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  1. I was so excited for the show to come back but honestly I was a bit underwhelmed with the episode. I didn't find the jokes that funny and everything just seemed a bit rushed. The actor casted to play Penny's brother did not seem like a (former) drug dealer at all, I guess those folks are generally hardened and a bit scary? Or maybe that's how they are portrayed in films/tv which shaped my imagination. He didn't seem like he had been to prison but more like the goofy little brother who can't get girls. Penny's mom seemed a bit out of place too although maybe that's just me as I had started imagining Lisa Kudrow in the role when I first heard Kaley mention her in an interview for the role. Also, I was never a fan of the Mary-Alfred plot. These things greatly diminished my enjoyment of the episode. With the exception of a few episodes here and there ever since season 8 it doesn't feel like I'm watching the show I fell in love with. Oh well I hope it gets better. I can't really quit it. :/ Most of you seem like you enjoyed it as I read above. I wish I felt the same.
  2. I was not expecting to love the episode but I did. It was quite funny. Don't have much to analyse this week, to be honest. No character seemed to be doing anything ooc. Guess I can just say I was thoroughly entertained. Is it just me or did Bernadette look prettier than usual? Although I must admit I hate those little sweaters she wears so the absence of it might have something to do with this thought. I know Sheldon kept the golf ball after all, but can getting rid of the box be considered progress? #puzzled I liked Chuck's vanity card. I hope the next episode is funny as well and hopefully the drama isn't very intense.
  3. Oh! Thank you so much for pointing that out! My apologies for the wrong info. :/ Perhaps I confused her with Bob Newhart. But she was nominated though, wasn't she? And back then she deserved it, with the material they gave her, imo. I just found the whole Barry and Beverly thing weird and creepy. I was not a fan of the whole Stuart and Debbie thing as well. And this just seems to kinda sorta mirror that.
  4. The episode was nice for nostalgia but nothing great imo. Agree with people who wanted the focus on the whole group and not just Sheldon. Those 7 people make the show what it is not just him. I know he is the supposed star and I love him but this was too much. Leonard pointing out that everyday is about Sheldon was funny. The car scene with Adam West over discussion of the best Batman was funny. Sheldon and Penny scenes were nice as well. Incredibly sweet. I feel like the abundance of guest stars did not make the effect it was supposed to, imo of course. Christine Baranski is so awesome and considering she has won an Emmy in the past for guest starring on this show, and to have her appearance decreased to this? Getting hit on by Kripke? Big NO. And I feel like I should not complain about the lack of continuity on this show anymore but come on! The last time she was on, she promised to shower Leonard with unconditional love. Not okay! I am sorry but I have stopped caring for Kripke and Stuart. After several years of Raj being down in the dumps, I've had enough. Kripke was creepy, not to mention unfunny. And Leslie just felt out of place. I kinda wish they hadn't made a big deal of the 200th thing and just focussed on making a 'funny episode' with the main cast like last week. It proved that the show is at its best in group episodes, that's what the show is, not just Sheldon and him being pampered by people he doesn't care about. Also Kaley looked great. #girlcrush
  5. Just saw the episode. It was fantastic. Loved it. God I had been waiting for a group episode for SO LONG now. My favourite lol moments were Howard freaking out that the kid would have his nose, tag scene with Sheldon's face and Leonard singing (You want it, you got it) haha.. Since he is the 'straight man' of the show I sometimes forget how funny he can be. This scene in particular reminded me of the scene from an earlier season in which Sheldon is hiding in the car while Leonard drives to work singing hysterically. That was some funny singing from Johnny. I didn't mind Penny calling 4a her place. It is not just Sheldon's place. It is Leonard's as well. And what's Leonard's is Penny's I suppose? Besides she has spent a lot of time in that apartment for the past 9 years . Now more than ever. So i guess its okay for me. Also didn't mind the tag scene with drawings on Sheldon's face. I found it very funny. Not childish. Life is all about having fun. If not with your friends then who? Loved Sheldon being supportive towards Howard and trying to comfort him in the bar. Generally I don't mind Sheldon being an ass because thats just what his character is but there are sometimes when he shouldn't be that and this was one of them. Lastly I don't know what to feel about Raj. While I'm glad he wasn't being all mopey and woe is me, he didn't really look like he just got out of a long term relationship. Maybe because he didn't really love Emily? Who knows? Excited for the 200th!!
  6. Ah I hate the feeling of not loving the episodes of this show. Imo this one was okay. Not too good not too bad. I am not a fan of re-using concepts so vd thing (already done in s7 i think?) was not that enjoyable for me. Also didn't find myself lol-ing at any moments, smiled here and there because I absolutely adore these characters (well Raj was hard to love in this one) but nothing major. I miss the days when the guys sat at the university cafeteria discussing about one of their beloved comics/movies/tv shows or science/their work so this was a bit of a disappointment. The last I remember them sitting there was when Leonard was dealing with the Mandy Chow thing which was again a relationship fueled talk. Raj was pathetic. Out of all the women on this show for him, Emily was really the one who was into him (Lucy was too consumed with her own issues.) and this is the treatment she gets? I feel like this is somewhat of a thing that tv shows do... Couple breaks up, comes back together stronger than ever. But in this case, it won't work for me. It will never be the same if they get back together. Other couples (on this show) had some genuine reasons to split but this is stupid. I know Howard broke up with Bernie in hopes of finding someone hotter but he didn't have an "actual" woman. Now in the future if Raj and Emily get back together I'll know its just him settling because nobody else would have him. The only reason this episode wouldn't be filler to me is because of the Howardette news. P.s wow I use a lot of brackets
  7. Was just sitting free, rethinking the episode and this hit me-- maybe Meemaw behaving like this was a first for Sheldon? I mean it is totally possible that Sheldon was just exaggerating Meemaw's warm and saint like personality but it could also be possible that her behaving like this was a surprise to him. Not trying to be a Sheldon apologist here haha :D but just sharing my thoughts. Maybe Meemaw did behave like this in the past but it could have been justifiable because she was perhaps putting Sheldon's bullies in their place? So there was nothing wrong in it. And it was a completely normal thing for her to stand up to people who she believed had a hand in hurting her moonpie. In this case, Amy. Just my two cents.
  8. It was certainly not one of their best episodes. I agree. However inspite of being a big fan of the show I try not to take it very seriously. It's a comedy after all. I watch the show to get away from tensions of life. You are right, the writers had built up this impression thatMeemaw is a loving and a great grandma, perhaps a saint in her own right. But it could also be one of those things where (I don't know if you have witnessed this in real life) sometimes people are just way too defensive when it comes to their family, i.e refusing to see any faults or flaws in them. I just saw it from that angle. I undersand the point you are trying to make and you are completely entitled to your own opinion.
  9. I laughed quite a bit. Expected more angst from reading the TR. Glad I was wrong. It wasn't nearly as serious as I expected. I was not as disappointed with Meemaw as some others seem to be. The only part I didn't like her was when she declared it was okay for Penny to work but not for Amy. Its ridiculous. I didn't care for the explanation she gave regarding that. What's stupid is stupid. I loved Sheldon being enamoured by his Meemaw. I can also see why people are disappointed by Lenny just being in the background but seeing as Raj barely gets any attention and had somewhat of a storyline in this episode, the lack of Lenny focus didn't bother me as much. And as much as I'm happy Raj got attention, man they really don't know what to do with him!! Personally I didn't pick up on any vibe between Raj and Claire. It's just Raj being Raj again. I understand that they are trying to hint that maybe Emily is not the girl for him but to do that with the help of another woman is not something I'm liking. Boy needs to grow up but not like this, imo. I wish they had a genuine and believeable Rajily conflict and then him realizing that maybe she's not the one. Regarding that, personally I never had a problem with creepy Emily. But I can see why others did and this season they didn't show even a hint of that and are just making stuff up for the supposed Raj growth. S8 finale already had Shamy and Lenny futures up in the air so I feel like they should have gone for the Rajily breakup back then. It seemed like the perfect time, without any involvement from other people but Raj on his own deciding what to do about the relationship because he was really freaked out by their date. Back to this episode, Howardette were really cute! <3 (Not you! I own your ass!) haha. And knowing what's coming makes me all the more excited for them.
  10. I also want Stuart and Lucy and Wheaton and Alex to end up together. Oh god what is wrong with me!?
  11. SHUT. THE. FRONT. DOOR. Never really thought they would go the kids route before the last episode. Guess they changed their minds about not picturing kid(s) on the show. I mean they can't have her be pregnant till the end of season 10 and we're not even sure if it will be the last season. And Raj/Emily breakup too in the same episode? Makes me think what else could they really do in the 200th episode. Lenny wedding re-do or change in living arrangements don't sound as big when compared to this imo. Can't wait!!!!
  12. Man it was such a meh episode in my opinion. Didn't feel like tbbt that i love. I hate to write this because he is my favourite but I was not feeling Jim Parsons AT ALL. Found Sheldon way too normal/cheerful for my liking. Didn't laugh a lot. And obviously the creepy Stuart didn't help. Things I did like - the 3 couples were cute (Amy blushing on skype was sweet, Lenny hug was sweet, Howardette wearing plaid leaning on each other gushing over Stuart; as much as I am sick of him- It was cute) - Bernie's hair were pulled up. And a change in outfit. I'm bored of those dresses. - Howard half naked out of nowhere made me smile. - Sheldon's t-shirt after he and Raj came back ...the print was of some game I used to play in childhood. Name is escaping me at the moment. - Scenes with Jane Kaczmarek were all great. Fantastic actress. Wouldn't mind seeing her again. - Always love it when Amy says 'Rajesh'. - Sheldon/Raj interactions were nice. - Leonard jump rope scene; I know a lot of people found it creepy/out of place/unnecessary ...and so did I but it did manage to get a laugh out of me. - Glad Raj had more than just a couple of lines. While all of these things were nice, this is definitely not an episode I will be rushing to see again. Things were all over the place. I miss group episodes. And I feel they didn't need to do the whole Penny being kind of a mom to Leonard/a 3 way marriage with Sheldon thing. And the whole Sheldon living with them thing is tedious as well. We've had the same thing with Howardette ...Bernie is a mother to Howard/It's a 3 way marriage with Raj/Stuart living with them. I mean we've already had the girls making more money than the guys thing. I would like for them to come up with some new conflict for Lenny if that's the road they're taking. Hoping the next episode is better than this one.
  13. A very sweet and funny episode. Beautiful work done by the writers as well as the actors. I lost it at the Sheldon praying scene. And the hi-hello thing in bed with Sheldon and Amy was one of the sweetest moments the show has ever provided. The parallel dialouge of the sex and movie was brilliant as well. The only thing that bothered me in the episode was that Sheldon was all fine around candles. :O I don't mean to nitpick. And Sheldon's growth and development has always been subject to debate with what should or shouldn't be done keeping in mind his quirks, interests, likes/dislikes etc. What is IC or OOC has been discussed to death. But yeah that thing just stood out to me. I understand many people won't even remember that he mentioned it in the episode the power went out that it's a safety hazard but I don't know why I can't let this thing go knowing continuity isn't this show's strong suit and maybe that was just a throw away line. Anyway, that's my two cents.
  14. Well you're in luck buddy seeing as he is in the 3 upcoming episodes.
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