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  1. So wait... Since Sheldon is wearing his white undershirt.. Is this the first time we're seeing his elbows? Lmao. I know we've seen him shirtless. But I don't think we've ever seen him in a t shirt without the quarter sleeve shirt underneath. Is it just me or is it extremely hot that this is what he's wearing before they do it? Just me? XD
  2. Can you please pm me too? I'm sorry!
  3. Awww I love this thread so much!! im wondering.. The scene right before they do the deed (when they're kissing) does it fade out as their kissing?? Does it end on a joke? This sounds so romantic! Happy sigh
  4. Omg thank you!!! This sounds beyond my wildest dreams
  5. This is beautiful!! omg do you guys realize in two episodes, the number of Shamy kisses doubled and then TRIPLED? 3 kisses Jon s7-8, if you exclude those before they became a couple, 3 kisses in 9x10 and 3 more in 9x11! Are we all gonna be able to survive this??
  6. I honestly think I'm still in shock. Anyone else feel this way?? It's like I can't process it!!
  7. Awww I love it, Lionne! Too bad I'm out of likes or I'd give you one!! still grinning like a maniac
  8. Omggg if we're all dreaming now just wait til December 17th!! The whole internet will e shut down!!
  9. OMGGGG I'm grinning like an idiot! The perfection is just too real!! Did anyone expect Sheldon to ever be so loving and caring?? HE GAVE UP STAR WARS FOR HER!! THANK YOU Leonard and Proton for your wonderful advice!! oh im so happy. All I was hoping was for some lead, seeing the decision between them being made to make love, a passionate kiss, and the aftermath!! The writers are Santa Claus!! I can't guarantee nothing I get this year or for the next 10 years can top this!!! Sheldon COMFORTED Amy when he was feeling nervous himself and said "we'll find out together" OMGGGGGGG Did I hear right?? Sheldon said he liked Amy's messy hair? SO adorable!! did I hear right again?? We get. 3 MORE PASSIONATE KISSES? one after he asks her if they can get physical, one after he asks for her verbal confirmation (how SWEET he wants to make 100% sure she wants this) and ANOTHER one when they're laying in be?? Oh please someone elaborate on these kisses! I have to know! im just so happy.
  10. Is everybody freaking out??? I know I am!!!
  11. Oh my god... I'm just in shock. I read the report and it's more than I ever imagined. I can't believe how selfless Sheldon is!!! And so caring!! I'm literally crying right now I'm so emotional. Haha do t judge me!! I just can't get over the level of love. Ir sounds so perfect!!!
  12. I like this scenario best. it would fit nicely with what Leonard said in Spock, and what proton said last time he visited Sheldon. Value the people in your life who love you, not silly movies and whatnot. Sheldon putting Amy before Star Wars is like the ultimate way of saying she's number one in his life :)
  13. Aww thanks for your concern. but even if we get no Shamy I'll still be happy! Just so long as 9x10 isn't taken away from us lol
  14. My hopes are pretty high for tonight, I can't help it! I think worst case scenario is that we get zero Shamy, but best case is that they could get engaged. There's a lot of things Sheldon could ask Proton about Amy. But even if we just get an ensemble Star Wars ep with hints of Shamy happiness, I'll be one happy girl. Doesn't mean my heart won't race in anticipation for the first spoilers though! Like I said, I can't help it!
  15. This happens to be my favorite topic but to answer your question, I think only those who went could really be the judges of that! Kazzie said it was way more than the Shenny kiss! But referring to the levels of raunchiness or sweet Shamy innocence, I have no clue! These are my questions as well. Are they moving their mouths a lot, can you see that their mouths are open... it's crazy to think of Shamy like this! But also very exciting! on another note... I already ran out likes for today! That's not good if something great happens tonight LOL
  16. I am positive that Shamy won't have had sex after 9x10... Too much to lose by glossing over that special moment, possibly the biggest moment the show will see. But im sure the writers love the thought of fans squirming to see if they did!
  17. I definitely think 9x10 will be their first open mouth kiss. their last kiss before that was 8x24 and that was closed mouth. More passionate than we've seen before but still pretty innocent. I think this time apart has unleashed so much passionate between them. I really think what we're gonna see will knock our socks off!
  18. Oh I hope this happens! As hippy dippy as it is, I hope we get Sheldon giving her a really touching speech before getting down on one knee. I hope to see her get emotional and barely getting the "yes" out and him putting it on her finger and they embrace with a kiss and hug. And them smiling like idiots in love. For some reason I see this taking place in his apartment after a date night. And yes I want to see Leonard tying his bowtie again for the wedding! Brotherly bonding for Sheldon's big day is a must see! I really hope to see the whole group gather together to celebrate Shamy for their special day.
  19. I always thought the series would end with a big Lenny wedding at the end, seeing as it was a main plot from the very first episode. But getting eloped in Vegas does seem like them now, especially Penny. She never wanted a huge wedding. Out of the 3 girls, Amy seems the most likely to want a big fairytale wedding, and I'm sure Sheldon has no problem giving that to her.
  20. Yes!! I wasn't a part of the forum for so long, but I must tell you, coming here to read everyone's thoughts even as a lurker has made this breakup SO much easier. And dare I say it, without the moments of devastation and heartbreak, we wouldn't be enjoying this wonderful reconciliation as much! I always hoped the writers would make all the pain worth it, and did they ever! Sheldon realizing how much Amy has done for him + Sheldon running to get her back DESPITE being so, so hurt the last time + telling her she's the earworm of his heart (awwww) + I LOVE YOUS + Dave hilarity + not one not two but THREE makeouts. I'm personally GLAD we didn't get a long drawn out discussion. This has more bang, is more powerful and exciting. The talk can happen off-screen. It's time to just see the passionate in love Shamy. We always see logical, methodical, having discussions Shamy. Aww thankyou! <3 She is absolutely my favorite person. :)
  21. Before I decided to join I would discuss the taping reports with my grandma. She always gave really good insight. After being devastated after reading the report for 9x09 she said "maybe now that Sheldon knows Amy wants her back it will stick in his mind." Boy, she was right! She said they are meant to be and love always finds it's way back. She's so cute though. After I told her about the Shamy reunion and Sheldon running to get Amy back after realizing what she did for him AND the triple makout sesh, her response was "it's about damn time!" LOL. She digs the Shamy just like us. :)
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