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  1. After Sheldon's wedding the TV company released extra scenes on the website. In those there was a message even from Meemaw who was still alive but too elderly to travel. . It looks as though we won't be losing any other family members apart from George..
  2. I googled 'Hamburger Helper'. It's expensive. How is it a sign they're poor ?
  3. Can somebody explain,please,why they all got so upset over Missy's hair ? It looked all right to me.
  4. Wow ! It must make for a lot of job insecurity and deter gamesc teachers from schools with a low-ability intake. Thanks for the information.
  5. Is it true of schools in the US or just Medford, that a teacher can be fired just because a team doesn't do well ? Teachers have no control over the student intake, they have to work with the children they have in front of them.
  6. We have reached Spring Break in Sheldon's freshman college year, which means he'll have had his 12th birthday. Mary says Missy isn't a teenager yet, which fits. Georgie is supposed to be about five years older,which would also fit, since he's left school, but is apparently young enough to have stayed on. They've covered two and a half years of aging in four and a half years
  7. Sheldon breaking rules - or is he ? Technically he's accompanied by a busload of adults. When he went out he didn't exactly lie to his parents.... I wish they'd had these conventions when I was his age. I loved DC comics but they were hard to get hold of. Bunty, Beano and School Friend would have been worth convening about, though.
  8. It's his own secret - he's OK with those, and he'd already dealt with the situation by paying for the video. "Another example was when the girls were giving Raj dating advice and they decided to play "hooky" from work and Penny says "Being in a motel with a 34 yr old guy named Luther" Since she was supposedly only 17 yrs old at the time this was absolutely disgraceful. A controversial line just to get a laugh " That's one of the lines that Channel E4 over here leaves out during daytime showings. 'Amy's birthday gift will be my genitals' and 'whose life began in my hero's scrtum' are but two other examples, not to mention references to Amy's work with drug addiction in animals.
  9. I've been having a nostalgia bout. Sheldon's dormroom reminds me of my own in the late 1960s. The meaning of dorm on this side of the pond is a bit different. Ours were called study-bedrooms. We had six per floor in our block. Mostly they were singles but a handful were shared. We had a sink in each room, but showers and toilets were separate from bedrooms, as bathrooms were in most homes of the day and still are up to a point.There were enough of those so that there was never any need to queue, but in the shared kitchenette on each floor there was only one kettle and one toaster. No fridges, but we hardly noticed that since many homes in this climate still didn't have one. Microwaves were not even known about. We weren't supposed to take the kettle to our own room but it happened. 'Who's got the kettle?' was a frequent cry on the floor. There was one phone, coin-operated, in each block. Many families didn't have a phone, so phoning home wasn't something that happened a lot. One phone was enough, The rooms, the electricity, the bedclothes ( including laundry for the sheets and pillowcases ) and the bread were free of charge in those days, as were all meals. The dining halls were nicer than the TBBT cafeteria (wooden tables ) but it was a long time ago. Gatherings in one another's rooms over coffee and toast was a way of life. They let us take bread for our toast from the hall but we had to bring our own coffee etc from home or buy it in a nearby town. There were bars called JCR and SCR but we to pay for anything we wanted there as one would in a pub in town. Members of the opposite sex weren't allowed in any of the accommodation blocks after 11pm . The porters used to lock the door of the women's blocks at 11.05 but we had our own keys - ostensibly so that we didnt get locked out if we got back late from somewhere. LOL. Since Tony Bair's late 1990s, students have to pay for college and their accommodation so there might be fewer rules.
  10. The writers were onto a good thing: lots of viewers also fell in love with the Shamy. I did so myself, after accepting that the fun of having them 'just friends' in a relationship of the mind was over. That was no reason to short-change the others. Where the humour was supposed to be in couples we'd loved for years speaking and behaving disrepectfully towards each other, goodness knows. The whole business of Penny's saying she didn't want children followed by the Zack sperm rubbish contained only one funny line 'or Penny if it's a girl' and was totally unnecessary.
  11. Not a nit pick at all ! A vow is a stated serious promise of intent to do ( or never do ) something. There can be penalties for breaking a vow. The promise to love is a recognised one in a marriage ceremony. A lot of Lenny's first wedding in the chapel was drowned out. Nothing they said during the part we heard was a vow. If they made any afterwards we weren't party to them. Happy New Year !
  12. They didn't make any vows but they said nice things that the writers should have kept up.
  13. Yes, they were on the scrappy side, weren't they. Granted, comedy writers need to make life-events such as weddings and births funny and out of the ordinary, but Lenny's two together didn't add up to a decent one. Howardette's was hurriedly re-arrange and performed under exciting circumstances and I've no doubt they had their planned big do when Howard got back, although we were never shown it. Amy and Sheldon had something that looked the closest to conventional, although the athenaeum wasn't exactly packed.
  14. I've seen the promo or this and can't make out one word that's being said. I use subtitles for the full episodes but can follow 80% or more without them,apart from what Missy says. This promo beats me, however. Ive been doing internet searches for yips. Never heard of them before.
  15. I've been watching it every day on youtube but this week there's a man doing it instead. Where did Mayim go ?
  16. I enjoyed this episode. It had many funny moments. I like the new youth pastor. It seems to me Missy and Sheldon are too old to be made to go to Sunday School against their will. However, I think now they've been to one of the new more age-appropriate classes they won't need forcing or persuading again. I'm wondering now whether the script writers want us to wonder whether it was ever true that George was an unfaithful husband or whether it was all unjustified suspicion.
  17. We don't get the comedies you mentioned as far as I know. The modern meaning of 'comedy' is that something is funny. In the older meaning it's that the stage isn't littered with bodies at the end of the play. I think YS is usually very well done. I hardly ever find anything to laugh at apart from the teachers and the reverend. TBBT could be very serious at times, especially as the characters grew older and matured. Over the years I thought most episodes were well done too,even the ones with no funny lines or incidents.
  18. I do love these 'backward shadows' narrated by adult Sheldon. I also love the hints about the future after the ending of TBBT.
  19. I thought so. Unlike TBBT, the YS scriptwriters generally have good memories. The impression coming over was that Dr Linkletter was encountering Sheldon for the first time, which viewers know wasn't correct.
  20. With two of the cast playing children in the family two years younger, as they mature will the series have to end or will they skip ahead in the story and make Iain look older ?
  21. I've just watched it and it looks to me as if he's not forking up his 'food because he's speaking. There are several eating scenes and he varies the gestures. I think if he'd got Parkisons or something we'd have heard by now.
  22. i know quite a few families who ae from the Punjab. Muslim siblings want their children to marry in order to keep property in the family. Children from this community feature above average, numerically speaking, in special schools. Sikhs, however, go to great lengths to ensure potential brides and grooms are not in any way related. They tell me that in their home villages in India they have scholars who study family trees many generations back to verify lack of consanguinity.
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