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  1. So proof that they have intimate naked time together, even if it's not sex.
  2. Did I read the TR correctly? Did Sheldon invite Amy to take a shower with him??
  3. I did. Other kids tell my son he has a girl name. I don't know why. My name is also a gender neutral name but people will always tell me how it's a boy's name even though I met more girls with that name.
  4. Amy probably had "a word" with Raj.
  5. Anyway, don't Shamy have to name all of their kids Rajesh?
  6. Thank you. I think so too! I freaked out when I heard Amy and Leonard fighting over such a great name. What's even better is that our last name is Hooper so if Shamy name their kid Elliott my son and theirs would have a very similar name!
  7. You know, I have to say I really like this show but thing that bugs me the most is that they didn't set it in Galveston. Not only does it mess with continuity, but as someone from Houston, I'm really disappointed that we don't get to see our area represented on a major television program. Texas, and especially the Gulf Coast region, gets ignored a lot, but I was really excited about Galveston getting some screen time and to see a lot of my childhood in the show as well. I don't know why they couldn't just set it there. I just wanted to get that off my chest.
  8. I was thinking about this whole thing where Sheldon calls Tam his "friend." Adult Sheldon has come a long way in TBBT and for all we know, this narration could be in the future, when Adult Sheldon has evolved even further in his emotions. It could be that Sheldon now or future narrator Sheldon looks back and now recognizes that Tam was a friend, even if he hadn't recognized it before.
  9. Curly is sexy! I should know my hair is mega curly! And yes, straightening it is a pain in the rear. Curly definitely does Kunal a lot of favors.
  10. You're an angry elf. Regardless, I don't care if you're offended. I wanted to know the logic behind it. Either way, whatever. Opinions are opinions. I love S&P, S&A and not L&P so I'm glad we are getting to see different couples lately.
  11. No. But it doesn't make sense for me to go to a forum for seafood lovers when I hate the stuff. Not only would I be wasting my own time talking about something I don't really like, it kinda puts a damper on their love for it.
  12. Sheldon didn't know he was in that position. He thought Ramona was a friendly colleague. And when he had his doubts, he confronted her. And after she confirmed, he told her why they should not be together and that's when she kissed him. Sheldon only played a part in it by being dumb enough to not recognize Ramona's intentions.
  13. Personally, I feel they have no chemistry. I'm allowed to feel that, the same way people feel like it's the Sheldon Show and hate that when I actually really like Sheldon. We all have our opinions. It could be because the writers don't really focus on L&P anymore, but even back when they were dating and in the early seasons, I just never felt it.
  14. I like Penny, but I've never been a huge fan of Leonard. I guess that's why I never felt excited about Leonard and Penny. But then again, I loved Leonard and Amy on the last episode. I just feel like together L&P have little chemistry. Except that one time with the tequila shots in the early seasons. Back then, I preferred Sheldon and Penny over Leonard and Penny though.
  15. I guess it helps when you actually like Sheldon and Amy. I suppose if I cared as much about any of the other characters, I'd have left it long ago.
  16. I don't understand. If you don't watch the show anymore, why do you come to a fan forum about it and complain? I am genuinely confused.
  17. Oh no, I'm not for a romantic relationship with S&P. I used to be a while back, but now I'm rooting for S&A. I just love the chemistry between the Sheldon and Penny on screen. They have a wonderful friendship that's fun to watch. Same with L&A but I wouldn't want them together either. But I'm also not rude about it to anyone who may like a different couple than I do.
  18. I know they're married. No need to be short. Honestly, I don't care for Leonard and Penny as much. I find the dynamic between S&P and L&A and S&A more satisfying.
  19. I could not stop laughing. I didn't expect her to actually do it on camera. And so casually! This was not Mayim's first Netti Pot. This is classic comedy gold.
  20. I loved seeing Sheldon and Penny together again even if it was short-lived. We definitely need more of them. They just bring the level of the show up when they're together, IMO. I'm also loving Leonard and Amy as much as I loved them when they went to that wedding together so many years ago. In my opinion, those two pairings need more screen time!
  21. Finally saw this this morning. I thought it was cute. It was really nice to see some Sheldon and Penny again. I really miss them together. We need more of them.
  22. Ok, but in that moment before he said, "Wanna do it again?" he was totally thinking about doing Amy.
  23. I'm my own boss which is kind of good because it means I can spend time daydreaming. But it's bad because it means I don't have anyone to snap me out of it! I have to write something completely different but all I want to write about is Shamy.
  24. I went to bed with no expectations. I don't even like to speculate because my hopes have been dashed too many times (although this season not so much). Now I've woken up and I am in shock. I will not be able to do anything for the rest of the day. Seriously. I sat down to do some work and all I can think of is SHELDON FREAKING PROPOSED!!!!! and it's a bit distracting. I'm kinda in a daze.
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