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  1. In my county in Florida, Thanksgiving (one week, but could be shortened if we have to take Hurricane Days) is Fall Break, Christmas (two weeks... one for Christmas, one for New Year) is Winter Break, Spring Break is nowhere near Easter (it used to be, but now it's too close to State Testing), so Good Friday is a Non Student Day. All in the name of diversity...
  2. Just realized I'm not going to see the Season Finale when it airs; my niece is graduating from the University of Arizona and I'm flying out of Florida Thursday afternoon.
  3. Could someone post or message me a link for this year's PaleyFest panel? I was super busy this week with testing and what not, so I'm just now getting a chance to watch it.
  4. My Alma Mater, Florida Southern College (c/o '95), is a D-II school; they did win the D-II championship back in 2015. FSC doesn't even have a football team, but our Basketball, Baseball, and Golf teams are pretty good. Go Mocs! The mother of Kevin Knox from Kentucky used to be the social worker at my school. I remember seeing him a few times before he started high school.
  5. That's got country line dancing written all over it...
  6. Do you think they could get Ted Wass, who played the father on Blossom, to be Amy's father on TBBT? On a side note, and I know it couldn't happen because of finances, but because of the Beaches connection I would love to see Bette Midler pop up at the Shamy wedding.
  7. It was the end of the first episode. LOVED that they referenced it!
  8. I believe Sheldon got the IQ but MIssy got the EQ (Emotional Intelligence). She observes how others act/react and draws conclusions. She helps Sheldon in that way.
  9. I wear mine occasionally to League (yes, I bowl). Only a few people get it.
  10. Love Midvale School for the Gifted! It's my favorite Far Side! Fellow Stephen King readers (I'm hoping there are some on this forum).... Was that a deliberate reference to IT?
  11. My ring bearer and flower girl were 5-6 when I got married almost 16 years ago; they were adorable! Despite her age, I seriously believe that Halley should be the flower girl. She could be in a decorated wagon and scatter the petals as someone (Raj?) pulls the wagon down the aisle. Sheldon has a nephew, correct? He could be the ring bearer.
  12. Um... Continuity issue... I thought all of Amy's clothes were ruined when the pipe broke in her apartment???
  13. She also didn't take a picture of her and Sheldon together as proof of a date, like she did with her date at Bitcoin. Does that mean that she was actually interested in Sheldon, but used the once a year line as to not let on she was interested?
  14. This clip implies that Amy's first visit to the Cheesecake Factory was in Zazzy. Bitcoin contradicts that.
  15. I deleted the other post so I could show what it looked like with the tiara...
  16. Going to school tomorrow as Amy. Will post a pic here.
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