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  1. He was already reincarnated as Leonard's childhood bully in "The Speckerman Recurrence".
  2. HOWARD: Good God, what have we done? It's okay fellas -- you did great!
  3. And thus the prophecy has come to pass: I am willing to bet that Super Asymmetry will be what finally snags Sheldon that Nobel Prize! It was foretold!
  4. In my mind Penny's last name is Munney. Therefore, she was Miss Penny Munney. And I am a terrible person. 😷
  5. I am a little disappointed that we won't see the happy couple's first dance to the tune of " Darlin' ".
  6. Man, I hope the ceremony gets attacked by Nazis from an alternate universe! ... or has that been done already?
  7. Amy and Sheldon discover that BLOSSOM is now available on Hulu:
  8. She knows Sheldon has been sneaking around with Bert behind her back....
  9. OK, to explain my attempt at a joke: in America where the "Peanuts" comic strip has been popular for going on 70 years we've had a number of popular cartoons staring Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Linus and the rest of the gang. One of the earliest was "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!" which has been broadcast annually since 1966 and is a tradition in the United States -- I daresay the vast majority of us here grew up seeing it at least once. In it there's a running gag with Charlie Brown going trick-or-treating with the other children, and while they receive candy or other treats, all he g
  10. Sorry, I couldn't resist the joke! The real episode title is "The Geology Methodology".
  11. "It's the Great Pumpkin, Sheldon Cooper!" ;-)
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