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  1. 5 minutes ago, jenafan said:

    It's neat for me that this would be a question of interest, because every time I watch Earworm, I can just envision the way Sheldon and Amy smell to each other being so close together and that appeals to my imaginary senses as much as watching the kiss unfold.     I wrote in my FF that her lips tasted like the red wine she was drinking and that Sheldon wanted to get drunk by it.     

    I enjoyed "Opening night," but I loved "Earworm" even more.

    any time I have a spearmint tic-tac I think (so not in any way creepy...) "this is what shamy's kisses taste like..."


  2. 14 hours ago, nibbler747 said:

    Penny dissatisfied with her career decides to go Breaking Bad with her pharmaceutical job, and becomes the head drug kingpin of the greater Los Angeles area.  Leonard, resistant at first gets pulled into the seedy underbelly of the undercover pharmaceutical business and helps Penny to develop a drug that causes a total loss of inhibitions.  The drug becomes the new craze amoung the middle class who have more money who can afford it drug that is getting increasingly more expensive to Penny's delight. It is especially rampant in the university scene. The drug is causing major problems in society with people doing what they feel like with no thought of consequence.

    Sheldon and Amy are resistant to taking any form of drug at first.  Penny, annoyed with their holier than thou attitude laces their tea with the drug.  Things go haywire.  Loss of inhibitions was the last step preventing Sheldon from going all "evil genius" on the world.  With Amy by his side, they set upon a plan to take over the world and rule with an iron fist.

    That's all I've got.  Not sure about episode 201 though....

    Penny may be Heisenberg, but Sheldon is the one who knocks (3 times).

  3. 11 hours ago, vonmar said:

    From hazelra7's report in The S9 Discussion Thread

    "There is a second tag scene with Sheldon and Amy on the couch.  Sheldon is having tea and Amy is having champagne.  They cling the glasses and congratulate themselves on having their first live FwF.  There is a conversation here that I can’t remember and it was pre-taped, so I only saw it once.  Something sweet about doing it again, I am sorry I forget… "

    Is it just me or does this reek of innuendo?

    I didn't see this part of the TR earlier so this makes me SO happy and even more excited about this episode! 

    Remember when they were broken up (of course we do who am I kidding) and we kept saying things like "I just wanna see them drinking tea together again"..... we owe the writers a thank you!!! :) 

    and as far as the "doing it again" line popping up again.... writers, you guys are vixens! :wub:

  4. 10 hours ago, MAH_B said:

    Am I allowed to put this here? found this on tumblr when I tried to find an elegant explanation, lol. (This was an earlier discussion on this board after Earworm aired, which I found hysterical.)



    “Sheldon Cooper did the Dick Press Move”


    Yes my fellow fangirls and boys, what we refer as “their bodies are in sync” or “pelvis moves” its what guys call DPM…

    @boys3allc ’s husband (via cijim)


    13 hours ago, jenafan said:

    Not questioning Amy's love for Sheldon at all.   I am questioning her returning to Sheldon status quo and yet constantly calling him out for being himself, the first one being that Sheldon was not initially planning to spend her birthday with her.   Why does it matter?  He changed his mind and did.   I'm calling her out for lying and then refusing to return empathy to Sheldon the way she demanded of him, etc. etc. etc.   I'm calling her out for not acknowledging her part in causing Sheldon's heartbreak by breaking all lines of communication that she knows he thrives on.  

    Amy keeps pointing the finger at Sheldon, but she's not looking at herself in the mirror.   There's nothing wrong for saying you are sorry even if you don't feel you are wrong.   There's nothing wrong with telling the one you love that their behavior is unacceptable and you are going to avoid being around them.   There's nothing wrong with telling your loved one's family member that you left a relationship because you didn't know where your place was in it.  There's nothing wrong with not necessarily liking a gift but showing appreciation for the thought behind it.    There is something wrong with refusing to accept any blame for hurting the one you love, even if you were justified.    There is something wrong with lying because you don't feel comfortable enough to address an issue head on rather than run from it.  There is something wrong when you tell your loved one's family member who is scoping you out that "you don't know what I have to put up with."   There is something wrong with criticizing one's heartfelt gift, even though it's not perfect.

    I just want Amy to be more appreciative of Sheldon's efforts, while looking for ways she can improve as well.   I want the Amy that existed in S4 - S6 who melted at Sheldon's quirkiness rather than rolled her eyes and questioned his intentions.    I'm not saying she should enable him, but if he's going to call you and tell you he decided to spend SW day with you, don't question it.   Be happy!   If Sheldon is making strides on the empathy trail, give him credit rather than just say "glad I could help" and then show indifference when he asks for empathy in return.   Sheldon was truly bothered by Amy lying to him.   She got a free pass, because he misread her facial expressions as genuine empathy.   Not cool!   Amy may have been right in staying away, but she could have apologized for lying about it.

    As far as trying to watch the episodes first, most everyone involved in the most recent discussions are making speculations based on episodes that have not aired.    Because I state an unpopular opinion, I get singled out with a lashing.  I don't see the same demand being made to those that state comments that the majority agree to.   I find that very interesting.

    No lashing, just a little spanking maybe ;) 


    we just wanna keep all our shamies in the clouds with us so we're trying to "spank" into you (and anyone else worrying) that our babies are in a very good place! sorry if you're feeling ganged up on -- you know we love you, Jen! <3 

    all is good in the land of Shamy! and #engagementiscoming :wub:

  5. 15 hours ago, Einstein Von Brainstorm said:

    I'm really not understanding the negativity in here today at all!

    Since the breakup here is what we have gotten from The ShAmy:

    • A near fanfic level of sappy-ness reconciliation with proper mutual declarations of love
    • Kissing and the DPM at her door
    • Sheldon has a ring! AN ENGAGEMENT ONE! … FOR AMY!!!  #EngagementIsComing 
    • Amy - A character who has been accused of being a ‘door mat’ in the past is standing up for herself and against Meemaw of all people!
    • Notorious coward Sheldon Cooper, with a bit of prompting, backs her up! He didn’t against Will Wheaton back in the day but now he does so to Meemaw
    • Sheldon Skypes Amy being a jerk and she gently guides him towards empathy, she doesn’t yell at him and she actually succeeds in making him see why he is wrong! 
    • An asteroid named Amy <3 
    • They mentioned the possibility of having kids
    • “I miss you!” - “I miss you as well” 
    • Sheldon put his arm around her in front of Meemaw - Mr anti-PDA openly hugging his woman 
    • Amy rubbing his shoulders on the sofa, the girl who was scared to touch him when he came back from his Sister giving birth and when he was upset about the PS4/Xbox unafraid to rub his shoulders
    • He gave up Star Wars night for her


    Not to mention the Coitus. I could write a dissertation on the Coitus! :rofl: 

    • He planned and prepared for it, including finding out how to make it enjoyable for her
    • There was no just ‘getting it over with’ on his part as some people had predicted 
    • He worried he would become too ‘overwhelmed’ and ruin it
    • Amy was excited / flirty and then very nervous despite being the one who had wanted this for so long
    • CONSENT REQUEST - good job show, you feck up sometimes (a lot) but you did that one right!
    • The Kiss after the consent conversation that they both just melt into - ugh kill me please!
    • He (1) noticed that she was shaking and (2) comforted and re assured her that it would be ok 
    • ---we can find out together—
    • They took a ‘few hours later in a bedroom not far away’ to make sure that it was done properly
    • He enjoyed it and is interested in doing it again
    • When he said that they could do it again next year Amy did not pressure him at all, she was fine with that!

    - If I missed anything out please let me know! :) 


    I really loved this moment above, they meet in the middle of the bed to find out together where this new aspect of their relationship will take them.
    It's very symbolic, they are finally on the same page after years of being in slightly different places, they are  moving forward together and it is BEAUTIFUL!



    There have been more positive Shamy moments in the four episodes (including their reconciliation ep) aired and two taping reports, since they got back together than there were in the years before the breakup yet here we are making up scenarios where Amy might cheat and how the relationship is gonna be all downhill from here cus Amy rolled her eyes a bit during a Skype call?! What the france peeps?! :no: 

    Other ships would trade several minor characters to have anywhere near the level of Teh_Cute Shamy have had since episode 9x10!


    this post makes me so giddy!!! I just gotta tell ya, @Einstein Von Brainstorm:


    oh and I love the part where you mentioned "they're moving forward together" because in that scene they are literally moving forward into each other to kiss!! <3

    so for any of you who worry about our Shamy loves, come back to this post whenever you need to and remember this isn't even speculation, these things are FACTS! this is Shamy gospel!! HALLELUJAH! :yahoo:

  6. I think quite a few people have a few concerns (including me to an extent), so I'm gonna just throw out there what is going on in my thoughts regarding these issues: 

    - Of the episodes that have aired post-coitus, I don't see any indication that there is anything to worry about :) The skype calls in Sales Call Sublimation were sweeter, but I think the reason the tone of the skype calls in Empathy Optimization was less cutesy was to 1) emphasize the point of Sheldon bugging everyone INCLUDING Amy and needing to apologize for pissing everyone off with Amy's help (in true Shamy fashion!) and 2) the writers were playing the "look! we're not making Shamy too lovey dovey and perfect just because they've had sex now!" TPTB clearly love the dynamic that Sheldon is oblivious and needs Amy, and Amy is the wife-figure that loves him and is in it for the long run (and they've made us sure of that now!) BUT as a wife-figure, she's going to have those eye-rolling "oh, husbands... gotta be patient with them..." moments -- which is starting to actually look more like Howard and Bernadette; but I don't see them making Amy as harsh as Bernie. And I think tptb will keep using this formula of Amy sometimes rolling her eyes, but it's just to show that even with the newer stronger Shamy, they still wanna keep the classic trope of gf/wife being occasionally annoyed with her bf/husband, but this time around we know Amy fully accepts and loves those quirks and wants to be his other half, quirks and all :) (a very Lucy/Ricky, Archie/Edith, Homer/Marge relationship trope.... but in a unique Shamy way!) And even with the skype calls being less romantic in Empathy, they still show us through Sheldon's body language skyping in bed that they're in a more comfortable place with one another. Even in trying to keep Shamy not too different after coitus, there are still little hints that things are in fact more intimate between them. 

    - Amy seems more confident in expressing both her affection and frustration with Sheldon now, which is good because this was a huge problem before the breakup. In fact, she's so confident in her relationship with Sheldon now that she stands up to his Meemaw and essentially says she's not with him for a ring, she's with him because after the breakup that she seems to feel was necessary (and we see that Sheldon supports this idea), she found that she wants to be the one who patiently stands by him and loves those same quirks that she needed a break from at first. She wants HIM for who he is, ring or not. 

    - That being said, I do hope we somehow see Amy acknowledging the hurt she caused Sheldon not necessarily with an apology but with a gesture that assures him that she won't ever put him through that again and that she loves him unconditionally... that he can trust her. Sheldon already has been doing an amazing job proving that to her, but I personally would like to see her make similar strides such as putting more effort into supporting his interests (she can't expect him to not want to be at a neurobiology conference if she would say the same thing about comic con!). I think we are expected to believe that a lot of this growth will be off screen since Amy is a secondary character -- which should also put you at ease about why we haven't seen her in this light quite yet, but I think we will! 

    - Sheldon is ready to propose. I think the reason he's waiting a little is because he wants the proposal to be perfect (just like Amy's birthday) and possibly because he doesn't want Amy to think he gets back together with her and then immediately has sex and proposes marriage because he wants to lock her in before she can change her mind about them again. And maybe he is subconsciously feeling that way himself, and just needs to build trust through time. Plus they gotta figure out the living arrangements! 

    Basically what I see some of you guys expressing concern about is the the post-coital glow wearing off and they're going back to pre-breakup but slightly hardened Amy, but new and improving Sheldon. But I think this is mostly the writers putting Sheldon in the spotlight and trying to keep Amy a little more reserved with regards to romantic expectations (because that was part of what caused the disappointment in their relationship earlier), but also more in control and confident of where they each stand in their relationship. I think the surprise of the ring brought back a little of that giddy Amy that realizes her romantic expectations aren't so far-fetched and that Sheldon really does want the things she does, and that they can have a balanced relationship of both lovey-doveyness and keep their unique Shamy pragmatic relationship of the mind. 

  7. 1 hour ago, Lionne said:

    Does anyone else get the impression from these spoilers that Sheldon was going to propose on Valentine's Day, but it all went, well, FUBAR?

    The entire episode is about everyone's plans getting messed up. Leonard and Penny are supposed to go to a nice restaurant, but end up at In-and-Out instead. Howard and Bernie were supposed to be enjoying their new hot tub, but find a drowning rabbit in it instead. And, it turns out in the end, that wasn't all that got off-track. Bernie was also going to tell Howard she was pregnant that night. Raj was going to dump Emily (right before Valentine's? Oh Raj, you just come off as the world's biggest douche in this episode) for another girl, but that also went off the rails. The whole episode revolves around how everyone had big plans that got unraveled by events outside of their control.

    For Sheldon, his big plan is to do a special FwF episode with Amy for V-Day, which is much more than he would normally plan, and something that we know means a lot to him. Normally I would expect him to be very proud of himself for coming up with a special activity for himself and his girlfriend for V-Day, and think the world of himself for making this effort. Instead of treating the FwF taping as "isn't this amazing, am I not great for planning this, won't this be the best V-Day ever" he instead notes immediately to Amy: And this is IT. Don't expect anything more, little lady, all you're getting for V-Day is this FwF taping.

    Why does he go out of his way to control her expectations of the evening like that from the get go?

    Then he's really upset that Kripke and Raj keep interrupting his planned broadcast with their personal problems. It seems like Sheldon to be upset and dismissive about them, but it keeps getting hammered home that he's more and more distressed by the interruptions and that Amy is paying attention to them and the whole thing is going south. Then, when he finally has an opening to take control of the whole thing back, he launches into this "State of the Relationship" address about his feelings, and how he feels they are stronger as a couple and then....Leonard and Penny coming home are scripted as a clear interruption to wherever he was going with that mini-speech.

    So where was he going with that mini-speech about their relationship? Was he leading up to a proposal before Leonard and Penny came home and interrupted? I feel suspicious about the whole thing.

    As for Amy's line about "who says I want to be engaged to him?" or her "I'm his best shot" comment and how she handled Meemaw, I think that the writers are in a tough spot with that. I think it's important that they don't show Amy being in the relationship again because she wants an end result of being married. And I don't think they can afford to have Amy act like a bit of a doormat anymore. Besides, if this blunt, fiery Meemaw was the perfect match to Pop Pop, then a fiery Amy is probably an equally good match to Sheldon. I think the show is deliberately drawing a bit of a parallel, and suggesting that Meemaw and Amy really do have a lot in common.




    NOW I THINK THIS!!!!! 

    I'm sold on all of this! A million likes!! 


  8. 48 minutes ago, Gbb said:

    But would Sheldon love that? To me, Amy's best gifts to Sheldon are the ones that shows how well she knows him, like the night her Valentine's gift was to cancel Valentine's Day in lieu of staying home, eating pizza and watching a sci-fi movie or the time she got Meemaw's recipe to make Christmas cookies for him.

    I'm not saying that Sheldon is exactly the same as he was back then. He's clearly grown a lot and is learning to appreciate hippy-dippy stuff a bit more, but I still believe that a romantic gesture that would sweep Sheldon off his feet is very different from one that would do the same to Amy.

    this is exactly what I was thinking -- a romantic gesture to Sheldon is totally different for Amy, but they know each other and how to make each other happy, so I would love Amy to pull another "I made you Meemaw's Christmas cookies" or "we're just gonna stay in for Valentine's Day" :) that would be sweeping Sheldon off his feet! 

  9. 19 minutes ago, SRAM said:

    It would have a lot easier if Mrs Wolowitz was still alive because they could have still hung with the gang and the baby could have been with grandma being baby sat.  Now if it becomes part of the show, will Howard stay home to keep in canon?

    Stuart as the nanny.... haha what a mess!

  10. 1 hour ago, Maddie said:

    Agree! I can totally get behind Amy defending herself, and demanding some respect, and asserting that engagement isn't what's most important, or as radar pointed out, asserting that she has a choice in the matter. However:

    A) Maybe it's because I'm from the South, and grandparents/parents like Meemaw are a dime a dozen (seriously, if a guy broke my heart, my parents and grandparents would all be damned if they warmed back up to him upon us getting back together so easily. That guy would have a lot of proving to do to get on their good side again, they're not trying to be jerks, they're just being protective), but Meemaw's behavior, while rude and misinformed, is kind of to be expected. She just doesn't want Amy to hurt Sheldon again. I totally agree that Amy has every right to stand her ground, but I just think the way she went about it was wrong. I wish Amy would have asserted to Meemaw how much she loves Sheldon, and their relationship is solid because of the breakup, and it won't happen again while also kindly asking Meemaw to butt out because it's between her and Sheldon. Instead, she says "I put up with a lot" and "who said I want to get engaged to him?" If I were Meemaw, this would sound to me like Amy could break up with him again at any moment. Which like I said, was exactly what Meemaw was accusing her of, and why she was there in the first place: to challenge Amy to see if it would happen again.

    B ) Sheldon was standing right there. After learning Sheldon had a ring and intended to propose right before she broke up with him and was torn up about it, she says, with him listening, that there's a possibility she may not want to get engaged to him. After all the progress he's made, that certainly she's aware of ( I hope!), it feels kinda like an insensitive thing for her to say right in front of him. Like, his efforts don't matter. They're not enough. And I really need to see him be enough for her, especially with how far he's come.

    But I do love a lot of things about the episode. I love that Amy told Meemaw that Sheldon is a grown man. I love that Sheldon defended Amy to his Meemaw. This is like the ultimate sign of his love, lol. That he would choose her over his beloved Meemaw. I can definitely hold my judgment for the final episode. Like I said, I'm just more cautious of what the future holds. It's not just the engagement line that has me weary. It's more of a culmination of tiny things. In the Valentines episode, I really hope they choose the line where Amy isn't annoyed with Sheldon's name change.

    We need more Amy being swept off her feet because of an asteroid and best hotel discussions! :)

    thisssssssss x 1000!!!!!!! the more I think of it though, southern folks ARE abrasive/protective like that when it comes to their moon pies ;) so maybe Meemaw was more impressed with Amy having the balls to say what she did than if she had just said "but I love him so much and we're stronger than ever!" Mad respect for Amy to say basically that he's a pain in the ass but she loves him to death and doesn't need a ring to love him for the rest of their lives, because Meemaw can relate to that! 

    I really hope we start to see more of Amy recognizing Sheldon's emotional growth! and with that I also hope we see both of them sweeping each other off their feet! <3 I wanna see Amy do something for Sheldon equivalent to him naming an asteroid after her :) 

  11. 56 minutes ago, Soopysue said:

    I know I said it earlier but I'm just saying again - it would make me happy if they can now stop taking about the break up - I'd like to know what Shamy future looks like now , not keep dwelling on the past - I think it was more than covered in Meemaw , and again in FWF . 

    I'd like just happy content Shamy now , and maybe some future plans , no more heartbreak talk . They both suffered enough and I think both learned lots and grew stronger , now more forward please :) 

    Yeah I'm in the same mindset! I guess why I'm bummed isn't really anything specifically upsetting or ominous happening, I was just SO excited they brought back FWF (and Sheldon even added Amy's name to it!!! so cute!!) but then they tainted it with talk about the Shamy breakup!

    However, it's that part at the end where Sheldon tells Amy the breakup was necessary and made him appreciate her more and made them stronger that makes my heart flutter and have hope for them moving past the breakup talk (hopefully for good!!) and onto the future <3 I can't wait to see these next two episodes and see how much Sheldon stands by his woman! :wub:


  12. I don't think Emily is gone for good.... I don't really see much chemistry between her and raj but the fact that Laura Spencer was brought on as a regular and then barely on screen since then indicates that there's gotta be more... and I can't see why they would have Sheldon give her such a heartfelt apology just to get rid of her 2 episodes later! I'm starting to think the writers just don't know what to do with raj :( 

  13. It does sound like they're still giving Amy a hard time about the breakup :( I really hope they move on from this topic because I'd rather they focus on how much improved and in love they are! And yes, I could do without Amy's eye-rolling and "tolerating" Sheldon!! I want them to put the breakup behind them and start hinting more toward Shamy's happy future! 

    and whyyyy that "who said I even want to be engaged to him?" line?!?! am I reading too into this???

    but thank you! thank you! thank you! to all of those who gave taping info!! :) 

  14. 7 hours ago, kazzie said:

    Play back tonight. The line was "Who said I even want to be engaged to him and if I do I don't need your hand me downs!."

    why on earth would she say that?!? (did this stab anyone else in the heart?)

    oh and I'm a little confused - does she say this when Sheldon's in the room and does Meemaw spill about the ring while Sheldon is in the room? 

    and thank you so much for your taping report!!

  15. 2 hours ago, Ranger Rosa said:

    Interesting...elaborate it.

    there would be so many Shamy questions! so not only would Paley fest be after coitus but after they're engaged! and we can find out how they came up with the proposal :) 

  16. 8 hours ago, 2L344 said:

    The problem with how the breakup was portrayed, and you touch on it here, is that there were a lot of holes in the plot that were either not filled in on purpose or the limitations of a 20 minute ensemble sitcom prevented them from being filled. The writers couldn't make it 9 episodes of the Shamy show, though I'm sure Lenny shippers would disagree lol. I think we both agree that Amy's side wasn't explored and this was mostly the "Sheldon show" as far as perspectives go. This contributed to the off-putting, cold, distant, dispassionate (ad nausuem) way in which Amy came through for some of us. 

    I think we'll have to agree to disagree on our assessment of Penny when it comes to her behavior in this. You make the case that Penny thought it was in Amy's best interest to move on. I might accept that, as most people would have never put up with Sheldon's nonsense for that amount of time, but this IS Amy. She stood by him for five years. Penny would be making some assumptions by believing Amy is better off. It turns out that Amy DIDN'T think she was better off in the end, as the aquarium episode reveals. And like you mentioned, advice was doled out to Amy by Penny and Bernie so we can assume they talked over glasses of wine. If that was the case then the ladies must have been aware on some level what it was that Amy was going through. Certainly, Amy would have mentioned her frustration at Sheldon's seeming lack of commitment to her as a gf. If Penny truly had Amy's best interests at heart, then supplying her with the information about the ring would be in keeping  with the "best interest" mantra even if presumptious Penny thinks she knows what's good for Amy in the end. Withholding that info, as a "friend", in my opinion makes Penny just as meddlesome in Amy's affairs as telling her would be...

    Sheldon is clueless about a lot of things, but what I like about him is there are times when he "gets it" when it comes to his friends (I know folks will cry foul at this and point out all the times Sheldon is a butthead to his friends lol). When he learns from Amy that Penny was contemplating leaving Leonard, does he just shrug his shoulders and say "oh well, Penny isn't right for Leonard anyway so be it"? No, he agonizes over the info and eventually breaks into Penny's apartment to try and convince her to see the good things Leonard brings to the table, in addition to having her switch shampoos back lol...he ultimately asks her not to hurt his friend. I already used this as another example, but Sheldon agonizes over what he believes is Penny having an affair while Leonard is away. He eventually bursts in on Penny using his spare key in order to confirm his suspicions. I'm sure that had he interrupted a date, he would surely have shared this with Leonard. To me, Sheldon's behavior is more in keeping with how friends who give a damn behave....ironic as that is...

    I guess I would like friends, especially close friends, that care for one another act as if they DO. The characters in TBBT were shown in the first 9 episodes as somewhat blaise' about it all. They kind of shrug their collective shoulders and act as if it was destined to be what it was. Sheldon is pretty much abandoned by the group, whereas the gals rally behind Amy and encourage the dating scene (though Bernie does make half-hearted attempts to get Amy to think now and then). When Penny and Leonard learn of the ring, I thought just maybe now someone would give Sheldon a break and talk with Amy about it, if for no other reason, to make sure Amy is truly finished with the relationship. I would expect that of a friend. Just like I would expect a friend, who sees the wife of a friend making out with another guy in a darkened theater, share this info to the buddy. Because it's important and would impact that friend. I really don't think I would be very forgiving of a friend who chose to withhold this kind of info from me.

    Penny gets a pass on keeping the secret because in the end, Shamy reunites and grows from the breakup without the ring playing a part. This, however, had nothing to do with Penny and anything she did or didn't do. The story was told in a way that has our happy couple reaching different levels of understanding about who they were and what they wanted in life. Penny gets to breathe a sigh of relief like we all do, but she can't take any credit for the reconciliation because she happened to show restraint in keeping the secret. Had this played out in real life, and had the couple remained miserable outside of each other's company because the story ended differently, I believe Penny would have a difficult time convincing Amy that she was a good friend for remaining silent about that bit of info. I'm thinking  "It was for your own good" would be carved into Penny's tombstone lol....


    I think I mostly agree with this... tbh I am still really on the fence about my feelings towards how the rest of the group acted toward Amy and Sheldon during the breakup, and I wonder if ultimately their kinda inconsistent and seemingly uncaring behavior will make more sense as Shamy continues to improve. But your post makes me wonder - and sorry if you mentioned this somewhere and I missed it! - how do you feel about Bernadette keeping from Penny that she knew about Leonard's boat kiss for 2 years? Because it doesn't seem like that's gonna come up again, but it's interesting how much TPTB seem to be pointing out that Penny was keeping Sheldon's secret. 

  17. 1 hour ago, Ranger Rosa said:

    May 4th (Star Wars day), Pi day (March 14), the birthday of some scientist, there are endless possibilities.

    those were the first dates that popped into my head too lol, especially since Amy lives in apt 314 :) 

  18. 58 minutes ago, Ranger Rosa said:

    You people all careful about the fall and I'm laughing. I'm feeling like I'm a bad person. If I was near, I obviously would help her to stand up again (after laugh a lot) lol. But she probably just hurt the knee, it doesn't seem to be something serious. :)

    Trust me I am laughing my ass off at this! Especially since she tweeted earlier that she's gonna need help not to trip on her dress! (jinxed it!) But I also have sooooo much secondhand embarrassment for her  that I slightly cringe and think "noooooo!" lol! And I am genuinely concerned about her back! 

    22 minutes ago, 2L344 said:

    And vice-versa. What's Amy thinking after the fact, knowing she took a six month powder from the guy she loves who was holding a ring the whole time? Not to mention her "friends" remaining silent on the topic? For all we know Amy is still ignorant about the depth of pain Sheldon suffered because of the breakup as well. It's all good and well to know Sheldon didn't "excel" at getting over you, and have him knock on your door wanting to be your BF again because he still loves you-- but to find out you broke up with him when he was planning to propose? Yikes! If Amy takes her own empathy tour and now, armed with the knowledge of the ring, placed herself in Sheldon's shoes for the last six months, she'll understand soon enough....If the writers want to go there they can certainly create drama and what not. Not sure they want to do that but anything goes with this group!

    Sheldon most definitely hasn't figured everything out yet- his grasp of sarcasm continues to be a challenge, and even HE knows that he's gonna continue screwing up (as evidenced in his apology on the bus to Emily)...but he's making quick progress of things thinks to Amy and her continued influence on him. And his new found happy place with her....

    You're bad! Lol jk. But I really feel bad for her-- I mean she tweets the night before the ceremony basically predicting she has a trip hazard for a dress, and has a self-fulfilling prophecy on one of her most exciting nights of her adult career! She was clearly blind-sided by the win, was nervous on stage, and then gets a clumsy fall on top of it all. If you watch that backstage interview on YouTube there's a lot of hand wringing and fidgeting with her rings while she talks, which is uncommon with her. she usually appears pretty relaxed in front of the camera when she is interviewed...

    she was channeling nervous Amy...



  19. 10 hours ago, Einstein Von Brainstorm said:

    I'm over the crappy Lenny wedding and the Shamy breakup, I have to be or I would just be watching the show angry. At a certain point you have to accept what the show has given you or walk away.

    Personally I'm still enjoying watching the show, talking about the show and speculating about the future storylines (for now) so I'm just gonna have to get over being robbed of a wedding I waited 9 years for.

    Extremely well said! 

    10 hours ago, Chrismo said:

    I get what you're saying and I really didn't want a year of wedding stories. 2 or three stories even a "B storyline would of been fine. Instead you have Leonard kissing a woman and having it resolved quickly. If you sneezed you missed Shamy coitus since they went from broken up to coitus rather quickly. The fact remains big moments on the show are down to a handful. It seems to me both of these stories had more life in them. The writers seemed to pull the plug too quickly on them.

    so freaking true lol! I would've liked there to be a little more time in between their make-up and first time but as people have said, they wanted to match it up with the Star Wars episode... but that just makes me wonder why they didn't just have them reconcile like 2 episodes earlier...? but oh well, time to move on! Almost seems like tptb were are in the mindset "Lenny wedding, check. Shamy reconciliation, check. Shamy coitus, check." And while I am overall very happy with how they wrote those 2 milestones for Shamy (our fandom has been extremely spoiled), I'm on Team "I wish they had written Lenny's storyline differently" and I hope the Lenny shippers are given the same happy feels the Shamy shippers have had. 

    9 hours ago, Einstein Von Brainstorm said:

    Nah, it was always obvious that they were end game!

    I didn't think they would have them married off and together until the end of the show though but they like to throw curve balls like that, Molaro did an interview about the Coitus ep where he said (paraphrasing) that 'nobody expected something like that outside of sweeps so we pulled the trigger on that to shock people' - this interview was where I realised my efforts to guess upcoming storylines were forever doomed :wink: 

    As pointless as trying to guess is I'm still predicting/living in hope of a really cool living arrangements/gang episode for episode 200 :icon_cheesygrin:

    I feel like I might be in the minority here but I don't think the 200th is going to be a change in living arrangements -- I'm convinced the writers are going to drag this out to death! I see a Shamy engagement before living arrangements and I think that still is gonna be awhile as well. (Although I wouldn't be all that surprised if I'm totally wrong!) So many people have speculations about 200 and I really am left totally blank! It's so close... we shall see!! 

  20. 3 hours ago, mirs1 said:

    I just hope that this doesn't become like coitus over and over again, with the frustrated Amy portrayed  in Season 6/7 and Sheldon working on his issues all by himself.  I get that we all have to "calm our jets", that this season has been mainly (if not all) about Shamy so far and there should be a break at some point, and Sheldon becoming aware of really wanting to marry Amy is a good way to have this break, but I'd like the journey this time would be more about "them" than about "him", that they together get to the point they both feel the time is right  to start a life together, not just Sheldon coming to terms with whatever issues he still has.

    As much as I would love to see an "in exactly 4 years" wedding for Shamy, I'm okay with the ring not coming up immediately because they seem to be in a happy place now and I don't want the ring to add pressure for them to get married (I don't want a repeat of Lenny! - yes, I said it.) just as introducing the "possibility" of coitus into their relationship did, like you mentioned. I hope we see a more mature Amy on the same page as Sheldon who knows his dedication with or without the ring on her finger right away, and I hope they don't make things between them become "when is he gonna propose?!" I love quirky, smitten Shamy and I don't want anymore "when is the next step coming?" frustration! Little moments of closeness (and perhaps Sheldon's building sexual desire for Amy!) between them are all I'm kinda hoping for right away :) 

  21. 5 minutes ago, 2L344 said:

    it was after the award as shes getting the photo op and taking questions backstage (the scene without the trip is on youtube already)...poor biscuit, sooo nervous on stage with all the "ums" and then THAT. but yay for her winning her first award!

    this grok post is gonna be amazing OMG :icon_cheesygrin:

    but oh god I hope she didn't hurt her back again because that might mean more skype-only Shamy scenes! :( 

    also, can you imagine Amy in that dress in red on Valentine's Day? Sheldon would faint! 


  22. 42 minutes ago, vonmar said:

    IMHO...You guys are kind of crossing a line here, this is a character thread, not an actor thread.  To mention Jim and/or Mayim's acting performances in a discussion about an episode is one thing, to post things from their real lives doesn't really belong here.  There are other threads for those kind of things.

    I just posted those couple posts since I don't think many people here go over to the Mayim thread and I wanted to briefly share the good news, but if Tripper moves it then I totally understand. Plus it's not nearly as bad as most of the irrelevant garbage that's spewed in the season 9 discussion thread! lol 

    but yeah I'm done going off topic! 

    edit: an on topic note-- I think the scene that won her the CCA was the Shamy stairwell scene (Shamy related :)

  23. Jim posted his congratulations text to Mayim on Instagram :) he mentioned that people were badgering him to comment on her win and he was "a bad friend" to not say anything in another post of his, so that's why he posted it... some people are such jerks, no wonder he never posts :( image.thumb.jpeg.56f9384da63637c5b7992f6

  24. 5 minutes ago, hazelra7 said:

    I love that she wore an avocado dress. I love that color.  Avocado not good for Amy, but great on her!  She seemed SO nervous!  I think she will lose her *&^$# if she wins an Emmy... Excuse me... WHEN she wins an Emmy....

    "It has avocado on it. She's allergic to avocado. Are you so jealous of our relationship that you want Amy to die?":mosking: 

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