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  1. Ship Zone

    I think some of it might be dictated by Mayim's speaking ability as well.
  2. Or the articles from Addicted 2 Big Bang Theory linked to MondayMondayNetwork... clickbait. Only reason I keep them on my feed is they have cool pictures.
  3. Ship Zone

    Y'all figure out which one I voted for:
  4. Here's what I think will take place over the course of at least 2 episodes: she's going to freak out (a la Prom Equivalency); Sheldon will tell her about the Ramona kiss (so we avoid the Leonard/Penny drama at the beginning of Season 9); Amy will take some time to think about the situation (what's life without a little suspense?), but she will say yes!
  5. Ship Zone

    When I was on my cruise during New Years, I could see BBT in English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and German. They kept re-running the same 4-5 episodes. When I got bored with the English ones (it was a 7 day cruise), I started watching in other languages and reciting the dialogue in English.
  6. Ship Zone

    No, but good writing
  7. Ship Zone

    I've read your fanfics... oh my
  8. Ship Zone

    Maybe they'll have to replace the couch because it breaks...
  9. episodes

    Not saying it's probable, just that I would like to see a return of the Catholic Schoolgirl outfit.
  10. episodes

    I want to see the pieces of the Catholic schoolgirl outfit strewn on the floor; then pan up to post coital cuddling.
  11. Ship Zone

    She would have done that in the past, but I don't see her doing that recently. I think the last time she "experimented" with any of the Gang and compared it to an animal was Season 8 (sorting change, puzzle box, etc). The only reason I know it was Season 8 was because Penny had short hair.
  12. Ship Zone

    I want to find out about Amy's father as well. My family dynamic makes me the female version of Howard, except my father walked when I was an infant.
  13. I married Leonard!

  14. Ship Zone

    Yay! Happy Birthday to me!
  15. Been there!