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  1. Happy new year...i want to share something i posted on the spoilers thread. The women to whom Sheldon showed interest (sort of) pre-Amy from seasons 1-3.
  2. Happy new year! Here's something to look back and ponder on. Sheldon's women from seasons 1-3 (pre-Amy)
  3. If they had an RA, would it include provisions for coitus? Scheduled like date nights? It could be a fun source of humor. That said, there's a possibility that there wouldn't be an RA. Sheldon was concerned about litigation and asked Amy to specifically give verbal consent before he 'gives it to her'. He was about to download a contract but Amy kissed him and he was just lost in the moment. That btw is my favorite scene of the episode. That might be an indication that he couldn't care about the legalities (or himself) more than he cares about Amy and that he completely trusts her. As a fan though, I think the RA is what separates them from any couple I know on TV. And since it's binding, it could be likened to a marriage contract which is essentially a relationship agreement provided by the law. RA or no RA, it's still a win for me.
  4. I was re-reading spoiler posts before the starwars ep (coz I usually hangout at the spoiler free thread). I must say, ya nailed it!
  5. I just want to share this...we all miss the ensemble episodes. :D
  6. Well now that we're nitpicking, I kind of expected to see the Tardis. Did Amy take down the Tardis door to her bedroom? she did have it installed sometime ago right? I don't know what episode exactly. If she did, it's a shame. I really wanted to see it. Other than that, I was fine. I liked the earworm episode better if we talk about Shamy moments. I think I expected more because of the promos that have been going on. But Sheldon's line "We can find out together" just won me over. Everything else was hilarious. Some people are saying the show has become too soap operish. I say this is the perfect balance of funny and sweet. Not too comedy and not too mushy.
  7. When I saw the spoilers just about two days ago, I was like: After watching it....I'm now:
  8. Just remembering Season 4--- with my roomies Me: That's it, I'm digging the Shamy, too. Roomy1: (she's a shenny) what the hell?? a;sasdl;fj a;our ;lakjf ..SHENNY'S THE BEST... they are so opposite and opposites attract, penny made sheldon this, penny did this to sheldon, sheldon did this for penny...blah blah blah Roomy2: (she's the sensible one) ...screw you, Shenard forever!!!!!!!!!!! Me and roomy1 were like
  9. Yeah, you're probably right. The most plausible interpretation is that Sheldon just doesn't care about Dave or anything at that moment. It's just getting Amy back. The extra hugging and the facial expression were just probably brought about by Jim's superb execution of the scene. But you know how some of us are...we make a big deal out of every little detail. It's what makes us happy.
  10. Just some little things: Sheldon's face when his eidetic memory reminds him that "This is the man who kissed her". And when he was about to kiss Amy, he kind of gave Dave a once over....and then when Dave stepped closer to Amy while they were makin out, Sheldon kind of tightened the hug like "She's mine."
  11. Who knows. We do know a couple who had a five-year relationship who didn't have any of that...
  12. You're preaching to the choir, dana1010. I get gastric butterflies whenever I hear Amy's "Get back here!" and then their kiss...and then their arms.... Gah!
  13. Even if I already know the spoiler from Molaro, I can't think much about the next episode yet. I'm still on cloud 9 even if it's been three days since i saw the earmworm ep. Wherever I am, I'm still like:
  14. Hi. I've been lurking...but decided to join the forum bec. you're not making enough fanfics. I thought you should know. Seriously, you're one of my favorites. Anyway, I have seen some snippets (sadly) of the next ep. And yes, it is best to stay away from the internet as much as possible. Spoilers are all over it nowadays. Spoilers have been around but not like this. Even in the news...it's strange.
  15. I thought it was perfect too. And I think it's very Sheldony in a way that it's odd and not what we expect because Sheldon is odd and really unexpected. As Penny aptly put, "That's why he's number one."
  16. Well Kathy2611...a very big fat THANK YOU for not saying anything! I was jumping when Sheldon started analyzing the lyrics then rushing out of the apartment. Thank god i was standing when he went to Amy's apartment and made out. I would have fallen off my chair! I even downloaded it. It's now on my playlist. That said, I love being in the spoiler-free zone. To you spoiled shamy trash, thank you very much for holding back. I have no idea how you "suffered in silence" and you have no idea how much that suffering meant to us unspoiled little brats.
  17. Downloaded Darlin' by the beach boys because of this...hahaha... The lyrics... just... ...
  18. I'm a big fan of Mayim, but I do agree with you. But I didn't like it more of how the story went. I don't see how the lead guy would break up with his girlfriend for Mayim's character. And I'm not sure if I learned a valuable lesson considering it's a Christmas story. I liked Mayim's acting though. It looked natural.
  19. I love the Lenny interactions when they're getting along...like when they high fived or something after saying their excuse to not hang out with Sheldon. I don't know if it's just me or Penny just doesn't look like she's enjoying the marriage. I miss sweet Penny who can be romantic at unexpected moments.
  20. I honestly hope it's Meemaw. Maybe there would be some interesting character developments about Sheldon that BBT critics are raving about. Not specifically growth on Sheldon's part but maybe getting to know him a little bit deeper.
  21. I'm not so sure if I'm allowed to, but I just got to have an outlet for all this Shamy sadness. I kinda miss the quirky Amy whom Sheldon wanted to buy a beverage when they first met. It was also sad how Sheldon said "I excel in so many things but getting over you wasn't one of them." The use of 'was' meant he's gotten over her? This is wrecking me. However, since the writers are going after growth, it makes sense to let the characters show us some deeper emotions. This is like disney's inside out, with sadness coming to us in tidal waves. By the way, with 09x07 I had to make a fan fic to calm myself. This episode 09x09, I spent my last eight hours making this video to remind my self (and maybe some of you) of the good times: https://youtu.be/eD49gH3xK04
  22. To 09x07: I was so wrecked I just had to make this:https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11604112/1/The-Marriage-Termination-Clause
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