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  1. You must have driven very well too.
  2. Oh goodness ! I'd still be on L-plates if I'd had to pass that.
  3. I heard the term 'parallel park' on an episode of Soap. I didn't know what it meant, unless it meant parking a car alongside another in a car park. That doesn't sound to me like anything difficult enough to be in a driving test, so I still don't know what it is. We used to have something called a three-point turn, which I'm told is no longer in the test.
  4. It's a little more since I got mine. In those days it was expected one would study the highway code, but one didn't have to prove it until taking the driving test.
  5. When I stayed with friends in Manchester in 1963, before there were postcodes, the last line of their address on post sent to them was 'Lancs'. It was the same in Liverpool. When Merseyside and Greater Manchester were formed in the local government reorganisation in 1974, perhaps the boundary of Lancashire was moved. Daphne would have been very young then but the adults around her from whom she picked up her language and accent would have still thought of themselves as Lancashire lassies and lads as well as Liverpudlians and Mancunians. I don't think she uses it much if she has. Unless one wears front-fastening jeans, they are diffcult to use. Bernadette usually wears dresses or skirts.
  6. I think they're all likely, but particularly Shamy. Once they had met and started to unbend from their zombie modes, nobody else would do for either of them. Amy had her admirers, and she was in a pond where there were men worthy of her so far as brains were concerned, but Sheldon was the one with whom she had the rapport. He was fortunate in her. She put up for many years with Sheldon's treatment of her, in ways that most women wouldn't, because she understood where it was coming from.
  7. Ask almost anybody IRL how they met their spouse and see how often it turns out to be via someone else, or being invited to a gathering where that sort of thing happens. Penny is the facilitator in TBBT. And, in TBBT as IRL, there's always a 'might not have been'. Had Bernadette been able to afford her PhD studies without a paying job, she wouldn't have met any of them. Had Amy's mother not realised she'd gone too far in keeping Amy sheltered from the world, Amy'd never have been on a site looking for an annual date. Had Penny not broken up with Kurt, she'd never have known her neighbours and found out that brainy people appealed to her.
  8. joyceraye

    Penny's Bra

    I have no idea how talking about bras in this day and age would be offensive. When I first wore them they were called brassieres. (In 9.14 Meemaw caled them that.) I think the very sound of the word made them something for children to giggle at, even girls. Around the time the word was shortened they became so much more pleasant that they were advertised on TV, which was where I first heard the word 'bra'.
  9. joyceraye

    Penny's Bra

    In 9.01 Sheldon had a bra of Penny's.
  10. No, just that so far as Sheldon knew, Leonard did not deserve approval for whatever technique he'd used. All Sheldon knew was that Penny didn't want to be pregnant but her husband wanted to be congratulated for it. Sheldon hadn't heard any of the conversation we'd heard, remember.
  11. Penny was in the toilet on the plane when Leonard told Sheldon about the pregnancy. The bathroom scenes were later. Sheldon knew by then Penny didn't mind being pregnant but on the plane he still didn't know. What sort of a creep shows approval of a man who impregnates his wife against her manifest wishes ? Eww. Yuck. Not even Sheldon the Selfish, I hope. As it happened, Sheldon was self-centredly focussed on not catching a tummy bug that would disrupt the Nobel prize ceremony. Getting a Nobel prize is a big thing. I think he cares enough for Penny to have shown sympathy for her for having an apparently crappy husband at any other time.
  12. Aha. I get it now. Thanks. 'Congratulations' would have been horrible considering Penny had made clear her decision never to be pregnant, but I see how Leonard saw Sheldon's reaction as self-centred.
  13. Yes, Sheldon is hopeless with other people's secrets and for himself he keeps nothing private. One thing he is not, is a mind reader. He'd have needed the skills of a magician to tell what reaction Leonard, his closest friend,wanted. If he was pleased for Leonard but sad for Penny then,'Good for you, getting your own way over your wife's wishes' would have been appropriate to what Sheldon knew but tactless. Just as well he didn't know what to say. Leonard could hardly have complained if Sheldon had said the truth as he knew it but it would have hurt. Now if we'd never had that ghastly 12.03 episode, everybody including Sheldon would have been happy when the cat was out of the bag. The writers loved conflict in S12 though, so there had to be a rumble.
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