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  1. My mom used to watch Roseanne all the time back in the day. Johnny's character David was one of our favorites. I remember Simon Helberg from Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog. And Kaley! Does anyone remember the old Disney Channel movie Alley Cats Strike? Because I loved that movie. Around the same time she was in the tv movie Growing Up Brady, where she played Maureen McCormick. Looking back on it, that was a pretty good casting choice. (Not as good as the casting choices for The Brady Bunch Movie, but I quibble.)
  2. A very lovely episode! It really let Jim shine. I'm actually really happy with the progression of the Shamy story, this episode really kicked it into high gear. Now Leonard and Penny know Sheldon's side of the story, giving him more to play off of. Plus, we not only know Amy has been dating, we've seen her date. I personally like that, because if when Shamy reunite, we'll know that Amy isn't just settling on Sheldon. She's played the field. She knows empirically Sheldon is who she wants to be with. Also a great use of Wil Wheaton in the episode. Only the slightly evil Wil could get away with lightening the mood after sad Sheldon. Howard and Bernie having an actual adult conversation was nice, too. I also loved that Sheldon talked about "The Galileo Seven"! That is one of my favorite episodes of Star Trek TOS. (I'm a sucker for Spock and Bones trying to logic/emotion at each other.) It also happens to be an episode where Spock takes a leap of faith/act of last resort and refuses to admit that he did it out of emotion and not logic. How Sheldon-esque! And my squishy Shelnard heart went d'aaaaaw at Leonard making Sheldon a hot beverage at the end of the episode. It's the little things.
  3. It's hard to say whether people will be watching TBBT in 75 years time, considering the format of television sitcom isn't even that old. Consider how we are still just as enamored with I Love Lucy now as we were then. But then, Lucy does have the benefit of historical relevancy. I say that each decade has a handful of sitcoms that define them. TBBT is definitely one for its time, especially since (IMO) it kept the multi-camera sitcom alive during a time when single-camera comedy was making its big comeback. So yeah, I think it's a distinct possibility. Just like how 25 yo me is still gleefully watching The Colgate Comedy Hour and reruns of MASH, some young kid in 2080 might be just as gleefully watching TBBT and dreaming about the good old days of the turn of the century. But that's a whole different topic, lemme get back to the topic at hand. Big Bang as a movie? I'm not sure. If I got to decide, I'd say let the series end nice and proper and then (however many years down the line) TV reunion special! It's not impossible, I got my dream of new X-Files and I'm still holding out hope for a Friends Thanksgiving reunion.
  4. What an amazing variety of professions! It really goes to show you how a television show can bring together a diverse group of people. I myself am a theater technician, primarily specialized in lighting. And when I need to pay the bills, I can do clerical work, too.
  5. Sheldon in the ball pit from "The Einstein Approximation" probably has to be in my top 3 moments. I remember not being able to breath while watching that for the first time! Another great that comes to mind is drunk!Sheldon singing the Periodic Table of Elements in "The Pants Alternative". And Zazzles! Because he's zazzy.
  6. Hello and a tip of the hat to you all! *tips hat* I have to admit that I'm not new new to these forums as I've been lurking in your presence for a while, reading the threads and generally enjoying the conversation from a silent perspective. As it were, today I finally decided to be silent no more and become a bonafide member. I can't wait to join in the conversation!
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