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  1. joyceraye

    Chit Chat: Season 11

    Every country's foreign policy affects other countries. That's what it's for. Anyone on the receiving end should be free to comment. Whether or not such a freedom exists depends on the domestic policy of the country they live in.
  2. joyceraye

    [Spoilers] Shamy: Season 11

    She was talking about the Shamy wedding, how simillar it was to a real one. She didn't know if Amy was having a baby in season twelve. She'd be happy to stay forever in TBBT because it's the best job she's had and she's nothing else on. She talked about 'Boying Up' and how boys have changed since social media has made them more concerned about their appearance.
  3. joyceraye

    [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    Chucky said : We said perfect season not relationship. Shamy's relationship was perfect for Sheldon all those years. Amy was happy with it as well as well until she started to see the difference between her relationship with Sheldon and Penny and Bernadette's with Leonard and Howard. Amy was happy just sitting on the couch playing counterfactuals. Don't forget the date night once a month. I should have said 'relationship season.' Nothing in real life is perfect, you're right bfm. I'd cite Eleven as the best for Shamy so far since they became more than friends, but who knows what Twelve may bring. If things were perfect there'd be no room for them to get better. All the couples must have expected marriage was better than cohabitation, which was better than courting, which was better than just dating. I'd like to see things looking good for all of them. They don't all have to be unpleasant to their partners in order for the stories to be funny, for instance.
  4. joyceraye

    [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    Neither did Shamy have a perfect relationship for many years. Eleven was perhaps their best so far - or at least unless the writers come up with something nobody's known about.
  5. joyceraye

    Conspiracy Theories

    Interesting. How was she a threat ? Likely to blackmail someone, sell secrets to a foreign power ( which carried the death penalty anyway ) or accidentally reveal in public,perhaps while under the influence, things those in power didn't want the public to know ? How ?
  6. joyceraye

    Conspiracy Theories

    I've been close to more than one terrorist incident and the idea that a bomb could be placed at the bottom of a building while planes behaving like bombs are aimed at the top of it doesn't seem unfeasible to me. Were I a terrorist it would make sense. As for the question about why terrorists attack their own countrymen - because they have distorted views about spurious causes and/or hope for financial support from foreigners who believe their nonsense. That Diana could suffer an 'accident' if she didn't start behaving herself was speculated here and there among those of us who gossipped ' like ladies at a quilting bee' about that sort of thing. I don't think it was taken seriously until it happened. That night when I heard she had been hurt and was in hospital, I got up and went to my car which had good Long Wave radio reception ( I had no internet then ) and I tuned into French stations. Two were playing serious music and a third was reporting ' an 'accident' with the word 'accident' stressed so often one couldn't help wondering if the announcer was trying to convince himself.
  7. joyceraye

    Sheldon's term for having sex

    And now he's legally married it won't even happen again.
  8. joyceraye

    [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    She's a lot nicer than me.
  9. joyceraye

    [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    The very spirit of the show is ridiculous. It's why I love it. A tiny woman waiting on tables to put herself through a PhD appearing so naive, sweet, meek and mild didn't seem believable to me. She had to be tough underneath.
  10. joyceraye

    [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    I’m really sorry but I do not understand your grammar. The line means : Lenny was like the writers' first baby. Even though they might have neglected that baby, there's still a lot of love there.
  11. joyceraye

    Chit Chat: Season 11

    That's the fella who could talk in sentences,right ?
  12. joyceraye

    Chit Chat: Season 11

    I've just seen a press conference given by President Trump. (I was looking for the tennis. ) I assume he was sober ? This was the first time I'd heard him live. Hats off to translators and interpreters at any negotiations involving him ! Some people don't 'arf earn their money. Their job must be like knitting fog.
  13. joyceraye

    Chit Chat: Season 11

    I had tuned in to the American cable channel that afternoon because I wanted to watch Larry King. The cameras were on the WTC building because a plane had crashed into it. That's how I and the rest of the world came to see the second plane go in. The other planes wouldn't have been filmed from the ground because nobody does that.
  14. joyceraye

    Chit Chat: Season 11

    I thought it was four planes ?
  15. joyceraye

    [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    As I found out when I did a search before answering you a few minutes ago. Thanks. Another composer of that name, born the same year, died in 1985.

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