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  1. Sheldon was just being sarcastic because Penny was being grumpy with the pain in her shouder and Sheldon's fussing over the form.
  2. I asked a friend ( not face to face of course ) how she thought Sheldon would react to the Covid-19 restrictions. She said Sheldon would send Amy out to do any shopping that couldn't be bought by online delivery. Amy would have to pass through a decontamination chamber built over the door before coming into the apartment. I suggested they'd have moved by now, to a bigger apartment or a house. They might have a child just able to sit up and take notice. It needs fresh air and Amy thinks its brain should be exposed to stimuli out of doors. Is it too hot in California in June to see and smell flowers, the sea, birds, butterflies, trees, etc in a park ? My friend said she thought Sheldon woud have devised a 'family safe-perambulation device' that protects them all when they go for a walk. She says The Flinstones had one. I can't quite remember : I'm imagining something like the top half of a miniature train carriage over them with their legs exposed.
  3. Amy was no doubt in her old biologist/ anthropologist mode when she dreamed that one up.In modern urban,affluent, western culture it tends not to be necessary except in emergencies, but there's nothing wrong with it. It's definitely not creepy and globally perhaps not all that rare. Out of interest, where I live, the police give free motorbike training to anybody who in return will collect and deliver donated fresh mother's milk to the hospital or to homes where it's needed.
  4. I certainly think Sheldon wouldn't trust Penny's intake to be good enough to pass on to his kids so yes, no sharing
  5. I wonder if Amy's reaction will be that it's time to kick her own family off so that she and Penny will both have small babies at the same time, with Penny's just a bit older. With the Nobel prize no longer looming, they could go house-hunting.
  6. Yes, your fanfic The Unwrapped Consequences is filling the gaps.
  7. Exactly ! We heard Howardette and Shamy for years frequently talking about their future parenting, but Lenny had the potential for interesting discussions which never came.Bernadette's misgivings were analysed and resolved in half an episode.We knew what they were. Penny's could have been revealed and chewed over rather than just reacted to, After a year without any new epsiodes,I still feel a question mark hanging over the whole issue.
  8. Yes, it would, and also to see why she changed her mind. Penny has access to all sorts of medication, including birth control. Even if she's been promoted beyond the level where she carries around samples in her case, she could have nipped in to work to help herself to a 'morning after' pill following the 'do you wanna ?' /'not wrapped' episode. The fact that she didn't do so tells me she must have decided at some point that she'd be OK with having a child after all. I really wish we had more than ' Well now she does' from Leonard to Sheldon to go on.Some profound discussions could have taken the place of the whole sperm donor time-consuming nonsense.
  9. It's a measure of how pleased Raj is with the news, not the age of the clumsy driver
  10. joyceraye

    Amy's Mom

    I thought perhaps you wouldn't but there may be other TBBT fans who want some reassurance before giving YS a try
  11. joyceraye

    Amy's Mom

    There are no glaring differences. George's drinking is increasing enough for others to mention it. Sheldon's parents are already quarelling more. George still has three more years to live, so there's time for him to turn into a neanderthal. When he starts cheating on Mary we don't yet know, unless it was ito have been in the unfinished episode that should have concluded season 3.
  12. joyceraye

    Amy's Mom

    I can see that. Petsonally, I've actually liked both from the beginning and YS is such a different type of show from TBBT that I don't rank them in order of each other. YS isn't all that funny, or at least comedy doesn't seem to be its primary purpose. Now TBBT is over, I like to hear Jim Parsons' narration as adult Sheldon and his comments about the future beyond TBBT S12. Maybe next year he'll say something about his mother-in-law.
  13. joyceraye

    Amy's Mom

    Some things in YS do look different from what Sheldon related or they're shown from a different persepective. Just because Sheldon when he was grown up said they happened doesn't mean we have to take all his accounts as gospel. The same might go for Amy. She could have put a spin on some of her tales for effect. We did see an overbearing side of Amy's mother, but then again Sheldon found her 'a delight'.
  14. I know what you mean. When British people on TV occasionally do it I find it bewildering. When Americans do it I assume they want to be polite but some sensistivity from their own history lessons inhibits them from using 'Her Majesty' for a British monarch. It wasn't a problem for the scriptwriter when Shamy accepted their Nobel prize because the king and queen they were addressing weren't British. That's my guess. OTOH if Americans google HM they may well see pre-1952 references from the time when she was HRH Princess Elizabeth,during WWII for example, and have no reason not to assume the title stuck.
  15. joyceraye

    Amy's Mom

    Amy lied to her mother about Sheldon in order to avoid going round for dinner. Amy's mother seems to have realised she'd been too protective when it dawned on her that Amy wasn't dating. Whether Amy had needed protecting when young in the light of an apparent personality disorder, will never be revealed now. Nor will we know the truth or otherwise of Amy's stories : I can't see a Young Amy series on the cards.
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