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  1. thanks, wasn’t sure if they preferred to release them a few days early vs late
  2. Any guesses if tickets for April 2 go up this Monday (2/25) or the following Monday (3/4)?
  3. Happy Valentines Day to all you Shamys! (thats our red lock under theirs in Napa 😬). Anyone making a taping next month? I’m trying to decide if I want to take in one last show before it ends.
  4. I agree. Everyone including parents are flawed and it’s okay to portray that. We have absolutely no idea why the dad became the way he is and what the backstory to it all might be. YS will probably never explore it either, too dark of a turn in my opinion.
  5. Perfectly done wedding and season finale! Makes me very excited for S12 after the summer. My feel good takeaways from the episode (Ill let the scenes speak for themselves)... * Amy/Missy hug (Amy gets a sister!) and George’s funny reaction to Amy doing a southern accent. Sheldon siblings have embraced Amy! * Sheldon thanking Mary for his life (as a parent myself it got me in the feels for sure) * Sheldon tells Leonard he will always be HIS problem. It felt right, like a nod to Leonard that he will always be a part of his life * Hamill crying lol! * Amy’s vows, a beautiful recap of her journey with Sheldon over the years The writers knocked this one out of the park, well done!!
  6. or maybe a pic of the happy couple cutting a three tiered chocolate cake with pink frosting lol!
  7. I remember my own wedding and reception afterwards as a whirlwind of activity and a wonderful blur, so I see the Shamy wedding with all of the guests stars etc. as being true to life. I remember being so busy saying hello to everyone, getting first dance in, dancing with family, toasts, etc etc that I never ate a slice of my own cake (I don't count the small chunk that my wife shoved in my face when we cut it!). I'm pretty excited for the traditional wedding with the big attendance and all the pomp going with it! With this show it COULD have ended in very different ways.
  8. I think it would’ve been funny to have had Kripke sing “The Way You Look Tonight” as an insider joke. I, too, would have liked to see an intro of Amy’s parents prior to the wedding episode to get to know just a little about the folks who raised Amy. Certainly would be a better use of an episode than the upcoming “red eye” plot (though it’s probably a light and funny episode). I get that maybe securing Bates and Teller for two episodes vs. just the one would probably be difficult. Still... Maybe we will be lucky enough to see them again in S12. If only we could have had an hour special for the wedding episode! We could then have crammed a lot more of what we as fans wanted! I would really enjoy seeing the reception after the wedding—dances, cake cutting, bouquet toss, and booze flowing! All the makings for a mix of cuteness and comedy!
  9. Okay I’ll weigh in on the dress discussion too now that Ive had a good look at it— I like it because it screams Amy! It reminded me of a cross between a Victorian Mary Poppins and something a southern belle would wear in Georgia with the big poofy lower half. It’s perfect! I would have been disappointed with something less than over-the-top, because everything about this wedding to me should be just that- over the top! It’s a big deal, I mean we even have “Luke Skywalker” officiating lol. So yeah, give me a beaming Amy in a frilly lacy poofy southern belle’s dress over a more tasteful (for lack of a better word) but plain satin dress for example. And when I first read it was “a lot going on” I feared something gaudy like giant roses popping out everywhere, or going out of the box with a bright pink or multi-colored thing. Taste is a very subjective thing and like Penny suggested last night, we’re all unique and different and what works for one doesnt work for all. For me, the dress is a hit for Amy!
  10. I like Raj and still root for him to turnnit all around. He’s had Howard’s influence to guide him socially and with women, not exactly the best tone given the douchebag Howard was before he met Bernie. Howard grew up, but Raj is still stuck in that weird place (and without Howard as a wingman these days he’s left to figure it out). Raj was a spoiled brat most of his life but has had some humble pie served up to him in the form of reduced finanaces and the loss of two girlfriends that his inflated ego mucked up. I had hoped that his time spent finding new living arrangements, and his success at the aquarium, would be a catalyst for some soul-searching and honest change. But then, we have the “lost drone” episode where Raj’s big mouth shows he still acts the same when it comes to women (sigh)....
  11. I always liked the Katy Perry singing veterinarian that we saw on Valentines Day. It’s too bad they couldn’t keep her and develop her as a love interest. I liked Emily too, I’m bummed we’ll never find out what was in her bedroom closet!
  12. Thanks @brilliantfool for getting this out so quickly! I hope you enjoy the rest of your time in Cali!
  13. YES, THEY’RE DOING THEIR VOWS IN KLINGON!! Just kidding, wanted to give the ladies on here a bit of a fright lol! Happy taping day for those lucky enough to go, looking forward to reactions later tonight!
  14. If leaving out family from the invite list is a questionnable issue, just look at the headlines involving Meghan Markle’s wedding issues lol!
  15. Agreed. And it isn’t just a past that was referred to (like a flashback to a negative pregnancy test in high school, or her Dad’s comments about the dumbasses she dated) but we also have Sheldon who tries calculating the number of men she had relations with based on HIS observations of guys he’s seen come and go. Penny has matured over the years to be sure (as most of the others) but there’s no denying who she was.
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