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  1. That Conway Twitty video is the only thing I'm posting. I'll quit being a perv now. Sorry...lol
  2. This is all I gotta say...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9V1fX-FvKW8
  3. I'm so perving out over all of this. I'm glad y'all have the same vivid imagination as me.
  4. Cool. This show means so much to me because my mom and I bonded over it before she passed away. Jim/Sheldon was a favorite of both of us because he is so funny and we are from the same area of Texas that he is from originally. There are a lot of actors from Texas, but not someone that is so close to where we are! I love it when people get passionate about things.
  5. Yeah, I've learned that lesson. I honestly feel sorry for celebrities, but my thing is this is a person that for all we know is an honest and hardworking guy. I don't know. It just really bugged me and I'm not going to go to that site anymore. This one seems fun though. :)
  6. I will, Tensor. What is the main site?
  7. Well, I have come to this site and read through a lot of the forums and saw how much fun people have and also how people vent on here. Well, I need to vent. I saw someone post something on Jim's imdb board that just really irked me. I think it is horrible that someone would makeup something just to get attention. No one has answered this post yet. My thing with this is that I used to work in the same school district as his mom and sister and I actually got to meet them. They are the sweetest people and if they are that way then I feel it is safe to say that he is too. I don't understand why some people like to take the nicest celebrities and make them out to be opportunistic party boys. Okay, that is my two sense. It might sound silly that it bothered me, but it did.
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