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  1. Anyone watching Carnival Row?
  2. We're East of Tampa, and we're good. Hubby's Storm Shield worked again (he's home for his birthday, which was Labor Day). Got a day off of school out of it. Not liking all those other things brewing in the Gulf and Atlantic, though...
  3. You're so right @chucky. Here's some more pics. 1st is of flames shooting out of the roof. 2nd and 3rd are of a teacher's classroom downstairs. 4th is/was the Testing Room (also downstairs) where all the exams and records for State Testing are/ were kept. I spent many many hours in that room. I have heard that due to concerns about stability, it will be torn down. The 7th grade team that was based in that building is being moved to another part of campus and is considering renaming themselves The Phoenixes.
  4. Lightning struck a building at a school that I worked at for 12 years. The sad thing is it destroyed one of the original buildings... over 100 years old. Hoping the link to the pics work.
  5. Probably not those of us who have had to take care of a parent and/or grandparent.
  6. I have to vent. This dispute between DirecTV and Nexstar has been going on for a week now. DirecTV customers can't get any local channels owned by Nexstar. Both companies are pointing fingers at each other as to who's at fault. From what I understand, Nexstar raised their prices and DirecTV won't agree to the new price. Nexstar says that DirecTV wouldn't agree to a temporary extension and pulled the plug on the channel and is telling people to call DirecTV. The Nexstar Facebook page pulled the ability to message them, post on their page, or leave a reaction to any of their posts. T
  7. You know, if you think about it, the Lenny baby is also Imaginary. Barring a reboot or movie, we will never see Baby Hofstadter so it will only live in our imaginations.
  8. Um, didn't I say something about a time jump and an event involving Leonard and Penny??? CALLED IT!
  9. I think a big hint came from the promo for next week's Young Sheldon season finale. Much like we found out about Shamy kids on YS, I think we find out about Shamy Nobel in the same way.
  10. Meanwhile, I'm busy watching Hockey playoffs. Here's my Hockey Boyfriend...Go Bolts!
  11. I hope Howard gets an answer, because I can totally emphasize with him. Here's why: my Dad left when I was an infant in the 70s, never be heard from again; no child support was awarded either. Mom changed my last name from his to her maiden name when I was 4. I never even got so much as a card from him growing up. Fast forward to 2001. I Googled my Dad and found his address. My plan was to drive up there, pound on his door, and demand an answer so that I could close that chapter of my life before I got married the next year. I chickened out and 2 years later he died. When I co
  12. I'm starting to think this is a quality shared by those of us born in 73 and/or graduated in 91. A get together with my HS classmates sometimes sounds like a meeting of sailors.
  13. I'm a Shamy, and I don't want a Shamy baby (maybe because I don't want babies). I think that the Smart and Beautiful Lenny baby is endgame.
  14. And she kissed Sheldon so hard I'm surprised neither one of them broke a tooth!
  15. Please give me a moment of indulgence to brag about my Alma Mater. The Campus was one of the reasons I chose to attend Florida Southern College. http://www.fox13news.com/good-day/one-tank-trips/florida-southern-college-a-reminder-of-one-of-america-s-great-architects
  16. Y'all should see my office (I'm a middle school counselor). First question the kids and some parents always ask is "Do you like Big Bang Theory?"
  17. I still think we could have the "smart and beautiful baby" line honored with this as the final episode: Cold open is Penny learning she is pregnant, storyline rotates around her telling Leonard and then everyone else. Tag is a time jump with Penny going into labor and entering the newly repaired elevator to go to the hospital to deliver the smart and beautiful baby. This way Kaley doesn't have to walk around in a pregnancy suit (other than the final scene), nor does she have to deal with a baby.
  18. I don't understand how anyone could hate music. I can't function without music. I want Anu to see A Star Is Born or Bohemian Rhapsody and tell me she still hates music. If y'all haven't seen these yet, go see them ASAP.
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