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  1. OMG. I've just watched and it has to have been the best BBT episode ever. Not "just" because of shamy coitus, but it was so funny, cute, well written and well played! I loved the star wars thing in the beginning (that rolling text thing). Sheldon was so so sweet and so in love. And Amy has never seemed happier. Arthur as a jedi killed me everytime he showed up. And in the end, when they showed Shamy's reaction to what they just did and the guys after the movie, it was incredibly funny. Specially when Raj said "I can't walk right now" or something along those lines. I've been aboard this ship for as long as I can remember, but I could never imagine a way they could make shamy's relationship physical without being OOC or sappy. And I've spent way too much time thinking about it but the writers absolutely nailed it! They found the perfect way to make it happen! I hope we get tons of extras (and the cuddling) when the DVDs come out. I hope we get to see Amy talking to Penny and Bernie about it and I definitely hope it is at least implied that this is a current thing for Sheldon and Amy now. Also, is it just me or Jim was incredibly hot in this ep? Tumblr will be a happy place tomorrow with all of the gifs people will surely make.
  2. Thank you!!! It's so good to know shamy is back in the right path. Thank god the drama and angst are over.
  3. Sheldon names an asteroid after Amy? Wow! I'm dead! He is so in love... Awww... Is there a new TR? Where can I find it? :D
  4. I don't know what hits me harder in this scene: the scorchingly hot shamy kiss (whoa! And it doens't even seem like it was open mouthed) or the hilarity of Dave's reaction. What the hell was that? Surprise? Excitement? Crazy dancing of joy?
  5. OMG. How are we suppose to stay alive until 9.10 and 9.11 with all this shamy-awesomeness??? I wonder how Amy will kick the door after Dave leaves considering she and Sheldon are almost out of the apartment in this pic. Maybe she will pull him with her and kick the door while still kissing him? That would be hot. And now I have this fantasy of Amy pushing Sheldon against the door and kissing the hell out of him. mirs1, thank you for the link to the glamour interview seven pages ago! You people have been talking a lot! lol
  6. Which interview is that? I think I missed it. And I hope Jim was joking. There is no way shamy coitus will only happen off camera after the first time! Let's go on a riot if that happens!
  7. Almost 200 episodes and we haven't yet met Sheldon's meemaw. Maybe she will show up for the wedding? :D
  8. I do hope there is a girls talk about shamy sex. I can just imagine Penny and Bernadette pestering Amy to spill the beans (kinda like they did when they found out Amy wrote a fanfiction).
  9. About 9.10... couldn't they realease clips of shamy kissing and kill us all at once? BTW, if it's hotter than in the 9.11 clip I might explode.
  10. Seems like Jim and Mayim had to do the kiss take many times. Maybe because Jim couldn't stop smiling from the looks of it (judging by those clips, I mean). That reminds of the spanking scene... I'm sensing a pattern here...
  11. Can I just say I love this topic so much I wanna live in it? It's almost midnight here but I can't think of sleeping with all this shamy-fest going on. \o/ And I find it funny that we are all talking about all of this as if the episode has already aired. As far as the show is concerned, Sheldon and Amy aren't even a couple anymore (yet). Oh, the angst of the unspoiled fans... I don't understand those who choose this path.
  12. But that was before he bit the forbbiden fruit, so to speak. lol I honestly don't think they'll make Sheldon act like a teenage boy, though. That would be too OOC for him, I think. And there is already too many people complaining about how he changed and is not himself anymore (not that I agree).
  13. Thank you Kerry and Kerry's friend for sharing so many details. I thought the whole break up arc was nonsense, but if that's what we get in return for being patient and sticking with the show, I feel very compensated! <3
  14. I wonder how their relationship might change after that. Will there be more touching? Will they joke about their sex life or will they keep it to themselves? Sheldon has always been the "no-touching" one, while Amy has been wanting more for a long time now. Maybe their dynamics will change and Sheldon will want more intimacy more often. Also, being the germophobe he is, I wonder how Sheldon will rationalize... exchanging bodily fluids with someone. lol
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