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  1. I know. I was asking whether it was true he needed it at his age. Calling the police seemed somewhat OTT and as for them taking any notice ......I was surprised.
  2. Is that true about children and buses ? I can't believe they're not allowed to travel alone as old as ten and the police would stop a bus.
  3. I don't suppose a show about a young Penny would be funny. Young Sheldon isn't exactly a laugh a minute. Sheldon himself isn't all that lovable : even his teachers are so glad when he's not in class they do nothing to investigate where he is, apart from his PE teacher who looks in the places where he's usually stuffed and gives up. For me, if there ever was such a thing as Young Penny, the interest would be in seeing family life on an American farm and the other country children in the school they're bussed to.
  4. Penny's view of her youth - at least as she' related it - might be of 'an academically under achieving, alcohol indulging, sexually promiscuous, teenage bully' but perhaps when we saw what really happened we could discover it was only partially true. YS corroborates or gives a different perspective on Sheldon's tales of his childhood. They're not necessarily funny. With the rest of the family, the neighbours, the high school staff and the church, there's a lot of background to see. It can be done. If there was going to be a childhood review of another character from TBBT, my vote would be for Penny
  5. I didn't catch this but it looks interesting. As a child and teenager I used to visit Cadbury's every time I visited my aunt and uncle in Birmingham. Visitors were given lots of free samples at the end of the tour. Workers could take products home to give to their friends and relatives. My uncle was a heating engineer there. Every time he visited us he brought loads of chocolate with him.
  6. I wouldn't call Zack a savant by any stretch of the imagination. Zack isn't even an idiot-savant. He doesn't have any discernible disability. To me he seems to be written as though his IQ may perhaps be just below average but within normal limits. He came up with the suggestion of using the giroscope design for a weapon. He made a living and eventually made money. Leonard I would say possibly, when he's older, given his high intelligence all round could become seen as a savant. He has the most potential for wisdom. Dr Koothrapolli Senior fits the description more nearly. Perhaps it's a British vs American vocabulary thing. Since they're going into a bar rather than a pub, let's go with the American version : a genius and a savant go into a bar and the bartender says, ' Hey guys, what can I get you ?' The genius says, 'Can we get two beers, please ?' and the savant says, 'Weren't you listening ? We tell him what we want and he'll get it.'
  7. I didn't notice he didn't. So I played it through and heard him narrating .
  8. I thought Veronica was the younger sister in a local dysfuctional family. Paige's family was new to the area.
  9. Agreed. I love the way the different issues are spread throughout the show. It deserves to be twice the size.
  10. I wonder why they'd do that ? Naughty people. Idiots.
  11. That's sad. I can guess how Sheldon will take it.
  12. I suppose it depends on context. I think of a genius as a young person and a savant as an old, worldly-wise type. They go into a bar and Rosie the barmaid says, 'Good evening gentlemen, what can I get you ?'
  13. They're the same thing more or less. I don't get the joke.
  14. Not those kind of thumbers, the ones in the sentences about ratings e.g 3.0 down to 2.1 kind of thing.
  15. I only ever saw brief trailers for Love Thy Neighbour. It was on just a handful of years before before home video recorders came out. I'd either have been out or watching or listening to something else.
  16. If people watch later on catch-up TV or some other system ,does the advertising bring in the same money ? A drop of more than 30% of the viewing public must be a shock for whoever produces the Emmys. Could it be that US viewers are using catch-up, recordings, players, etc to watch shows that are not current and realise there's nothing in this year's awards to interest them ? It's what I do. I don't watch BAFTAs much anyway as that sort of thing is too noisy for me these days.For instance, I've just had a notification from Netflix that the latest series has been added to Call the Midwife. Since it's some months since I've seen it, I may watch it over again. Netflix has an app on the TV so there's no difference in the experience OTOH I've never seen Fleabag but now I've heard it has won an Emmy I'll probably take the trouble to watch it on ITV-player - which seems to be set up so you can't skip the adverts. Pondering over this sort of thing, I'm realising something has got to be really really enticing for me to watch it at the time it's actually going out. Last night I watched Pili Pala with English subtitles and the dialogue and audio description in Welsh as it was broadcast because I was anxious to know what happened after last week's cliffhanger I'd seen online only the night before. Usually, I set the set-top box to record and do something else.
  17. Is it a remake or is it the 1970s one ? I never saw that. Is it in colour ?
  18. Thanks for the explanations. I don't know quite what the numbers 1, 2, 3, mean but it looks as though the number of TV viewers is dropping. If they depend on advertising revenue then TV companies will worry when they can't charge advertisers enough to make a profit. Competition from other activities means their income is diluted. They can't get money from overseas sales unless they can afford to make a show in the first place. If I spend time on the internet rather than watching programmes when they're broadcast, if there's something I want to see I watch it later. I must admit that when I do this if it's from a station that carries adverts, whether it's on TV or computer, I just fast-forward through them. Radio programmes I listen to don't have adverts so I don't need to do that with them. Does it make a difference in the US where viewers watch a show ? Are the advertising rates at a different level according to whether it's watched on air, catch-up, cable, internet and so on ? I know the TBBT crowd watch shows at different times. They don't want to hear about an episode from one of them who's already seen it. When I first started work it was normal to discuss the previous night's TV in the tea break or lunch hour, just as we'd done at school. One of the two stations carried adverts so we talked about them as well. Quite a bonding activity it was now I come to think about it. There was no way of recording something if you'd been out so that was when you found out what had happened. Radio programmes were repeated at least once during the week so it was less of a problem. Now I, and my friends of a similar age, tend to wait until all the episodes of a serial have been broadcast and watch them all at once via its station's player on the internet or TV. Some of the serials have all the episodes available before they're even broadcast weekly one at a time, so viewers have a choice how they take them. If the BBC and ITV had had all these facilities sixty years ago I'd have grown up with square eyes. Now of course there's still the chance to discuss what we've seen and heard via forums, message boards, facebook groups and so on, we just don't have to wait until it's the right time. Tomorrow season 12 of TBBT comes to Netflix. Yay !
  19. I'm not sure I understand the posts about ratings. Are you saying shows going out on normal TV aren't getting enough viewers to make it profitable for companies to produce them ? The figures mean very little to me. On this side of the pond we have to pay regardless. Season 12 is coming to Netflix on Tuesday but there's a channel that shows repeats of TBBT episodes several times a day anyway. If we want Netflix we have to pay extra for it but the TV channel comes as standard with whatever digital service we're subscribing to. I assume the channel pays the CBS for TBBT irrespective of who they think is watching. YS season 3 starts next week, BTW so I suppose that means the US is only having a two-week gap before Christmas.
  20. Report post Posted August 31, 2014 I feel weird for even replying on this thread, after almost a year passed since the episode aired. But since I stumbled upon this thread and read some comments I feel need to reply. _____________________________________ I understand that ! I've just found it after what must be five years and yet your post and the one to which you're replying are both so sensitively and painstakingly written I just have to say, 'Well done !' I enjoyed reading them. I take the point that there's a big difference between an emotion and an opinion. So often nowadays the word 'feel' is used instead of 'believe' or 'think' that some people have got the idea they mean the same.
  21. Assuming Beverley was telling the truth, they would have been indulging in foreplay with the intention of trying for another child.
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