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  1. They were up again for a few minutes, were you able to submit a request? I sent one (the ticket is for a friend), but I got a timeout error, as always. Well, I'll say to him to send an email to them and see if it worked.
  2. Anyone trying to get tickets today? They were up for like 2 minutes and now the website seems offline...
  3. I think the only time when Amy was alone on the couch was when Sheldon got up saying "It's addendum time!", so they probably cut whatever was said after that and Amy's winking. Overall, it was a nice episode. Laughed a lot with Raj and the girls and even though I'm not sure where they're going with Raj, I admit I found the back and forth with Emily and Claire really funny. We didn't have a lot of Shamy, but that's ok, we're getting it next ep (that will air only in three weeks... argh). At least we got some more of Amy defending Sheldon.
  4. Just watched the promo for Thursday's episode... Can somebody please tell me where can I get the "Shelvetica" font? I would use it on all my homeworks (and contracts LOL)
  5. When I left the taping at 9 PM, I looked on the Transit app and it said there was a bus coming, but I didn't take it because a kind forum member that I met there gave me a ride lol (thanks again, jlove!). So maybe you looked at a weekend timetable? Take a look on the Metro website: https://www.metro.net/riding/maps/200-299/
  6. Well, when I went to a taping last month, I was also on Hollywood Boulevard, and I took a bus (222 if I'm not mistaken) that stops right across the street from where the line is. It was really quick and I didn't have any problems. Maybe you can consider taking it... But keep in mind that it passes only once each hour.
  7. First, thanks so much to all of those who gave us taping info! It's nice to have a Shamy light episode with them happy on the background! Can't wait to see Amy on girls night, it looks really funny lol And drunk Sheldon, yay! He's so funny when he's drunk, and even intoxicated he was a good friend to Howard, helping to calm him down and saying he's going to be a good father. At least this time he didn't drop his pants (I'm not sure if I'm happy or sad about it lol). About the 200th... I don't have the creativity you guys have, so I really can't think about a plot that involves all those guest stars, but I hope it's going to be a really special one!
  8. I said it on the chat room, because I thought I had heard that, but as English is not my first language and none of the other girls confirmed it, I probably misunderstood it. Just ignore it please
  9. Wow, you have an amazing memory @jlove! I only remember the useless details, like that Raj loves the good dinosaur and has some lilo and stitch collectibles lol
  10. They cut right after he said that line. I couldn't see her reaction because my seat didn't have a good view of the couch...
  11. Well... When Amy sees her sitting on his spot, she mentions that he never lets her sit there, and he says "and you never will" =/ But I hope he changes that soon!
  12. But I think someone here guessed the title right! It was "The Meemaw Materialization"
  13. So it was a really funny episode! But turns out the kids only appeared on the tag scene and were Raj's imaginary family with the girl he just met LOL They showed us Thursday episode and it was also really funny!
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