convinced that Shamy is solid, and this is the woman he is going to spend the rest of his life with. 

    I do wish we get more onscreen Shamy growing together and I know we will, but because the writers want to continue to highlight their $3M investment, I think we will see more onscreen Lenny and Sheldon maturing, and we are expected to assume that even if it's offscreen, Shamy is growing together too. This episode was clearly about Sheldon moving on from another part of his childhood. Some people have shown disappointment in that 200 isn't a "milestone" episode plot-wise, but actually it really is! I think 200 is the turning point where Sheldon starts to reconcile with his childhood that is still holding him back, and where Lenny are portrayed as support to grow up as his brother and sister as opposed to enablers as parents... and I'm convinced this will get the ball rolling on a change in living arrangements! 

    This is just my opinion based on the taping reports I've read, but I imagine I will feel even stronger about this when I see the episode :) 

    And if there is ever ANY question to whether or not Shenny is better suited than Shamy, ahem... 



  11. I think the main reason Penny went in to retrieve Sheldon (lol because he's "their dog") was because the big point tptb were trying to make about Sheldon hating birthdays was because he was always let down by his sister, and now he has Penny as his surrogate sister to make up for the past hurt/trauma Missy caused. It's pushing another "look how the group is bringing Sheldon out of his childhood" moment. That's what I think the writers were going for anyway! 

    6 minutes ago, Boonaroma said:

    In addition, it fits with the reason Sheldon doesn't like birthdays.  Leonard and Amy can empathize with Sheldon's sad story of rejection by his cooler sister, but only Penny, his ersatz sister, can give him closure.  So it works for me.

    It sounds like a strong episode.  Glad to have Leslie Winkle back.  I like how much Barry we're getting this season.  

    That being said, I think the 200th episode revolving around only one character is a little jarring.  And I say this as someone who likes the Sheldon character.  At least episode 100 revolved around two of the main characters.


    you got to it first, whoops! lol

    12 minutes ago, Judith said:

    If you remember, back in the Earworm ep Sheldon called Leonard his best friend and Penny his friend...They're unlikely friends...So it's nice to see how far they' ve come...

    When I started watching the show, I really liked their friendship...Then I got on the Internet, found all the batshit crazy and now unfortunately I have to remind myself not to be influenced by shipper goggles, and I say this as a shipper...

    Sometimes shippers see things in a distorted way

    yep, same here! until I started following TBBT discussions online it never occurred to me that Sheldon and Penny could be someone's OTP! Same with Sherlolly and Johnlock (which I find to be exactly like Shelnard) on Sherlock -- I'm not seeing what these non-canon shippers are wanting to see! lol 

  12. 16 minutes ago, Tonstar17 said:

    Well obviously they don't talk about batman like clueless Sheldon. they are not narrow minded. Sheldon learned a valuable lesson. Don't talk about super heroes while making out or even or after having sex with your girlfriend. Or has he.

    Sent from my SM-G928F using Tapatalk

    Yeah, unless they're role playing I think superhero discussion during romantic moments is a no-no, particularly The Flash... lol

  13. I know there's like 0.01% chance of it actually happening (we're not even 100% sure if this is a real party or a dream sequence!), but since we've briefly speculated on it, I can't get the idea of Amy dressed as Batgirl out of my head! I keep thinking how enamored Sheldon would be, and maybe she doesn't come out in costume until everyone leaves and it's just her and Sheldon left in 4A. She could walk behind him and say "I have one more present for you..." and he turns around and turns beet red and has a huge smile on his face... he'll pull her in for a passionate kiss, and then Amy will notice Sheldon's "excitement" pressing against her, and she'll say, "it seems the Dark Knight Rises" and he'll pull her into his bedroom with him :icon_redface:

    *now back to me realizing this episode is not going to be fanfiction* 

  14. 34 minutes ago, Soopysue said:

    Ok ok , I've gone on found you, already had Kazzie , found tumblr Shamykisses too. I Already follow Mayim and Bill I think !!! Lol !

    So think I'm set, but now I don't know what to write I'm a bit embarrassed !. Think I maybe too old for this , I'm 40 in a few days hahaha !!!!.

    EDITED to add - I think I did it - did I , should really do some sort of social media course , I'm so bad at this :icon_cheesygrin:

    my Twitter handle is unbreakablek8 :) I post a lot about the Carolina Panthers too, just fair warning lol 

  15. 1 hour ago, luminous said:

    We never saw Lenny's honeymoon, so here's a drawing of our newlyweds in San Francisco. :shy:



    I don't usually post in this thread since I'm more of a Shamy than a Lenny shipper, but I had to just say WOW to this picture! This is incredible! They look so in love! I hope we get to see more of those looks between them! 

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