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  1. We have a channel that shows nothing but US sitcoms. There are several TBBT episodes a day and I save them. The TV also gets Netflix so I don't need to dig out old recordings if there isn't something in particular I want in the saved box. I find I do need my fix at least once a day. I miss them too much. I like to say 'goodnight' to all those friends too, regardless of which episode's being shown. I've never bothered buying DVDs.
  2. With the autumn sensation in the air and back-to-school adverts in shops and all over the net, I was missing them and decided to get back to a fan fiction I'd been writing in stages last summer, but somehow the first three documents, covering several chapters, have just disappeared. I can't even find back-ups. Some evil enemy from Sheldon's list must have hacked into my computers. I can't think of another explanation.
  3. Me too (eventually) but I was in nursery or infant school at the time. It would be some years before I knew America existed let alone had a president. Perhaps the US proposed it while he was in office and got the answer in 1954 ?
  4. I didn't know about this book, thanks. I loved Heinlein's work from when I was about twelve and graduating from Enid Blyton and Carolyn Keene to when I was about forty. Then his writing seemed to change and I didn't like it. Years later, someone who'd met him said it was because he was going senile. I think I'll get this book,though, and give him another go. 1953 won't be one of his later works.
  5. I think if I lived in Greenland and thought the Russians might come one night and take over the island for nothing, but the US was not only offering protection but also to pay me a royalty on the profit from local resources, like they do in Alaska, I might just give the matter some thought. Whom do I want for Head of State ? Putin,Trump, Her Majesty. Hmmm. Putin ,Trump, Her Majesty. Decisions, decisions. I gather the place is not currently for sale anyway and there's no referendum pending so it's not an immediate problem. Apparently the last president to ask to buy was Truman in 1954. ( I looked that up, I didn't remember it. )
  6. That's because they were real and we don't want to accept the fact they're gone.
  7. Bold : I looked it up when somebody in this thread told me. There's been no firm decision about 'free movement' in Europe when/if Brexit happens. It was included in the offered 'deals' but none of the deals were accepted by Parliament. Trouble is, although 'free movement' is fairly new, a lot of people who live in another country or who travel a lot for work are too young to remember what it was like before, so they worry. All crossing a border involved was waving your passport and very occasionally being stopped to have your luggage looked at. Moreover, there are thousands of people from outside Europe who live and work here and vice versa. Before Poland joined the EU there were Polish people here, for example, and there's easily a couple of million Asians. I hear there are Americans too. The EU has its knickers in a twist because the UK has a land border with another EU country, Ireland. At the other end of the EU, where the newest members are former Soviet countries, the land borders are with Russia and nobody thinks anybody's going to take advantage of that.
  8. It's surprising how countries can change their rules when they want to, though. I only found out the other day that being born in the UK is no longer necessarily sufficient for British nationality/citizenship. I discovered last night that some relatives of mine who've been living and working in Ireland for thirty years now daren't pop across to the UK even for one day in case they're not allowed back in : a recent court ruling means they'd also lose their rights to apply for Irish citizenship on the grounds of residence. Leaving Irish soil at all means foreigners lose all rights to apply and can be refused re-entry even if they own a home and have their life and family in Ireland. This is particularly difficult for non-Irish residents who live near the border with Northern Ireland and need to go there to do their shopping, to sell produce at the market , or to go to work. There's an appeal process going on but until or unless the ruling is overturned a lot of people, 300,000 British alone and goodness-knows how many others, are trapped. Obtaining Irish nationality/citizenship on grounds of long residence now costs 2000 euros for a passport - a euro is worth about the same value as a US dollar. My cousin's son was turned down because he's not yet spent five years paying for a home of his own in Ireland - ie not living with parents - after leaving university. He can travel on a British passport but risks the possibility of being refused entry to Ireland if he tries to get back home. Whether foreigners can still get Irish nationality/citizenship on grounds of having an Irish grandparent I don't know. It's said an Irish passport is the best passport in the world to have because Ireland is neutral and holders can go anywhere. It doesn't seem five minutes since the Irish government wanted to attract people to the country and bent over backwards. Things can change in a day ! If they can make citizenship hard to get then anybody can.
  9. You're right. It looks as though these days it's more complicated if the baby's parents are foreigners. They don't have to be naturalised as British subjects but at least one of them has to meet certain conditions such as beng resident and working, just coming over for a holiday won't do. If Anu is American and Raj is Indian they'll have to stay for a few years.
  10. A Swedish person has confirmed it would be Swedish so that makes it a dual citizen if the US allowed citizenship to a child born abroad.
  11. Everyone born in the UK has British nationality. It can be revoked if they want or have nationality of another country that doesn't allow dual nationality. Raj and Anu's children would have been British if Raj had followed through on going to England. ( Strictly speaking, 'citizenship' is a behaviour although in recent years socialists in particular have begun using it also in the American sense.) A Hostadter with dual nationality woud have made for some interesting fan fiction.
  12. So if hokie3457's idea had happened, with Penny somehow allowed to travel on the plane at such a late stage, and the Hofstadter baby born in Sweden, he or she could have had two passports, assuming American nationality is bestowed on a child born abroad to two American parents.
  13. Does Sweden allow dual nationality ? If so, that scenario could have raised some interesting questions.
  14. That's true enough, but I thought they really short-changed us over the pregnancy issue. There wasn't even much offscreen let alone on screen.They might have thought they'd given us enough on screen with Bernadette and assumed we wouldn't want all that again. I don't think that's an excuse for giving us next to nothing, however. What they eventually said even off screen was far too little. The whole matter wasn't handled well at all IMHO. We saw Penny telling Amy,Bernie and Leonard that she wanted to be child-free. Off screen Leonard had been angry, according to what Penny told the other girls, and he phoned her father. We saw Leonard on screen show Sheldon how upset he was and off screen Sheldon must have told Amy. There was a big enough deal made of Penny's attitude, upsetting a lot of the audience. We then got the whole Zack (censored) taking up time on and off screen. And then nothing about it for months on end. Sheldon's response to the pregnancy news from Leonard was no different from what a normal person's would have been under the circumstances. A man whose wife has made it clear she doesn't want children tells his friend the wife is expecting. (What is the response supposed to be to that in the air on a public plane on the way to get your Nobel ? ) The friend does not stay to discuss that and without a fuss goes back to his seat. For someone who rarely knows how to behave he does what anybody would. Irrespective of what said friend was really thinking, the man gets angry at not being congratulated. What's the fracas ? The only excuse the man comes up with is 'Well now she does'. What ? Penny's report of off screen conception activity elicits a silly 2012-Amy reaction and doesn't explain why she chose not to nip out to the pharmacy or raid her stock for a morning-after pill. We could speculate she was unsure and decided to leave things to fate and the stars. But that's not enough. It would have been in-character years ago, but now ? Leaving us to think of their lives going on is one thing, leaving us with a big gap is another.
  15. I wouldn't call any of those arrangements standard or classic. Most people are not nor ever have been kings or the serfs of medieval French peasants. That some have deviated from the normal model and still do so doesn't change the way the majority choose to live.
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