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  1. Ship Zone

    Loved it! Reminded me of Penny's reaction to Sheldon's "full pubis" comment once lol
  2. While I ship Shamy, I was also a long time fan of Leonard landing the cute blonde neighbor long before Amy appeared in a cafe in her stoic Sheldon-like visage. One can enjoy all the goodness that the show is showering on Shamy while hoping that the writers clean up the issues Lenny suffer from. While Im at it, I also hope things improve for Raj and even Stuart. I still believe TBBT wouldnt be as successful or enjoyable without the contributions of all hands over the years. As much as I like Shamy I wouldnt prefer watching their own show (for the sake of argument) over TBBT. I think there is room in our fandom to appreciate the fun plot that Shamy is enjoying while hoping for better plots and writing for the other characters weve come to love. Maybe Im overly simplistic with this line of thinking...if so I can accept that.
  3. Ship Zone

    One of the reasons I remember it, aside from seeing it a million times, is because Plankton forces Spongrbob to call Squidward a "mediocre clarinet player" lol....best line ever on that show!
  4. Ship Zone

    I pointed this tidbit out on the DT, but the episode he is watching (sad as it is that I know this from the brief clip we saw!) is "Plankton!" and basically has a naive Spongebob initially being duped by Mr. Krab's nemesis into believing he was a friend but in reality was a bad guy on a mission to use Spongebob. Coincidence, or the writers having a little fun with the premise of this episode?
  5. Been away from the forum a while, wow! I wont argue whether Sheldon cheated or not since I think both camps have made their points clear lol (no I dont think Sheldon cheated whatsoever but whatever). What I DID find interesting was the episode of Spongebob Sheldon was watching on the flight and that was "Plankton!"...for those that dont watch the cartoon (and Ive watched waaaay too much of it thanks to my kids when they were younger) this episode introduces Mr. Krab's nemesis Plankton. Plankton befriends Spongebob in this episode, pretends to like him and be his buddy, in order to convince him to share the secret formula for burgers with him. When that fails Plankton uses a device to control Spongebob to force him to give it up but Spongebob prevails in the end. In my opinion this was an Easter egg of sorts to show Sheldon's mindset, that Ramona was fooling Sheldon and pretending to be a friend while having a different agenda. That, or the writers just picked a random Spongebob episode lol
  6. Ship Zone

    oops I meant to say she admitted it to PENNY not Amy lol, I changed my post thanks!
  7. Ship Zone

    Im gonna wait and see how things play out and for now Im not that concerned EVEN if it ends as a uh-oh cliffhanger. As a Shamy I was always concerned that Amy would eventually dump Sheldon for the lack of physicality in the relationship early on. When things progressed in S8 I thought that fear was put to bed. then we got the break up lol! After all thats happened since then and Sheldon's "awakening" Im pretty confident Shamy are end game and will be solid when the show ends in two years. Ramona might be a catalyst for exploring Amy's side of issues and maybe even lead into some discussion into her side of the break up. It could also be one of those lame cliffhangers thats cleaned up quickly at the beginning of 11.1... Of all the people though, Ramona! so random....while Ramona was more interested in Sheldon's abilities and being a part of some break through with him in the field, she DID admit to Penny that she found him cute too. Its possible the writers play around with that. I doubt, though, that her appearance is anything but a one episode thing. Not really worried here, more curious than anything. But then again, in Wheaton's words, "Although, we all remember Jar Jar!" lol....
  8. looks like the lobby of a hotel to me
  9. Ship Zone

    Absolutely! Lets not forget that before the insults they were playfully screwing around and enjoying each other's company--turning equations into smiley faces, tossing candy into each other's mouths, etc--"So Happy Together". They realized all that goofing around produced white boards of crap. Once they stumbled on to the productive value of their mutual insult banter they realized they could actually get things done! the tag was awesome, and I wouldve never guessed Amy's responsibility for the "stupid questions" rule lol--Sheldon looked kind of proud of her as if she joined the dark side with him. Perfect!
  10. Ship Zone

    Sheldon channeling his inner Kermit in last night's tag--badass status achieved.
  11. Ship Zone

    Exactly! I would definitely like to see some old school TBBT as opposed to Lenny drama or Raj/Stuart loneliness/loser plots. Cafeteria talk, group stuff like a Raj themed event, how about dinner at the chinese restaurant or even lunch at the Cheesecake Factory?! Movie night at a theater, an aquarium visit, a bowling night.....u get the point! Im feeling a bit nostalgic lately for some reason lol
  12. Ship Zone

    oh thanks for that update, I forgot about that issue!
  13. Ship Zone

    Howard was making a reference to "Beauty and the Beast" where all of the animated dishes, utensils, characters sing "Be Our Guest" during the Belle dinner scene. Dont judge me for knowing lol
  14. Remember Amy's first roommate experience attempt in 4A? "Penny's the snake in our garden" speech comes to mind. He has a difficult time lying for other people, but does a pretty good job of it if it suits his needs (ie., calling up a studio and pretending to be an executive to find out why a show was cancelled).
  15. Ship Zone

    In which case, do you think she'd have ignored Sheldon, and carried on making out with Dave? haha, not going there buddy, whats in the past stays there!