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  1. 8 hours ago, Tensor said:

     They are released no earlier than 30 days before the taping.  2/25 would be 36 days before the taping, so it will be on 3/4 as day 30 would be 3/3, which is  a Sunday.  Although, the way the season has gone, you may want to check on 3/3, just in case.  

    thanks, wasn’t sure if they preferred to release them a few days early vs late

  2. On 5/14/2018 at 12:25 AM, Jonny said:

    The way I think it should be going on forward on TBBT is that Sheldon needs to have memories both good and bad about his father going forward because that to me is the more realistic and accurate portrayal here.

    I agree. Everyone including parents are flawed and it’s okay to portray that. We have absolutely no idea why the dad became the way he is and what the backstory to it all might be. YS will probably never explore it either, too dark of a turn in my opinion.

  3. Perfectly done wedding and season finale! Makes me very excited for S12 after the summer. My feel good takeaways from the episode (Ill let the scenes speak for themselves)...

    * Amy/Missy hug (Amy gets a sister!) and  George’s funny reaction to Amy doing a southern accent. Sheldon siblings have embraced Amy!

    * Sheldon thanking Mary for his life (as a parent myself it got me in the feels for sure)

    * Sheldon tells Leonard he will always be HIS problem. It felt right, like a nod to Leonard that he will always be a part of his life

    * Hamill crying lol!

    * Amy’s vows, a beautiful recap of her journey with Sheldon over the years

    The writers knocked this one out of the park, well done!!

  4. 3 hours ago, Sah said:

    No reception. Just a glorious wedding ceremony.

    Yes! I keep hoping to see a picture on the fridge of the two of them. Or on the bookshelf. I have yet to see one. Perhaps they will decide to put up a wedding picture I will settle for one of the two of them alone or with one with friends or family. 

    or maybe a pic of the happy couple cutting a three tiered chocolate cake with pink frosting lol!

  5. On May 5, 2018 at 7:16 AM, Jonny said:

    Sorry for them that they will be disappointed in some way, I think many of us (it's blatantly obvious) are disappointed about 'some' aspects of it. We all have our own desires and wishes when it comes what we want to see and do you know why? It's because we all care a lot about this couple or if you are not a shipper these characters individually. Criticism and debate doesn't mean you don't care, or that you are less of a fan in fact I would strongly argue it's the opposite.

    Sometimes I think it gets lost how difficult it is for the writers to cram everything they want to or envisage in just 20 mins. The guest star thing, sure I would probably have reduced the guest stars even further to give us more interactions especially wedding ones but overall I would say from reading the TR they haven't made it all about the guest stars, which this show has been guilty of in the past.

    At the end of the day the way I see it is IF after viewing it there are more things you 'like' than you 'dislike' then it's a pretty good end result.

    I remember my own wedding and reception afterwards as a whirlwind of activity and a wonderful blur, so I see the Shamy wedding with all of the guests stars etc. as being true to life. I remember being so busy saying hello to everyone, getting first dance in, dancing with family, toasts, etc etc that I never ate a slice of my own cake (I don't count the small chunk that my wife shoved in my face when we cut it!). I'm pretty excited for the traditional wedding with the big attendance and all the pomp going with it! With this show it COULD have ended in very different ways.


  6. 24 minutes ago, Jonny said:

    Moving on from dresses...

    - I like the sound of the vows a lot, they sound very beautiful and from the heart. 

    - It sounds like the guest stars don't dominate the proceedings like they did in 10.1, maybe the writers have learned something there that they are there to enhance the story not direct or dictate it.

    - After reading the TR I wish even more now we had gotten an episode with Amy's parents turning up earlier in the season, if they had ditched that Raj love triangle story for an episode introducing Amy's parents I would have took it lol.

    - The equation thing, at first I had a hard time believing they would get so distracted by it on such a big day but it sounds kind of cute. I hope and I really really hope this could lead to somehow and some way into seeing more of/or perhaps even leading to a new Shamy project in Season 12. If the show wants to focus on say fixing Raj in Season 12 and focusing on other characters a Shamy working together storyline in the background could lead to some nice stories.

    I think it would’ve been funny to have had Kripke sing “The Way You Look Tonight” as an insider joke. I, too, would have liked to see an intro of Amy’s parents prior to the wedding episode to get to know just a little about the folks who raised Amy. Certainly would be a better use of an episode than the upcoming “red eye” plot (though it’s probably a light and funny episode). I get that maybe securing Bates and Teller for two episodes vs. just the one would probably be difficult. Still...

    Maybe we will be lucky enough to see them again in S12.

    If only we could have had an hour special for the wedding episode! We could then have crammed a lot more of what we as fans wanted! I would really enjoy seeing the reception after the wedding—dances, cake cutting, bouquet toss, and booze flowing! All the makings for a mix of cuteness and comedy!

  7. Okay I’ll weigh in on the dress discussion too now that Ive had a good look at it—

    I like it because it screams Amy! It reminded me of a cross between a Victorian Mary Poppins and something a southern belle would wear in Georgia with the big poofy lower half. It’s perfect!

    I would have been disappointed with something less than over-the-top, because everything about this wedding to me should be just that- over the top! It’s a big deal, I mean we even have “Luke Skywalker” officiating lol. 

    So yeah, give me a beaming Amy in a frilly lacy poofy southern belle’s dress over a more tasteful (for lack of a better word) but plain satin dress for example. And when I first read it was “a lot going on” I feared something gaudy like giant roses popping out everywhere, or going out of the box with a bright pink or multi-colored thing.

    Taste is a very subjective thing and like Penny suggested last night, we’re all unique and different and what works for one doesnt work for all. For me, the dress is a hit for Amy!

  8. On 4/25/2018 at 3:17 AM, Jonny said:

    His behaviour has annoyed and even disgusted me at times too so I can understand why you might feel that way. I genuinely haven't a clue what is going to happen with him in possibly the final season, I'm hoping he changes and gets a nice payoff from that change or it could simply be more of the same.

    Someone once made a point to me that life has ups and downs, people seek happiness and fulfillment especially when it comes to relationships but some don't find it that easy even some never find it. They made the point to me that maybe that Raj is there to show that life is difficult and not everyone finds happiness. So yeah he might look like an 'outlier' when it comes to the theme of the show and you see almost all of them going from BF/GF to Man and Wife but maybe that's why Raj is there to kind of show the other side.

    I dunno I hope at the end he finds some happiness.

    I like Raj and still root for him to turnnit all around. He’s had Howard’s influence to guide him socially and with women, not exactly the best tone given the douchebag Howard was before he met Bernie. Howard grew up, but Raj is still stuck in that weird place (and without Howard as a wingman these days he’s left to figure it out).

    Raj was a spoiled brat most of his life but has had some humble pie served up to him in the form of reduced finanaces and the loss of two girlfriends that his inflated ego mucked up. I had hoped that his time spent finding new living arrangements, and his success at the aquarium, would be a catalyst for some soul-searching and honest change. 

    But then, we have the “lost drone” episode where Raj’s big mouth shows he still acts the same when it comes to women (sigh)....

  9. On 4/25/2018 at 2:17 AM, Jonny said:

    Forgot to add it's not that I don't want to see Raj actually find happiness at the end, like the others find this special person he can settle down and live his life with because I really do want to see this for all of them. It's just I honestly don't see anyone out there for him on the horizon, he hasn't changed a bit he still treats women abysmally and he doesn't value or respect the opposite sex.

    Until he takes a long hard look at himself and changes (it's much deeper than cutting off financial dependence from his parents and a haircut) I don't see where his future happiness lies.

    I always liked the Katy Perry singing veterinarian that we saw on Valentines Day. It’s too bad they couldn’t keep her and develop her as a love interest.

    I liked Emily too, I’m bummed we’ll never find out what was in her bedroom closet!

  10. 22 hours ago, Kathy2611 said:

    In story telling, we are both shown AND told. Unfortunately, the BBT isn’t like Ed TV (loved that movie, btw) where we see every moment of their lives.  We only see literally 8 hours of their lives in 1 year.  We don’t get to “see” everything.  Sometimes we are told something happened.  Leonard and Penny almost drowned in the ocean having sex.  We didn’t see it but it happened because they mentioned it in one of the shows.  They broke a rocking chair at a B&B having sex.  We didn’t see it but it happened because they mentioned it in one of the shows.  Sheldon got his drivers license.  We didn’t see it but it happened because they mentioned it in one of the shows.  Howard’s dad walked out on his family when he was a kid.  We didn’t see it but it happened because they mentioned it in one of the shows.  Amy got locked in the closet by a bat shit crazy mom (can’t wait to meet her) when she was a kid.  We didn’t see it but it happened because they mentioned it in one of the shows.  See where I’m going with this.....Penny slept with quite a few guys in her past.  We didn’t see it but it happened because they mentioned it in one of the shows.

    Now I will say she HAS matured and she has never strayed or cheated on Leonard while she’s been with him. For that I will stand and hardily applaud her for her LOYALTY.  But her past has been told.  By others in the group and by Penny herself.

    LOL.....then she herself should keep her past to herself.

    Agreed. And it isn’t just a past that was referred to (like a flashback to a negative pregnancy test in high school, or her Dad’s comments about the dumbasses she dated) but we also have Sheldon who tries calculating the number of men she had relations with based on HIS observations of guys he’s seen come and go.

    Penny has matured over the years to be sure (as most of the others) but there’s no denying who she was.

  11. Sounds like a recasting of Amy’s mom with Kathy Bates? Love the actress, Oscar winner and has played a lot of characters in her career. For me however she will always be the gal who took a sledgehammer to James Caan’s ankle in “Misery” and was the creepy mom who ran the front desk in “American Horror Story Hotel”. So IF she turns out to be Amy’s mom I’ll have to work hard to keep an open mind lol!


    My take on Amy’s mom signing her yearbook—


  12. A little late but here’s my take on last week’s episode—

    Like everyone here I loved it! Old school feels for the bachelorette party. A lot of us in the past discussed Amy’s transformation from the gal she was in the first couple of seasons to who she is today, and how today’s Amy may not be interested in a big wedding and all the bells and whistles associated with it. For me, her disappointment in the quilting bee and desire for a wild night out is evidence she still craves to some extent the “bells and whistles” associated with a first wedding! With that I’m hoping she gets a very special day when the vows are exchanged!

    Sheldon’s visit in the woods was nicely done and it was a warm and fuzzy moment when the guys point out to Sheldon that he has a fulfilling life. Sheldon vocalizing his happiness with where life has led him with Amy, and not desiring what could have been, should put to rest the notion of a “cold feet” scenario on the wedding day. It’s a done deal folks!

  13. 9 hours ago, April said:

    Shamy spoilers from the DT:

    Thanks so much!!

    I am really liking the sound of this. It flips the roles we usually see of them (as in: Sheldon is jealous and making an effort for Amy) and instead of just passively "putting up with Sheldon" (which is an angle that always annoys me) we see Amy actively working on the relationship as well.

    I just wish the writers would simply let her like some comic books -  it's not all super heroes and such so there should be something she'd like, too.

    A little old school jealous Amy, I like! Episodes where she spreads her scent around Sheldon’s office, reactions to new haircuts, and (lately) her reaction to the reappearance of Ramona at the beginning of the season—always get a laugh out of me!

    Like you said, it’s nice to see Amy go the extra mile to improve upon her relationship with the comic fandom that she used to trash in order to be part of Sheldon’s hobby.

  14. Reclusive means avoiding other people/solitary...so Sheldon decides to avoid any party thrown for him? It’s in his personality though he has attended events sometimes reluctantly (his birthday party). I’m hoping that’s not the case today though!

  15. 29 minutes ago, MsGreentea said:

    I think you are misinterpreting can’t wait for, they just confirmed that they have done it 4 times ina gag a couple of weeks ago. I guess it could be ambiguous but I certainly interpreted like I can’t wait for next Christmas.  Especially with the whole gag about it.

    Nope thats how I interpret it too. And my point I was making is that Amy was good with waiting another year too.

    14 minutes ago, Sah said:

    If both people are satisfied why is the frequency of physical intimacy a concern? All relationships are different...having sex 4 times a week does not necessarily make it a better relationship then having sex a couple times of year. It depends on the individual couple and if they are happy and getting their emotional and intimacy needs met. Not all acts of intimacy are about the act of sex alone...


  16. 1 hour ago, chucky said:

    But, now a days Amy is so jealous of what Penny and Bernadette has from their S.O. She wants the intimacy and sex. They have been together as a couple for maybe a bit over 6 years and all she has is sex maybe two times, Can't get Sheldon to be any kind of intimate. She knows her biological clock is ticking and she wants to put the pedal to the metal in their relationship. I hope she has fun having those 15 kids, cause  no way in hell will Penny do any of that for them.

    In the coitus episode Sheldon tells Amy he can’t wait until her next birthday so they  could “do it again”. Amy’s reply was “Works for me!”. Since then they have enjoyed sex a few more times with hints at other forms of intimacy they engage in. They did a little role playing involving Harry Potter I believe, and Sheldon initiates sex when Amy leaves for Princeton.

    Amy’s a patient person (like you point out, she’s been with Sheldon for a long stretch) and her pursuit of an intimate relationship with Sheldon is complete. She appears satisfied with it and, with talk of baby names and how many kids they each want, is not in the dark about where her relationship is headed. Marriage and a family is in the cards and I think she is very content with life with Sheldon.

  17. 41 minutes ago, Jonny said:

    I'm fully expecting the girls party to be way funnier than the boys one, with the guys one you could get drama or bickering.

    just take a peek at Howard’s lol...which, incidentally, Sheldon seemed to enjoy complete with knocking back a few drinks! I have no problem believing he would sign off on a bachelor party of his own!

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