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  1. Exactly. There are many fields of study in the liberal arts for which there's no specific demand. However, a degree in one of them may show an aptitude for rigour or attention to detail that may get someone a training position. Many jobs at a high level require training,and proof of the ability to learn is only the starting point. A degree is often the entry requirement for being taught a particular occupation. If your degree is not in something such as architecture, accountancy, teaching, or medicine then it's time to think about the demands of a career .If your degree is in English, History or Maths, you're probably good material for learning a job in Law, Management, Admin or Social Work, for instance,but it's still back to school to get the diploma before you can practise. Not everyone gets employed by a university or NASA like our gang. Sometimes you have to keep studying while waiting on tables or child-minding (like Bernie or Emily ) before the jobs with the big bucks come up. I see what you mean : there was no medieval US so there wouldn't be a job in a museum or archaeology of his period. His ability to earn that sort of degree might get him work in some sort of research or forensics, though.
  2. I remember when my cousin was thinking about his retirement and said of his scientist son, ' After this next degree he can jolly well finish ! I've spent enough money,he's getting a job !' Said son did get a job and is now a Detective Chief Inspector of police. Graduates and post-graduates in some disciplines can rise through the ranks very quickly.
  3. Denise is an art student. This has been mentioned two or three times. I suppose that's why The Comic Center appealed to her as a job.
  4. She's a student. If she had worked until she was thirty and then gone to college she'd have enough money behind her not to have to take on a weirdo to share her flat.
  5. Twelve years ago Denise wasn't even in double figures. She's still a student now. She'd have been far too young to be introduced before. Stuart would have been arrested for cradle snatching.
  6. I expect he annoyed her when he called her 'Yvette the vet' as if she'd never heard that before, and then said something creepy. After that the outcome was the usual.
  7. Quite right. The implication to the viewer before 1203 was always that they would be a family some day. Penny even said 'let's look for houses near good schools' when she was being sarcastic, as if accepting that would be a consequence of marrying Leonard, which she didn't want to do at the time. Years later she didn't contradict Sheldon when he whinged that Lenny'd soon be wanting a bigger place to live. She agreed they'd make good parents when they were home after celebrating Halley being on the way. She may have looked slightly hesitant when it was hinted at but there was never anything in the script suggesting she intended to be child-free forever. It wasn't until Leonard mentioned an actual time line that she shied at the fence. To my mind that reaction was temporary. Women who genuinely are serious about that do something about it. They don't leave the whole responsibility for birth control to their husbands.
  8. I agree. The no-kids idea was Penny's response when she was put on the spot. They had obviously done little talking about it before 1203, since there wasn't even a reference to their having discussed it properly at any stage. At two months pregnant she was still getting her own head around it so wanted to keep it private between themselves until she was ready, which is not unusual anyway.The cat was only out of the bag when her 'morning'( yeah, right ) sickness got the better of her. All discussions on the issue between Penny and Leonard themselves took place off screen. It looks as though it was written to be left to the viewers' imagination and speculation.
  9. He should be ashamed his offspring is illegitimate. A decent man would hide it until he's married his girlfriend. It's worse to be boasting about it and it's right that he should be condemned.
  10. So special he's knocked her up out of wedlock and is boasting about it.
  11. I loved seeing Sheldon's short wave radio. It brought back happy memories of my life up to 2001. It reminded me of what we did when we wanted to listen to an overseas station before the internet. I used to enjoy finding stations on short wave. Pre-Maggie we had to use short wave in order to listen to our own BBC World Service, believe it or not. I'd forgotten how delighted I was when I could get overseas radio on the computer and it was loud and clear compared to short wave reception. One of my favourite SW stations in the 1960s was the Swedish one Sheldon and Dr Sturgis tuned in to but it had British presenters in the evening when we were listening. My sister and I liked it because it was clearer than Radio Luxembourg. I don't recall hearing the Nobel Prize announcements. Most radios other than the little pocket-sized ones had long, medium (aka AM) and short wavebands on them. It is so many years since I bought a radio I don't even know if they still do. FM aka VHF was a luxury for many years, found mainly on radiograms with external aerials (antennae), until they found a way to put it on portables. For French stations long wave was best. The night HRH Diana Princess of Wales was injured I got up and went down and sat in my car where the long wave reception was good. All the French stations except one were playing solemn music. The one that was giving out news was saying she had died long before British radio or TV stations did. I hardly ever use a radio now because the stations on my mobile phone are so convenient. Only two of my radios have short wave on them and they're rather old I suppose.
  12. Same here. sts Report post Posted just now OK so she may have been playing a fictionalised single version of herself. I don't know what Priceline is or was BTW but I get that all those real people, the actors among whom except Adam West I'd never heard of before, weren't totally playing their real selves. If Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a supernatural creature in whom our boys believed they're dafter than I thought. I'm sure they knew Mrs Geller was an actress. However, it was pointed out on the board that she was married when I wondered if meeting her was the beginning of something so I followed that point. Perhaps we can speculate she was playing a single person for the purpose of the episode, but whatever she was doing, whoever she was playing, Raj had absolutely no business whatsoever going through her purse, even if it was a purse in the American sense. To a woman it's private and permission to look in it is rarely given. Everybody knows it's as good as sacred. ( Since Raj speaks English English as a rule it's even worse, as a purse is what she keeps her money and vital items in, not her handbag. He'd have to go in her handbag to find her purse. ) She was asleep. She was a stranger. That behaviour was disgusting. You only do that if somebody's collapsed in the street and you need vital information. There is no pleasant spin anybody can put on it. He hasn't changed that scumbaggy side of his character in all these years. Pity - he has some good role models now.
  13. I was glad they said it was the longest-running live-action comedy in US TV history. Various media have been saying 'TV history' for months.
  14. I don't agree. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Nor me. Howard always wanted to settle down eventually. He was looking for his 'Mrs Wolowitz' although not going the right way about it. He thought his creepy act was acceptable and attractive to women. He didn't have a father to tell him otherwise during his adolescence, and judged by his mentions of his cousins, his uncles were too young at the right time. His punch on the nose from Penny did as much for his changing behaviour as meeting the right woman. Sure, some of his creepiness still shows through. Nearly every episode he says something yucky. Ingrained habits die hard - look at Sheldon. As for Raj, right down to the last episode he was still behaving cringeworthily. Is going through someone's purse under those circumstances even legal ? Walking into the ladies' toilets may just about be excusable at a stretch when a man's recognised the distressed voice telling him to go away, but at nearly forty years of age, holding hands in public with a married woman without her consent in one of the final scenes says it all. If he meets a thirty-something woman who has identical tastes to his is he young enough to change his outlook and become a nice guy ? That is left to the imagination now.
  15. Just a little speculation, getting my own back for not understanding all the references on here to programmes other than TBBT and YS and stars I've never heard of. I have absolutely no idea what that is. I've never even heard of it. Bwahahahaha, Annoying, isn't it. Ha ! That's it ! Saga gave up policing after reconciling herself to her family's past. I'd like to know what happened to her next. It occurred to me that they'd make a spin-off when thinking of an answer to Swedish Chef's query about why the Buffy actress was going to Sweden.
  16. Going to be in a TV series ? Something has to replace Bron-Broen. She's an American detective coming to warch how they do things. Or she's going to help Saga build a new career in a spin-off.
  17. I've seen that suggested a ton of times and it just gives me the creeps. I can't see anything those two would have in common. It's an idea on the surface but they couldn't sustain it. In the end, or even from the beginning, Raj is a creep, jerk, douche, sleazeball and a few more names when it comes to treating women. That's why he never kept a girlfriend even when he'd managed to get one who'd give him a try. If he met Missy at the Nobel ceremony it would be only hours after he'd gone through a stranger's purse while she was asleep. He looks sweet and cute at first but even after all these years he turns out still to be the 'ass when doesn't (drink) , you just don't hear it ' that he always was. Sheldon and the others would never let him form a relationship with Missy and her children, let alone marry her. Let's say we could imagine a future scenario in which it looked as though Missy would be the making of him to the point the gang and Mary were impressed after all, Missy would soon uncover his behaviour and give him the Emily/ Claire and Anu treatment .
  18. Same here ! I do wish they'd release cut scenes. There are many over the years, as we know from TRs. They release bloopers so why not completed scenes ? They could put them on the CBS site like they did with the 11.24 extras, or they could sell a DVD and make a few bob.
  19. I've been thinking about the ongoing lives of the gang, as the writers said they hoped we would. When Sheldon named his friends at the ceremony it struck me how prestigious those who’d supported him and Amy were: "Doctor, Doctor, Doctor, Astronaut". Impressive peers indeed. I couldn't have gathered such company at his age. With people at that level behind you, how can you but do well? Neither of them had their relatives in the audience, though, which I thought was sad. I’m glad Shamy's friends weren't tempted by the stressful situation Sheldon was in to bite their tongues at his attitude. Now he had achieved the ultimate, he no longer needed to be handled as if he were vulnerable. No more 'Sheldon is Sheldon, what did we expect ?' He was a Nobel laureate for Pete's sake. He should buck up. It was time to take off the kid gloves. Whatever the name is for Sheldon’s disorders, he’s got the intelligence to learn how to behave. He has learned many times what’s expected of him and he has shown he can apply that knowledge when he wants to. Trouble is, because it doesn’t come naturally, it has to be remembered all the time and built on whenever there’s something new. It can be a strain. Moreover he’s got a selfish,self-serving streak anyway, honed by his having to defend himself as a child and adolescent. Now he has gained his goal, he doesn’t know how to deal with his new life going forward as a Nobel laureate. He doesn’t yet know where he fits in. Who would ? He has got it all to learn. Others may find it exciting. All that stuff is stressful for him,though, and when he’s stressed he reverts to his baseline. Just as an over-stressed ex-smoker might lapse and go for a cigarette, or a formerly obese person who’s slimmed down might go for a cream doughnut, so a Sheldon who’s of necessity always self-centred while concentrating on applying learned behaviour, under pressure boils over into selfishness and inconsiderateness. In this mode he can’t see life from anybody else’s angle and is too fixated on his own position to try to. But it’s not the time for wife and friends to be making excuses or concessions for him. A kick up the behind is more appropriate, poor chap. No longer will anything be gained by not letting him know when he’s being a jerk. If they tolerate his crap now that he’s really on top it will last forever. Well the tough love worked. Will the lesson last ? That remains to be seen, or rather imagined.
  20. I'm not sure they should have ended in the scripts, because in life they don't. It would be too unlikely. When Penny was single she was never ashamed of her promiscuous behaviour. She herself spoke of her youthful slaggishness as if it was funny. Once someone has a reputation for that sort of thing it doesn't get reversed, unfortunately. Penny was the one who made fun of Sheldon for years for his chastity, as I recall, so she's fair game, especially for him. The most important thing is she and Leonard both seem to have been faithful to each other all these years and still are. As they should be. They didn't make marriage vows at either of their weddings but they are keeping to the expectations as if they did anyway. Nevertheless, Penny's past is not going to be forgotten. Her own father still refers to it. That's the way it is. Her mother, as does everybody's, would have warned her there'd be a price to pay if she didn't keep her knickers up. To her credit, Penny doesn't seem to mind paying that price. Unfairly, nobody's poking fun at Leonard for not keeping it zipped when he was a bachelor - which is an unfortunate example of double standards in the world. A man has to be a lot worse than him before screwing around is seen negatively by other men. They admire it. The writers got that right all right. As for referring to her drinking, she doesn't mind that either. It's what she does as part of her image. As far as I recall, she's only let it get her into mischief that once, with Raj, and he's a creep to women anyway. On the rare occasions she's been out of control she was at home and not causing trouble for anyone else.
  21. That's true, although I realise that all over the world fans of American Science Fiction will have known some of them. What impresses me is the list of real-life scientists who were willing to come on TBBT. I think there have been as many, if not more, of those than actors playing fictionalised versions of themselves.
  22. Not me. I didn't even know who he was at the time he first appeared. I knew only one of the actors - Adam West - who appeared as themselves in all twelve years, so I didn't find the list impressive. I've been in this community for about four years and I've not seen any gossip. I don't think there is any.
  23. ' Went home' transmogrified into 'took a cab' because you thought that's what she'd have done if she'd kept up the drinking.
  24. I don't know who the American Avengers are. I Nectared a trailer and played it. It seemed to have been filmed in the dark and somebody was saying sweet things to a lady. If it gave Sheldon ideas, good for him.
  25. I need an excuse to watch it again. This time I'll try and catch the cab line. Indeed, in those first weeks if a pregnancy didn't 'take' it was just referred to in retrospect as a late period or a false alarm or 'I thought I might be but it turned out I wasn't' if it was ever mentioned at all. Even with the early pregnancy tests now on the market, parents at what used to be called the 'hoping' - or the hoping not - stage still tend to prefer to keep the information between themselves at first, although it might not be for as long as it used to be. It can be counter- productive to spread the word before it's certain there's something to tell. BTW That remark about The Avengers trailer - what was the relevance to Sheldon's sex life ? Did he mean the trailer turned them on ? Or the trailer was so boring so they needed something else to do instead of going to see the movie ?
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