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  1. She was 'freaking out' and then yelling more than one line and not at Sheldon. Without the anti-perspirant references I'd hardly have known it was her.
  2. Welcome to the forum. You might not have seen suggestions made here and elsewhere that we have a story in which Amy experiences a crisis and Sheldon has to help her. It seems the writers picked up on that idea or possibly thought of it themselves. Some fans thought it would be sweet and cute. Well we know now that apart from the Soft Kitty bit it was anything but. Amy was behaving so out of character she was scarcely recognisable until the last moment when she saw the whisky - or brandy or whatever it was. Sheldon was as much use to her as a chocolate teapot for most of the episode. He was talking and behaving as if he had regressed three or more years. Granted, he was under stress too. Absolutely nothing happened in the episode that moved anybody forward - unless we count Bert if his meeting the emergency nurse comes to anything.
  3. Siebert does not say that. Note there are no speech marks around the sentence. He does not use such appalling English. Journalists should not do so either.
  4. That season was awful ! So much nastiness between people.
  5. Penny, don't you dare look so happy ! Do you know how many people you've made cry ?
  6. I remember when Daphne on Frasier sneakily looked at the medical records of her husband's patient and ruined it for me after I'd been emotionally attached to the show for years. The friend who'd recruited me to it was devastated and the mentally-handicapped godson I was home-schooling at the time between special schools was absolutely heartbroken. The channel that was showing it moved it to a less-popular night and time in response to viewers' feelings. The makers of The Inspector Lynley Mysteries changed the feel of it after four years by Americanising both the language and the plots. They took on a writer who couldn't keep track of a storyline for toffee and who had been the killer of at least two other series. The BBC stopped commissioning it. I was running two yahoo groups for the TV series and three for books so I felt the decline particularly hard. I stopped listening to The Archers after sixty years. I just couldn't take the changes in the way the people I'd known since Nursery School, or who'd come into my life over the years and whose births I could remember, were talking. So, I do feel sympathetic towards anyone who feels they no longer want to see what happens to the TBBT crowd. Penny's out-of-the-blue declaration and Leonard's obvious disappointment (can't think of a stronger word that's printable) with it in the final season is inexcusable on the part of writers. To add the Zack shenanigans to the mess must have felt beyond unacceptable to those who'd loved the love story I'd hardly noticed. I just hope the writers redeem themselves somehow so that in time to come these last months will be viewed as a bad patch that Penny got over. They owe a return to enjoyment to some millions of fans. Why upset people ? They don't get paid more for making viewers unhappy, so why do it ?
  7. I don't see why there has to be a competition. They're not opposing sports teams. I know groups of couples who are friends with one another and who all have children. Unless they've had to go through hoops to adopt, or have become successfully fertile after treatment, they're not considered especially favoured. Rewards that come via a job aren't usually regarded as a disgrace by others unless they're dishonestly come by. If Leonard by the end comes up with something that sets him pointing towards a Nobel prize and Howard does get the McArthur genius award Bert recommended him for, it won't make any difference to Sheldon's chances. Nor will any success he gets prevent theirs or cause their failure. I'd like to see them all getting what they've worked for and for Penny's misgivings about having her own children resolved. There's time yet : five minutes is a long time in TBBT world, let alone an ( unspoiled so far ) hour.
  8. Bernadette somewhat grudgingly agreed to have a child because she knew her husband wanted to be a dad, and she wept at the news of a second one on the way. Children were part of the deal discussed during her engagement - as happens in real life. However, she loved her babies once she'd got them and wants the best for them. There's no reason Penny wouldn't feel the same. It doesn't make sense to me, since she has a normal, good enough parent-child relationship as an adult, that she doesn't want to make a family with Leonard . She's physically so fit she'd even get her figure back if it went out of shape for a few months, if that would worry her. Amy and Sheldon have always intended to produce children, even when they only thought of them as progeny out of duty to the human race. Raj and Anu separately have had children in mind before they even met, and Stuart and Denise just wanted an excuse. Adults becoming parents ? Nothing odd in that. What's odd to me is that only one couple so far on TBBT have done it. Why Penny out of all of them, with no discussion with friends, family or husband, has been chosen to upset millions of her fans who feel lovely Leonard's disappointment, beats me.
  9. That's what I thought they must mean. I wonder if they try to get hints from the crew ? I wonder what they'll think when they see the final script ? Whatever's happening to their characters in the last episode, there'll be no going back, no changes of direction, no quarrels made up, no moves unmade,no publications retracted,no lost jobs regained, no missed movies seen later, no board or card games replayed, no cut hair regrown, in fact nothing uncertain resolved nor wrongs put right in a subsequent episode .......... So let's hope all is well at the end.
  10. That sounds like the most likely explanation. I wonder why the cast are saying the final episode hasn't been written yet ? Perhaps they mean it's not ready for them to see.
  11. I don't get this : I thought they are still in the process of episodes 23 and 24 ? Table read for 23 was only today. I wish I did! I think it might be about Leonard and his mom's relationship. It very well could be baby news for Shamy...I kind of hope it is Shamy Baby, but you never do know... Or any of the other five mothers, or Meemaw, or Denise. We've not seen Mary this season BTW. Shamy baby wouldn't be much of a surprise.
  12. Thanks !! A useful one for speculation until we hear more. Is someone's mother dying, making up her mind about something, or is someone concluding she should become a mother ? Is Denise getting on with repopulating the Earth ? Or is there a combination of all those ? Will Beverly and Mary make friends ? Will Amy's mother be annoying ? I do hope there's someone who can tell us, even after all this time. I fear the chances are low, judged by the difficulties ticket holders seem to have had getting in
  13. Wow ! So they're going to do a live taping after all ? Great !
  14. Yes there's going to be an audience for the showing of the pre-taping so they can record the laughter. I hope there is laughter and not crying.
  15. We've had no spoilers from the last one, which tells me we've stopped getting them. We don't even know the title for number 22. They're not letting anybody in but VIPs by the sound of things and there's no audience for the making of the last one which is going to be all pre-taped.
  16. I don't think it matters so long as they're open. By closing time who'd care ?
  17. I like the ones where she's bringing Amy out of her shell.
  18. You both have the definition right. Hero (or heroine ) is a homonym. It can mean either someone who does something outstandingly courageous for the greater good, or a leading fictional character. Dickens' David Copperfield begins ' Whether I shall turn out to be the hero of my own life .....' and then goes on to write about his birth, childhood, marriage and work. He does a few nice things, the greatest of which is to produce a daughter to make his great aunt happy. I suppose anyone who can control Sheldon is heroic up to a point. In another meaning, there's such a thing as heroic surgery.
  19. To me, any actor or actress is a good one if I can believe I'm watching and listening to the character and not someone playing a part. I suppose when it comes to TV, radio or film rather than the stage, a lot of the work is in the editing. All the regular TBBT actors I find believable : it's as though I'm really watching something happening in their lives. I'll miss them when they're gone. From my angle, that makes them whatever adjective on the good to great scale anyone cares to apply. It's possible the credit should go to the writers and directors who set the level of difficulty of the parts to be played. When there's an odd guest who looks as though he or she is acting, such as Penny's brother or Sheldon's Meemaw it is jarring to me. The responsibility for making them fit in or not possibly lies in the script,direction or editing, I wouldn't know.
  20. Indeed it would be surprising if they didn't. They discussed it even before their first date and mentioned it from time to time over the years right up to the latest episode.
  21. I don't get it either. Dads and uncles like to bath babies because they can play submarines and battleships and pretend they're Superman or Supergirl when they wrap them in the towel.
  22. And the low key endings of some of them left the door open for new episodes on the 80th anniversary of the BBC or other occasions for reunions. I liked the Goodnight Sweetheart one where Gary was flashed forward to the world of 2017 which was utterly bewildering to him, having last seen his own time in 2000.
  23. Weigh in all you like. We've not seen enough of Penny's success.
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