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  1. I enjoyed this episode. It had many funny moments. I like the new youth pastor. It seems to me Missy and Sheldon are too old to be made to go to Sunday School against their will. However, I think now they've been to one of the new more age-appropriate classes they won't need forcing or persuading again. I'm wondering now whether the script writers want us to wonder whether it was ever true that George was an unfaithful husband or whether it was all unjustified suspicion.
  2. We don't get the comedies you mentioned as far as I know. The modern meaning of 'comedy' is that something is funny. In the older meaning it's that the stage isn't littered with bodies at the end of the play. I think YS is usually very well done. I hardly ever find anything to laugh at apart from the teachers and the reverend. TBBT could be very serious at times, especially as the characters grew older and matured. Over the years I thought most episodes were well done too,even the ones with no funny lines or incidents.
  3. Sorry to hear this. Thank you for letting us know what the forum meant to him. Condolences to all his loved ones.
  4. I do love these 'backward shadows' narrated by adult Sheldon. I also love the hints about the future after the ending of TBBT.
  5. I thought so. Unlike TBBT, the YS scriptwriters generally have good memories. The impression coming over was that Dr Linkletter was encountering Sheldon for the first time, which viewers know wasn't correct.
  6. With two of the cast playing children in the family two years younger, as they mature will the series have to end or will they skip ahead in the story and make Iain look older ?
  7. I've just watched it and it looks to me as if he's not forking up his 'food because he's speaking. There are several eating scenes and he varies the gestures. I think if he'd got Parkisons or something we'd have heard by now.
  8. i know quite a few families who ae from the Punjab. Muslim siblings want their children to marry in order to keep property in the family. Children from this community feature above average, numerically speaking, in special schools. Sikhs, however, go to great lengths to ensure potential brides and grooms are not in any way related. They tell me that in their home villages in India they have scholars who study family trees many generations back to verify lack of consanguinity.
  9. If the infidelity really happened and it wasn't just one of Sheldo's stories, I suppose we'll eventually find out,that's if the series goes on for long enough.
  10. It's not all that rare in many cultures for even first cousins to marry each other. Many muslim families encourage it. It's not illegal. It's not incestuous although the idea would make some of us shudder. That shudder factor is why they pull Howard's leg about it. In today's busy,industrialised world it's possible for second cousins to meet and only find out about the relationship later.
  11. Something confused me. Didn't Dr Linkleter already know Sheldon ?
  12. He also used the term 'intercourse tonight' when Amy was out on a date with Stuart. On his honeymoon I seem to recall he once mentioned 'making love' or 'lovemaking'.
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