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  1. You can take driving lessons from companies and yes they provide their cars during the lessons, but they dont rent them out because of the liability (their instructor cant be with the student during the test at the department of motor vehicles, a test proctor sits with the student driver. Just one of those silly things an ex-cop would find curious and no one else lol
  2. Last night's episode was fine, not spectacular but not bad either. I enjoyed the opening better than most of you I suspect-- I enjoy the simple no-drama antics of the gang, and Raj playing that game with everyone chiming in (and Penny offering a wager) was fun. The Shamy scenes had me pondering things more than anything else. How did Shamy's sex life come up at Caltech that had Sheldon sharing details? Was he bragging (like his drunk call to Hawking when he bragged about kissing girls now) or was he disappointed in the once-a-year thing, or did someone ask and he merely answered without giving any thought to it? And just how did Sheldon get a license without owning a car to take the driving test?? He cant rent one without a license, DMV wont provide him with one, and I assume he didnt borrow one from any of the usual suspects since it was a secret. Dumb question to ponder lol, but I did. The episode also for me was a reminder that as much progress that Shamy have made they still stumble. In this case Sheldon continues to struggle with social norms, like exercising descretion and respecting boundaries. He did a good job of reflecting and offering a sincere apology. And in Amy's case I saw her justifiable anger transform into brooding pout mode that had her retreating to the bedroom. She knows how much Sheldon struggles with these things (just had an episode with him using an emotion detector that ends with him disappointed in himself). To me (and I know a lot of folks will disagree because Amy was justified in being pissed) Amy couldve taken a deep breath when she got home and talked with Sheldon. Instead she did her old school "storm off because you hurt me" impression. To her credit she bounced back fast enough once Sheldon offered his apology. All in all it was an okay episode that had its moments for me.
  3. My wife and I for the most part always considered the relationship a huge girl crush on the popular girl like you just described. Penny was street smart, sexy and beautiful, and knew her way around relationships. Amy latched onto her pretty quickly and forced the friendship initially, which was good for a few laughs early on. I think the writers started to blur the lines a bit with some of their scenes between the two as Amy got more screen time and that relationship was fleshing out. They had Amy sharing an alcohol fueled kiss with her, had Amy pursue Penny into the bedroom during the slumber party to presumably grope her, and had Amy present a ridiculously priced painting of the two that was originally painted with them being nude. Im sure there are other examples of the writers toying with the line between a girl crush on the popular girl and something more. That being said, I thought those scenes were hilarious and never thought the writers would take it to the extreme with the relationship. I did, however, ask myself why the writers were "going there" with some of the dialogue and other scenes that suggested there was something more with Amy's view of Penny. In the end I figured the writers were presenting Amy as sort of a teen at band camp exploring things that maybe she didnt have an opportunity to do when growing up, given her sheltered upbringing and lack of social interactions with others. I still enjoy watching those earlier episodes of Amy and Penny; Amy has come a long way since then (which is fun to watch nowadays in its own right) but there are times I miss the inappropriate and awkward gal who was a bit insecure about herself and was over the top in her behavior. The cool thing about loving a show thats in its 10th season is that there is such a long history with the characters, and we can go back and forth in their worlds through dvd's to enjoy them to suit our moods!
  4. They were both super silly in that tag and the wife and I howled! Looked like JP had fun with that boy toy role and Mayim was over the top with the swoon! Now, the wake up jolt in the car was funny but we both wondered aloud--you can get to the railway faster but for what? "I can get us there in two hours because I cant wait to not have sex with you!! We can have a heavy make out session though!" I think you and I are both of the same camp on the topic of being content with Shamy sex ovcurring only once a year as long as Shamy is happy with it, but it's scenes like this that still have me scratching my head because the writers seem to infer there is a sexual payoff in the end (and we know there isnt supposed to be one). That aside, funny scene and episode!
  5. Thoughts on Amy's teary eyed confessional in the backseat? Trying to make Penny feel better or truly feeling a bit left behind and wondering if Sheldon has forgotten about marriage? I kinda felt she was being serious...
  6. "The kid with the two shirts" perfect lol!
  7. I agree and will have to see more as well. Single guys have always attributed serious relationships contributing to the death of their "squads" and with good reason--it happens. Raj has cried foul in many episodes (I especially liked the one where he threw a hissy fit during a gaming weekend and showed Amy just how to "make a scene") and like you said, we are seeing less of the guys doing their usual stuff. The girls still get together for drinks and gossip in 4b, but when was the last time they went out together? Karaoke night with the fellas maybe? Comic-con episodes were one of those consistent "must do" things the guys did together. It was a big deal on the show when mentioned ( the infamous threesome with Raj and Howard, getting black market tickets in one episode, planning out group costumes, etc etc) and I hope this isnt one of those things that signals the start of the end of some of these staples of he show. Yeah maybe the guys started out the same way they always do for comic-con and things just didnt work out, but in real life its always easy to find an excuse to get out of things if you want. Sheldon would have made an exception for Raj to go, even gifting him the money in the same way he helped Penny with rent once. After all, this is SDCC!! Raj played loose with his money but he didnt kill a man lol. Eh, maybe this is all just my jitters at having no info on a S11 future and seeing all the milestones getting checked off in S9 and S10, and seeing some of the fun things with the group and the guys kind of making way for couple-driven plots and "growing up".
  8. I know the show is winding down, whether there is a season 11 or not, but I hope the couples arent growing up too much, and that this comic-con episode isnt a sign that some of the things that made the guys a "crew", like comic store trips and xbox night and comic-con, are fading as they get older and grow into their lives as "mature" mates for their significant others. I get that it would be true to life and realistic, but it still kind of makes me sad to see a comic-con trip fall apart. I feel sad for Sheldon too as the lone hold out--we know how important things like this are. I imagine the same for Raj is true since he is a fan of guy's night and other things that brings the group together (he's spent a lot if time on the sidelines over the years watching the couples do their thing). Ill have to see how it plays out but it rings as a sort of bittersweet plot to me on the surface. Thanks to those who gave us the info from last night's taping!
  9. Sheldon: "Yes! I don't need an emotion machine, I am one!" Totally reminded me of the scavenger hunt's "Yes, My brain is greater than everybody's!" line with the bowling ball lol...
  10. I miss the cheeky instagram photos of the new script covers we used to get regularly last season--you know the ones, pencils concealing most of the title and all of us weighing in on what we thought it was, and all the techy folks trying to gleam every pixle of the pics. Anyone know what happened to them??
  11. Let me just say that anything Shamy related is worth watching, and this new TR suggests another good episode for the couple. At the risk of sounding like someone complaining (I'm not really) I'm hoping this latest episode leads to something big soon. We all know Sheldon has a lot to work on, and we've seen several episodes addressing his growth both in the latter half of S9 and into this current season. It's been a running theme-Sheldon doing something wrong and Amy helping him work out his issue. I would like to see less of this recurring plot, if this makes sense. Its just getting a little old for me I guess. How about turning the tables and having Sheldon work out an Amy issue with her (She does after all have some growing to do as well right?)? I mean I get that showing Sheldon grow and mature, in not only his relationship with Amy but the rest of the gang, was an important plot in order to set up a possible engagement/marriage future, but how much more of the "Sheldon works on (insert issue)" arc do we have left? Sorry if this sounds negative, it's not meant to be. Just wondering if I'm in the minority here with it!
  12. With the season officially half way in the can, and tapings starting up again, Im more interested in hearing news of contract negotiations (if they are actually doing them as opposed to having already decided against extending the show past S10)than I am about any drama looming for our couple. Would love to know where we are at with this!
  13. Who's going to the taping on 2/22? Ha, THIS GUY! Anyone know why they are taping on 2/22 which is a Wednesday? I thought tapings were always Tuesday
  14. I loved the role reversals for both Amy and Sheldon: Amy with being the "host" for girls night, and Sheldon for the hot beverage scene where Leonard is the one going through the checklist of asking if hia tea was prepared correctly and Sheldon getting annoyed! I thought that bit was hilarious.
  15. I know all the ladies are lovin the kissing scene, but my favorite scene is the one right after- the "Ill miss you X+1" banter back and forth was adorable! Corny, but adorable.
  16. I agree. Its not so much the item being given but the meaning behind it-that they were thinking of the ladies. When Leonard came up with the snowflake idea he was away on a long trip and the snowflake represented his thoughts of her, and bringing back a peice of his trip to her. In Howard's case he was deep in thought about the looming trip to space, yet he still had Bernie in his thoughts and found a cute way of bringing back a peice of that trip to Bernie in the form of a "star" that was in space. Sheldon's gift was pretty literal, a snapshot of his brain while thinking of Amy. The fact that Amy is a neurobiologist takes the gift from being "cute" to being an awesome nod to her passion for her profession. Lets face it, when we all give someone a unique gift we're secretly a little proud of ourselves for going the extra mile, its human nature. But nonetheless it certainly doesnt diminish the thought and effort behind the gift and the pleasure it gives to the recepient. Those of us on the forum suggesting Sheldon's MRI gift is more about him are, IMO, missing the bigger picture.
  17. I know a lot of the lady shippers of Shamy go crazy over the kissing scenes (I would expect no less lol) but I prefer the giddy scenes where Amy is excited and Sheldon looks pleased. I like the same scene you did. I also liked Amy's reactions to "banner night for female genitalia", her popping out of the bathroom in her robe, and her flirty behavior when Sheldon suggested she was naughty and bad (that twirl of the scarf and her smirk, yes!)... i liked the way shift pointed at the stairs with her thumb and with tongue in cheek asked Sheldon if he wanted to go back up--and Sheldon has that contemplative and smirky xhin deop as he ponders the meaning behind it.
  18. aww hey, everyone is entitled to see things the way they see them! we all come on here to swap ideas and when we differ we make our points! Lord knows Ive been swayed a number of times, some if them by some of your fine posts. By the time I post my opinions Ive probably devoured an episode 3 or 4 times (no joke) and even then i change my mind after others point out there own observations.
  19. Yeah thats why I think itbwould be really good if the writers end this once a year business on Amy's birthday, and after seeing 10x11 and Sheldon's enthusiasm I think its a given that physical relations will be more normalized (fingers crossed). It would put an end once and for all to the questions of Sheldon's motivations when it comes to sex. Personally, I felt he was all in at the beginning--wakingbher up at the stroke of midnight, just to give her a gift and please just her with sex? Nah, he wanted it too and since he hasnt been "lucky" after the seduction episode I think its been on his mind more. But I do understand how others might see the opening scene a tad differently and thats fine too. The important thing is they both were pretty happy in this episode, and thatbis indisputable!
  20. I'll keep it brief-- Amy's giddiness, snarkiness, and adorableness (not a word I know!) throughout this episode is gonna make it one of my all time favorites! Happy Birthday to you indeed! Absolutely loved this episode! And Sheldon's choice of reading material in the waiting room--you've come a long way my friend!
  21. Hilarious thanks for sharing! JP has such a fun laugh when he screws up on set, love his out takes especially with Mayim. I'm hoping for a lot of this when S10 ends and the dvd comes out!
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