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  1. Where's the fun in THAT?
  2. Ship Zone

    Needs to open with them in bed and Amy with messy sex hair.
  3. Ship Zone

    I can't see Sheldon being prepared. Can you honestly picture Sheldon Cooper putting on a condom??? He can barely clean out the lint trap in the apartment dryer!
  4. I've gone to a concert with a male friend simply because his wife (who happens to be my best friend) and my husband don't like that genre, but we do. Before she met her husband, my best friend bought some dancing lessons; my husband (who loves to dance) was her partner during the lessons because she broke up with the guy she was dating when she bought the lessons. We're all cheating?!
  5. Ship Zone

    Auto train? If that's the case then why didn't Sheldon go with her?!
  6. Ship Zone

    And Sheldon didn't ask her to take a drug test!
  7. Agreed. Amy said she couldn't ice skate because of "brittle ankles" and yet when Sheldon returns Amy's items during The Breakup he gives her the scarf she was wearing when they went ice skating. Whatever...
  8. Ship Zone

    Because Amy's ovaries would grab Sheldon and not let go...
  9. Ship Zone

    I thought he looked great in the white tux with tails that he tried on while trying to find a suit to receive the award in Season 3, I believe.
  10. I do want to see a Sheldon fantasy, but what about Amy playing Doctor Star Trek style, Amy in the Catholic schoolgirl outfit, Amy baking the penis cookies, or Amy in the Harry Potter robe?
  11. Ship Zone

    Depending on my mood or what I'm doing that day, I'll wear either my glasses or contacts. While hubby says I look good either way, he has said he prefers me in contacts. in Amy's case, she wears her glasses consistently. Therefore, she does look "weird" when she takes them off because that's not what Sheldon is used to.
  12. Ship Zone

    Guilty as charged...
  13. According to the guide on my TV, it's a rerun of Conjugal Conjecture.
  14. Ship Zone

    Amy spiking Sheldon's juice to get him to go to sleep was a bad choice and could have backfired... who remembers The Pants Alternative?