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  1. 18 minutes ago, kazzie said:

    Sup my nerds!!

    WOW! 200 is finally here! Let me start off by saying, I am truly honoured and proud to be part of this fandom. I Love you all (And yes, I mean ALL of you regardless of anything).

    This has been one of the most amazing fandom's ever. Never have I known a group of fans to be incredibly supportive to fellow fans who are strangers and then eventually friends. Ive had my up's and downs with other fans, Yes. However, I still love each and every one of you! It gives you some type of strength and new type of thinking you know? We are learning more then we know from a TV couple... And that's incredible!

    So, Im 100% it's Sheldon's birthday. I think that Amy has organised it. BUT In a way to coy him, She tell's him its a party for Batman. Im guessing Adam West is there because he was at the comic book store for some sort of signing and the guys managed to get him along to the party. As for the rest of the guest stars.. I have no idea. Im guessing some sort of Lenny plot with Leonards Mom. Maybe she comes to visit the university? Which is how we see Leslie again?

    (I'm being lazy and copy and pasting this from my last tumblr blog)

    HOW EXCITING IS THIS?????? I mean I am SO buzzed! The spoilers we have from the cast posting this week have pointed at a potential storyline! As excited as I am for the potential storylines.. I have to say that right now, I couldn’t be more excited for the show itself. 200 is a HUGE milestone. The whole cast and crew, Many of which have been with the show since day 1, Have worked extremely hard to produce something so different and special. BBT holds a place in so many hearts, The people who make it, The fans, The casual viewer, The people who live for the show, the people who see the show as inspiration, The people who the show support and sponsor.. The list goes on and on. 

    I can’t thank the show enough for what they have produced. And Im not talking about a few people here, Im talking about the whole team and the fans. Its truly remarkable really.

    So tonight, I will celebrate the show and its achievement. Im incredibly proud to be a fan, And so so proud of the whole team who bring us the show. It makes all I do worth while. I will keep being the biggest fan I can. I will keep working my ass off to fly out there, I will keep defending the show, I will keep donating to charitable causes which the show promoted, I will continue to support the cast and crew in anyway possible. 

    We fans all appreciate them, And I can truly say, they really do appreciate us.

    Here’s to 200! and beyond!

    I wish the BBT team could see this! I feel like we should've gotten them a big card that we mailed across the world and all signed! lol 


  2. 9 minutes ago, Einstein Von Brainstorm said:

    No but I was spoiled for that and I was unimpressed :rtfm:

    It was that Murder thing with all the people from Glee? With the Red Devil mask killer? 

    Oh! Scream Queens! lol

    2 minutes ago, Maddie said:

    You're right. And the collars seem similar too. If you look really closely at Mayim's shoulder, there looks to be a tiny hole where a cape would attach too. Mmmhmmmmmm


    omg I will die if Amy is Batgirl... I need this TR nowwww! 


  3. 19 hours ago, Touche said:

    However, I still beat my head against the wall about why Amy cares if Penny (or Leonard for that matter, but it wasn't asked) knew about the ring or not.  Why does that matter?  Apparently, Sheldon wasn't willing to divulge to anyone even post breakup until the Spock documentary.  

    Oh well, cue happy thoughts, and it is just a show, and something about rainbows and unicorns.

    I'm convinced the only reason they put in the "Penny did you know about this?!" line was so that Lenny would have "yep, time to go!" joke (since they had like 4 lines that whole episode....) lol

    7 hours ago, Einstein Von Brainstorm said:

    I'm a spoiler_whoreTM I literally can't help myself! A new show started here not that long ago, I saw a trailer that was along the lines of "who is the murder!?" I made a guess then goggled to see if I was right so there was no reason to even watch that show!:rofl: 

    ... Is there a rehab for this?!

    Broadchurch? Cuz I definitely did that with that show! 


    ok there are like 10 more people I want to quote lol... but I'm just gonna say that I agree with you all saying "writers, if you're not going to show us Amy's POV, it's time to shut up about the breakup!" Also, I really want to see Amy (and the writers are doing this with all the girls now, tbh) show WHY she loves and wants to be with Sheldon... the same guy who she says she "puts up with" yet wants to marry... and one more thing about the Meemaw episode: I liked that after Sheldon said "that's what I've been doing with this little work in progress over the past 5 years" Amy didn't flip out but instead said "what I think Sheldon's trying to say is we've both grown together..." which kinda shows her patience with his selfish blind spot -- she "gets" him and patiently knows that if he really thinks about it he knows BOTH of them have grown together even if what he says just makes HIM look good. Plus she is acknowledging that this whole time hasnt just been her and the group trying to normalize Sheldon (which is what I think part of her mindset was before the breakup) but actually the two of them are growing TOGETHER. 

  4. As long as we're speculating about what 200 has in store for us, since there's some sort of Batman themed party (whether it's Sheldon's bday party or celebrating the Batman 50th anniversary) it would be amazing if they had a bat signal on the roof, but instead of a bat, it's a ring... and that is how Sheldon proposes... :wub:

  5. 1 hour ago, wowbagger said:

    Ah, the bucket. My old friend, the bucket. Never far from my side when appraising a work of fiction. It's as well to be prepared.

    In all honesty, I cheered for that moment because I felt as though poor old Mayim Bialik had been let off her chain and was allowing Amy to be goofy and off-putting and 'work in progress'-y. This after almost an entire episode in which she had been stomping around in a self-righteous snit, flailing her arms and screeching 'Pity me! PITY MEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! PITY ME FOR THE MAN-CHILD TO WHOM I HAVE BEEN LEG-SHACKLED BY A MALICIOUS ACT OF GOD OVER WHICH I HAVE NO CONTROL! PITY ME FOR THE AGENCY THAT I HAVE VOLUNTARILY SURRENDERED! PITY ME! HAVE I NOT EARNED YOUR PITY? IS THAT NOT THE SUMMUM BONUM OF THE HUMAN FEMALE CONDITION? AND DOES IT NOT MEAN THAT I GET TO WALTZ IN AND OUT OF MY RELATIONSHIP WITHOUT EVER BEING EVEN QUESTIONED ABOUT MY BEHAVIOUR OR MY MOTIVES? HAVING SURRENDERED MY AGENCY, HAVE I NOT ALSO SURRENDERED ACCOUNTABILITY? PITY ME! PITTTTYYYYYY!!!!!!!'

    (sorry about the all-caps).

    Ouf, Amy in this episode was a distillation of some of my very least favourite aspects of her character, leavened- thank God- by some of the things that make her so very enjoyable (a welcome show of backbone with Meemaw, and that gloriously creepy shoulder-stroke, for example).

    And I was rooting for her right up to the moment that she and Gorgon Meemaw had their tete-a-tete.

    Amy: I'm his best shot.

    Me: You WHAT?!? All right, Gorgon Meemaw, I would forgive you for knocking back your whiskey and slashing at the girl's face with the empty glass for that. Everything about your characterisation thus far suggests that you have a blind spot the size of Texas about your darling Moon Pie. I would even forgive you for screeching 'WELL, YOU'RE NO PRIZE, MISSY!', however much I would say 'Ouch'.

    Meemaw: (Sits silent.)

    Me: Huh?!? Oh- oh, no.

    Show (sitting next to me, clutching a Red Bull in one hand and a glittery notebook with 'Mrs. Sheldon Lee Cooper' in the other): Hi.

    Me: What have you done?

    Show (drinking Red Bull with expression of unconcern): Oh, nothing.

    Amy: You don't know what I put up with!

    Me: Well, recently you have lied and stayed an extra day in Motown to get out of caring for your boyfriend because he was exasperating, even though said boyfriend-at his most exasperating- cared for you, when you were lying about being ill.

    Show: Hey, be fair. She puts up with more than that!

    Me: 'Puts'? Present tense? Up with what exactly does she put?

    Show: Your grammar is weird.

    Me: What has she recently endured on-screen after the breakup to justify the use of the present tense?

    Amy: (Petty shit that makes her sound like the shrillest, most demanding 'Foot-stomping girl' stereotype. Off-screen petty shit, moreover.)

    Me: Jesus. She could at least have brought up the 'eggs' comment if she was so desperate for sympathy! But this?!? Surely Meemaw will cut her for this?

    Meemaw: (extends grudging sympathy about Pop-pop)

    Me: (gives Show a dirty look)

    Show: (whistles with unconvincing nonchalance)

    Meemaw: You hurt my grandson. How do I know you won't again?

    Me: Okay. Fair point. Amy, what do you enjoy about your relationship with Sheldon that suggests that you would give it a go even though you find him difficult?

    Amy and Meemaw: (continue to talk about how their find their partners difficult)

    Me: Show, how do you continue to create these opportunities and continually refuse to take them?

    Show: Opportunity? What opportunity?

    Me: For Amy and Meemaw to talk about what they value in their relationships! Forget Meemaw, she comes from a different generation. What does Amy value about her relationship with Sheldon that she is willing to endure so much, and why isn't she allowed to talk about those things?

    Show (sitting forward in seat): Okay, I didn't hear any of that, because- OMGOMGOMG!!!!!!!!

    Sheldon arrives!

    Me: Oh, well, I guess we can all go home then.

    Show: isn't he HANDSOME when he's proving how much he loves his woman?

    Me: Yes. Which.......He has done repeatedly in the recent past. When does Amy get her moment of being awesome?

    Amy: (gets permission from Meemaw for Sheldon to use The Ring, and proceeds to feel up Sheldon in a fantastically disturbing way)

    Me: .....Not what I meant, but hilarious. Well-played, show.

    Show (blowing bubbles into the Red Bull): Sure.

    Me: Hee!

    Amy: (continues to fondle)

    Me:...Okay, you can stop now.

    Amy: (continues to fondle)

    Me:....No, I mean, please stop.

    Amy: (continues to fondle)

    Me:......No, seriously, I can't take it any more. Make it stop make it stop MAKE IT STOOOPPPP I am cringing my skin inside out! Do something, Show! Anything!

    Show: Aannnyyythinnnnggg?

    Me: Well, let's not be hasty....

    Sheldon: (shuts it down)

    Me (slumping bank in relief): Thanks.

    Show: Now say you're sorry for all those mean things you said about me during the breakup!

    Me: Don't push it.


    Me: I have a bucket. It's still full from 'Amy is the fabric softener to my heart'. Nice cold sick all over your glittery notebook. How do you feel about that?

    Show: I'll show myself out.



  6. 14 minutes ago, 2L344 said:

    I would've thought you had reached for the nearest bucket after that display lol

    I would like to see more of the Amy that was a work in progress rather than the somewhat normalized version that gets thrown out there routinely. That Amy was the one that made the Shamy coupling a hoot...

    I miss weird Amy... the Amy who gave even Sheldon a puzzled look every once in awhile :icon_cheesygrin:

  7. 1 hour ago, 2L344 said:

    I guess Im bothered a but more by what she said because weve heard it before, the episode in which she wanted to move in with him. Ive always felt that things said in the heat of the moment often times contain more truths than not. its like how alcohol reduces inhibitions and you see a person leas guarded and in control of things they want to say or believe but choose not to normally.

    While everything about what Amy said is true, no doubt, its still kind of crappy to say. doesnt seem to bother sheldon though, so all is well i guess!

    yeah this is what irks me is that there's so much left unresolved in this arc, and then there's the inconsistency of Amy fawning over Sheldon but still "putting up with him"... so I guess the writers are leaving us to assume everything's fine and moving forward with Shamy since Sheldon seems to be happy and has moved past the breakup, and we just have to fill in the blanks when it comes to Amy's POV. 

  8. I'm def late to the party, and I don't wanna quote all of these awesome posts so I'll just touch on a few points that I very strongly agree with!

    • I believe it was April who pointed out how Sheldon is choosing to side with his girlfriend -- the woman he wants a future with -- over his precious Meemaw -- possibly the most important woman who helped shape him in the past. What I got from this is that the writers are showing us through gestures like this that Sheldon is slowly but surely becoming more of a man in a committed relationship than a boy who relies on everyone in his life to coddle him. Pre-epiphany Sheldon would've stuck by Meemaw. 

    • The thing that's bugging me most is that Amy and Meemaw were FINALLY connecting and that was the moment they got interrupted... I know it's the time crunch so I keep telling myself they worked everything out at Applebee's, but ughhhh it would've been nice to see them actually resolve things on screen! 

    2L344 mentioned how we need to see more of WHY Amy loves Sheldon -- since she has no problem pointing out what she puts up with! I wanna see Amy's earworm epiphany! And actually if you dare venture into the main discussion thread you'll notice that a lot of the Lennies are feeling this way about Penny. I even kinda see this between Howardette as well, so I'm thinking the writers like playing the "women tolerating their nerdy husbands" theme. Why do these women love their quirky flawed men? Why did Amy want to run back into Sheldon's arms after their aquarium visit but then go back to talking about what she "puts up with" after he has shown some signs of maturity? We're not going to get to see as much of Amy's side as we want because this show is really all about Sheldon, so it's going to always be his side/his growth/his opinions that will be front and center. I think we're supposed to assume that they're on the same page in their relationship since Sheldon tells us everything is okay between them after the breakup, and based on his continuing maturing. 

    • The line that hit me hard both in the TR and the actual episode was Amy's "You have no idea what I put up with! I'm his best shot!" I wanted to shout "5 EPISODES AGO YOU WERE IN TEARS BECAUSE THE MAN YOU PUT UP WITH WOULDN'T TAKE YOU BACK, WTF AMY?!!?" but being an over thinker with too much time on my hands, I put myself in Amy's shoes and actually remembered when I was in a somewhat similar situation with my boyfriend at the time (now an ex). His parents didn't have nearly as much hostility toward me as Meemaw did with Amy, but I do remember explaining to them that "he puts me through some difficult things that we fight over sometimes so I can see why you don't think I'm perfect for him, but I go through those things with him and STILL want to be with him. So if you want someone more perfect, sorry! I know how to make this work and I'm his best shot to the happy relationship you want for him!" So I now take Amy's lines with a grain of salt not only because she was PISSED and ranting when she said those things, but also she was asserting "Your precious moonpie who you think is so perfect is actually a huge pain in the ass sometimes, so you have NO idea what you're talking about when you think I'm just some girl that broke up with him and hurt him. You have no idea what our issues were when we broke up, and what I still put up with now that we're back together -- which by the way is where I want to be. You don't think I'm right for him, but if you envision this perfect happy relationship for him, I'm his best shot at getting it!"

    ok that was way longer than I wanted it to be! whoops... 

  9. 7 hours ago, stardustmelody said:

    Well...I have to say this really missed the boat in so many ways.   First off I agree with whoever posted above that Leonard and Penny need to be living in a separate location from Sheldon.   They really should have their own story and not have their only story be about how to parent Sheldon.   Tonight's episode screamed that they were in the wrong story and that they need their own story.  I have no issue with them interacting with Sheldon and Amy, etc. but it was blatantly obvious that the writers have no idea what to write for them so they placed them awkwardly in this story.  They deserve their own story and should have their own arc.

    Second, we spent the first half of the season focused on the breakup so that Sheldon would grow, yet here he is reverting back as if no growth.  It was so annoying!   When he saw his Meemaw starting to snark at Amy, he should have immediately set her straight and told her, respectfully, of course, that they both grew from the experience.  He had just told Amy he knew he had grown from the breakup and then acts like she was the one that needed to grown in this one? And he had to be prompted by Lenny to stand up with Amy and admit that the breakup was good for growth?   What happened to the Sheldon that had admitted to Amy that he was glad they broke up and got back together because it made them stronger?  

    The most annoying thing of all was FINALLY when Amy and Meemaw were starting to relate when Meemaw revealed about Pop-Pop being a difficult man to live with, they were interrupted before they could finish.  I so wanted to see them resolve this between them before the interruption even.   Especially since the interruption by Sheldon was so disappointing.   It wasn't on his own merit that he interrupted, but because he was pushed by Penny to do it.   That was a definite FAIL in this episode.

    I also felt that Meemaw had very little warmth, even toward Sheldon and Leonard, etc.   She was friendly yes, but she was nothing like Sheldon has been describing for years.   I just believe the writers set an expectation in the heads of fans for years and suddenly gave us nothing at all like what they built in the past.  Instead they wanted to try and reveal about the ring to Amy via Meemaw, and Molaro got his wish to have Meemaw not like Amy,  and it was clear that it was all done to be the big reveal and to have Meemaw have a reason to dislike Amy,  instead of making sure it matched past descriptions that they themselves built about the woman.   It is really poor writing when you make it so glaringly obvious that the reason you are violating your historical character development in favor of telling a short-term story.   That is exactly what happened here.   Ugh...just ugh.

    Overall, I wish they had never introduced Meemaw on the show rather than have given us this episode.   I know we all looked forward to meeting her, but not like this.   

    I also disliked Raj's story in this.   I found his flip flopping and crushing on a girl that was not encouraging him in the slightest was annoying.   Howardette were the couple of the episode.   They showed a lot of wisdom.   

    Honestly, I can't say I laughed once and I found the whole episode just  disappointing.  It missed the boat and I hope that they get back on track because they had been doing some better writing and this one just wasn't of the same caliber.

    This is basically everything I wanted to say! 

    I'm so sick of Lenny not having their own non-Sheldon related story; it's really disappointing how they've simply become Sheldon's babysitters. I honestly have no idea why they even needed to be involved in the Meemaw story except for the Moonpie line. I know that with such little time in the show it doesn't seem like they could've been given them their own arc, but they were literally just THERE this episode... 

    Raj's story was boring and Howardette were like Lenny; they were just there...

    Way too much time spent on Meemaw just hating on Amy. I wish they had cut out like half of just them being nasty to each other and instead used that time to make Meemaw see how much Amy could relate to her and Pop-pop... making me believe her more when she said she "guesses so" about giving her blessing. But that was interrupted by Sheldon's anti-climactic speech (prompted only by Penny) about how they're working on their imperfect relationship just like Meemaw and Pop-pop had -- nothing about how strong their love is or how the breakup changed him... ugh. in my mind I'm gonna assume they wrapped everything up at Applebee's and now Meemaw approves of Amy and really does give her blessing... and maybe instead of being dragged to Applebee's with the couple Meemaw's actually there to see, Lenny could have the apartment to themselves that evening lol

    If this is what they are set on for portraying Meemaw, I wish they had never had her appear and just kept her offscreen. It's clear the writers blame Amy for this breakup (they bring it up again in the next episode too!) because Sheldon always has to be right and nothing is ever his fault. And I guess Amy's new appreciation for Sheldon, flaws and all has just died down and we're back to "I know how to deal with him and no one else could ever put up with him like I do". It's inconsistent how they had her wanting to be his gf again before he realized how much he truly loves her and needs to treat her, and now she's pointing out the same behavior she was so desperate to go back to just a couple months ago. 

    I hope the next episode makes up for this one...

  10. 11 hours ago, tayryn said:

    Episode sounds really good. I can't wait to see drunk Sheldon and flirty Amy again. I can't wait until thier in the same room again! Skype is nice but we need our Shamy together in person.

    Howardette having sex on Sheldon's bed was a big nope for me. I don't think that has happened with any other couple invading other people's beds to have sex (i could be wrong) but this was really distasteful to me. :bad:

    there was Howard and Penny's slutty Nebraska friend having sex in Penny's bed and getting her Care Bears "all sweaty" :mosking:

  11. 8 minutes ago, Maddie said:

    I agree so much with the Howard/Sheldon enthusiasm. Sheldon's line to Howard after he lost his mom is probably in the top 5 most touching moments of the entire show for me. It's a wonderful thing to see two people who butt heads constantly also have a bit of a soft spot for each other. They both get what it's like to lose parents/not have parents around. Jim and Simon really are great together, and it's continuously amusing to me that they are so close in real life because you wouldn't ever expect it.

    JP is incredible at those serious heartfelt moments... 

    - when Howard's mother died

    - apologizing to Emily on the party bus

    - telling Howard he's good at his job

    - hugging Leonard when PP died

    - "I said I'm fine!"

    - "I like you quirks and all"

    - "I love you too"

    *definitely not tearing up right now*

    edit: OMG i forgot one of my favorite ones -- when he and Penny are doing the love test and they're at the part where they have to look into each other's eyes and he says "you have a brown speck in the shape of a formula 1 race car in your eye, so I'm focusing on that".... I don't know why but this was like the cutest Sheldon/penny bff moment for me! 

  12. 38 minutes ago, 2L344 said:

    The Sheldon bed things is a bit gross, I get it, but I think these couples like to have fun at Sheldon's expense sometimes given who he is and how he can be. Penny and Leonard have done things on the couch and I think even Penny at one point even specifically mentioned Sheldon's "spot" as being a target for sex lol. I think it's funnier than it is gross!

    This actually reminds me of the episode where Penny had that slutty friend from Nebraska staying with her and she slept on the couch in 4A since Howard and the girl were doing it in her bed and "getting her Care Bears all sweaty" lol

  13. Maybe they're doing something with the San Francisco trip and it's "The Golden Gate.....tion".... maybe Sheldon proposes to Amy on the bridge! *gets back onto flying pig*

    i really do see "Golden" though...


    9 minutes ago, A Shamy gal said:

    Could be.  It's embossed.  Anyway I enlarged it even further.





  14. 5 minutes ago, Cherry said:

    A PERFECT episode. Nope, you'll never get that, satisfying everybody is just impossible. But just to give it a try at answering your questions:


    I know my wishes are never going to come true because you know, "drunk Sheldon is soooooooo funny". But, yes, first of all, I would like the writers to definitely stop with drunk Sheldon, as they stopped with that " bazinga " word which was less and less funny.


    Secondly, I'm not a fan of karaoke, I can't see what's so funny in it, except if the " singer " is terrible and you're making fun of him/her, but that's not funny, that's being mean. What would I have liked to see instead? I don't know... maybe going to a night club and dance. That sounds funnier to me.


    Oh and one other thing I forgot to mention, that " we did it in Sheldon's room" is so creepy, and "the one thing that leads to another " is such a poor excuse for something which is so yucky. I wish they cut that line when they make the episode, and of course cut Sheldon's reaction which is not funny but 100% justified.

    the way tptb have been spotlighting Sheldon so much makes me think you're not gonna be too happy with many future episodes :/ they seem to be sticking to the formula of keeping Sheldon in front despite the main story involving other characters -- and I think overall for the majority of viewers who watch more casually, this is working for them. 

    I personally like Sheldon when he's either with Amy or with the group of guys (with just Lenny or one or two of the guys I don't find him as funny), and I love drunk Sheldon and the group doing karaoke so to me this episode is gold! (and so naturally it makes sense that you most likely won't love these aspects of the episode). and yeah the bed thing creeps me out too! but obvs it was a way to put Sheldon front and center with him freaking out about it (and so Bernadette could make her "heat of the moment" with Amy's response -- and apparently Mayim is particularly funny in this scene so I'm super excited to see it!). Even with this seeming to me to be more of an effort to make it a Howardette/overall group episode, they do like to slide Sheldon in front every episode... which at this point I personally have kinda come to accept, especially since it sounds like his role in this episode seems hilarious and the entire ensemble is actually together! but the good news for you is that I think with this episode they may be done with drunk Sheldon (at least for awhile) and karaoke. 

    it's obvious that no episode will ever please everyone, I just wondered what people who don't love this one took issue with -- and if you don't like drunk Sheldon and karaoke then yep that'll do it! lol 

    cant wait to see what they have for 200!!! 

  15. 8 minutes ago, Cherry said:

    I didn't say " all the time ". I said: every X episode. And that's too much for my liking . Too easy and repetitive. And I may add they don't have a drunk Leonard or Howard as often. We may wonder why ( or not ).

    I don't like drunk Sheldon, I find it boring and even irritating. As veejay says, the same for Penny applies.


    Yeah, welcome in democracy where everybody is entitled to have their own opinion. Just because 99% of the members are happy with the story, I should as well? That's nonsense.

    And I can't see the " fun playful episode " and " good old comedy ". Well, I see the "bad old comedy" in having Sheldon drunk again, if you like it, fine, but I don't and I think it's fine all the same.

    As for the karaoke... well, I can't say it's bad, but I can't say I'm thrilled neither, they're just going to sing, right? So yes, it's just OK, nothing more.


    So sorry ( not sorry in fact ), I don't complain even if the sky is blue, the fact is that from my window the sky is white with clouds.

    out of curiosity what would you have liked to see instead? because to me this sounds like the PERFECT episode to shippers, non-shippers, and casual viewers, so I can't see how anyone could be disappointed! 

  16. Everyone has already said pretty much everything I've been gleefully thinking (drunk Sheldon, flirty Shamy, sweet Howardette, and GROUP KARAOKE OMG!!!!) about this taping report so I don't really have anything to say except for I wonder how 200 could possibly top 199!! 


  17. 14 hours ago, EvilStewie said:

    Nicknames, that is a good subject....

    I kinda like Gollum now, at first I thought it was harsh, but now after all this ring business, I get it! Hope that comes back into play actually, be sweet


    I want him to call her Darlin' <3

  18. 1 hour ago, Stephen Hawking said:


    From The Weekend Vortex:-

    Penny: Who’s Armin the miniature horse breeder?

    Amy: The pretend boyfriend I invented to get my family off my back. It unravelled quickly when I couldn’t answer the question how’d you two meet?

    Penny: I would have thought at a miniature horse show.

    Amy: Oh, that’s good.

    Penny: Mm.

    Amy: I panicked and said Woodstock. 


    Amy: And if you don’t start treating me better, I’m leaving you for a miniature horse breeder named Armin.

    Sheldon: Armin who?

    Amy: Armin… damn it.

    this is one of my favorite early Amy scenes... aside from Sheldon seeming genuinely concerned for a split second which is adorable,  Amy's defeated shrug body language and the way she says "Armin-- damnit!" is so funny... mayim delivered that line so well :icon_cheesygrin:

    3 hours ago, camelliayao said:

    Of course Shamy's first kiss is the 421 drunk kiss. Everything in the latter half of that episode was to prepare for that kiss. 

    Bernie's "Sheldon and Amy sitting on the tree", Penny's "Sheldon have you kissed anyone before" question. They even let Sheldon say it himself that he had never kissed anyone before. (So apparently in his mind, that "kiss" with Beverly does not count)

    Sheldon kind of reacted to that kiss. He closed his eyes and puckered his lips before her lips touched his. So other than Amy not remembering it (but Sheldon told her about it later), which I find extremely romantic, that is like the official definition of first kiss.

    That reset was just a way to slow things down. And it didn't really work well, did it. Because not very long after that, he made her his girlfriend.:) 

    Also in CBS's The Science of Love video which includes important moments of the Shamy relationship, CBS clearly counts the 421 kiss as their first kiss.

    the thing I love about this kiss is that Amy didn't remember what happened... Sheldon could have easily omitted the kiss from his "what happened last night?" story, but he did tell her "you kissed me".... almost like he was proud of it :) 

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