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  1. Interesting article. I know Grok has been hinting at some kind of change coming, I hope it doesn’t change to a more “activist” type of site...
  2. glad to see JP ditched the silly hat for the curtain call lol!
  3. I’m kinda with @Sah on the sets and what not. I’m good with decoration changes and I enjoy looking for the little things on the set, but honestly I kinda miss some of the sets that are no longer with us— Raj and Amy’s apartments, Howard’s old bedroom, and especially The Cheesecake Factory! Shamy can use a change in 4b with regards to furniture but I hope they end their days there when the show ends. I would love to see a group meal at the Cheesecake Factory for old times sake!
  4. Me too when I was in high school. Own a few Avalon Hill games (Squad Leader, Arab Israeli Wars, Third Reich and a couple others) and enjoyed those board games as a teen. Had to laugh when I saw last night’s episode and saw the game spread out like that. Mine are gathering dust in the attic, and my wife thought I was crazy for ever playing them. We all have a past!
  5. You cant judge by YS the “prequel” because frankly they portray Meemaw way differently. The dad certainly isnt what Sheldon described in TBBT either—in fact I happen to like the dad character a lot in YS as opposed to the womanizing drunkard described in TBBT.
  6. Another rooftop wedding! Jk Jk, trolling for some angry comments lol
  7. I believe we have, those few steps there look familiar. Maybe the episode where they bounced a laser off the moon? And Zac feared the destruction of the moon? Not sure...
  8. While I think we can all agree that Amy’s “evolution” has been a bit speedier than Sheldon’s, I have to disagree that he hasn’t changed for obvious reasons. The guy who once disliked handholding, found sex off-putting, and wouldn’t entertain Amy being a roommate is now living with Amy and having sex (albeit infrequently) and initiates sex and kisses (and not because he was obligated to do it because it was “date night”). He even tips a glass now and then without being conned into it! The show continues to have him take two steps forward and one step back, and at times frustratingly so, but he is still making forward progress. Sheldon isnt the same guy in many ways...
  9. I liked the Meemaw visit and totally got where she was coming from with it. Meemaw, like most grandmothers, was overly protective and defensive of her grandchild. Mary was pragmatic and while she loves Sheldon she also continually dealt with his “challenges” and recognized how difficult he can be. Meemaw on the other hand was likely the grandma who ignored all that and spoiled Sheldon. She still treats him like a kid, bringing a toy train with her on the visit. Listen to how she talks to him too. Meemaw was there to “size up” Amy for herself and wanted to know how a gal who broke her Moonpie’s heart could be in his life once again. She also wanted to give Amy a piece of her mind (typical Texan, and Ill say that being the son of one!). Once Sheldon made it clear Amy was gonna remain in his life Meemaw took a step back—didnt say she liked Amy but suggested she wouldnt interfere. Meemaw’s visit can be seen as meddling. It can also be the act of a protective loved one who was angry that their grandkid was hurt badly. Both are accurate. What I took away from that episode was Amy getting hockey “checked” about the downside of the breakup, and Sheldon standing up for Amy to someone he loved and respected and setting the record straight. I liked the episode for those two reasons.
  10. Agreed, her reaction was relief and happiness rolled up in one. Thats not to say it cant be used as a throw away (the writers can do what they want) but it was portrayed by Amy as a big deal. Guess we will have to wait and see.
  11. Amy dated once a year to get her parents off her back about the topic. I like to think that her marriage would be a BIG deal to them and this would warrant a cameo at the least. They exist (we now know there is actually a dad in the picture!) so if we are ever to see them a wedding would be the best excuse for the appearance. I’d feel a little cheated if we dont at least get to meet dad once. Why mention him in the first place? That could have easily been left out of the proposal convo and no one wouldve blinked...
  12. haha no worries it happens! hard to keep up with all the details at a taping, glad you had fun Thank you and yes it does, I didnt put the two together before
  13. Thanks @Silver1984 ! Quick question- did they mention WHY gates was visiting Penny’s pharmaceutical company?
  14. I would like to see an Amy family visit, a bachelor/bachelorette party(s), and maybe a rehearsal dinner, before the actual wedding...please?
  15. I would be surprised if CBS doesnt promote the wedding before it airs in the same way 9.11 was. Its no secret that Shamy are marrying, and (as the coitus episode has shown) this is a popular couple on the show and in tv in general. I have to believe the wedding episode will be promoted heavily especially since wedding plans continue to be a part of the seasonal plots. It’ll be the “wedding of the century” or some other catch phrase the week before it airs. Now as far as a honeymoon goes, yeah Im not thinking thatll be shown.
  16. thanks for sharing, I thought it was enlightening and funny as hell!
  17. Yeah not sure why the writers wanted a date to be set FIRST, except that it gives them an excuse to have this episode lol
  18. Doing a little research...while Griffith Observatory is super famous as the observatory in LA, there are actually nine planetariums open to the public with Glendale Community College’s planetarium being closest to Pasadena. The Japanese Garden in Pasadena is beautiful and their website is all about it being a wedding venue! I think Inwould choose that over the planetarium, but this IS Shamy we’re talking about!
  19. Yup 9 months, said it twice (once during the opening scene with save the date cards and later when Sheldon suggested changing the date) Is that the only planetarium in LA?
  20. Yeah KC made some comment last night about sitting in her trailer or car most of the night because her scenes were done, said it tongue in cheek and I dont think she meant anything by it. She DID leave the set after the curtain call like a batboutta hell though lol, passed me in her Range Rover as I was walking through the studio lots on the way out. Mustve had something fun to get to?
  21. Ok you sleuths, so with the wedding date set at May 12 how far off was Amy when she predicted marriage with Sheldon several seasons ago?
  22. The show has spent a lot of time lately on Howardette (New baby and career/parenting struggles) and of course Shamy and wedding plans. With the wedding date set and presumably a “Go” Im betting the show moves on to some Lenny centric stuff at the beginning of S12. Baby? Sheldon did mention radiation and Leonard’s ability to have kids in the taping last night. Im gonna assume once Shamy marries their drama will surround settling into adulting as a married couple and whether they leave the apartment behind. S12 will all be about wrapping things up and moving on
  23. You can see it when she holds it but I doubt you can read the details other than seeing the brains
  24. Pretty darned cute! There was some talk about the MRIs but I couldnt remember the details. Amy looked pretty happy about them though, Sheldon too So question—if they actually have the wedding vows at the planetarium, does this setup Raj to be the officiant? Not sure I want that since it was kinda done with Howardette...
  25. I cant speak to the accuracy and Im sure I left some stuff out so feel free to correct or offer up your observations too please!
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