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  1. "if I recall correctly the relationship status is discussed during/after FWF." Vonmar, from which taping report did you read this? I remember it too, but I can't find it again.
  2. "Why couldn't the first attempt to elope be delayed if they truly wanted to keep the same living arrangements, instead of relying on another failed move in attempt?" It hints that there is an underlying problem in the Lenny relationship. Thereby, the writers -and viewers - get twice the bang for their tv buck. They get a first, anti-climactic wedding, a storyline option revolving around unresolved relationship issues, and the possibility of a second Lenny, let's do it right this time, wedding. They are milking the cash cow. They did it with the engagement. It's a formula, and it works.
  3. Right, but didn't they have to give Rachel the "we still love you. This doesn't change anything. We're still here for you" talk off the (metaphoric) ledge? The couples are reassuring Rachel and Sheldon as much as the writers are reassuring the audience.
  4. I agree. However, changing a model that has worked for so long would worry me if I were writing for the show.
  5. "this is an arrangement that has worked for a very long time. It's plausible that Lenny are a little bit scared to take the leap into the unknown." I agree with what you say, but I think there is more going on than characterization. You aren't just speaking about Lenny here. This applies to the writers' dilemma and apprehension as well. They have an award-winning show that has been a ratings powerhouse for a decade. They have to worry that changing something as fundamental as major characters' living arangements will alter the paradigm too much and alienate show loyals. I think what the
  6. Not if he's at the comic book store with Adam West I doubt the revenge sex will happen, but it would be funny.
  7. Hmmm . . . We could get Shamy revenge coitus in Howardette's bed.
  8. I wondered that too. I posted it in the Shamy thread a few minutes before seeing your post here.
  9. With Adam West in the episode, maybe it's "The Gotham City" something?
  10. You may know this already, but I will post it for those who don't and might care. TBBT is nominated for best tv comic ensemble and Jim Parsons for best comic tv actor in tonight's Screen Actors Guild Awards. Hope both win! I love seeing the cast dressed to the nines!
  11. Could be "The Pregnancy Test Reaction"
  12. Yes! Absolutely love this. It is so true. I heard a priest once say the point of marriage was friction. We need to find someone to rub our hard edges off, to soften us. In essence what he was saying is everyone is a little broken and a couple's purpose is to heal and improve eachother.
  13. I agree. Dating allowed the writers many possibilities. To further the point, Amy is the girl who went to the prom with a mop. Why wouldn't she want to date and date someone with arms? She knows all too well the heartache of loneliness, which is why she put up with - yes, I said it - Sheldon's many quirks and insults over five years, not to mention a bear minimum of physical affection from him. Realistically, she is a woman in her thirties who presumably wants to marry and possibly have children. What would she be waiting for, as she even states to Dave. Sheldon's line about her eggs is what
  14. So this is slightly off the current topic . . . I would love to see a dream sequence for Amy, where we see her subconscious personified and glimpse how she is feeling, her worries, etc. Who would her Professor Proton be? Jane Goodall? A talking, smoking monkey?
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