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  1. Sheldon left a note to say where he was going. If his parents thought he might get lost trying to find his way to a hospital in a strange town, the sensible thing would have been to get a cab firm recommended by the hospital to collect him when he got off the bus. Sheldon has his unworldlinesses and gullibilities, but he's ten, not four. If the police know what he's like and consider him vulnerable, I can see they might have stretched a point and got a colleague from the other town to meet him off the bus. But following the bus, sirens going and everything ? I think they could have made the incident more interesting by having the hospital rules refuse to let unaccompanied children under fourteen see patients and then somehow Doctor Sturgis catch a glimpse of Sheldon, followed by funny developments. I'm wondering why Medford didn't have its own psychiatric facility.
  2. I know. I was asking whether it was true he needed it at his age. Calling the police seemed somewhat OTT and as for them taking any notice ......I was surprised.
  3. Is that true about children and buses ? I can't believe they're not allowed to travel alone as old as ten and the police would stop a bus.
  4. I don't suppose a show about a young Penny would be funny. Young Sheldon isn't exactly a laugh a minute. Sheldon himself isn't all that lovable : even his teachers are so glad when he's not in class they do nothing to investigate where he is, apart from his PE teacher who looks in the places where he's usually stuffed and gives up. For me, if there ever was such a thing as Young Penny, the interest would be in seeing family life on an American farm and the other country children in the school they're bussed to.
  5. Penny's view of her youth - at least as she' related it - might be of 'an academically under achieving, alcohol indulging, sexually promiscuous, teenage bully' but perhaps when we saw what really happened we could discover it was only partially true. YS corroborates or gives a different perspective on Sheldon's tales of his childhood. They're not necessarily funny. With the rest of the family, the neighbours, the high school staff and the church, there's a lot of background to see. It can be done. If there was going to be a childhood review of another character from TBBT, my vote would be for Penny
  6. I didn't catch this but it looks interesting. As a child and teenager I used to visit Cadbury's every time I visited my aunt and uncle in Birmingham. Visitors were given lots of free samples at the end of the tour. Workers could take products home to give to their friends and relatives. My uncle was a heating engineer there. Every time he visited us he brought loads of chocolate with him.
  7. I wouldn't call Zack a savant by any stretch of the imagination. Zack isn't even an idiot-savant. He doesn't have any discernible disability. To me he seems to be written as though his IQ may perhaps be just below average but within normal limits. He came up with the suggestion of using the giroscope design for a weapon. He made a living and eventually made money. Leonard I would say possibly, when he's older, given his high intelligence all round could become seen as a savant. He has the most potential for wisdom. Dr Koothrapolli Senior fits the description more nearly. Perhaps it's a British vs American vocabulary thing. Since they're going into a bar rather than a pub, let's go with the American version : a genius and a savant go into a bar and the bartender says, ' Hey guys, what can I get you ?' The genius says, 'Can we get two beers, please ?' and the savant says, 'Weren't you listening ? We tell him what we want and he'll get it.'
  8. I didn't notice he didn't. So I played it through and heard him narrating .
  9. I thought Veronica was the younger sister in a local dysfuctional family. Paige's family was new to the area.
  10. Agreed. I love the way the different issues are spread throughout the show. It deserves to be twice the size.
  11. I wonder why they'd do that ? Naughty people. Idiots.
  12. That's sad. I can guess how Sheldon will take it.
  13. I suppose it depends on context. I think of a genius as a young person and a savant as an old, worldly-wise type. They go into a bar and Rosie the barmaid says, 'Good evening gentlemen, what can I get you ?'
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