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  1. Nope. I've never seen Ghostbusters, nor Star Wars. And that's true, not a plug for a radio programe.
  2. I knew Frasier was a spin-off of Cheers so when cable tv arrived in my area I watched the repeats. I've never seen Pretty in Pink or heard of Annie Potts. She looks as though she's fun.
  3. Yes that was awful in the context of Lenny getting married. Leonard had had other girlfriends besides Penny and had been to bed with them. Why he had to spill the beans about one kiss that meant nothing when it happened, which was a year before they were engaged, and thus get Penny all upset at such a sensitive time, goodness knows. It seemed pretty OOC to me. It was unchivalrous to Mandy and inconsiderate to Penny, not normal Leonard behaviour at all. Moreover, that little storyline served no purpose and could well have been omitted altogether. It doesn't even work as an illustration of Leonard's insecurity since he has spent the following two years being accused of taking Penny for granted.
  4. Because they're interested in Sheldon as a character. He is complex,certainly, but adding philanderer to his characteristics would be one OOC complication too many for his fans.
  5. Real life ones don't use them either.
  6. There'd be no point. Whatever they said, based on past performance, wouldn't be true anyway. Life ? I think it would have been the death of it : ratings would have dropped so much they'd have to cancel the whole thing.
  7. Last year's hints were a fat lot of good so I don't mind not getting any this year.
  8. I was glad to see the back of all those too. I'm not too pleased with what has been revealed of Raj as we've got to know him. The way the others have developed as they've settled down with their life mates is very believable and acceptable to me. Sheldon had several faces, as do most of us. I like the way he has been growing up. The earlier Sheldon is still recognisable in the maturing one but I'd like to see him realise what an ass he could be when younger and show regret for it.
  9. True. What amazes one person will leave another totally unmoved.
  10. So Bill Prady says the new season will be 'amazing'. It seems not everybody is pleased. He might have chosen that word very carefully: it doesn't necessarily mean the scripts will be good. He could be hinting we may be amazed by how bad they'll turn out to be. I hope, however, he means the former. I didn't want season 10 to be the last. Fingers crossed my wish to enjoy at least two more isn't misplaced. It has happened.
  11. This is a warning not to get rid of one's VCR. You never know what tapes you'll come across. It was Frasier that got me onto the internet. Until 1999 I said I was never going to clutter my house up with a computer and all that paraphernalia. Then I wanted to know what happened re Niles and Daphne and thought the internet might be a way of making contact with someone who'd been in a studio audience. I didn't know anything about chatrooms, mailing lists or forums - never heard of any of them - but it's surprising what one can learn when one is really motivated. When suprnova arrived and I could download episodes I thought Nirvana had come. I was homeschooling a mentally-handicapped godson at the time. He was in love with Daphne and he loved to play at being Martin or Niles. I bought him a copy of the scripts. It helped to teach him the difference between real life and fiction. We even wrote a fanfic called The Golfers. He loved the episode where Niles dressed as Martin. Car boot sales are a good way of fundraising for church or school fetes. All you do is charge people a small fee for a pitch in the car park. They come along, park the car, set up a trestle table and load things onto it from the boot. If you have things in your house you want to get rid of it's a fun way to do so. They're generally friendly affairs. Some larger ones are run commercially and have hot dog and ice cream vans on them etc. It's a cheap day out and you might get bargains.
  12. Ship Zone

    Four weeks today a lot of fans will know what she said. Good time wishes to them and I hope they tell us.
  13. Hope everybody has a great time ! Looking forward to reading all about it from those who have time to tell us. Thanks in advance.
  14. LOL. It's the biggest laugh I've had since they referred to Buridan's 'donkey'. I must be in a childish mood today.
  15. It's fab fab fab. No worries. Love it !