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  1. That new episode sounds wonderful on the Shamy front! Not so much for Lenny, though... Can't wait for that kiss! It seems it's going to be pretty heated. Do your think that after her birthday they decided that they will have coitus more frequently? I think the coitus frequency issue is still unresolved, and as far as we know, they've slept together just twice.
  2. Ooooohhh! This kiss! When I first saw it I was a bit disappointed because I had expected more from the taping report, but I've learnt to appreciate it. Favourite detail: can's choose one! I have two: 1) Sheldon sliding his left arm along her back, moving his hand from her right to her left shoulder. I love how he encloses her body with his arms, completely surrounding her. Also, I love that it's a slow movement - it's so tender! And it gives the impression that he's not even realising what he's doing, that's it's coming naturally from him. 2) Sheldon tilting his head more to t
  3. Thanks, Mirs! I didn't know spoilers went into the discussion thread, I thought they would be in the 'Taping reports' thread, lol. I was checking just that thread for spoilers.
  4. Guys, I need a masterclass on spoilers! Where do you guys find all these golden snippets? April said something about an IG account, but I don't know which one it is. Where are all the Texas trip spoilers?
  5. I agree it's common knowledge Amy's smart and Sheldon loves her mind, but I don't think that nullifies the 'or else...' implication in his 'it's a good thing you're cute' comment. I don't think her intelligence is being questioned here. Amy's 'mistake' so to speak is not made out of lack to intelligence, but out of naïveté. You can be crazy intelligent but terribly naïve at the same time. Exhibit A: Sheldon himself, lol. I just don't like people making those kind of comments, but much less when they're coming from Sheldon, who is above being so frivolous. I know he has taken a lot of step
  6. I really enjoyed this episode! Not the best but enjoyable nonetheless. I liked the neosporin scene, but to be honest what I like most about it is how Amy was completely clueless about Sheldon being sarcastic, not that Sheldon called her cute - though it is indeed cute how naive she was to believe someone had really got burnt, lol. My main problem with Sheldon's cute comment is that it doesn't feel like a real compliment. When someone says 'It's a good thing you're [whatever]', there's and 'or else...' implied. So what would have happened if he didn't find her cute? It's like he's saying s
  7. OMG, so excited! It's very clear that Sheldon was really looking forward to his second time with Amy and had been for some time. I think he has been restraining himself instead of following his urges because he didn't want to go back on his word - he said they would have coitus 2.0 on her next birthday and we know how he doesn't like to admit being wrong. When Sheldon has a plan, he wants to follow through, no matter how bad the consequences. Just remember that time he chose to take decisions by roll of dice, lol. Unpopular opinion - I actually like that they did wait for her birthday to
  8. I think Sheldon never anticipated he would ever need/crave sex with Amy after the first time. He never thought he would want to do it for his own pleasure and thought he would only ever do it for Amy's sake, just to please her, because it's something that he knows she wants. That's why sex was a gift to her. A gift is something that the other person likes but that you don't have to like in particular. I think he thought it would only ever be a gift. However, he underestimated how pleasurable it felt. 'I enjoyed that more than I thought I would.' He decided to go with his original plan of
  9. I just watched the episode and oh, my, oh, my! Every single Shamy scene is priceless. My favourite moments: 1) Sheldon smiling at Amy's 'functional boyfriend' comment as if agreeing with it instead of being offended, lol. To me that equals to him saying to Bernadette: 'You don't know what a handful I was before Amy came along! 2) Sheldon compromising with Bernadette on who has the best 'baby' after Amy's 'Sheldon, that's enough!' She has him well trained! 3) Sheldon's body language at the beginning of the scene when they were checking the results of the tests run on their cells.
  10. Agreed! He can be snarky and do not-so-good stuff like hide things from his wife and friends to have 'leverage' on them should he need it in the future, but deep down he's a sweetheart and really cares. He never lets his friends down even if he makes fun of them, like when he made Sheldon do all his chores in exchange for giving his research to Stephen Hawking, and then we found out that he had given his research to Hawking three days earlier, as if he was planning on doing it all along no matter what Sheldon had done. I enjoy their interactions as well. For all that the show has relie
  11. I just watched the episode and it's so good. Here's the Shamy goodness I loved: - Amy changing the subject and Sheldon falling for it even if he found her behaviour suspicious, lol - Sheldon not only noticing that something was off with Amy, but also being genuinely worried about her to the point he wouldn't even sleep or eat - Sheldon not making a big deal out of Amy lying to him once she apologized - Sheldon puckering up for the good-night kiss like it's so second nature - Of course, the 2001: A Space Odyssey lullaby - 'That's my girl,' even if it was just a dre
  12. They're airing right now a rerun of the episode where the guys go to the Bakersville convention and Leonard's car gets stolen so they get stranded in the desert in their Star Trek costumes, and the girls go to have brunch and later to the comic book store. Amy mentions during the brunch scene that Sheldon hates brunch since he can't stand seeing one person eating an omelette and another one eating a sandwich at the same time. And to think that of all the social gatherings he could have chosen to surprise Amy, Sheldon chose brunch! He really is putting her wishes first. That's so sweet!
  13. Funny! I knew 'randy' meant 'horny' but I thought it was an American word. Well, is't our forum educational You mean 'something major' as in something external? Like the problem with Amy's apartment? I want them to stay living together after the experiment too, but I'd rather it came from them instead of from a circumstance that escapes their control, because that would meant that they'll live together not because the HAVE to, but because they WANT to I want it to be their decision. About the possibility of Amy's flat being ready earlier than expected and one of them hidi
  14. 'Don't get me all randy! Guests are on the way' OMG, Sheldon! I'M DYING!!
  15. Well, IDK, they could have bribed people or something, lol. I'm just trying to find an explanation for this lack of spoilers This is not normal!!! I don't know how many people are in the live audience, but not a single one could leak a taping report? I'm going crazy over here YOU FORUM BOSS!!
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