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  1. You are actually trying to kill me. Hoooooo
  2. I think Darlin' was the perfect song choice also because they needed to tie Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys into "brilliant minds descending into madness." That's how he realized what the song was. They needed a pretty obscure song but also a song that Sheldon might have heart growing up, and they also needed it to be by an artist who lost their marbles. None of those old bands like the Beatles, for example, had a member who fit that category. At least not to my knowledge. The song might not be everyone's cup of tea (although knowing it's Shamy's song and it reminds me of them makes me love it quite a lot ) but you gotta admit, with the criteria and the lyrics, it's pretty dang perfect. It also just sounds cute and quirky, like Shamy.
  3. Look at those lips! Oh my... this really is the hottest liplock they've ever had. I need to see this kiss in HD.
  4. Yeah, I definitely think Shamy's kissing is something that will keep progressing. These kissing were extremely passionate (look at HOW CLOSE THEY ARE TO EACH OTHER IT'S LIKE THEY'RE TRYING TO OCCUPY THE SAME SPACE) but real open mouth/french kissing will probably be saved for later. The writers have been so good at making their kissing believable by having each one just a step up in passion from the last (although I would argue these kissing are about 5 steps from the anniversary kiss - you can feel how much they missed and love each other). I think having them jump to shoving their tongues down each others throats would have been OOC and would have tainted the sweetness and love between them for this scene. You have to remember they are still so inexperienced and their sexuality is just beginning to awaken. Their first time was above everything else an act of love, but I wouldn't be surprised now if the heat gets turned up a couple notches. They don't have to make a whole story out of it, but something like jlove suggested. It would be funny in the next couple months if we had an episode where Shamy are sexually frustrated and want each other but the schedule or something stops them. I would love to see Sheldon say "to hell with the schedule" and grabs her and kisses in a way that has everyone fanning their faces. But for this scene, I thought these kisses were perfect. Just the absolute perfect mixture of passion, desire, sweetness, innocence, and Shamy quirkiness,
  5. Jesus, can anyone else not stop staring at Sheldon's bicep? It's just like BAM right there in your face. I've been rewatching all day. First I stare at their mouths, then their hands, then Sheldon's bicep (lol), then their whole bodies. I just too perfect. Everything. Ughhhhh I'm so happy. And I can't even believe what we'll be getting next week. In 6 days! Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
  6. What does the lyric "Cause I think you're too outta sight?" mean?
  7. "Good, because I love you." akdakdgkd hayyayyayayayayalslfkdfk I can't get over this freaking episode. I must have watched the last 5 minutes a thousand times by now.
  8. All I can say is... Mayim you lucky, lucky woman.
  11. We're looking at potentially a whole minute's worth of kissing, spread across both kisses and the tag! None of us are gonna make it! 700 pages!!
  12. I am SO excited to see/hear their mutual ILYs. If it's half as sweet as I've been envisioning it, I won't even make it to see the kisses.
  13. Just an hour to go! My heart is in my throat.
  14. His love for her is extraordinary
  15. Just a little more than 4 hours to go! I've had butterflies in my stomach all day haha. I tried to take a nap to make the time pass... nope. Too excited. I can't wait to see everyone's reactions and opinions! :D
  16. Omg I'm so happy for him! After being disappointed and shocked he wasn't nominated for an Emmy this year, I'm so excited that he's nominated again for another SAG. Hope he gets it this year! His acting has been incredible this year.
  17. Would anyone mind posting the link for the Facebook group that was made in case the site crashes? I just got a facebook, and I'd like to join!
  18. OMG I somehow missed this part. I think this is the first time background music has ever been used in Big Bang? Friends used music all the time, but wow! This makes me even MORE excited, and I didn't think that was possible. How magical indeed!
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