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  1. That new episode sounds wonderful on the Shamy front! Not so much for Lenny, though... Can't wait for that kiss! It seems it's going to be pretty heated. Do your think that after her birthday they decided that they will have coitus more frequently? I think the coitus frequency issue is still unresolved, and as far as we know, they've slept together just twice.
  2. Ooooohhh! This kiss! When I first saw it I was a bit disappointed because I had expected more from the taping report, but I've learnt to appreciate it. Favourite detail: can's choose one! I have two: 1) Sheldon sliding his left arm along her back, moving his hand from her right to her left shoulder. I love how he encloses her body with his arms, completely surrounding her. Also, I love that it's a slow movement - it's so tender! And it gives the impression that he's not even realising what he's doing, that's it's coming naturally from him. 2) Sheldon tilting his head more to the right immediately after moving his arm, really getting into the kiss. He's gonna love French kissing when he lets himself loose a bit more
  3. Thanks, Mirs! I didn't know spoilers went into the discussion thread, I thought they would be in the 'Taping reports' thread, lol. I was checking just that thread for spoilers.
  4. Guys, I need a masterclass on spoilers! Where do you guys find all these golden snippets? April said something about an IG account, but I don't know which one it is. Where are all the Texas trip spoilers?
  5. I agree it's common knowledge Amy's smart and Sheldon loves her mind, but I don't think that nullifies the 'or else...' implication in his 'it's a good thing you're cute' comment. I don't think her intelligence is being questioned here. Amy's 'mistake' so to speak is not made out of lack to intelligence, but out of naïveté. You can be crazy intelligent but terribly naïve at the same time. Exhibit A: Sheldon himself, lol. I just don't like people making those kind of comments, but much less when they're coming from Sheldon, who is above being so frivolous. I know he has taken a lot of steps forward lately, but to me this feels like a step back.
  6. I really enjoyed this episode! Not the best but enjoyable nonetheless. I liked the neosporin scene, but to be honest what I like most about it is how Amy was completely clueless about Sheldon being sarcastic, not that Sheldon called her cute - though it is indeed cute how naive she was to believe someone had really got burnt, lol. My main problem with Sheldon's cute comment is that it doesn't feel like a real compliment. When someone says 'It's a good thing you're [whatever]', there's and 'or else...' implied. So what would have happened if he didn't find her cute? It's like he's saying she has a defect but her cuteness is 'saving' her from her defect. And I don't like him focusing more on good looks than on personality, especially if by doing that he's overlooking more important things. I know I'm waaaaay overreacting but I just don't like that line of thinking, not even if it's just shown in casual, throwaway comments like here. It's like when Leonard said 'Set the guns to stun. If we shoot Penny I'll never find a girlfriend that pretty again.' I didn't like Leonard thinking about her beauty first. Domestic bliss, yay! I just love how Sheldon speaks and acts as if he and Amy are a unit. When he asked her for the neosporin, or when he stormed out of 4A and told her to go along with him he straight-out showed that he considers the two of them to be a team. Granted, he was bringing her into and argument that should have just been between him and Leonard, and telling her to leave 4A with him was kind of bossy, but I like how these scenes show that, in his mind, he and Amy always go together. I did find Sheldon to be very selfish when he tried to keep their joint collectibles all to himself. What I disliked the most was when Leonard got angry and told him to keep everything because he didn't care. Didn't Sheldon care that Leonard didn't care? Didn't it hurt him that Leonard didn't want to have a keepsake of their time together? Nope! Sheldon was happy he got all the collectibles to himself. He just got annoyed when Leonard wanted to keep the flag, which he just did out of spite. I would have loved it if they had done it like in Friends, when Monica and Chandler were about to move in together and Monica got annoyed at Rachel because she didn't seem to value the shared items in their flat. I would have liked to see more emotional attachment to their shared property from the both of them, not just a desire to own everything on Sheldon's part. I love how when Theodore tried to talk some sense into them, Sheldon considered his point when Amy said that he might be right. For a guy who questions absolutely everything from absolutely everybody, I love it how he always takes Amy seriously. That really is a very special treatment. He's so smart and intellectual and thinks most people's opinions are worthless, but he always values Amy's opinion and listens to her. To me, that's the compliment! Mayim's delivery of her lines was on-point. Her 'Thank you...??', 'Also, who's that guy?', 'OK, so no one's gonna tell me!' were hilarious. Sassy Amy is my favourite Amy, I like her even better than neosporin-naive Amy, hahaha. The Raj/Stuart plot was very funny. 'I'm living with Howard and Bernadette again.' 'Do they know it?' That had me cracking up laughing! I didn't like Howard being so lazy, though. That's your wife having your baby, mister! You should be looking after her more, showing interest and getting involved.
  7. OMG, so excited! It's very clear that Sheldon was really looking forward to his second time with Amy and had been for some time. I think he has been restraining himself instead of following his urges because he didn't want to go back on his word - he said they would have coitus 2.0 on her next birthday and we know how he doesn't like to admit being wrong. When Sheldon has a plan, he wants to follow through, no matter how bad the consequences. Just remember that time he chose to take decisions by roll of dice, lol. Unpopular opinion - I actually like that they did wait for her birthday to have coitus 2.0. Just think about what could come next - if Shamy were already hot for each other before 2.0, imagine how it's going to be after 2.0. They're going to be horny as hell, and the issue of coitus frequency is going go become unavoidable. I want to see Sheldon making it explicitly clear to Amy that he wants to be intimate because he wants her, not to make a baby or under any other pretext. After 2.0, if he has to wait a whole year to be intimate with Amy again, he's going to burst. He's bound to make a move Oh, I love the writers!
  8. I think Sheldon never anticipated he would ever need/crave sex with Amy after the first time. He never thought he would want to do it for his own pleasure and thought he would only ever do it for Amy's sake, just to please her, because it's something that he knows she wants. That's why sex was a gift to her. A gift is something that the other person likes but that you don't have to like in particular. I think he thought it would only ever be a gift. However, he underestimated how pleasurable it felt. 'I enjoyed that more than I thought I would.' He decided to go with his original plan of having sex only as a gift to Amy, though, and maybe he didn't crave being so physical with Amy when they were living apart, but now that they're living in close quarters and seeing each other more often than ever, 'it's only logical' that the force reawakens
  9. I just watched the episode and oh, my, oh, my! Every single Shamy scene is priceless. My favourite moments: 1) Sheldon smiling at Amy's 'functional boyfriend' comment as if agreeing with it instead of being offended, lol. To me that equals to him saying to Bernadette: 'You don't know what a handful I was before Amy came along! 2) Sheldon compromising with Bernadette on who has the best 'baby' after Amy's 'Sheldon, that's enough!' She has him well trained! 3) Sheldon's body language at the beginning of the scene when they were checking the results of the tests run on their cells. His left hand was on the table, his right hand on Amy's chair, and it looked as if his body was enveloping her. I love how comfortable he is with being like that around her 4) When he said 'We have to stop for magnets on the way HOME.' It's the 'home' part that made my heart flutter. Home is the apartment he shares with her. She's his new home now. Talking about that, I love that despite the fact they're officially living together now, they're also spending time together in the lab and Sheldon is not complaining of feeling smothered by Amy or saying that he needs time off from her or to have a guys night. Old Sheldon would be complaining of seeing Amy way too often. Remember when he tried to get out of going to Amy's relative funeral and wanted to play games with the guys instead? Or when he had to catch up with the date nights missed during the time he was away and got Lenny to have a double date with Amy and him thinking that it would count as two dates? Then he wanted to get the dates over with ASAP, and look at him now. He's so enjoying every single second he spends with her. Our Moonpie has grown! 5) When he says they have to make a baby, it comes out of him so naturally, he says it so out of the blue, as if it's so normal. I love how he raises his eyebrows with a pointed look at Amy after saying it, as if to validate his point. I think he wanted to make Amy believe how 'logical' and obvious that step was, lol On this topic, he didn't even CONSIDER in vitro fertilisation. His mind went straight to the good old baby-making way, lol. In vitro fertilisation didn't even cross his mind, and they were on a freaking lab! I would have LOVED to see Amy confronting him about this. I wonder what his reply would have been had she pointed that out to him. 6) His face when he says to Amy that she's playing hard to get. And how on earth does he know that that's something that people do? Has Penny given him a Flirting 101? 7) When he picks up the pencil, that ass wiggle, lol! 8 ) 'Sheldon gonna get some!' I LOVE YOU, PENNY! 9) When Sheldon waves his hands from his crotch towards Amy trying to get her to smell the deer musk. 10) The 'Anything you'd like to pet?' comeback. Again, how does Sheldon KNOW sexual double entendres? He's never gotten any hidden meaning behind people's words about ANYTHING, and now not only does he understand these things but he's also saying some to Amy, and about SEX of all things! Where is my clueless, innocent Sheldon? 11) Amy so hot and bothered... Coitus 2.0 is just around the corner! Wow, I think I just listed the entire episode, lol. I thought the ending was kind of unresolved, though. So next week it's about Sheldon being jealous of Bert and that's it? He just forgets about trying to get Amy to sleep with him? Just like that? Kind of a lazy ending, IMO. BTW, I don't know much about flamenco, but I'm pretty sure that you don't have to slap your things while doing it April, those gifs are amazing! Thanks for sharing. I love the comparison gifs as well. It's amazing how Jim Parsons looks exactly the same!
  10. Agreed! He can be snarky and do not-so-good stuff like hide things from his wife and friends to have 'leverage' on them should he need it in the future, but deep down he's a sweetheart and really cares. He never lets his friends down even if he makes fun of them, like when he made Sheldon do all his chores in exchange for giving his research to Stephen Hawking, and then we found out that he had given his research to Hawking three days earlier, as if he was planning on doing it all along no matter what Sheldon had done. I enjoy their interactions as well. For all that the show has relied on Sheldon demeaning Howard's profession and lack of a PhD, I really enjoyed the episodes with Sheldon & Howard's heart-to-hearts, like the one on the plane or when Sheldon had to write a clause in their contract specifying that he would not make fun of Howard anymore. I hope we get more like those! Forgot to mention! When I first read the taping report and the spoilers, I first thought that Leonard was disloyal to Amy blabbing her lie to Sheldon like that without even confronting her first like Penny did, but after watching the episode I actually felt grateful to Leonard. He was the one who noticed Sheldon was not OK and asked him about it. He learnt that the thought of Amy being in trouble was making Sheldon really worried about her, but he knew that she was really OK and Sheldon had nothing to worry about in that regard, so he put him out of his misery. He just wanted to reassure him. That's actually kind of sweet. He's a good friend.
  11. I just watched the episode and it's so good. Here's the Shamy goodness I loved: - Amy changing the subject and Sheldon falling for it even if he found her behaviour suspicious, lol - Sheldon not only noticing that something was off with Amy, but also being genuinely worried about her to the point he wouldn't even sleep or eat - Sheldon not making a big deal out of Amy lying to him once she apologized - Sheldon puckering up for the good-night kiss like it's so second nature - Of course, the 2001: A Space Odyssey lullaby - 'That's my girl,' even if it was just a dream sequence - Sheldon so openly admitting his love for Amy and how much he enjoys living with her (comic book store scene) - Amy outsmarting Sheldon and him finally choosing 4B without even realising it - Sheldon so settled in his new apartment at the tag scene I think I just listed every single Shamy scene, lol I have a question... Has Sheldon dropped his dinner schedule, too? I couldn't believe it when Amy asked him what he fancied for dinner. Since when is he OK with choosing dinner at the moment? I can't believe this is the same guy who was so against anything-can-happen-Thursday He's changed so much! I also liked how Howard and Raj wrote an opening theme for FwF despite knowing it's not the most popular show. I love it when they show with actions that they do care and that they are actually very good friends with Sheldon even if he can be a pain in the ass. And they are big Shamy shippers, too I liked how Raj point-blank asked Sheldon if he did want to keep living with Amy, but my special mention goes to Howard - I loved how he tried helping Sheldon figure out if he wanted to live with Amy by saying 'it's not complicated!' and asking the right questions: 'Do you love Amy?' and 'Do you enjoy living with Amy?' I like love-coach Howard!
  12. They're airing right now a rerun of the episode where the guys go to the Bakersville convention and Leonard's car gets stolen so they get stranded in the desert in their Star Trek costumes, and the girls go to have brunch and later to the comic book store. Amy mentions during the brunch scene that Sheldon hates brunch since he can't stand seeing one person eating an omelette and another one eating a sandwich at the same time. And to think that of all the social gatherings he could have chosen to surprise Amy, Sheldon chose brunch! He really is putting her wishes first. That's so sweet!
  13. Funny! I knew 'randy' meant 'horny' but I thought it was an American word. Well, is't our forum educational You mean 'something major' as in something external? Like the problem with Amy's apartment? I want them to stay living together after the experiment too, but I'd rather it came from them instead of from a circumstance that escapes their control, because that would meant that they'll live together not because the HAVE to, but because they WANT to I want it to be their decision. About the possibility of Amy's flat being ready earlier than expected and one of them hiding this fact from the other to stay living with them for longer, I'd love that scenario if Sheldon were the one to hide it from Amy. If it were Amy doing it, she would be behaving like she did when she pretended to be sick longer after her recovery to keep enjoying the benefits of Sheldon taking care of her Been there, done that. I LOVE the idea of Sheldon doing that, though. Like, he wants to live with Amy so much that he's not above being sneaky like that to get his way. And I believe it's in-character that he would not confront Amy directly about him and would rather act on the side. Amy of course would eventually find out about it and they would talk it out. That would be an interesting conversation! Didn't they? All hail Howard & Raj!
  14. 'Don't get me all randy! Guests are on the way' OMG, Sheldon! I'M DYING!!
  15. Well, IDK, they could have bribed people or something, lol. I'm just trying to find an explanation for this lack of spoilers This is not normal!!! I don't know how many people are in the live audience, but not a single one could leak a taping report? I'm going crazy over here YOU FORUM BOSS!!
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