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  1. Ship Zone

    It's known here as The (Beautiful) Blue Danube. I won't risk my German on you, as I know there are people on this forum who can spell the original title perfectly.
  2. Ship Zone

    Amy said the DJ at her prom let her dance to Lady in Red. It would be nice if they had that at some point. I don't know anything about American weddings but I'm guessing they wouldnt start with a slow tune. Neil Diamond seems to have a lot of upbeat stuff in his repertoire. I found The Only Conclusion on youtube. Yes it would be great if they could get that one. Or Darlin'
  3. Indeed. What was state-of-the-art thirty-odd years ago is obsolete now, replaced by newer technology. What was once flourishing now withers. Imposing restrictions on who can watch what when doesn't serve any purpose. Practices such as geo-locking are pointless.
  4. Penny was in A Streetcar Named Desire and did well in that. She played the part of the daughter in the haemorrhoid commercial quite naturally. We didn't see the scene that was cut in the TV drama with the initials, but if she wasn't any good she wouldn't have got the part when she was up for it.
  5. I've just checked the assignment help link. Are these people supposed to be writing in English ?
  6. Condolences. How awful.
  7. CBS's own links, including the one in the link above, are geo-locked but other links are openable now. I hope the rest of the programme is as watchable as the trailer. Geo-locking is annoying but thanks to helpful friends we usually get to see the previews and sneak-peeks etc fairly soon afterwards. Geo-locking reminds me of the time when in UK the BBC and the ITV were not allowed to mention each other's programmes in their listings magazines and although radio cassette machines, VCRs and their tapes were widely sold, it was actually illegal to record off-air and so the advertising was somewhat restricted. Then we got Maggie. A Prime Minister who said, 'Nonsense !' or words to that effect and waved a magic wand to free it all up. She even legalised video rental shops. (Making it possible for them to be taxed of course. )The world of entertainment commerce did not collapse, in fact it made oodles of money.
  8. A friend of mine says there's going to be a new character in 4A now that Raj has moved out. If she's right, I hope it won't be Penny's brother. I can't think why either of Leonard's siblings would need somewhere to stay. Could Penny's nephew be coming to study or work at Caltech ? It seems years since he was 13. If my friend is wrong, I hope we are going to see Lenny alone doing something interesting.
  9. I don't get it.
  10. I liked the idea of the T-shirt too. She didn't happen to have packed any of his spare underpants too, just in case ? Yours makes more sense than the scenario I had in mind of her nipping to the supermarket first thing to buy him underwear and a top or tracksuit while the cleaner finds a naked man in her bed.
  11. It's a nice story. What a great idea.
  12. Ship Zone

    Oh gosh yes ! We've got to see how they 'settle things'. If we get a time jump I'm imagining one of minutes if not seconds, such as we got when they told Sheldon about Amy's flooded apartment, or between the decision to end the bathroom schedule and the toothbrush scene. We'll never know what was said then, but we can have fun guessing. Supposing they do something like that again for this one, I have several responses in my head already but they all amount to 'yes' in some form or other. If they do leave out that part I only want it to skip to her wearing the ring, although if it's hours, waking up wearing it I could take. If then they discuss Ramona I hope Amy sympathises with Sheldon for losing what he'd believed was a friend and old pupil he could be proud of. He must be sad and angry because Ramona turned out to be something else. I feel a bit sorry for him in that regard. Apart from Kripke and Leslie, is there another theoretical physicist to whom he can talk on his own level ? If Ramona's behaviour was the stimulus for Sheldon's rush to Princeton, I do hope Amy doesn't feel the proposal is tainted.
  13. Ship Zone

    And we trust Molaro because ......... And we think he cares about how we feel because ............................ So long as we know she has said 'yes' in some form or other because she's wearing the ring, I don't mind if they discuss Ramona.
  14. Prayers for your sister and all the emergency services doing what they can. For the bereaved and injured.
  15. Ship Zone

    When Shamy and Lenny were on the couch discussing where Amy and Sheldon should begin living together, the scene had leapt there from Sheldon at his desk seeing the other three grinning in the doorway, having missed out any conversation in which they told him about the leak in Amy's apartment and Penny's suggestion she move in to Leonard's old room. I suppose we were expected to imagine for ourselves how they'd broached the idea and his immediate reaction. I'm wondering whether they'll do something like that in 11/01 so we'll be left to imagine Amy's answer to the proposal and find them on the couch or in her bed, discussing what they're going to do next or why he suddenly appeared out of the night with nothing but what he stood up in. She'll be wearing the ring. He'll be wearing nothing and his clothes will be in the washing machine.