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  1. joyceraye

    Non-Season 12 Show Discussion

    What was OOC was her not being a good friend : Raj wasn't supposed to be spending money so Penny shouldn't have been encouraging him. Also, he was learning to pay his own way and yet according to Leonard Raj was living there for free.
  2. She is indeed all those things but I can't believe she's selling medicines in such a scruffy state. I wonder what her employers think ?
  3. Penny's hair is a mess. It's time she did something about it. Were I a doctor I would not buy medicine from this untidy-looking woman. Whatever happened to the neat haircut and smart business clothes of two or three years ago ?
  4. If Tam had been Sheldon's room mate Leonard would never have introduced Sheldon to Howard and Raj, hence no dirty sock, no Amy.
  5. God I hope not!! Eww. They'll never allow it. Amy will phone the cabin park and book an empty one for the weekend and get some fresh air.
  6. joyceraye

    The wait is almost over.

    Yes, now we'll be able to see them on a full-size screen.
  7. I can't see that this time. I do wish we had even a tiny taping report to tell us what pans out. I can imagine there'll have been various scenes tried out for this one that we won't get to see. Amy's going to need somewhere to go to cool down and process whatever it is that Sheldon's done to interfere with her project and career. They haven't even got a spare room. How far is it to Big Bear where the cabins are ?
  8. They should have been writing as if it was the last season anyway. It was the end of the contract and usually they haven't known for months into the last-contracted season whether there were going to be any more. Jim did them a favour by declaring his position up front. We've no idea how many of the others didn't intend to negotiate for more. It's not as if it's a big surprise there'd be no season 13. I think they could have come up with a better Tam story than this one. Sheldon is supposed to have changed since he was 14.
  9. She's had her own share of ups and downs by the sounds of it. I can't help feeling she could do better than Raj but for their ages and who's left in the market. However, her previous relationship was with a man who'd been to culinary school and wanted to be a midwife so perhaps Raj is the type she goes for.
  10. I think Raj ought to tell Anu why he's single : because he's horrible. He slept with a woman with whom he planned a wedding on the strength of a conversation about Disney, thus two-timing a woman with whom he'd been in a relationship for two years. He's self-indulgent under all that clean-cut cuteness. He's not ready to make the personal sacrifices required of a family man. However, a bossy woman might be the making of him. OTOH I hope for Anu's sake she meets somebody better-suited to her before this approaching engagement goes too far.
  11. Marie and Pierre Curie ? Charles Babbage and Lady Lovelace ? Caroline and William Herschel ?
  12. I can understand why Sheldon at 14 or so would have wanted a friend to move to Caltech with him. His fellow postgrads would have been 22 or more. Tam would be an undergraduate. Tam's actor from YS would be a bit young to play Tam's son who must be 18 ish if he's looking at universities. Tam is 14 or 15 in YS. Time confusion : It's surely more than 20 years since Sheldon started his postgraduate course ? That would make him only 34 now and we know he's 38. Or did he collect several Masters' degrees one at a time ?
  13. My over-analysis/speculation : somebody imitates Kripke and he gets perturbed by it.
  14. joyceraye

    Season 12 Chit Chat Thread

    That's an interesting point. The slaves I learned about early on in my schooldays would have been white anyway. To us, 'nigger' was a shade of fabric or paint, or somebody with brown skin in Geography lessons or dolls, as we never saw one in real life. There was no implication that anybody would be insulted by the word. People who'd fought with them never said so. We learned about slaves when we'd studied the Romans, the Greeks, and the story of Pope Gregory sending St Augustine to re-Christianise the British Isles after seeing beautiful blue eyed blonde Angles in the slave market. When we did Patron Saints we learned about St Patrick. And of course in Scripture lessons we learned about Joseph being sold to slave traders on their way to Egypt. We learned how we got rid of our criminals in the 16th and 17th century by sending them as slaves to the colonies, including America, to work for the settlers as an alternative punishment to hanging. That would be before merchants thought of buying and capturing African ones to sell to Americans . We eventually learned of the 18th and 19th century anti-slavery campaigns by missionaries in Africa and the abolition of the transatlantic slave trade by the British Parliament when the Royal Navy thought it was the boss of the seas. (Britannia, rule the waves ! Britons never shall be slaves !) I suppose studying Finn and Sawyer and Uncle Tom's Cabin might have dovetailed in with something we were doing in history. If the word 'slave' had been used then in the books the chances are at that age I would have pictured a white man.
  15. joyceraye

    Season 12 Chit Chat Thread

    No, I I hadn't heard that. I wouldn't have understood the change anyway as a child. I was in my twenties before I discovered that some Americans saw 'nigger' as a derogatory word. it's interesting to know that American printers think it is so bad they consider it worthwhile changing words in one of their classic novels. What surprises me at this distance is that our English literature teacher gave us American books to read. We loved Tom Sawyer and Huck as characters. We also did Uncle Tom's Cabin with Little Eva and Topsy as memorable characters. Everything else we did was English or Scottish and seemed rather grim to teenagers unless one liked that sort of thing. Dickens, Orwell, Buchan, Du Maurier which I suppose adults thought were interesting.

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