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  1. For the record, this is what I meant too. I did not even remotely think she would be attracted to Zack NOW. That would be horrible.
  2. I am intrigued by the idea that Zack may cause a bit of trouble for both Shamy and Lenny. I REALLY like the suggestion that he could inspire jealousy in Sheldon, resulting in him...ahem...decidedly marking his territory (for lack of a better phrase). Of course I know Amy is not his "possession" or anything. But I do LOVE Jelly Shelly, so I'm rooting for that kind of plot.
  3. I agree with this and with karyshamy above. I'm glad someone said this because I've been thinking it for weeks. This has been a relaxing and happy place for me in the past, and I feel like a lot of the recent criticism of the show/writing is so at odds with my own view that I've felt kind of out of place. Maybe others who feel more positive about stuff have been keeping quiet as well. I certainly know it hasn't all be negative and I'm not saying I don't appreciate a good debate. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. I am a long time viewer/Shamy fan and long time lurker on the forum before I joined, and I don't know...I'm just not upset by what's going on right now with Shamy and with the show in general. I know the silly inconsistencies bother a lot of us, and I mostly find them mildly annoying. But these character development questions I consider a little differently. I love my husband more than anyone and sometimes I'm sweet and patient to him and sometimes I can be really cranky to him, depending on mood, outside stressors, etc. this seems real to me, not weird. We love each other unconditionally and I know it's a safe place to have a bad day. I don't see anything from Amy/Sheldon (or Penny/Leonard either for that matter) that calls their whole characterization into question. I guess what I mean by this is that it doesn't seem weird for me that Amy might be manipulative one minute and not the next, or that she might get sick of the RA meetings, or that she might flee Sheldon when he's being a jerk. I also don't think it's weird that he be somewhat rigid in his behavior post-coitus. I choose to believe that he's suppressing or repressing how much it affected him and I fully expect that to bubble over at some point. I also appreciate that they are moving toward a dust up about Sheldon/Penny's stunted growth into real adulthood. I don't think the writers are just telling us that Shamy are happy, or stronger than ever, or moving forward. I think they're showing it. Both have loosened up with each other considerably, they have casual touching, sweet words to each other, both are being gentler and more flexible than they were before the breakup. AND it seems there is also a build up of sexual tension. This is all good for me. I still enjoy the show. Still laugh out loud. Still love the characters. And I think the stories are still true to the roots of show (with lots of growth, because ummmmm that's what real people do).
  4. Did you see this? What could the surprise be? (Also posted to Discussion thread.)
  5. Did anyone else see this? Wonder what their surprise is!
  6. I can't help but think (hope?) they're beating us over the head with Sheldon's spot (first in the Meemaw ep and now in tonight's) because it's going to play a part in something "big" that's coming. Proposal? More coitus? Not sure. I feel like either he'll ask her to sit there, tell her that she's his spot, or...not sure. I think these reminders that she's not good enough for that spot or that he's not going to share it must foreshadow that changing (as Kathy stated above). A girl can dream anyway! I liked tonight's ep a lot. I laughed out loud several times. I wish Amy had more to say, but mostly I thought it was really fun!
  7. So, FYI, the way to get over your Shamy obsession with no new taping reports and no new ep for a few days is definitely not watching this video on repeat and reading the loooooong "Concession" fanfic (by MindOutOfMine) in like a day and a half. Just sayin'. (video source: Miss Huntress)
  8. I had the exact same thought! And I loved it!
  9. Grrr that's what I was trying to do but it wasn't posting! I just do not get the hostility.
  10. Yes! Nailed it. source: http://ms-opinion.tumblr.com/post/108700660339/i-know-because-i-won-both-of-them
  11. Someone (sorry can't remember who!) on the DT made me feel much better with the thought that maybe this whole dynamic of Leonard/Amy "arguing" over who is closer to Sheldon and Penny taking on the role of no-nonsense sibling cheerer-upper actually does speak to larger character growth and things to come. And that perhaps, this might be the beginning of Leonard saying goodbye to Sheldon as a roommate and "handing the reins" or whatever over to Amy as his closest "person". And then, as a continuation of the rest of the ep's plotline, that Penny- in saying she identifies with Missy's part in his childhood heartache and then saying sweet things to make him feel better - sort of takes on the role of his surrogate sister in healing that past trauma. Thematically this works for me and emotionally it also made me feel A LOT better about it. So...I'm going with it! Check out the original argument/spin on this in the DT. I thought it was very well argued!
  12. Really well said (bold part) and I totally agree. I have loved past episodes where Sheldon is the "straight man" to Amy's (for lack of a better word) wacko (i.e. talking about her dead cousin's bridesmaids dresses, Amy drunk in the parking lot, when she's using science to increase his affection, and yes, even in the coitus ep where she's trying to seduce him on the couch). I would love if we get to see Amy acting excited/manic/awkward and Sheldon being the one to help teach her a lesson about whatever it is. That would remediate both the annoyed-woman-rolling-her-eyes-at-her-manchild-lover trope AND show personal growth for both characters. Let Sheldon play the mature savior for once, please. I would LOVE that.
  13. I loved Sheldon's posture and facial expressions during the ring reveal and subsequent conversation with Amy. I was really pleasantly surprised by that. As to the other stuff, I didn't hate Meemaw as much as I thought I would, but tbh I felt her argument against Amy was lacking some oomph. Like, what does she want exactly. I was pleased with the fact that it seemed they were about to make progress when S, L, and P came back in. That gave me hope. And Amy (IMO) was totally within her rights to defend herself. That said... I do wish that she and Sheldon had been just a little warmer to each other the whole ep. I can't even really put my finger on what I mean, but I felt the love/sizzle/whatever was lacking a little bit. I swear I'm not being negative! I love them and I didn't hate the ep or anything, but generally their chemistry is so "electric." I would have loved a hint of that spark, which existed even in some of the eps during the breakup (see: basically every other ep ever...I was going to make a list, but it's like literally all the other eps with Shamy). Was kind of annoyed with Lenny standing in the door during the Sheldon-sandwich (S in between MeeMaw and Amy) convo on the couch. Would have preferred for them to leave, but whatevs. Really looking forward to the next two episodes and giddy Amy! Edit: I still stand by what I said, but upon second (*cough* third) viewing I liked the ep much better.
  14. I can't believe I'm diving into the waterbed convo, but there are also different types of waterbeds. My mother used to have one. There's the kind that's like a big bag of water and then there's the kind that's more like a reg mattress with a layer of water on top. The second kind appears more solid. So...could be that it has been a wb the whole time. now toodle-oo! I'm off to daydream about flirty, drunk Sheldon and giddy, well-loved Amy!
  15. Okay, got it. Thanks! I like this reading of it. Bad "joke" or misguided attempt to break tension.
  16. I wondering how this contradicts the current season. I'm not being snarky, I'm really missing the connection. Is it because you think he's implying that Amy is in menopause (like Meemaw)? I hear the joke as him not realizing that Meemaw had presumably stopped her cycles, not as saying Amy is an old lady. Because I tend to be overly apologetic to Sheldon (and the writers, I guess), I read/hear this as Sheldon perhaps not being willing/able to accept that Meemaw is old...or something. I guess. I dunno. just trying to understand the argument on either side.
  17. Bolded part. Literally lol'd. Amazing.
  18. I agree with this. And in defense of Amy, and her renewed (although much gentler, IMO) eye-rolling in the Skype calls, part of the reason for the breakup was, from my perspective, Amy bottling up resentment for the way Sheldon treated her and brushed her off, due to fear of him fleeing. Though I know some read it as "exasperated Amy" being back in business now that the post-Earworm/post-coital glow is gone, I actually see the Skype calls as demonstrated improvements in their communication and, as such, as PROOF that she did learn something from the breakup. She learned to communicate her feelings more directly and stopped being afraid of Sheldon running scared. She's confident of her love for him, his love for her, and the strength of their relationship. - she told him she missed him and wished he was there (and glory hallelujah, the "miss you" sentiment was returned!) - she thanked him for his "romantic" gesture of naming the asteroid after her and wore a giddy facial expression to match - they spoke of their potential future children (pre-breakup, she got criticized for mentioning Martian children) - she didn't like how he treated her or his friends when he was sick and told him directly that she expected better behavior. No games. No manipulation. No bobble-head bribes or enabling. I see this as growth and proof that she's determined to communicate better and treat him like a grown up. And yes, as proof that she loves him enough to be honest with him - she admitted she lied about staying in Detroit longer than necessary (I understand why people are mad she didn't demonstrate her own empathy, but still, she told him outright what she did and, perhaps most importantly, why) I get that much of the above also sets up proof of Sheldon's growth, but honestly, I think it's really important that Amy is not going to be a doormat anymore and bottle up her desires/fears/feelings so much, as she has done consistently since he tried to break up with her over a table back in S7. I like to see a bit of her confidence back, especially when it comes to her relationship with Sheldon. We can debate blame until the sun sets (and I agree that both are to blame), but I absolutely see proof that both have grown. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
  19. I agree with some of this, but not all. But mostly, I'm quoting because it's hysterical and made me lol for real! I love the way you word things and your perspective (though sometimes different from my own), wowbagger.
  20. I like the whole scene at the bar when Sheldon goes on girls' night and Amy says he's like a "sexy toddler," but especially the way he looks at her before he says "I don't know how to process that." Lol!
  21. I like the Wolowitz's new kitchen (assuming I'm seeing that right.)! love the Meemaw/Amy/Sheldon pics too! Really looking forward to this ep.
  22. Excellent gif usage!! It's almost a literal DPM in action.
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