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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=av1BJyqQcnA Good old Neil Gaiman ! I wonder if he got the idea from what he did for Stuart ? Thousands of shops , including many bookshops, are closing down all over Britain's high streets, often through lack of sufficient footfall thanks to the internet. Storm Brendan this week meant even fewer customers. Good job this bookseller, who had the first day in 100 years not selling even a penny's worth, has an internet connection.
  2. It was, but of course he was not the real Spock, merely an actor playing the part, just as the men dressed up in Santa suits in big shops are not the real Father Christmas but stand-ins to help him out at a busy time of year.
  3. I've watched the episodes from the beginning. It's not made for laughs. If you like general drama with a light-hearted touch here and there, plus a taste of tragedy, you might like it. All the children are marvellous actors, very well-cast.
  4. On his way down the chimney, Santa got a mince pie stuck up his bottom. The doctor said, 'I'll give you some cream to put on that.'
  5. Where did you hang your cap ?
  6. Does she keep them in the glove compartment ?
  7. Indeed ! They often gave the impression of not having even read previous scripts. When they did refer back to something, such as Sheldon's wish for fifteen children, it used to come as a surprise. The Spock Resonance episode laid the ground for so much they could have done. Building on Sheldon's decision to stop relying on artificial non-emotions from fictitious people on the TV could have made an interesting storyline for one thing. Then there could have been an episode where they tried to stop Amy from seeing a clip of Sheldon's outbursts. We could have seen the whole gang go to the cinema to see the Spockumentary. Referencing it in Season 12 would have been far better than much of what we got. So much potential wasted.
  8. Agreed. When the Spockumentary came out I was hoping to see a crossover. We got a very brief speech from Mayam but otherwise there wasn't anything. What a disappointment !
  9. E4 is a niche channel in UK that shows good American sitcoms more or less exclusively. It means people who only view 'normal telly' get little chance to see TBBT although the odd episode is sometimes shown in the morning at weekends on mainstream Channel 4 England in no noticeable order. Consequently, the British population is divided into those who love TBBT and YS and those who've hardly, if ever, heard of them. There's no YS on a mainstream channel at all yet.
  10. William Hill's giving odds that Italy is next.
  11. Sheldon's idea of unwashed teenage bodies in a pool reminds me of how we used to have to walk through a shower and a footbath in order to reach the pool from the changing rooms. Somehow the teachers on the side of the pool were always clothed and dry. They must have had a secret entrance.
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