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  1. At least two. She is a twin. Baby number three may be in there along with 'baby number two' and she just didn't say so.
  2. Agree. I don't think Anu is badly cast in herself, but the pair don't seem to mesh as well as they should.Perhaps time will fix this.
  3. Well they did make Raj's face light up momentarily when Missy said she was separated. Were we meant to take that as a hint of things to come, or one of Raj's temporary sillinesses ? Who knows with these writers ? Absolutely ! Time to develop some more chemistry on screen is what's needed to make them more plausible.
  4. I don't think it's silly at all. It's a sensible solution.
  5. Indeed. I was a bit surprised when she was out of puff the other week.
  6. That was my point. Her body would not be ruined, she's so fit.
  7. So one or two would be OK ? Seriously, considering she's the yoga buff and the keenest on fitness of the lot of them, she'd be the sort to get her figure back the next day.
  8. In the same conversation didn't Penny declare, 'I'm not putting this body through three kids ! ' ?
  9. Bothering about how other people live their lives when it doesn't impact his own is not Sheldon's forte, true. He suggested to Leonard that Penny might not mean it when Leonard told him. He was interested enough to have told Amy. I should think that's about as far as he would normally go. If, however, in a future episode Penny brings it up to him, as she has done before with big decisions, he may answer her with some surprising logic. If that happens I would say he talks about parental relationships after one has grown up. He doesn't like children much but he's prepared to endure the childhood of his own offspring in order to contribute to the future of mankind.
  10. I agree with the theory. I have speculated before that she doesn't want to go through any procedures to fix her condition because it's a result of her own behaviour and she's ashamed. I was once told this was 'too dark' for a sitcom but now I'm not so sure.
  11. Perhaps it was Marissa's idea to sell the business. She might have seen its potential. Zak and his sister were VPs. Whether their father gave them the posts because they were't capable of getting jobs elsewhere, we can't know. Zak did seem to be involved,however. All we know for sure of Marissa so far is she didn't want Penny working there.
  12. Marissa married a rich man. That says something about her brains for a start. LOL. Your argument is a valid one. Mary was a loving mother in a way that Beverly seems not to have been. Everybody needs a mother's love regardless of intelligence or personality. That some people flourish in spite of going without it is all to their credit or to the credit of whoever was a substitute. Mary herself said she'd been in enough dusty lecture halls with Sheldon. There's no evidence Sheldon's intellect and education weren't encouraged. He still shows respect towards his mother which is evidence of his appreciation of how he was handled. Leonard by all accounts seems to have been squashed. Sheldon would have liked to have grown up in an intellectual academic family background like Leonard's, but not to have gone without the making of his favourite meals, the indulgent grandmother, the Uhu, the trainset that left no room for the car, and the tolerance of his quirks. Sheldon likes it when his mother comes to see him and he likes it when Beverly comes, but Leonard dreads his mother's visits. That proves a lot.
  13. Leonard's perspective, yes indeed. I'm imagining that as a big problem. The prospective parents in all probability see things very differently from Leonard. They could be in for a surprise they won't like. We know from what Leonard told Sheldon that even though he has nieces and nephews he cares about his own posterity. Since we're not going to see what happens in years to come, the ptb will probably write it all away in a couple of episodes if that, but I still think the whole issue is fraught with problems. They'll no doubt treat it as if it had ever happened, but we won't. They shouldn't raise something like this and just drop it. Fans will forever worry that the fact that it ever came up could cast a shadow over the Lenny marriage. Every time there's a break in broadcasts up comes discussion and controversy over the boat kiss. I'd hazard a guess this subject will emerge and re-emerge as long as DVDs and TV repeats last.
  14. Zarissa won't know that Penny has said she doesn't want children. The situation increases the chances that Leonard could get emotionally involved with theirs. This is a can of worms they won't want. It 's not a good prospect for either marriage.
  15. Sperm donation was anonymous for generations. Parents didn't need to tell their children they'd been to a sperm bank. Matters to do with fertility were private. Although in 2007 he and Sheldon both left the sperm bank after changing their minds, Leonard did not have any qualms about sperm donation in principle. That was before Ancestry et al. When a man thought he might be helping some unknown couple somewhere to make a family but he'd never be told the outcome, it was a different kettle of fish. If he was paid that was doubly heart warming for him, especially if he was a poor student. Another man's wife, whom he knows, giving birth to 'his' child when he has none of his own is on a whole other level. It must make for very mixed feelings. It's a big issue for a comedy. I'm glad to be forewarned.

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