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  1. "I could stay really late and we can have our first sleepover

    The following scene is G-rated with a warning for families with babies and toddlers. :D

    Shamy fort.jpg




    "On once occasion, she licked her thumb to remove raspberry jelly from the corner of my mouth."

    Shamy Raspberry.jpg

    "You wore it the night we went ice skating, remember?"

    Shamy skating.jpg

  2. Haloo. Thanks @rgbcn for making this happen!

    Anyway, here's my submission for cast, as well as crossover. This is one of my drawings from IG and DeviantArt as timai37 :)

    TBBT gang HP style. Hope you like this.

    TBBT HOGWARTS Full.jpg

  3. I actually didn't want to comment originally because I'm one of the many who didn't like the episode. Also, the Shenny closeness is already irritating me haha pardon. But I'm not only a Shamy shipper I'm also as a Lenny shipper. I'm so mad at the writers right now. Not only did they invalidated the Little Lady endearment to Amy (Sheldon called Bernadette that), he also called Penny "babe" once. Haha, so irritating. I really wanted to comment here to spark some sort of discussion, but the only discussion I think I would inspire is pretty negative. Even while reading fan-fics, I say ah BS!, Sheldon is never gonna be that sweet or kind.

    I re-watched the last episode to try and find any redeeming qualities but the only good thing I ever saw was this:

    GIF.gif Somebody not treating Amy like crap.

  4. 3 minutes ago, brilliantfool said:

    Yesss I remember that one <3

    It was last week's episode (Viewing Party Combustion), and tbh I loved it much more in the taping than on screen! They've cut some stuff from the beginning of the episode to fit in an extra scene with Stuart, and because of that in my opinion the beginning seemed kind of incomplete/rushed a little bit... Also in that episode most scenes were shot in 4A/4B/elevator, and it was easy to see , so that was good!

    Aaaahh! Can you please share to us what they cut? I'm a spoiler free..so no reading of TR's. That episode has passed anyway so it's not spoiler anymore. :shy::shy::shy:

  5. 59 minutes ago, Jonny83 said:

    Another example, In the episode earlier this season (Season 9 episode 13?) when Sheldon was ill and annoyed the rest of the group so much they wanted to go to Vegas without him Amy pretty much said she was staying at her conference a few days after it finished because she didn't want to come back to take care of him.

    Now if they were still in some form of contractual agreement Sheldon you would assume would have mentioned it as as an obligation as taking care of each other was in the original agreement.

    I think it's dead.


    If it is...i'm glad it's dead...and kinda nice if Amy is exempted of his ocd with agreements

  6. 50 minutes ago, dana1010 said:

    When I think about the RA, I think of "that's so romantic" and "it's better than hot, it's binding". When I think about Amy not liking RA agreement meetings I think of the relationship summit at the beginning of train episode where they talk about Amy's potential nickname and where they will spend Valentine's Day. 

    That being said, I feel like I may have overlooked an important aspect to this line. Does this imply that since Amy never enjoyed the relationship agreement meetings that there is no more Relationship Agreement since they got back together? Am I wrong in thinking that? 

    Just likde RJ1013,  I love seeing some others voice some opinions


    I think Sheldon is not one to relinquish the relationship agreement but no one can tell until canon confirms. Amy may like the RA per se but not the meetings especially if Sheldon precides as seen in the latest ep. Also, there is still that part of her that wants what Penny and Bernie have with their husbands...remember how giddy she was when she can finally relate to sex. So it might be upsetting her to have to discuss little things with Sheldon through a meeting like it was a business conference. Who know what goes on in those meetings.

    22 hours ago, Stephen Hawking said:

    I guess that also means she was being sarcastic, when, on being presented with the Relationship Agreement, she she said "It’s so romantic.:( 

    EDIT: Beaten to it by RJ1013.

    I don't think she was being sarcastic there. She was just a little naive and inexperienced with romance back then that whatever she experiences with Sheldon is already romantic for her. Remember that she also found counting cells in her lab with Sheldon romantic...

  7. I enjoyed bits of the episode. There were some funny jokes, I hated Sheldon tonight but damn Jim's "meeting, meeting, bo-beating" cracked me up.

    Hmmm just wanna rant some. Leonard calling out Sheldon's douchie-ness here has been a long time coming, so no surprise for me. But what I appreciate more here is that Leonard and Amy finally stood up to there partners. Pardon, I'll include some Lenny here. There was always some double-standard among Lenny and Shamy when it comes to who loves whom more. It's always been kinda shown that Leonard and Amy feel more affection to their respective partners than the other, and most of the time tend to sacrifice more or be more considerate. Now, Leonard stood up to Penny and Amy stood up to Sheldon, and I love it. Hopefully this leads to Shelnard 'break-up', Yay!

    Also, a fun observation a found on tumblr: the douches stayed in the other apartment (besides Stuart of course) and I was like, riiiight.

  8. 2 hours ago, RJ1013 said:

    I approve of Jim's prediction :)  The Shelnard friendship is something that I enjoy, but I think that it's time for it to evolve. The current living arrangements simply make no sense at this point. There are two apartments, so it wouldn't even change the character interactions that much to separate them. I actually think a brief time of Sheldon living on his own might be interesting. That change wouldn't alter the show much at all. It's Amy moving in that would really change things.

    One last thing about the last episode. Having just finished a re-watch of season 5, it's amazing how different Sheldon is now, particularly when it comes to his facial expressions. While playing 'Never have I ever', his face was more expressive than ever before. It's fun to see Sheldon allowing himself to have a good time. Such a playful, flirty, and happy Sheldon would've been unthinkable not that long ago. It must be nice for Jim Parsons too, getting to play a character that is growing to show new emotions over the last few years.

    Yep, even his voice modulation. He's more cheerful/expressive now than before. I rewatched Season 1 and I'm kind of  this is a completely different Sheldon but at the same it's still him. He's so robotic, monotonous, and in control. Idk if I'm making any sense. Also, on Jim Parsons playing something different for his character: He wants a pillow talk for Shamy! I soooo wanna see that.

  9. 4 hours ago, RJ1013 said:

    Yeah, that's a bummer.  I hope you got a good Shamy episode too. Just don't tell us yet...

    Hey Sunny! It's not an easy thing to arrange when you live far away, but I sure hope you make it to a taping someday.

    I meant to reply to this before, but yesterday's post was already becoming a wall o' text. Anyway, a big yes to the bold. The living arrangements make no sense at this point, and changing that up would be refreshing. Unfortunately, I'm not so sure that they'll have the courage to change the basic setup of the show.

    More Shamy for the end of the season would be great as long as they don't leave us with another dramatic cliffhanger. I don't want another train trip or breakup kind of ending. Comedy and character development would be welcome, though.

    Yes to all! Also, Jim once mentioned in an interview about the difficulty on how they are going to separate Leonard and Sheldon whose lives as roommates have been really central to the show. And then he kind of said "maybe Amy moves in". This is not a spoiler though coz it's not really certain yet. But you know how Jim often predicts what happens? Like back in 2009 he kind of predicted Sheldon's love life. And then when he said in an interview at the beginning of season 9 that Sheldon and Amy should already do it...and then they did. I'm crossing my fingers right now. And I agree, no dramatic ending...at least for Lenny and Shamy. A Shelnard 'breakup' would be awesome coz that would lead to them finally separating apartments.

  10. 10 hours ago, RJ1013 said:

    I’m very late to the new episodes discussion party, but I really enjoyed these last two shows! I went to the taping for “The Big Bear Precipitation”, so I saw both it and 9.19 quite a while ago.

    Hey, I missed you! Good to know you'r back!

    54 minutes ago, dana1010 said:

    Damn girl we missed each other by a week. I went to the taping for the next episode.......don't mind me over here. haha


    I feel bad for you, that's all I can say. Hahaha.

  11. Okay...our babies are growing up. And I'm not just not talking about Shamy...I'm talking about all of them. I now know how my parents felt when my big bro got married.

    I had light fun with the episode. My favorite moment wasn't Shamy. It was when Howard and Leonard came back to the lab, told their wives the truth, and groveled with flowers and dates. Why? Because I honestly expected the humor to come from the boys lying and them actually getting caught by the girls. But no, tptb gave us sweet, honest husbands who loved their wives - and the joke was on Raj who got stuck in the closet, which he kind of deserved a little bit since he wanted to make out with married girls. They tiny "Yes" was really cute in the end and I forgave him for that.

    On our babies...waaaaaah! I can't believe how fluffy this was, it's almost surreal, like it came out of a fanfic. I didn't expect the writers to kinda admit Sheldon's psychological issues since they've been denying it for years, always saying "He's just Sheldon. Sheldon is Sheldon." But away from that now.

    This is another solid proof that Amy knows Sheldon more than he thinks he does. She knows what would make him happy (the laptop choice), what would tick him off (the 'wh' sounds in words with w's only), what would make him feel okay (the whole storage scene). But how she knows his mind so well is how little she knows how he feels, mostly toward her. Her bewildered look in the storage room when he apologizes because she might already think less of him. I love that they are sometimes so clueless about how one feels about the other, it adds mystery in their relationship, and a little tug in my heart from a viewer's perspective. Sheldon is not on his guard when he's around Leonard or Penny. But with Amy, he's on his defenses, tiptoeing on his emotions because he is afraid she'll think less of him.

    On the physical scenes or lack thereof, I can honestly say I can't complain. They never touched once but their conversation transcends boundaries beyond the physical. Sheldon's walls are breaking down, it's almost like seeing a robot take off its metal suit to reveal that it was an actual living human inside it. And of course, Jim Parsons' bed pose, smiling and grinning like a love struck teenager...I can't. This is the fourth time I remember seeing them in bed together (D&D, coitus, apology tour, and this) and I still freaking freak out. They had sex people. But they eye coitus still gets me, especially that one during tea time.

    I think I've said enough...but nearly not enough so I'll shut up now. Loved the fluff, I just wish someone would right a dirty talk fanfic picking up from the tag.

    And oh, even if he did in fact roll the golf ball back in the storage, doesn't this show how much he wanted to show Amy that he's willing to do it for her? Baby steps she said. That was more like a crawling baby step, but then....baby steps right?

  12. 12 minutes ago, Itwasdestined said:

    Really enjoyed this one. Laughed out loud a lot.

    Weird that its just before one of those odd "Penny is closer to Sheldon than Amy" episodes coming up but enjoyed it without needlessly stressing about inconsistency.

    And yes, even though it is an old joke seen by many as not funny, I laughed at Sheldon's bedroom scene admiring how good Amy looked ON HIS NEW LAPTOP SCREEN. Saw it coming a mile away but I still laughed. It was that kind of episode for me. I laughed a lot even though there was nothing new. But it was without angst, without drama, without unpopular ship connections and importantly for me, Funny.

    (I'll return to my cave now and avoid the next week of stressing over the following weeks' episodes and the apparent destruction of the Lenny marriage.)


    I seriously want you to be my friend and watch the show with you in your cave. You're the kind of fan that takes away all my troubles and make them seem so far away~~~.

    I LOL-ed at the bedroom scene, too. I knew it was coming - I don't expected Sheldon to do 'that' any sooner - but man, his face, his position and his glow when he was in bed was swoon-worthy and really hilarious.

    On the next ep though and Lenny marriage, spoiler much and also...



  13. Ah, a so-so episode more or less.

    But what I appreciated here is the rare kind of growth that everybody (except maybe Raj) showed. Penny's appreciation on being married to a wonderful scientist despite it not being her plan in moving to California and even participating - and reminded me of that cute ignorance on the science stuff she had before she turned to the 'mother of the group'; Bernie's sweet pregnancy glow and that lovey-dovey look at Howard rather than the cringing @ his I'm a Casanova jokes, or the sneering if not nagging wife; Amy being sincerely supportive of Sheldon - from the 'funeral' to the storage even if she did want to take a moment to take his hoarding issues all in, but eventually said she didn't think less of him; Sheldon's walls breaking down and tptb sort of admitting he has psychological issues (first three seasons they would just say 'he's not autistic or OCD or whatever', and say something like 'he's just Sheldon, he's like that'). It reminds me of last episode, Amy did say 'And his obssessive-compulsive disorder' not behavior but disorder and he said 'Yeah, that too.'

    And my favorite part, even if it seems insignificant in this episode was honestly the moment when Leonard and Howard walked in with the flowers and apologized. I was half-expecting they would continue on the ruse and they'd be busted just for the sake of humor. Instead the joke was on Raj, who kind of rightly deserved it since he was kind of being a jerk for wanting to make out with his friends' wives. And kudos to Penny for calling out that that joke isn't funny.

  14. On 3/23/2016 at 1:58 AM, Cindi May said:

    I love everything about this post.

    One thing we can agree on. I miss the geeky stuff and the S/P cat fights just as I miss the times S/A used to get each other when others don't. And Bernie is kind of turned into a housewife when she's a badass microbiologist that deals with dangerous substance. And Penny's actress dreams lost. But sometimes life happens *sigh* and we all face grown up problems at some point. :/

  15. 31 minutes ago, Cindi May said:

    That scene wasn't exactly like brother and sister. That would have been the creepiest bro and sis scene ever. He just had an orgasm.

    23 minutes ago, Kathy2611 said:

    OMG!  Seriously?  He did NOT have an orgasm.  He got to complete something he NEEDED to because of his "quirks" (sorry, can't think of the right word I want, it's 7am where I am and not enough coffee :icon_razz:) and it was extremely satisfying to him to be able to complete all those tasks.  I really wouldn't call what he did on the floor as an actual orgasm!

    If he did, it was because of Amy. He ain't thinkin' about Penny when he was moaning his way down the domino lane.

    24 minutes ago, Cindi May said:

    Believe what you want to believe.  Critics don't have anything to do with ratings. The majority of critics think the show was better in the early years- and not only critics, a lot of fans as well.

    Right back at ya, sweetie. :icon_cheesygrin:

  16. 6 hours ago, Cindi May said:

    I suggest to look at general opinions on the show outside of the hardcore fans and you will see what I mean.

    The 'general opinions' are the ratings. As to the general opinions on the show outside of the hardcore fans, there are independent reviews, critiques, news, features, and specials dedicated to the growth of the show. I suggest you look at that and you will see what I mean.


  17. 35 minutes ago, 3ku11 said:

    Leonard is Pennys best friend. Has been since pilot. She even said so in.her vows. "Your my best friend, and the love of my life". She even quoted Toy Story for him. Look op.I.understand your a fan of the dynamic. But you gotta understand things change. I personally have never considered Sheldon and PENNY Friends. Vicariously through Leonard sure. But now she's MARRIED shows just moved on. Definitely not best friends. More sibling maternal. Penny is like the parallel to Missy. The sister Sheldon NEVER had. But I think ppl tend to oversell or state the Sp dynamic. When in realty it's Lenny imo that orbits it all. Besides op you opened up  forum. For discussion. So dont badger ppl for simply stating an opinon. Unless YOUR one of those Sheldon apologists heh.

    Used to love this friendship very much, even more than how much I ship Lenny and Shamy. I miss it too. And I miss the appreciation I had for Sheldon and Penny's dynamic...But because of all this overselling and bashing that results from such overselling, whenever there is a Shenny scene, tbh my reactions have gone down to "Oh what are these people gonna say now?" instead of "hahaha these two are so funny".

  18. 25 minutes ago, Kathy2611 said:

    Yes it was!  The girls that went said they stopped right before J & M kissed but I guess they had them really do it later and used the kiss instead of the cuddle.

    Awww how sweet for tptb to do that...the spoiled ones must've been really extra happy...

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