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  1. Roller skates would have been a better idea altogether.
  2. I thought so when I learned about it. In US law it was about an illegal event and a potentially abusive one at that. Not the sort of thing to joke about.
  3. Our Parish Church had a service on Zoom with just the vicar and a bloke from the Royal British Legion at the local war memorial. He read the poems and played the bugle. It finished in time to watch the ceremonies on TV from The Cenotaph. I was impressed by the standard of the orgnisation of the event. But for the absence of the march-past and the condensed number of the Commonwealth, Irish and other overseas representatives, it was hard to tell the difference from any other year. One thing annoyed me - the referring to the Leader of Her Majesty's Loyal Opoosition ( who's usually on state occasions referred to by his or her official title ) as 'The leader of the Labour party'. I'm a bit of a Sheldon when it comes to that sort of thing. For us the 11th is not a holiday. It's an ordinary working and school day with some stopping at 11 am for two minutes' silence and then carying on as usual. The nearest Sunday is Remembrance Sunday which is marked by ceremonial events up and down the country. There are a few places called 'The Fortunate Villages' which do not have a War Memorial because they've never needed one.
  4. I doubt Sheldon took the drug for long enough to suffer serious side-effects. He probably woukdn't mention it as an adult because he' d see it as a sign of weakness.What surprises me is his keeping quiet about the removal of his spleen.
  5. It's getting to the time Missy needs her own room again. Will there be ructions over Sheldon and Georgie each refusing to shae a oom with the other; will they have to get a builder in to alter the layout of the floor; will they have an extension built or will they move to the house on blocks ?
  6. The others told Penny he was an ass when he didn't drink, she just didn't hear it. They were right in many ways, even up to the very last episode.
  7. Thanks. It might be a line missed out in a pre-watershed airing on E4 in UK. I'm not sure whether I've ever heard it. Penny has never been anything but honest about her tarty past. I can see why some Americans would be disturbed by the line because anyone young enough in the USA to be going to school would be below the age of consent, therefore a man twice her age would be committing a serious offence.
  8. Sheldon can indeed forget. He says he doesn't but that's not quite true, although his memory is very good.
  9. I don't know what a Luther joke is. I've heard of Lex Luther who was in the Superman comics when I was a child and Martin Luther the Reformation priest. I can't see what either of them has to do with Penny. .
  10. OK so we now know a little more of Shamy's family life. I do hope they'll mention odd things about the lives of the other TBBT characters too.
  11. https://www.glamour.com/story/big-bang-theory-fans-just-got-the-best-surprise-on-young-sheldon This is an interesting article with a lot of spoilers.
  12. That one works. Thank you very much. Edited to add : I also found this one by putting the info from Jessica Radloff's tweet into a search box : https://www.glamour.com/story/big-bang-theory-fans-just-got-the-best-surprise-on-young-sheldon
  13. I scrolled down for ages and found no sign of it. Is there an exact URL ?
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