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  1. Ok, let's get back to this problem: When will they have coitus again? And will it be at 4A? I know but as a fangirl, I have no shame. But, I'm fangirling here all over again.
  2. You guysssssssssss, check this out!!!!!
  3. OMG, JUST FINISHED WATCHING EPISODE 10, I'm speechless. This is literally me after the episode:
  4. So I came across these gifs on tumblr and I think everyone should see this: (These are from http://well-i-know-nothing-at-all.tumblr.com/post/134860445358/or-i-have-the-dirtiest-minds-of-all-or-i) Oh, I so get these jokes. I am getting dirtier and dirtier everyday.
  5. I've been struggling with this: Will Amy watch the "Spockumentary" and figure out about the ring before or after Sheldon's proposing her? I NEED AN ANSWERRRR (Omg is the picture above Stephen Merchant????)
  6. According to Starwatchbyline, here is a short summary of ep 12: Leonard and Penny go visit a psychiatrist as part of her sales call and learn some things about their interaction (each on their own), and find it helpful. Amy is off at a conference while Sheldon and Raj, at the Telescope manage to locate a mid-sized asteroid in their pursuit to find a new planet. Sheldon receives a couple of Skype calls from Amy where they share loving exchanges (no mention of their coitus, but still clear they are in love.) Stuart moves out of the Wolowitz home and Howard and Bernadette realize how much they miss him after he is no longer living there.
  7. Hey guys, here is a topic besides discussing about the actors: When will they do it again? Next episode or in some special ocassions?
  8. I was busy the whole day and then came home. BAM! The pictures and videos are release. I scream so loud that I almost fell off my chair. LONG LIVE THE SHAMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. OMG, that is amazing Kazzie. So excited!! Anyway, I have just come across this fan fiction: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9671946/12/The-Proposal-Reaction This consists of the best Shamy proposal ever!
  10. Considering the fact Amy before and during season 4 was a bit "quirky" like Sheldon, this Fiasal prince seems to be a perfectly unique person as well (quoting Mary Cooper) to have had an engagment with her.
  11. Aw, that is such a pity. Well, if that is the case then I think this is just another accidental comedic line like Sheldon's "I can't wait until your next birthday so we can do it again".
  12. Does anybody recall Amy mentioning Faisal, her "fiancé" in season 4? I have just rewatched that episode and now want him to make an appearance. Seeing how Sheldon will react is quite fascinating!
  13. Okay, one last attempt of changing topics from Sheldon's sexual orientation. What do you guys think about episode 12's plot line? Please reply.
  14. Okay, so we have about 9 to 10 days before episode 10 airs, and 7 to 8 days before episode 12's taping.
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