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  1. You know, if you think about it, the Lenny baby is also Imaginary. Barring a reboot or movie, we will never see Baby Hofstadter so it will only live in our imaginations.
  2. I think I went through 3 tissues right then...
  3. Um, didn't I say something about a time jump and an event involving Leonard and Penny??? CALLED IT!
  4. I think a big hint came from the promo for next week's Young Sheldon season finale. Much like we found out about Shamy kids on YS, I think we find out about Shamy Nobel in the same way.
  5. Meanwhile, I'm busy watching Hockey playoffs. Here's my Hockey Boyfriend...Go Bolts!
  6. I prefer Oatmeal Raisin over Chocolate Chip!
  7. I hope Howard gets an answer, because I can totally emphasize with him. Here's why: my Dad left when I was an infant in the 70s, never be heard from again; no child support was awarded either. Mom changed my last name from his to her maiden name when I was 4. I never even got so much as a card from him growing up. Fast forward to 2001. I Googled my Dad and found his address. My plan was to drive up there, pound on his door, and demand an answer so that I could close that chapter of my life before I got married the next year. I chickened out and 2 years later he died. When I contacted his church, I found out that no one (not even his widow) knew he had a child. I did have a phone conversation with the widow prior to the Memorial Service, which I attended with my Mom and Husband. She wasn't very kind to me on the phone, but she did give me the medical information I needed. After the service, she walked up to me (I had not introduced myself before the Service, I just sat in the back being as inconspicuous as possible) and said "Are you Carmen? If so, I am so sorry for what I said to you on the phone". I do resemble my Dad, and got some stares during the Service. I never spoke to her again, nor did I contest the Estate. I figured I managed (albeit in a struggling manner) without his help during his life, I could manage without it after his death. Furthermore, I felt like the widow had already received a punch in the gut finding out about me, why punish her for something he did? My Mom passed in 2010, and I have discovered some things about their marriage I didn't know. My greatest regret in life is that I didn't get the answers from the them about everything before they passed. I sobbed during the episode about the letter from Howard's Dad because it hit so close to home. I hope Howard gets his answers, even if he doesn't realize he needs them.
  8. I'm starting to think this is a quality shared by those of us born in 73 and/or graduated in 91. A get together with my HS classmates sometimes sounds like a meeting of sailors.
  9. I'm a Shamy, and I don't want a Shamy baby (maybe because I don't want babies). I think that the Smart and Beautiful Lenny baby is endgame.
  10. And she kissed Sheldon so hard I'm surprised neither one of them broke a tooth!
  11. Please give me a moment of indulgence to brag about my Alma Mater. The Campus was one of the reasons I chose to attend Florida Southern College. http://www.fox13news.com/good-day/one-tank-trips/florida-southern-college-a-reminder-of-one-of-america-s-great-architects
  12. Y'all should see my office (I'm a middle school counselor). First question the kids and some parents always ask is "Do you like Big Bang Theory?"
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