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  1. That's a very good point. We hear as jokes others' comments on how 'he got a hot girl to marry him' and questions on what they talk about, but apart from their concern for their friends we see little if anything about what it is Leonard appreciates about Penny other than her body.
  2. joyceraye

    [Spoilers] Shamy: Season 12

    I seem to remember it's because we were confused by the suggestion Amy had somehow needed to trick or manipulate Sheldon into thinking about children when we know they've always talked about having them. Trying to make sense of it, we wondered whether Amy might be getting Sheldon to consider the reality of children at the baby stage because she thinks he might have too abstract an idea of his future homos novi.* According to the taping reports there was a scene with Beverly yet to be taped, so I'm thinking perhaps it's discussed with her and we'll understand after the conversation.? Pregnancy/ies would be a reason for them all to be moving house towards the end or at the end of the series. Mayim has joked that it might end with all the women pregnant. *Feel free to correct my Latin spelling. I have a cold and have lost the ability to write plurals.
  3. I didn't know what Presidents ( or is it Presidents' ?) day was, either. I wonder what percentage of this board is American BTW ? Don't you also have Queen Victoria's birthday ? Is that to thumb the nose at the idea of a president LOL ? Worralaff
  4. He didn't want Hokus Pocus : it was hankius pankius for him
  5. joyceraye

    Season 12 Chit Chat Thread

    I'm talking about the above quotes but I think I understand the explanation. Last saw Star Trek in 1969, the first series in black and white, so I knew nothing about the red shirts etc.
  6. joyceraye

    Season 12 Chit Chat Thread

    Sorry, I have to ask .... what does it mean ?
  7. This is grounds for divorce, no doubt about it. If they'd had a standard church wedding with the vicar reading out the purpose of marriage and the couple asserting that they understood, a subsequent willful refusal to procreate would be a breaking of the contract. I've been told on this board that regardless of what they say at the 'altar' a US marriage means the same, whether real vows are made or not, once the officiant declares them husband and wife. So, under more or less anybody's law, Leonard's entitled to end it and go elsewhere. However, at the age Leonard would be once he was free, could he find a fertile enough woman from scratch in his own age group who hadn't been married with children already ? Given he'd need three years to get over Penny and start courting again, fall in love with somebody enough to want to build a life with her, set up a new home, get married, begin the family, the chances are he'd have to fish in a much younger pool or become a stepfather. And that's if there even exists a woman who'd want to be part of the social group Leonard's been in all these years. It would be a great gamble. He might as well stay with Penny.
  8. Irrelevant, Kaplan ! It's not a matter of anybody's feelings, strong, weak, or otherwise. Everybody on the planet is here because a woman, fulfilled - or not - by our existence, gave birth to us. And a man was overjoyed - or not - because he'd sired us. True,millions of people who are not parents feel fulfilled in their lives and millions who are parents also feel fulfilled. And plenty of people go through life feeling unfulfilled at times for all sorts of reasons, often to do with their own parents. Much in life is fulfilling, and is so whether we are parents or not. Many spend years of their lives hoping for children, distracted from what else could fulfill them. What's any of that got to do with the price of chips ? It's Penny, an individual, who's the subject of concern here, not 'women'. And Leonard. Penny who wanted the stupid pop tart or bran muffin. Penny who took her time to decide she wanted the right man, the man who wanted her. Penny who had a life going on with decisions to make unconnected to her relationship, just like everybody else. It's Leonard who'll never be a dad or a pop-pop to his Elliot. Leonard who's being told yet again that he can't have. Leonard the uncle, Leonard the godfather, Leonard whose brother provides cousins for his other nephews, Leonard who thought he'd be a father.
  9. Ultimately it's the only power a reader, a listener or a viewer has : withdraw support. Don't buy the next book, don't listen to the next episode of the serial or stop watching the TV series. I wonder if they'd have dared do this to poor Leonard before the final series ?
  10. joyceraye

    Been There or Not been there?

    Yes. Got badly frightened by a Dalek there once. St Paul's
  11. More than once I have seen a relationship suffer when the wife bonded so intensely with the child she hadn't wanted until it arrived that the husband who did want kids got totally pushed aside. I'd be very sad to see Leonard in that position. It's ironic but how a woman is as a mother doesn't necessarily follow on from how she felt about the pregnancy.
  12. I didn't dislike it. I watched all the episodes hoping they'd get better. They needn't have made the premise restrictive. Millions of people have lived biblically 24/7 for whole lifetimes. If they'd taken some care with the writing, putting in continuity and flow, and fleshing out the storylines they could have come up with something that lasted a reasonable time.
  13. joyceraye

    Know them or Dont Know them?

    Yes Morecambe and Wise

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