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  1. I've been to The Shard. It's fantastic! The view is incredible.
  2. Personally I can't believe people are giving her crap over a flag. I wouldn't care if someone used a German flag to wrap dead fish in it. But that's clearly a cultural thing.
  3. I'm just wondering why so many seem to feel threatened by Penny hugging a friend she's known for 9 years. I've tried imagining romantic Shenny many times and each time it gives me a good chuckle. Neither Penny nor Sheldon have what the other desires in a potential partner. They've grown to accept each other's flaws and like them, but after 9 years that's kinda what should happen between friends. Otherwise they would've walked away a long time ago. Not to mention that the writers (!) continuously portray Sheldon as Penny's brother, her son, even her dog. And lord knows none of these roles are in any way sexual. That role is reserved for Amy.
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