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  1. When I realized Sheldon's birthday is around the 200th episode..... Oohhhhh the possibilities!....But I hope it's a group episode where Sheldon is not being a bitch just because it's (or I HOPE it is) his birthday. it's the 200th ep, come on! But the 200th ep is still so faraway anyway. We have two episodes more to go.
  2. I don't want the old dynamics again, too. It's just that what I've observed over the last seasons is that the writers have trouble letting go of their old stories even if they don't work as well as they did anymore. It's like when they take a big step forward, they also take a bigger step back. I'm looking forward to Valentine's day with a lot of hope...and isn't Sheldon's birthday coming up, too? Maybe Amy's present will be---------
  3. Well, maybe they'll go back to their old dynamics where Amy wants things and Sheldon thinks it's getting faster. Who knows. Valentine's day is coming, there might be hope for quirky sweet. Speaking of sweet, I loved Sheldon's "I just gave you my virginity, WOMAN." I really liked it when he referred to her as 'my woman' when she and Wil Wheaton had a fight. Makes you realize he's a grown up man and not an immature man-child.
  4. I agree with you on this. Now we see where Sheldon gets his personality (with Meemaw praising Penny and unintentionally insulting Leonard's chosen career). I also kind of like how they project Meemaw's character. We thought of her as sweet and caring (well she is, at least to Sheldon) but we meet a different kind of woman. It's fresh. But it seems her character wasn't used to its best in the story. I'm fine with mean Meemaw but her being mean did not really establish a connection with Amy. When we compare this with when Penny met Beverly for the first time, there was a disapproval but eventually the two women were allowed to relate with each other in the end even if Beverly did not completely approve of Penny. Penny and Bev had a connection. The writers had that opportunity for Meemaw and Amy. Instead we get Sheldon's half-assed intervention (yes, I daresay it is largely because he was urged by Penny and Leonard) between the women, ruining what could have been a meaningful conversation. It's a comedy show, I get that it has to be funny. But it's not like they can't make jokes around those types of conversations. Besides, what they opted for wasn't that funny at all. And as for Amy, where's the girl who said "His quirks just make you love him more" and smiling despite everybody's scowls? Now she's just "putting up with him"? And she's his best shot? Oh, we know she is. But the way she said it sounded arrogant. Is it the script? or is it Mayim's delivery? I rewatched the episodes 10 to 14 in a marathon. Amy in the last one ain't the Amy character I know.
  5. There's many things I want to say...but I guess the review by the AVClub guy pretty much tells what I feel. I got worried about the poll for nothing--and I mean nothing. And Amy feels off in this episode for some reason. Anyone share the same sentiments?
  6. Well, I hope it's not as nightmarish as what happened in episode 2. I tend to visit the old pages in the spoilers thread and view posts of the aired episodes. People did overreact..and I know it was just a nightmare...but to me it really was horrible. Leonard's subconscious has a weird imagination.
  7. I just saw a 'disturbing' poll about Shamy. Should I be worried of the new episode?
  8. You know. The ones that aren't supposed to be eaten.
  9. Tables in some of the restaurants in our area are adorned with fake bread sticks instead of flowers.
  10. Okay here's my top 5: 1.) Holding hands with interlocking fingers 2.) Yes, a Sheldon-initiated hug! 3.) SIK where Sheldon holds Amy's face. It'll probably kill me, but what a good way to die. 4.) They meet each other's families...especially Amy meeting Mary/Meemaw. 5.) Sheldon calls Amy little lady...even as a passing joke. He said it once over the last three seasons, so hearing those two words at least once this season would be nice.
  11. Yep! Considering many Star Trek fans didn't like him playing Khan and considering Sheldon prefers the original (with Quinto being the exception). But Benedict is sooo expensive and busy nowadays.
  12. He could be. He almost asked her to marry him. The reason he didn't continue was because he saw Amy and Dave kiss. However, I think the point of that epiphany was he that he realized how valuable Amy has become to him and that he was gonna tell her no matter what. "I don't care" was his sentiments when he got there. So it's possible that Sheldon would still have gone running back to her.
  13. It's so quiet here, I can't help but wonder what's happening at the spoiler thread. The number of thread page there is increasing at an alarming rate. I wonder if something big's gonna happen. Can we talk about something here? I'm really tempted to peek. I've run out of fan fictions to read. I've read all the news about Mayim's win on Critics' Choice. I'm even thinking of trolling at the vintagehq just to keep the temptations at bay. Hahaha. Anyway, for the sake of conversation, what is your Shamy wishlist? My personal number 1 would be holding hands with interlocking fingers. :D
  14. When I first joined, I didn't have that too. After you post a certain number of posts I think you'll be able to like posts. I don't remember when the like button appeared for me. Don't feel deprived. You're very welcome here!
  15. I'm sorry Mayim wasn't there but I'm jealous of you. My friend and I are putting it on our bucket list to watch a tbbt taping. On the map, we live about 12 time zones away from the studio. So...here's to hoping.
  16. Before anything else, I'm happy that tptb granted our wishes two eps a row with the group story, Rajily and my personal wish Raj/Sheldon. Even if Amy wasn't there, it was all fun since she had alone-time with Sheldon IN HIS BEDROOM. On to our babies, what hit home for me was the "gentle and loving" way they were talking with each other on Skype. And that was just on Skype! How much sweeter can they be when they're physically together? It doesn't really hurt me that Amy stayed away. I would have loved to hear her sing Soft Kitty (not probable right now because of the copyright issues) and see Mayim rubbing Jim's chest . But I think why Amy is away is because of Mayim's injury. Their scenes seem nostalgic to me, when way back S4/5 Sheldon tells Amy about his 'problems', Amy gives him advice and he listens. Bonus: Sheldon lying on his stomach, his feet hovering in the air while talking to Amy. So adorable!
  17. Can somebody pls tell me what this bigbangtheoryhq site is? I tried looking for negative criticisms/reviews on the ep 11 just to see a different perspective. That's the only review i found. I don't know why but it felt like learning my younger sibling was bullied in school while I read the comments about Amy. It was baseless, biased and taken personally. I was too bothered to explore the site even if it was fairly designed. I don't want to be prejudiced but is this a Shamy-bashing shenny site?
  18. I love their interactions on-screen but not as a couple. I think they are the best pair on tbbt when it comes to making jokes happen IYKWIM. Sadly, recently when I discovered some shennies bashing Amy-then Mayim-and now, Jim, I started to get internal defensive thoughts. Now, whenever I see cute sheldon and penny interactions I'm like "what are those shennies gonna say now?" Because of them, I can't appreciate shenny interactions than I did before. So sad that this is how my brain works.
  19. Hi! I just wanted to share this video I made... :D Making good use of all the angst and the emotional turmoil brought about by the first half (and pretty much nothing is going on in my life right now apart from Shamy).
  20. Now that the 'storm' has quieted down and our babies have settled in a happy place, I thought of making this video. This is so I can put to good use all the angst we have experienced over the first-half this season.
  21. Absolutely. Like the kisses, there was never a provision of it in the RA until later when Sheldon initiated (and liked) it. Idk if sex follows the same rule now that he's changed so much. The RA is the last thing on my mind right now. I just miss their quirkiness so much because most of this season's episodes were filled with angst/hurt. But I miss group eps even more. Raj's stories have not shown some kind of deeper substance. It would be nice to have him and Sheldon interact again like those episodes when Sheldon was his wingman or substitute roomie. Raj/Sheldon activities are pretty rare.
  22. Can somebody give me a link to the interview where Jim says "I hope they don't take you away" referring to Mayim?
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