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  1. Hi! Why is no one here talking about "The Conference Valuation"? We have some Shamy's babies conversation! I can't wait to watch that episode! Maybe the writers are bringing this subject again because at the end of the season, Amy will be pregnant... What do you think?
  2. The psychic told Sheldon that everything would fall into place once he commits to her... Do you think the writers will show in some way that now that Sheldon and Amy have an intimate relationship, Sheldon's life will get better? As the psychic said, personally and professionally... I mean, not necessary remembering the psychic, but demonstrating in the show that from now on his/their life will get better, for example, with Sheldon and Leonard making a new discovery or advance in their theory, or something like that... What do you think??
  3. I love, love, love the episode. IMO the couch scene is the most adorable of all. When Amy says "yes", I just can't handle this cuteness. (I love Mayim, she is a wonderful actress) And when she explains Sheldon she knows what his gift was.... Ahhhh so cute!!!! And the kiss... It's too much! Do you want me dead of pure Shamy cuteness or what?! (Gifs from tbbt-faves.tumblr.com )
  4. I totally agree with all you have said here, mostly the bold part. I love Mayim, and the way she portrays Amy is excellent! The "when you give it to me?" promo couldn't be more perfect! I can't wait for this episode. Mayim and Jim's performance are always brilliant, but I think in this episode it will be outstanding!
  5. Me watching episode 9x10..... (Literally) And about 9x11....
  6. The look of love on Sheldon's eyes before kissing Amy is killing me! I will not survive this episode!
  7. It's a tumblr... But I don't know.. With all the discussion about if it's correct or not, now I'm not sure... But if you search on tumblr I'm sure you can find it
  8. I found a gif of Shamy in the bed scene, but I am not sure if I can share it
  9. I have a question... When will be aired episode 12? Because I heard episode 11 will be the last of the year... There will be a TR this week?
  10. OMG! I'm hyperventilating here!!! Too many emotions! Those questions.... I'll drive crazy too!
  11. Wow!!!!!...... Just wow!! I have no words!
  12. I loved the episode! Shamy scenes were glorious! . And I really liked Amy and Bernadette scenes too. Amy being so cute, without knowing it. <3 She's adorable
  13. I couldn't stop screaming!!!! ( My roommate came to my room asking me what was going on hahahah) OMG!!! Loved it!!!!!!
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