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  1. Of course! Costs a fortune, wands are around £40 from memory.
  2. Assuming you mean Harry Potter tours the main one is Leavesden, where they shot the films. But some props and costumes are part of the Warner Bros Studios Tours in LA including the Sorting Hat.
  3. A couple more random thoughts: 1) the cosplay as school kids: we have gone from 9.12/13 with Sheldon lying on his bed skyping Amy like an early teen to them dressed up as boarding school kids who often wear uniforms to 18. In my mind the HP kids are remembered at the point we left them, which is around 17/18, so Shamy may have grown through their 'adolescence' in the last year and can now legitimately move forward as 'young adults' if you like in terms of relationship development 2) The maturity with which they approach their second time along with the fun, carefree nature of it co
  4. Do we think the scan is mapping love or lust?..... In this instance I'm leaning towards lust (or would either cover the same areas), I'm sure horniness must be subtly different from love?
  5. Been on the tour and that is what the tour guides say. #justiceforRavenclaw
  6. Ah, well it depends whether they were sorted at Warner Bros studios or not ( it's all a bit meta) but as the HP films never sort anyone into Ravenclaw they don't have John Hurt Audio for sorting anyone else into Ravenclaw so no one ( on the tour, or I assume at the theme park) is ever sorted into that house. If Sheldon just picked a house then I grant you it could be any of them.
  7. Thank you @ShamyBabboos @mirs1and @Maddie for the spoilers. Really appreciate the effort. So my wish for highly creative writing seems to be working so much so that we have the longest pregnancy ever*. However on the upside what a fabulous coitus 2.0 storyline! With all the build up to this and Sheldon's 'seduction for procreation' episode perhaps leaving the subject be for a few weeks created some perspective for Shamy and of course the deal about sex on her birthday always stood so at least Sheldon would be sure Amy would be up for that! Let's hope this is a jumping off point f
  8. Random thoughts I have had around these issues recently: 1) as it's not their first time we may end up 'hearing' about some sort of restart on their sex life in retrospect. As I have said before in the shipping lanes thread or may DT I want my TBBT stories to be so much more imaginative than plodding through a tick list and something I wouldn't necessarily guess. Generally this is what is delivered by the writers so I can envisage the subject of coitus 2.0 is resolved for us the viewers as say a cold open in 10.12 with Shamy post-coital in 4B in the New Year and the conversation clearly
  9. Or horror of horrors, there's no sign of coitus in 10.11. 10.12 catches up to real time so New Year and the episode starts with Shamy post-coital and we never know.....
  10. What's very exciting is that this could well be THE episode ( from what we can gleam) where Sheldon's decision on LA's is confirmed. The stuff is being sorted out and regardless of the arguments surrounding who owns what Sheldon has clearly decided to live permenantly with Amy. I know we Shamys got all that from the hallway scene, but for the confused there is now no doubt. This also clears the way for the arrival of Howardette's baby in 10.11 as I'm guessing tptb won't want to tackle that with all this going on so I don't imagine that is occurring as a side show. I'm liking the
  11. Heavens I go out to walk the dog as there's nothing spoilerish at 7am and get back to all this angst! Still time for some info.... And thanks again to all those that supply it. (I would have been happy to help but when I was in L.A. In the summer I was five days too early for a taping, bit of a bummer). Has anyone noticed that the title of an episode is often (but not always) related to the B plot or less so at this point who knows what might be going on..... ( last week it was the A plot admittedly, but take the Fish guts displacement as an eg. )
  12. This issue of screen time and salary is a weird one. Of course it's impossible to know how J/K feel about their story lines in the context of their salaries. I think in the circumstances they are smart to act together (no-one wants to see one of them go). I imagine it's a major factor though in their negotiations if it is an issue, so should there be a season 11 then a deal is likely to have been struck which J/K are happy with in every respect, consequently whatever screen time/story lines they have next season do stand a chance of being by mutual consent between them and tptb.
  13. As Howardette are more 'minor characters' than the big three the wedding plot covered the basics but the actual wedding was scrapped in favour of a scratch nerdy style affair in the end, pretty small scale. This premis is possibly also being used for the baby story so they can get all their standard baby gags out the way with minor characters in the frame. Presumably it's part of Howard's story arc that he has been converted from the sleazeball into a regular, in his case, hen-pecked guy. Not what you want for the leads. I think Leonard and Sheldon's life events if they need to come up at all
  14. Working up from the end: FWF falls under the heading 'running gag', and I said tptb don't seem to repeat 'major story lines' not one episode sagas/issues such as jealousy. Weddings are never dealt with very thoroughly on the show so why any different for Shamy if that's what it comes to I'm hoping going forward the writing gives us twists and surprises so that the tick lists of 'things to get through: weddings, babies, who lives where' is not the be all and end all. I want a quirky show where my fabulous nerdy characters and their friends make it through their lives in brilliant, ima
  15. Please ignore the quote (no idea what happened there. Sorry @heres2U.) @a.ayres pic on Instagram this week showing the writers white board got me thinking about strategy for the storylines overall So a couple of points combining this thought with recent posts here: Leonard has already achieved his pilot goal. He has married Penny and they have declared their intentions around the subjects of kids. Shamy may not marry (after all they are a quirky unconventional couple), the living together adjustment is going on now instead. Given the time devoted to Howardette's w
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